Dearborn County Commissioners’ Allowances – Jun 1889

Allowances made at the June 1889 Session of the Dearborn County, Indiana Commissioners appeared in:
Lawrenceburg Register – 4 Jul 1889 – Page 4, Column 1

Made by the Board of Commissioners of Dearborn county, at their June session, 1889, and ordered to be published in the Register, as having the largest circulation in said county.

Poor—Centre Township.

  • Robert Maybin—Groceries furnished: Jos Jones, Bridget Cooper
  • Herdegen & Kress—Groceries for A Pohl
  • C M Beinkamp—Groceries furnished: Cynthia Baker, Thomas Rand, transient family
  • L M Cheek—Groceries furnished: Wm Holdron
  • John A Nees—Groceries furnished: Joe Jones
  • B W Buffington—Groceries furnished: Wm Powell
  • Thos Sargent—Coal furnished: Geo Smith, Joe Jones, H Broyles, Thos Brooks, Cynthia Baker, Emma Chamberlain
  • A Hill & Son—Coal furnished: Wm T McMurry
  • E H Niebaum—Shoes furnished: G Clark
  • G W Griffin—Groceries furnished: C Perrin, Thos Rand
  • J C Green—Groceries furnished: B Mills
  • P Pelgen—Groceries furnished: Dora Sperlock, H Broyles
  • John Brannon—Groceries furnished: Kate Walsh, Sarah Clark, Bridget Kerrigan, Nancy Hune
  • Chas Fehling—Groceries furnished: John W Anderson, H Broyles, Wm Smith, Mahala Teaney, Johanna Thoms, Margaret Ross, Wm McMurray
  • Fred Mauntel—Burial cases furnished Geo Smith, C Lambkin
  • Wm Webber—Groceries furnished: Bud Gray
  • F Mauntel—Burial case furnished Jennetta
  • River View Cemetery
  • Ed Holthouse—Burial case furnished drowned lady
  • Jacob Schuler—transportation
  • Lawrence Fowler—Board furnished: Louis Burton while sick

Poor—Lawrenceburgh Township.

  • Jacob Spanagel—Groceries furnished: Henry Young, Charleston, Mrs. Mack
  • John Burkhouse—Groceries for Mrs. Hays
  • John Isherwood—Groceries furnished Jas Dodd, Mrs. Kaufman, Mrs. Williams
  • C Israel—Groceries furnished Mrs. Best, Charleston
  • Jos McGranahan—Groceries for C Kelly, Goodwin, Mart Skinner, Mat Burk, John Shepard
  • A Shaw—Groceries furnished Parson
  • Geo Fahlbush—Groceries furnished Thos Darling
  • Geo Wood—Groceries furnished Bruce sisters
  • Sparks Bros.—Groceries furnished: Mrs. Jeffries, Mrs. Martin, Mrs. Morand
  • Ernst Meyer—Groceries furnished: Henry Young
  • P J Emmert—Clothing furnished: Mrs. Carl, Mrs. Brown, Cavannaugh children
  • W F Cook—Coal furnished: Mrs. Bruce, Mrs. Krona, Nancy Jones, B T W S Anderson, C Kelly, Mrs. Morand
  • Fred Wesler—Coal furnished: Mrs. Smith, Mary Young
  • Dan M Guard, boarding tramp
  • J P Lommel, digging grave for Perry Carter’s child
  • Early & Daniel—Coal furnished: Tout, Fisher
  • Schleicher Bros.—Groceries furnished: Mrs. Whitcomb, Mrs. Kreider, Mrs. Fisher

Poor—Sparta Township.

  • H D Moore—Groceries furnished: Isaac Davis, J Colshire
  • Joseph Bossong, bringing insane person to Lawrenceburgh and expenses
  • Joseph Bossong, notifying Peter Shed

Poor—Clay Township.

  • Fred Ginter, groceries to Sarah Fleming
  • Wm Rowland, groceries to Betsy Spangler and Jane Peasly
  • Tyler & Co., groceries to Sewel Sheldon
  • M E Withrow, groceries to Thomas Akra

Poor—Hogan Township.

  • John Hayes, groceries to Jane Christie and Joe Taylor

Poor—Kelso Township.

  • Gerhart Fetter, groceries to Caroline Smith
  • Wendel Labbe, groceries to Susan Helfrich

Poor—Jackson Township.

  • Clement Sterwald, groceries to Mat Mais
  • Wm Cors, conveying pauper to County Asylum
  • John Graff, conveying pauper to County Asylum
  • Stohlman & Schweitzer, groceries to Rebecca Henke

Poor—York Township.

  • Otto Hammerle, cash paid to Peter Mann

Poor—Manchester Township.

  • O P Pyles, groceries to Scribner
  • W F Crocker, groceries to Mrs. Callahan
  • Josiah Duncan, overseeing poor

Poor—Miller Township.

  • John S Dorman, shoes to Mrs. Wm Bennett

Poor—Harrison Township.

  • John W. Liddle & Ingam, groceries to Elizabeth Crouch
  • Tebbs Bros., clothing to Geo Mead
  • John Cheatham, boarding tramp
  • Geo H Hollowell, boarding tramp
  • John Roser, overseeing poor

County Asylum.

  • A J Cheek, salary as Sup’t
  • A J Cheek, money expended
  • Mary J Cheek, salary as matron
  • Lizzie Cheek, work
  • Purnel Cheek, work
  • Benj Bruce, work
  • Minda Roof, work
  • John Sims, work
  • Sam McMullen, ax handle and fling saw
  • Geo Gutzwiller, blacksmithing
  • Alex Ruble, carpenter work
  • Jane Dorman, potato plants
  • Wm Givan, pork
  • Edward Holthouse, safe
  • P Weis, bran
  • W F Cook, repairs
  • W F Crocker, groceries
  • R McIlvain, blacksmithing
  • Wm Chambers, tobacco
  • Chambers, Stevens & Co., merchandise
  • Michael Bidner, plants
  • B W Buffington, groceries
  • John Kleuber, clothing
  • Geo Wolfarth, shoemaking
  • D H Clark, shoemaking
  • Marshall & Co., oil and plants
  • M E Leming & Co., lumber

Public Buildings.

  • Adaline Junker, washing
  • M E Leming, lumber
  • James McLeaster, building fence
  • Excelsior Iron Roofing Co., stable
  • Probst, Baker & Co., stable frame and lumber
  • E E Ferris & Co., oil and paints
  • Robert Mitchell Furniture Company, office table
  • H G Kidd, miscellaneous
  • Lawrenceburgh Gas Company, gas
  • W F Cook, coal
  • Geo W Merkel, contract for erection of stable
  • Geo H Wood, oils and bucket
  • John S Dorman, blankets and bed ticking
  • Sam McElfresh, insurance on stable
  • James Carter, kindling
  • Sparks Bros., water pitcher

Specific Allowances.

  • John H Russe, report to Board of Health
  • F M Griffith, expense of insane
  • Sam J Huston, postage
  • Geo W Johnston, transportation to tramp
  • E D Moore, postage, expressage and box rent

Assessing Revenue.

  • John Axby
  • Marion Laws
  • Alice Laws
  • Geo Turner
  • Clara Turner
  • Van S B Crowly
  • O F Cloud
  • Edward Cloud
  • Frank Bittner
  • Francis H Bittner
  • Anthony Schneitzer
  • John S Pieper
  • James House
  • F J Theobald
  • John Theobald
  • Benj Withered
  • Frank Connolly
  • P L Matheus
  • Gus G Matheus

Roads and Highways.

  • Charles Hoenbach, road viewer
  • James Lods, road viewer
  • Charles Bowton, road viewer
  • Lawrence Kappish, road viewer
  • John Renck, road viewer
  • Geo T Hudson, road viewer
  • Benj Withered, road viewer
  • Sam B Sanks, road viewer
  • J W Johnson, road viewer
  • Jos Wilhelm, road viewer
  • Fred Moerling, road viewer
  • T B Cottingham, road viewer
  • Hezron Haynes, road viewer
  • Bennain Holden, damages
  • Barney Simonson, damages
  • Anthony Healy, damages
  • Henry Kolb, damages
  • Rebecca Robertson, damages
  • Cyrus Canfield, damages

Aurora Bridge.

  • Michael Bogenshott
  • Albert T Gridly
  • L S Isdell
  • Scott Misener
  • Henry Hagadon
  • A Hill & Son
  • George E Johnston
  • G W Johnston, for Fred Thoms
  • F J P Bracket

Officers’ Salary.

  • George W Johnston, Commissioner
  • H Vogelgesang, Commissioner
  • Geo A Swales, Commissioner
  • E D Moore, County Auditor
  • Samuel J. Huston, County Superintendent

County Revenue.

  • A Tufts, enumerating voters
  • John H. Armstrong, enumerating voters
  • Robert & Stapp, attorneys fee against Kyle, Gatch and Severin
  • Otto Hammerle, enumerating voters
  • John Roser, enumerating voters
  • C Smith, for land deeded to Dearborn county
  • J S Smith, recording deed from C Smith to Dearborn county
  • John Reorme, enumerating voters

Commissioners’ Court.

  • Hezron Haynes

Expense of Court.

  • Hezron Haynes

Coroner’s Inquest.

  • Everett & Gregory


  • Daniel M Guard, boarding prisoners

Public Printing.

  • Hunter & O’Brien
  • J E Larimer

Books & Stationery.

  • Sentinel Printing Company
  • Wm B Burford