Dearborn County Commissioners’ Allowances – Mar 1887

Allowances made at the March 1887 Session of the Dearborn County, Indiana Commissioners appeared in:
Lawrenceburg Register – 14 Apr 1887 – Page 4, Column 2

Made by the Board of Commissioners of Dearborn county, at their March session, 1887, and ordered to be published in the Register, as having the largest circulation in said county.

Poor—Centre Township.

  • O & M Railway Co., ticket to Kansas for blind man
  • Jacob Goenawein, Trustee, as overseer of poor; cash for transportation of paupers
  • B W Buffington, groceries for Mrs. R. Campbell, Mrs. Ann Smith, Mrs. George Loslin
  • Joseph C Green, sundries for Mrs. Eliza Cook
  • Denton & Radspinner, groceries for Mrs. Mary Peters, Mrs. Jennie Schroeder, Mrs. Carter, Mrs. Lambkin
  • Charles Wright, groceries for Jennie Farrar, Jane Parker, William Vinson, Mrs. Carter, John Gray, Thomas Rand
  • David Peters, groceries for Mrs. Margaret Ross, Mrs. H Hahn
  • John W Scott, groceries for Mrs. E Trester, Mrs. Thomas, Mrs. Wm Noble
  • Wm E Lambkin, groceries for Mrs. G Clark, Mrs. C Lambkin, Mrs. Hattie Cruse
  • Charles Fehling Jr., groceries for Mrs. George Loslin, Mrs. Kate Hauck, Mrs. John Goodpasture, Mrs. Mary Bentz
  • Herdegan & Kress, groceries for Charles Bailey
  • Albert Bloom, groceries for Mrs. E Trester, Mrs. Garrity, Mrs. Thomas Hangen
  • Johnston & Co., groceries for Mrs. Jacob Shuler
  • O P Cobb & Co., groceries for Mrs. Steuvers
  • Giegoldt, Beinkamp & Co., groceries for Wm Theetge, Mrs. Goodpasture, Mrs. Jane Cheek
  • Fred Opperman, groceries for Mrs. Mary Hughes, Mrs. Kate Welsh
  • James Wheeler, groceries for Mrs. Ben Mills, Mrs. Wm Clause, Mrs. George Loslin
  • Robert Maybin, groceries for Nancy Bailey, Mrs. R Campbell, John Crist, John Lothredge, Eliza Lewis, Wm Theetge
  • Jos G Parks, meals and lodging for paupers
  • Louis Grossholz, meals and lodging for paupers
  • John A Nees, meals and lodging for pauper
  • Levi E Cromwell, nursing Jesse Davis
  • Aurora Gaslight & Coke Co., coal for Mrs. Bickey, Mrs. Jennie Pate, Mrs. Peters, Mrs. Farrell, Mrs. Walker, Mrs. C Bailey, Mrs. Jennie Parker, Mrs. Henry Hahn, Mrs. Charles Lambkin, Mrs. M Woods, Mrs. Vansickle, Benj Mills, Alex Criswell
  • Thomas W Sargent, coal for H Nieman, Mary Bentz, Thomas Rand, Mrs. Thomas, Mrs. Kleaver, Mrs. Peters, Alex Criswell, David Wrider
  • Ernst H Niebaum, dry goods for Mrs. Fritz Thomas
  • Sam Somerfield, dry goods, etc., for Wm Brown, Mrs. Fritz Thomas’ child, Geo Bailey’s child, Wm Acre’s children
  • Lena Epstein, clothes for Mrs. Fritz Thomas’ boy
  • Fred Mauntel, coffin and shroud for Charles Bailey
  • Mathew Harring, coffin for George Loslin, James Hess’ child
  • F A York & Co., conveyance for burial of James Hess’ child
  • G W Taylor Sr., transportation and conveyance for burial of paupers

Poor—Lawrenceburgh Township.

  • Fred Rodenberg, Trustee, as overseer of poor; cash for transportation of paupers
  • Tebbs Bros., groceries for Mrs. Steve Smith, Mrs. Young, Mrs. Taylor Bailey
  • Schleicher Bros., groceries for John Fisher, Nevitt children, Mrs. White, Mrs. Bradley
  • Archie Shaw, groceries for Mrs. Tilford, Mrs. Stack, Mrs. Holland, Mrs. McRight, Mrs. Wilson, Mrs. Knapp
  • Charles Israel, groceries for Mrs. Osborn, Mrs. Pierce, Mrs. Bradley, Mrs. Smith, Mrs. Cavanaugh
  • Mrs. W J Fitch, groceries for Mrs. Bruce and sister
  • Sparks Bros., groceries for Mrs. Williams, Mrs. Winters, Mrs. Waldridge
  • Herman Oertling, groceries for Mrs. Jos Whitcomb, Samuel Roswell, Mrs. S Russell, Mrs. M Wolf
  • George Fahlbush, groceries for Mrs. Cavanaugh, Mrs. Bradley
  • Mrs. John Siemantel, groceries for Mrs. Bennett
  • H R Helmuth & Son, groceries for Mrs. Mary Young, Mrs. Ricketts, Nevitt children, Wilbur Ragen, Eke Smothers
  • Joseph McGranahan, groceries for Mrs. Goodwin, Mrs. Moody
  • Thomas Freeman, groceries for Mrs. Tilford
  • John Deuschle, groceries for Mrs. A Truelock, Mrs. Wolford
  • Frank Federle, meals and lodging for paupers
  • John Shaw, meals and lodging for paupers
  • Frank Freeman, meals for pauper
  • A D Cook, coal for Mrs. Moran, Mrs. Jos White, Mrs. Tout, Mrs. Lizzie Weber, Mrs. Williams, Mrs. Martin, Mrs. Konkle, Taylor Bailey, Mrs. Cavanaugh, Mrs. Marshall, T Dawson, Mrs. Wright, Mrs. Kaufman, Mrs. Lewis, Mrs. Jeffries
  • George Beckenholdt & Co., coal for Mrs. Pierce, Knorr, Grill, Bruce, Smith, Louis, Young, Tout, Sanders, McRight, Morand, Stack, Nevitt children, John Fisher, Mr. Sterling
  • Early & Daniel, coal for Mrs. Martin, Tilford, Skinner, Grill, Bruce, Leindecker, Shoulds, White, Morand, Bennett, Young, J Fisher, Holland, Bailey, Howard, Knapp, Pierce, Marshall, West, French
  • Fred Wesler, coal for Mrs. Morris, Leindecker, Zack Holland, Sanders, Kaufman, John Fisher
  • J S Dorman & Co., dry goods, shoes for W H Penhollow
  • Louis Adler, dry goods and shoes for Nevitt children
  • L Deuschle, dry goods, shoes, etc. for Mrs. Dollerhigh, Mrs. Hossel, Mrs. Wolford
  • Anton Schneider, shoes for Mrs. Hossel, Mrs. Stack
  • William Schneider, shoes for George and Frank Losey, Mrs. Tilford, Mrs. McGanan
  • Samuel Dickinson, coffin and hauling of Bradberry’s child, Fannie Diggs’ child, Ben Herron’s child, Wm Carter’s child, Mrs. Carter, Mrs. George Harner, Mrs. Jane Conner, Ben Herron’s child
  • Louis Kohlerman, coffin and hauling of James Speaks, unknown man; digging grave
  • John Sortwell, digging three graves

Poor—Clay Township.

  • Fred Ginter, groceries for Anna Evans, Thomas Acre, Betsy Spangler
  • J C Vandolah, groceries for Jane Peasley, Harrison Conaway
  • John N Calvert, groceries for Ayres Hulton
  • Benj Blue, meat for Ayres Hulton
  • Thomas Croxton, taking pauper to asylum

Poor—Harrison Township.

  • John Roser, Trustee, as overseer of poor; cash for tickets for pauper
  • J F Tebbs, agent, rent for Mrs. Jane Burns
  • Jonas Williams, wood
  • August Viel, board for pauper
  • E D Bowlby, groceries for John Haas

Poor—Hogan Township.

  • John Armstrong, Trustee, overseeing poor; cash paid for coal for pauper
  • T W Cottingham, groceries for Mary Peters, Warren Tout, Jane Christy

Poor—Kelso Township.

  • Henry Fangman, Trustee, overseer of poor
  • John Andres, groceries for Wendel Lubbe; coffin for John Barth
  • John Gensheimer, coffin for Frank Wempe’s child

Poor—Jackson Township.

  • Henry C Assche, Trustee, overseer of poor
  • Adam Sahn, flour for Mat Meier
  • Philip Weis, flour for Jane Leffler
  • Jacob Miller, conveying pauper to asylum

Poor—Manchester Township.

  • Wm F Crocker, groceries for Mrs. Layborn, Alice Vinson

Poor—Sparta Township.

  • T M Johnson, Trustee, overseer of poor
  • H D Moore, groceries for Isaac Davis
  • F Slater & Son, groceries for Mary E McMahon

Poor—Logan Township.

  • Edward Grubbs, boarding Jane O’Conner’s children

Poor—Miller Township.

  • A W Cottingham, Trustee, overseer of poor

County Asylum.

  • Thomas Duncan, cash paid; salary as Supt
  • Charlotte Duncan, matron, salary
  • Wm McKinstry, work
  • Louis Drake, work
  • Sarah Collier, work
  • Kate Wilson, work
  • Lawbgh & Napoleon Turnpike Co., toll
  • Philip Weiss, flour
  • W F Crocker, groceries
  • Johnston & Co., coffee
  • Tebbs Bros., tobacco and barrel oil
  • Blythe Buffington, groceries
  • Giegoldt, Beinkamp & Co., salt and pork
  • F R Dorman & Co., pants and hats
  • Francis Swales, attending sick horse
  • W H Swales Jr., horse
  • Mark Hansell, horse
  • Alex Ruble, mending shoes
  • G W Taylor, taking wagon from Aurora
  • W F Cook, firebrick and clay
  • O P Cobb & Co., hardware
  • H P Spaeth & Co., tinware
  • Ohio Valley Coffin Co., four coffins

Books and Stationery.

  • Sentinel Printing Co., books, etc.
  • Journal Company, pens, etc.
  • Wm B Burford, bonds, etc.
  • L W Cobb, letterheads
  • Thos Winegardner, paper and fasteners

Public Buildings.

  • Jno Grille, repairs in Treasurer’s office
  • Jas McLeaster, repairing doors, windows
  • W F Cook, repairs on jail, court house
  • A D Cook, repairing jail pump
  • Lawrenceburgh Gas Co., gas
  • J G King & Co., coal oil or jail
  • Ohio Valley Coffin Co., kindling wood

Public Printing.

  • Hunter & O’Brien, printing delinquent list, sale of bonds, etc., adv. School lands
  • Cincinnati Enquirer Co., advertising sale of bonds
  • L W Cobb, same
  • Everett & Gregory, sundry printing

Officers’ Salary.

  • Julius Severin, Auditor, salary
  • John Probst, Treasurer, salary
  • George W Johnston, Commissioner
  • Nic Vogelgesang, Commissioner
  • George A Swales, Commissioner

County Superintendent.

  • H B Hill, salary
  • W B Burford, blanks for Supt
  • Hunter & O’Brien, adv. Examination

Specific Allowance.

  • Geo W Johnston, carriage for Commissioners to Harrison
  • J H Russe, stamps and expressage
  • Julius Severin, same
  • L E Beinkamp, examining books
  • Louis Kohlerman, carriage for Com

Court Expense.

  • Dan Guard, serving petit jury, serving jury commissioners

Commissioner’s Court Expense.

  • Dan Guard, serving commissioners

Expense of Criminals.

  • Dan Guard, boarding prisoners
  • J S Dorman & Co., clothing for prisoner

Board of Health.

  • John H Russe, Clerk, making a certified copy of registered physicians

Expense of Assessing Revenue.

  • Isadore Brichler, one day as Assessor of York Township

Roads and Highways.

  • Seth Platt, land taken for road
  • Julius Severin, Auditor, making plans and specifications for 7 culverts
  • Josiah Campbell, 4 days as roads viewer
  • Thomas Gaynor, road viewer
  • John E Heustis, road viewer
  • Jas Lods, supt., erection of culvert
  • John Roser, erection of culvert
  • Henry Bulthaup, 3 days with team
  • D M Guard, serving road viewers

Lawrenceburgh Bridge.

  • Julius Severin, Auditor, making plans specifications for bridge abutments
  • Work on fill at bridge: Ernest Eberhart, Michael Daly, Charles Shindler, John Stack, George Guard, Victor Noswog, John Schaffner, Brower Rickets, Peter Homer, Thomas Quinn, Martin Sartori, Paul Schindler, Frank Roswong, Frank Strayley, Benjamin Heustis, Linus Fasnacht, Fred Zinser, Albert F Jack, John Zinser, Parker Rand, N J Walsh

Aurora Bridge.

  • Julius Severin, making specifications
  • O P Cobb & Co., hardware
  • H P Spaeth & Co., hardware
  • John Cobb & Co., lumber
  • Wm J McHenry
  • L G Hurlbert, lumber
  • Chas Fisk & Son, making bolts, etc.
  • Chas Fisk, labor paid on temp bridge, timber paid for
  • Thomas Rand, work on bridge
  • Wm Teaney, work on bridge
  • John Anderson, work on bridge
  • Charles Sasaman, lumber
  • H C Westmeyer, hauling stone
  • John A Nees, coal oil used on old bridge
  • Peter Zimmerman, ferrying