Dearborn County Commissioners Allowances – Mar 1882

Allowances from the March 1882 Session of the Dearborn County, Indiana commissioners appeared in:
Lawrenceburg Register – 30 Mar 1882 – Page 3, Column 4

Made by the Board of Commissioners of Dearborn county, Ind., at their March session, 1882, and ordered to be published in the Register, as having the largest circulation in said county.

Expense of Poor of Lawrenceburg Township.

  • George Beckenholdt & Co., coal
  • John S Dorman & Co., for Mrs. Eads, Mrs. Ley
  • Chas Hayes, agent for Mrs. Carter
  • J Hammerle to Mrs. Margaret Harmon
  • Christ Scherger to Mrs. Rieg
  • John Huth to Mrs. Kaiser, Mrs. West
  • H R Helmuth to Mrs. Williamson
  • Charles Israel to Mrs. Squires, Mrs. Ruby, Mrs. Morrison, Jacob Younker, Mrs. Beach, Mrs. Carter, Mrs. Eads
  • Edward Gilland to Mrs. Williamson
  • Tebbs Bros to Mrs. Holden, Mrs. Williams
  • Isaac Hayes to Mrs. Howard, Mrs. Holden
  • N Gillig to Mrs. Kinney, Mrs. Knorr
  • W H Burk, house rent
  • Mrs. George Meyer to Mrs. Schmidt
  • Geo Huschardt & Co. to Mrs. Bennett
  • Mary Stack, regular allowance
  • Augusta Wentmiller, regular allowance
  • Sparks Bros to Mrs. Robinson, Mrs. Sweeny
  • Mrs. Jacob Anderson to Mrs. Kaiser
  • W H Burk to Mrs. McCrite
  • Francis Lang to Mrs. Morand, Mrs. Tilford, John Buckholtz, Mrs. Wilson, Mrs. John Gross, Mrs N Jones for S Green, Mrs. Diggs, Mrs. Sam Freeman, Sebastian Green
  • D Nothern to Mrs. Roberts, Mrs. Howard
  • G Renner to coal for poor, cash paid for poor, services
  • Julius Currus to groceries for poor
  • H G Kidd, stoves &c.
  • W J Fitch to Mrs. Bruce, Mrs. Dorn, Mrs. McAdams
  • Joseph McGranahan, groceries
  • Lawrenceburgh Mill Co., flour
  • Joseph Krieger, bread
  • J Deuschle, groceries
  • Drs. Miller & Gatch, medical services
  • Mrs. Nancy Jones to S Green
  • Greendale cemetery for M Schultz
  • F R Dorman, clothing
  • Dr. Wm Terrill, medical services
  • Georg Huschart to Rhoda Bennett
  • Stephen Liddle to Mrs. Jacob Junker
  • Samuel Dickinson to Sam Freeman
  • Clement Kleyer to Michael Schultz
  • Julius Currus, groceries
  • Tebbs Bros, groceries
  • L Ellesbrook to Mrs. Fox

Expense of Poor of Centre Township.

  • Pat Wolf to Mrs. Brunnaugh
  • Pat Ryan to Mrs. Bolas
  • Jacob Full to Mrs. Russ
  • Mike Maloney to Mrs. Carlin
  • John Dobersberger to Mrs. Bailey
  • Pat Garrity to Carpenter
  • Tebbs Bros., groceries
  • Henry Wood, groceries &c.
  • Langtree & Mitchell, groceries
  • Mrs. Anna Earl to Miss Ross, Mrs. James Lawler
  • F Opperman to Mrs. Thomas Hughes, Mrs. Martin Kerrigan, Mrs. Mahoney, Mrs. Kate Welsh, Mike Killeen
  • Peter Koehler to A Kerrigan, M Bailey, Mrs. West, Tim Jaynes, Mrs. Rane, Mrs. Patterson
  • F A York to T Tracy, — Levy, Joe Lawler
  • W T Day to Mrs. Lawler
  • Dr. F Rectanus, cash paid
  • A Doble & Bro to Mrs. Hues
  • A Bloom & Bro to Mrs. Blasdel, H Moran
  • Frank Housemeier to John Goodpasture
  • F Doble to Wm Brown, Mrs. Boler, Mrs. Tom Tracey
  • Thomas Wright to Mrs. Schenck, Clara Johnson, Mrs. Steele, Mrs. Nohle, Mrs. Porter
  • Mrs. P Pelgen to Mrs. Rea, Mrs. Roberts, Mrs. Wenzel, Mrs. Winscott, Mrs. Acra, Robert Gray, Mr. Powell
  • Philip Kastner to Mrs. Buffington, Lydia & Sarah Warner, Adam Senger
  • Geo W Taylor to Mrs. Lawler
  • Simon Siemantel to Wm McCartney, Mrs. Ann Watkins, Mrs. Wooley
  • Herdegen & Kress to Mrs. Smith, Mrs. Sickles, Mrs. Dahm, E Walker, John Hobbs
  • Herman Rabe to Mrs. Hudson, John Nelson, Martha Bruce, Mrs. Erlee, Mrs. Weishorn
  • Dr. F Rectanus, services
  • J M Wheeler to J T Vantile, George Hopping
  • J C Green to I Carpenter, Mrs. Brunough, Mrs. Vinson, George Eikles, Fred Swetfager
  • J H Lamar, clothing &c.
  • Chambers, Stevens & Co. to Mrs. Smith, Mrs. Jehu, Miss Vidito, Mrs. Russell, Mrs. Teaney, Mrs. Bush
  • Fred Kriete to Mrs. Kerrigan, Tim Jaynes, Jane Alexander
  • Chas Fehling Jr. to Mrs. Hauck, Mrs. Shipper, Mrs. Heffer, John West
  • John A Nees to Barbara Liebe, Wm Thompson, Elizabeth Painter, Mrs. Swango, Orpley Steele, John B Schwem, Mrs. E Carter, James Hobbs, Mrs. Carter, George Kress, El Wells, Mrs. J Kearney, Mrs. Werle, Thomas Chance, Transient Paupers
  • Fred Mountel to James Lawler
  • R A McConnell to Wm McCartney, Mrs. Shuck, Mrs. Heck, Mrs. Gray, Mrs. Winter, Mrs. Mitchell, Mrs. Hudson
  • John Steig to James Lawler
  • River View Cemetery, pauper graves
  • Wymond & Hayes to H Barkdoll, Thos Rabbitt, Hy Ahren, Mrs. H Brewington
  • C Goldsmith & Bro to Marcus Bailey, J F Cook, I Carbaugh, C Ridder
  • Mrs. Robinson, regular allowance
  • Shoemaker, regular allowance
  • Lucinda Acra, regular allowance
  • Anna Ramsey, regular allowance
  • C Schartzferger, regular allowance
  • Dr. W C Henry, medical services

Expense of Poor of York Township.

  • Michael Reidinger, for cash paid
  • Lewis Fawcett, regular allowance
  • Simon Miller, regular allowance
  • Rosa Reidinger, regular allowance
  • H C Vincent, medical services

Expense of Poor of Jackson Township.

  • Martin Buchert, for services
  • Dr. Pierre Fermier, medical services

Expense of Poor of Hogan Township.

  • B P Boardman for Fannie Bruce, Mrs. Peters
  • I M Truitt, cash paid

Expense of Poor of Sparta Township.

  • S Crouch & Sons to Alice Vinson
  • Nathaniel Todd to Mrs. Smith
  • James Beatty, services and cash paid
  • H B Gault to P H Bradley
  • A J Bowers, medical services
  • Ellen Mack, regular allowance

Expense of Poor of Caesar Creek Township.

  • Henry Licking to Amos Sweasey, taking boy to asylum
  • Henry Bulthaup, services as trustee
  • Dr. J M Barkley, medical services

Expense of Poor of Clay Township.

  • F & J Young to Elizabeth Spangler
  • J C Vandolah to T Akers, Samuel Love, Mrs. Goodpasture, Laura Akers
  • J W E Hartley to Elizabeth Spangler, Mrs. Ewing
  • Leroy Roberts, cash paid
  • Benjamin Blue, meat for poor
  • W B Suits & Co., flour
  • C Zeigenbein to E Spangler
  • D C Misner to Samuel Love, Charles Snyder
  • Fred Ginter to Fannie Leisure
  • W W Withrow to Sam Love, widow Goodpasture
  • L Vite to Charles Snyder
  • Jane Shepard, regular allowance
  • Dr. F H Sale, medical services

Expense of Poor of Manchester Township.

  • Samuel Dunn to Mrs. Fox
  • W F Crocker to Mrs. Laybourn
  • Joseph Steinmetz, transient paupers

Expense of Poor of Harrison Township.

  • William Meade to transient paupers
  • Elizabeth Nichol to Augustus Nicol
  • George B Tebbs, services

Expense of Poor of Kelso Township.

  • Henry Fangman, services
  • P Weis to M Mathias
  • Peter Werst to M Matz
  • Dr. E M Ratcliff, medical services

Expense of Elections.

  • Aurora Valley Furniture Co., for 20 ballot boxes

Expense of Poor of Miller Township.

  • F M Jackson, cash &c.
  • Jacob Sefton, regular allowance
  • R Hargitt to E Huff
  • H C Vincent, medical services

Expense of County Asylum.

  • Christ Oekler, for coffin
  • Thomas Duncan, salary for quarter
  • Lizzie Manlief, labor
  • Shotwell & Co., dry goods
  • Lewis Hoff, labor
  • George Ruble, labor
  • Henry Peters, coffee
  • Robert McMullen, pork
  • Thomas Duncan, cash paid
  • L & N Turnpike Co., toll
  • Josiah Duncan, work
  • S A Whitehead, pork
  • W H Burk, salt
  • A Ruble, mending shoes, &c.
  • W E Crocker, groceries
  • Sebastian Greenham, grubbing

Expense of Bridges.

  • G Renner for lumber and work

Expense of Printing.

  • Sam Chapman, instructions to assessors
  • Hunter & O’Brien

Expense of Public Buildings.

  • John P Thompson, lumber and work on new shelves
  • E C Baldwin & Co., chair for court room
  • J M Palmer, repairing lock, cold chisel
  • Tebbs Bros., oil
  • S Strasburger, clothing &c.
  • Geo Beckenholdt & Co., coal
  • H G Kidd, stove pipes &c.
  • Sparks Bros, brooms &c.
  • Francis Lang, coal oil &c.
  • Graham & Co., kindlings
  • George Bruce, extra services

Road and Highways.

  • John C Sims, serving notices on Road Viewers

Expense of Criminals.

  • John C Sims, Sheriff, boarding prisoners

Expense of Court.

  • J E Larimer, blanks for clerk
  • John C Sims, Sheriff, serving jurors

Specific Allowance.

  • W H Kyle, Treasurer, stamps &c.
  • Warren Tebbs, Clerk, stamps &c.

Expense of Books and Stationery.

  • Wm B Burford
  • Indianapolis Journal Co.
  • Indianapolis Sentinel Co.
  • Martin Kieffer

Board of Health.

  • Wm B Burford, Certificates and Record
  • Indianapolis Journal Co., Blanks and Record
  • W Tebbs, Clerk, Report Marriage Cert

Expense County Superintendent

  • H B Hill, salary for quarter
  • Joseph White, Janitor for Supt

Officers Salaries.

  • Garrett Bosse, Com’r, salary for quarter
  • Abram Briggs, Com’r, salary for quarter
  • W H Kyle, Treasurer, salary for quarter
  • A B Pattison, Auditor, salary for quarter