Dearborn County Commissioners Allowances – Mar 1883

Allowances of the March 1883 Session of the Dearborn County, Indiana Commissioners appeared in:
Lawrenceburg Register – 3 May 1883 – Page 1, Column 7

Made by the Board of Commissioners of Dearborn County, Ind., at their March session, 1883, and ordered to be published in the Register, as having the largest circulation in said county.

Expense of poor Lawrenceburg tp.

  • E Barret, house rent, E McRight
  • Wm Hood, groceries for Mrs. Williams, W C Kindle
  • W Schneider, shoes for Katy Musters, Miss Macky
  • J Siemantle, shoes for Robt Moore
  • J Currus, groceries, Mrs. Junker, Mrs. Eads, S A Martin, Mrs. Beach, Eliza Roberts, D F King, D Herron, Emma Clark
  • Sparks Bros., groceries, Mrs. Howard, Mrs. Durman
  • Wm Suckatz, shoes, for Mrs. Carter, F Knorr, Mrs. Bruce, Mrs. Thornberg
  • Mrs. W J Fitch, groceries, Mrs. Bruce, Mrs. Dom
  • John Sortwell, digging 3 graves
  • J S Dorman, dry goods, Mattie Steans
  • S Dickenson, cash paid for poor
  • Lotton House, board, Mrs. King & 3 children
  • Tebbs Bros., groceries, A Truelock, H Young, Mrs. Schultz
  • G Renner, coal for poor
  • L Adler, shoes, Mrs. B Arnold
  • Beckenholdt & Co., coal for poor
  • F R Dorman & Co., goods, Mrs. Rissell, R Cooper; shoes, Hen Young
  • J Anderson, groceries, Mrs. K’ser
  • Wm Burk, groceries, Alice Farrell, Mrs. Ballard, A J Fry
  • J Berkhouse, groceries for poor during flood
  • G A Kestner, meat furnished poor
  • L B Daniels, coal for poor
  • J Palmer, meals for poor

Expense of poor, Centre township.

  • McCreary & Niebaum, goods, Mrs. Powel, Mrs. Bowler, Mrs. Christy, Mrs. M Lohn, Mrs. Beaver
  • J A Nees, board and lodgings, poor
  • Dr. F Rectanus, cash paid for poor, overseeing poor
  • M Maloney, board, Jesse Hayes
  • Herdegen & Kress, groceries, C Wooley, Mrs. Mitchell, Mrs. Schroeder
  • Philip Kastner, groceries, Mrs. Bruner, Mrs. Gray, Mrs. Conger, Mrs. Smith
  • Goldsmith Bros., dry goods for poor
  • F A York, transportation poor, asylum
  • G W Taylor, transportation poor, asylum
  • Aurora Distilling Co., coal for poor
  • Mrs. Strunk, meals, John Wood & wife
  • F Mantel, coffins and burial, 3 paupers
  • McConnell & McAvoy, dry goods, poor
  • P Kochler, groceries, Mrs. Berns, Harvey Johnson, Mrs. Harlon, Mrs. Toner, Mrs. Goodlove, John Frost, Tom Brown
  • Henry Wood, groceries & coal for poor
  • W W Brison, taking pauper to asylum
  • S Siemantle, groceries, John Schroeder, Brown
  • W C Henry, 1 yr physician to poor

Expense of poor, York township.

  • F R Dorman & Co., goods, Mrs. Ewbank
  • H C Vincent, physician to poor, 1 yr

Expense of poor, Washington township.

  • J M Wheeler, groceries, E Pettie
  • Dr. H H Sutton, medical attention on poor

Expense of poor, Miller township.

  • W J Smith, cash paid for poor
  • H C Vincent, physician 1 yr to poor

Expense of poor, Sparta township.

  • J C Miller, cash paid for poor
  • A J Bowers, physician to poor

Expense of poor, Clay township.

  • H Conaway, overseeing poor
  • A W Miles, care and board of W Bruce
  • F H Sales, physician to poor

Expense of poor, Manchester township.

  • W F Crocker, groceries, Mrs. Layhorn, Hiram Clark
  • T H Rhinearson, cash paid for poor
  • T M Kyle, physician to poor

Expense of poor, Hogan township.

  • T W Cottingham, cash paid for poor
  • Dr. W M Dunn, service as physician

Expense of poor, Logan township.

  • H C Rugg, cash paid for poor
  • W H Swales, physician

Expense of poor, Jackson township.

  • Wm Sweitzer, groceries, Jane Loefler
  • H Chairsell, groceries, McD
  • M Buchert, services as overseeing
  • P Weis, flour for Mrs. Loefler
  • F Busald, groceries, M Mier
  • Dr. Fermier, physician

Expense of poor, Harrison township.

  • Anthony & Williams, shoes for pauper
  • Dr. W H Swales, physician

Expense of County Asylum.

  • Christ Oelker, two coffins
  • Martin Buchert, cabbage
  • Frank Reburger, barrels
  • W F Crocker, groceries
  • C W Nolte, potatoes
  • Alex Ruble, repairing boots and shoes
  • Tebbs Bros., groceries
  • George Ruble, labor
  • Louis Hoff, labor
  • Sam L Claspill, mending harness
  • Phoebe Gettle, labor
  • James McMullen, locust posts and beef
  • Thos Duncan, cash paid and salary
  • Charlotte Duncan, salary as matron
  • Gettle & Pummill, blacksmithing
  • Turnpike Co., toll
  • Mark Bolley, potatoes
  • Lizzie Manlief, labor
  • Robt McMullen, threshing grain
  • H G Kidd, lamps
  • David Annis, potatoes

Expense of Public Buildings.

  • Lawrenceburgh Gas Co., gas
  • Beckenholdt & Co., coal
  • J D Gatch, cash paid for counter
  • R McMullen, cleaning court house
  • Bittner & Morris, cleaning cistern
  • Sparks Bros., buckets and brooms
  • Mrs. W J Fitch, sundries c h and jail
  • John Sims, cash paid on account of jail
  • L B Daniels, coal for court house
  • J S Dorman, blankets for jail
  • A D Cook, work & material for c h & jail
  • I M Dunn, matches
  • H G Kidd, oil lamp, &c.
  • J Morris, cleaning cistern at jail
  • Ohio Valley Coffin Co., kindling wood

Expense of Books and Stationery.

  • Weistach, Baldwin & Co.
  • Indianapolis Journal Co.
  • Indianapolis Sentinel Co.
  • Wm B Burford

Expense of Printing.

  • J E Larmier, pub delin list and notices
  • Hunter & O’Brien, printing

Specific Allowances.

  • A B Pattison, cash pd for stamps & expr
  • Warren Tebbs, cash pd & sev in filing
  • D H Miller, buggies for commissioners

Officer’s Salaries.

  • J D Gatch, treasurer
  • A B Pattison, auditor
  • John Buchert, commissioner
  • T T Annis, commissioner
  • Henry Bulthaup, commissioner


  • E H McElfresh, work on Tanner’s creek and Wilson creek bridges
  • W J McHenry, lumber, Wilson creek b’ge
  • F A Transier, work on Dillsboro bridge
  • Zera Arnold, work on Harrison bridge
  • J Hallowell, supt Harrison bridge

Election expense.

  • S E Barkley, meals for election board
  • A Campbell, meals for election board
  • M Buchert, meals for election board
  • H Fangman, meals for election board

Expense of Road and Highways.

  • I H Carbaugh, swearing viewers
  • John Sims, serving viewers

Expense Criminals.

  • John Sims, feeding prisoners
  • F R Dorman & Co., blankets and clothes.

County Revenue.

  • Hamilton Conaway, taking statistics
  • John Sims, posting notices, auditor’s sales

Court Expenses.

  • John Sims, serving jurors


  • M Buchert, taking enumeration of votes