Dearborn County Commissioners Allowances – Jun 1882

Allowances from the June 1882 Session of the Dearborn County, Indiana commissioners appeared in:
Lawrenceburg Register – 13 Jul 1882 – Page 2, Column 6

Made by the Board of Commissioners of Dearborn county, Ind., at their June session, 1882, and ordered to be published in the Register, as having the largest circulation in said county.

Expense of Poor of Lawrenceburgh Township.

  • L Kohlerman, two coffins and burying paupers
  • G Renner, coal for poor
  • C Israel, groceries for Mrs. Ruby, Mrs. Morris, Mrs. Junker, Mrs. Beach, Mrs. Squires, Mrs. Morrison
  • J Isherwood, groceries for Mrs. Plate
  • G Renner, cash for transporting paupers, 6 days services overseer of poor
  • Wm Schneider, shoes for poor
  • W H Burk, for – Sterling, 3 months rent; groceries for Mrs. Kinsey, Elizabeth Colvin, George Harper, Strauneger
  • C F Hayes, agt, for Mrs. Carter, house rent
  • Isaac Hayes, for Mrs. J Howard, rent; Holden, rent
  • Moore & Spooner, groceries, Mrs. Colvin
  • Dr. C J Walter, med service for pauper
  • Ed Gillan, house rent for Mrs. Williamson
  • Mrs. F Lang, groceries, Mrs. Tillford, Mrs. Squires, Sebastian Green, Mrs. Moran, Mrs. Eads, Mrs. J Younker, Mrs. Stressing
  • N Gillig, for Mrs. Knorr, house rent; Mrs. Kinsey, house rent
  • Leah Hayes, for Mrs. Williams, house rent
  • C W Elder, for Mrs. Holden, house rent
  • D Nothern, for Mrs. Roberts, house rent; Mrs. Howard, house rent
  • S Strasburger, goods for poor
  • Geo Meyer, for Eliza Schmidt, house rent
  • Mrs. W M Fitch, groceries for Mrs. Dorn, Mrs. Bruce
  • J W Buchanan, expense of Jas Maloney
  • Dr. M H Harding, to medical services for poor prior to March 12, 1882
  • John Huth, house rent for Eva West
  • Christ Scherger, house rent for pauper
  • Martin Zahon, house rent for Mrs. Junker
  • J F Hammerle, meals furnished paupers
  • Sparks Bros., groceries, J McCloskey, Mrs. Howard, Emma Robinson, smallpox hospital, Mrs. Purnell, Mrs. McAdams
  • J S Dorman, pr shoes for Mrs. Arnold; house rent for Mrs. Eads
  • John Palmer, meals for transient poor
  • Tebbs Bros., groceries, Mrs. Holden, Mrs. Williams, Mrs. A J Junker, Jacob Stressing
  • Mary Stack, regular allowance
  • Augusta Windmiller, regular allowance
  • Jacob Anderson, groceries, Mrs. Kalfee

Expense of Poor of Centre Township.

  • Mrs. Schoemaker, regular allowance
  • Lucinda Acre for husband (blind)
  • Ann Rumsey, reg allowance for care of Kate Murphy
  • Christina Schwartzferger, reg allow
  • M Haring, house rent, Mrs. H Parker, Wm Harding, M Grady
  • John A Nees, groceries, Wm Thompson, Mrs. E Painter, Mrs. Forbes, Wm Powell, Mrs. E Jackson, Mrs. T Tracy, Julia Bush, Mrs. Taylor, Mrs. Gray; for transient paupers
  • Herdegen & Kress, groceries, E Walker, Mrs. Smith, Mrs. Dohm, Van Sickle
  • Philip Kastner, groceries, Adam Sengars, Mrs. Bush
  • Chambers, Stevens & Co., sundries for Mrs. Teaney, Mrs. Jehan, Mrs. Smith, Mrs. Bussell, Mrs. Viddito, Wm Powell
  • Fred Kreite, groceries, M Kerrigan, John Snetzer
  • Philip Earle, groceries, Mrs. K Doran, Mrs. Ross
  • Pat Doble, groceries, Mrs. Bowler, Thos Rabbitt, Wm Brown, Mrs. Tracy, Henry Miller
  • A Bloom, groceries, Mrs. Blasdel, Mrs. Moran
  • Tebbs, Brogan & Co., groceries for Wm Theetge, Mrs. Cofield, F Schott, Mrs. Smith, Mrs. Garrison
  • J C Green, groceries, F Schwartzlerger, John Barkdoll, I Carpenter, Mrs. Clark
  • Marg Pelgen, groceries, Mrs. Rhea, Mrs. Robinson, Mrs. Wenzel, Mrs. Wainscott, Wm Powell, Wm Winter, Mrs. Jarzill
  • F Opperman, groceries, Mrs. Thos Hughes, M Kerrigan, Kate Welch, Mrs. Mahoney
  • McCreary & Niebaum, dry goods for Jane Alexander, Mrs. Carlin
  • Town of Cochran, for cash paid on account of smallpox patients
  • Dr. F Rectanus, Trustee, cash paid on account of transient paupers
  • Herman Rabe, groceries, Mrs. Hudson, John Nelson, Mrs. Weisehorn, Mat Bruce, Mrs. Keller
  • George Oswald, groceries, Mrs. Smith, Mrs. Bush, John Doran, Mrs. Burkman, Thos Hobbs
  • Thos Wright, groceries, Mrs. Schenck
  • B Margileth & Son, groceries, Geo Gray, Mrs. Carter, Mrs. M Cook
  • Henry Wood, groceries and coal for poor
  • Robert Maybin, groceries, Frank Parnell, Mr. Woolever, Miss Powers
  • P Koehler, groceries, Miss Strube, Mrs. Wanke, I G Carpenter, Mrs. Clark
  • C Goldsmith & Bro., clothing for poor
  • H H Lamar, dry goods for Miss Hillers and Mrs. Lothridge
  • F Housemeyer, groceries, J Goodpasture
  • S Siemantel, groceries, Mrs. Watkins, Wm McCartney, Mrs. Wooley, Mrs. J Alexander, Mrs. Gray, John Ryman
  • Ch Fehling, groceries, Mrs. Shipper, Mrs. Houck, Mrs. Hieber, Mrs. Moran, Mr. Ginger, John West
  • F A York & Co., transporting paupers
  • Dr. F Rectanus, cash paid for house rent for – Carpenter, Mrs. Brunough, Mr. Ross, Mr. Bailey, Mr. Boiair, Mr. Carlin
  • R A McConnell, clothing &c for poor

Expense of Poor of Clay Township.

  • White & Smith, meat for poor
  • Fred Ginter, groceries, Mrs. F Laisure
  • Ch Zugenbein, groceries, Betsy Spangler
  • J W E Hartley, groceries, Mrs. Ewing
  • W W Withrow, groceries, Mary Johnson, Fan Laisure
  • J C Vandolah, groceries, T Acre, Hannah Love, Mrs. Peasley, Laura Acre
  • Fred Tholke, groods for Elizabeth Evans
  • Conaway & Niester, groceries &c. for Mrs. E Borders
  • R Smith, for care of Higgins’ children
  • Jane Shepard, regular allowance
  • Dr. F Sales, 1st qr al as township physician

Expense of Poor of Sparta Township.

  • H D Moore, groceries and wood, I Davis
  • James Beatty, trustee, cash paid on account of poor
  • Fred Homan, provisions, for – Bradley, John Borders
  • John C Miller, trustee, cash paid for Jacob Hoover
  • H B Gault, provisions for P H Bradley
  • Jennings & Noble, provisions, A Vinson
  • Ellen Mack, regular allowance
  • Dr. A J Bowers, 1st quarter as township physician

Expense of Poor of Miller Township.

  • R Hargitt, goods for Elizabeth Huff
  • F M Jackson, cash paid on ac of poor
  • Tebbs Bros, groceries for Jacob Cady

Expense of Poor of Washington Township.

  • Chambers, Stevens & Co., goods for Sarah Clark
  • H Lindsay, 2 weeks board for S Clark
  • Alex Campbell, trustee, on ac of poor
  • Fred Mantel, coffin and box for poor
  • H J Marshall & Co., medicine for poor

Expense of Poor of Harrison Township.

  • Wm Mead, keeping tramps
  • Geo B Tebbs, trustee, overseeing poor
  • Rowthy Bros., pair shoes for Weber
  • Elizabeth Nichol, nursing poor person

Expense of Poor of Logan Township.

  • C W Rugg, trustee, cash paid on account of poor
  • P J McCormick, same
  • Wm Fagaly, groceries for Mrs. Ward

Expense of Poor of Kelso Township.

  • Peter Werst & Co., goods for poor
  • P Weis, flour for Mathias Matz
  • Caroline Smith, regular allowance
  • J G Witt (blind), special allowance

Expense of Poor of Manchester Township.

  • W F Crocker, goods for Mrs. Laiborne, Mrs. Lowes
  • Sebastian Schneider, regular allowance
  • Dr. T M Kyle, 1 qr as physician for poor

Expense of Poor of Hogan Township.

  • Dr. Wm M Dunn, 1 qr al as physician for poor

Expense of Poor of Cesar Creek Township.

  • Dr. J M Barkley, 1 qr as township physician

Expense of County Asylum.

  • David Perlee, blacksmithing
  • Dr. T M Kyle, 1 qr as physician
  • George Ruble, 3 months labor
  • Lewis Hoff, 3 months labor
  • Thos Duncan, 1 qr salary as Supt
  • James Garrigus, for potatoes
  • Joseph Rumsey, two tons hay
  • David Ellis, hay
  • Lizzie Manlief, for labor
  • Robert Sutton, sawing lumber
  • Thos Duncan, cash paid for sundries
  • Byron S Clark, blacksmithing
  • Turnpike Company, toll
  • E S Downy, one plow
  • Garrett Bosse, goods for asylum
  • Lawrenceburgh Mill Co., bran
  • A D Cook & Bro., hardware &c.
  • Francis Lang, one box cheese
  • C Goldsmith & Bro., clothing
  • C H Flach & Bro., one barrel molasses

Expense of Elections.

  • John C Sims, posting election notices

Expense Board of Health.

  • Dr. W M Terrill, as Sec’y Board of Health; for 1 qr ending June 1, 1882

Expense of Bridges.

  • Joseph Tittel, work on Tanner’s Creek bridge
  • W H Christy, on Dillsborough bridge

Books and Stationary.

  • Indianapolis Sentinel Co.
  • W B Burford
  • Indianapolis Journal

Expense of Criminals.

  • J C Sims, boarding prisoners

Expense of County Superintendent.

  • H B Hill, salary and office expense, April bill; June bill


  • Hunter & O’Brien

Specific Allowance.

  • W H Kyle, treasurer, cash for stamps, expressage &c.; making delinquent collection lists

Road and Highways.

  • Julia Kremer, damages for road purposes

Officers’ Salaries.

  • W K Kyle, Treasurer
  • Alex B Pattison, Auditor
  • M Hoff, Commissioner
  • Garrett Bosse, Commissioner
  • Charles Lods, Commissioner
  • Abram Briggs, Commissioner

Expense Public Buildings.

  • J C Sims, cash paid on account of jail
  • Lawbgh Gas Co., gas for public buildings
  • Albert Parsons, setting trees
  • August Willers, repairs on court house
  • A D Cook & Bro., work and material for buildings
  • Ohio Valley Coffin Co., kindling wood
  • Tebbs Bros., sundries, jail and court house
  • Mrs. F Lang, sundries, jail and court house
  • W H Burk, mops for court house
  • Sparks Bros., buckets and brooms

Assessing Revenue.

  • Fred Kipp, assessor, Cesar Creek tp
  • C Buchanan, assessor, Cesar Creek tp
  • W H Dunn, assessor, Hogan twp
  • Isaac Bruce, assessor, Hogan twp
  • John Laws, assessor, Centre tp
  • M Teaney, assessor, Centre tp
  • J H VanHouten, assessor, Centre tp
  • John Beraurer, assessor, Jackson tp
  • George Glaub, assessor, Jackson tp
  • John Theabold, assessor, Jackson tp
  • Isadore Brichler, assessor, York tp
  • John Huth, assessor, Lawrenceburgh tp
  • Henry Russe, assessor, Lawrenceburgh tp
  • Edward Hayes, assessor, Lawrenceburgh tp
  • Van S B Crowley, assessor, Clay tp
  • L P Chance, assessor, Sparta tp
  • W T Cartwright, assessor, Sparta tp
  • John Lininger, assessor, Manchester tp
  • Theo S Cross, assessor, Manchester tp
  • Wilson Grubbs, assessor, Miller tp
  • Joseph Wilhelm, assessor, Kelso tp
  • Peter Werst, assessor, Kelso tp
  • G F Randall, assessor, Washington tp
  • Frank Connolly, assessor, Logan tp
  • Samuel Sieg, assessor, Logan tp
  • Oliver F Cloud, assessor, Harrison tp
  • John R Cole, Board of Equalization
  • John C Stenger, Board of Equalization
  • Frank Nevitt, Board of Equalization
  • Adolph Merkel, Board of Equalization
  • W Tebbs, clerk, certified copies of orders
  • J C Sims, sheriff, summoning witnesses and members of Board
  • L W Cobb, publishing notice of Board