Dearborn County Commissioners’ Allowances – Mar 1888

Allowances made at the March 1888 Session of the Dearborn County, Indiana Commissioners appeared in:
Lawrenceburg Register – 29 Mar 1888 – Page 3, Column 5

Made by the Board of Commissioners of Dearborn county, at their March session, 1888, and ordered to be published in the Register, as having the largest circulation in said county.

Poor—Centre Township.

  • T. W. Sargent, Coal Furnished: Mrs. Friberger, Frank Lohr, Wm Theetge, Joe Jones, Mrs. Peters, Jacob Feeny, Mrs. Vansickle, Mrs. Chas Lambkin, Mrs. Burns, Jenny Pate, Mrs. Wood, Mrs. Smith, Wm. Thompson Sr., Mrs. Broils, Mrs. Chamberlain, Alex Criswell, Wm. Smith, Mrs. Burns, Mrs. Campbell, Mrs. Devol, Mrs. Porter, Wm. Powell.
  • F. Opperman, Groceries Furnished: Mrs. Mary Hughes, Mrs. Kate Walsh, Mrs. George Gray, Mrs. Wm. Stevens.
  • Chas. Fehling Jr., groceries furnished: Mrs. H Broyls, Ezra Knapp, Harvey Johnson, Mrs. John Steig, Wm. Powell.
  • Giegoldt, Beinkamp & Co., groceries furnished: Thomas Rand, Wm Theetge, Mrs. John Friberger.
  • David Peters, groceries furnished: William Smith, Nance Bailey, Peter Steinerbach, Margaret Ross.
  • Mrs. B. & A. Steigewoldt, groceries furnished: Mrs. Lizzie Lambkin, Mrs. Noah Falrfield.
  • J. C. Green, groceries furnished: James White, Mrs. J Lotridge, Mrs. George Gray.
  • J. M. Wheeler, groceries furnished: James White, Mrs. Ben Mills.
  • G. H. Droge, groceries furnished: Joe Jones.
  • Lafe M Cheek, groceries furnished: Mrs. Chamberlain.
  • Herdegen & Kress, groceries furnished: Joe Jones, Mrs. M. Wood.
  • R. A. McConnell, clothing furnished: Thos Ekers, boy.
  • John Scott, groceries furnished: Alex Criswell.
  • Aurora Distilling Co., coal furnished: Mrs. Chambers, Mrs. Vansickle, A Criswell, Mrs. Pate.
  • John Wildridge, groceries furnished: Mrs. Hannah Burnes, Mrs. Jno Freiberger, Mrs. Lambkin, Noah Fairfield, Mrs. C Perrin, John Cheek.
  • Chambers, Stevens & Co., groceries furnished: Wm Theetge, Wm Powell, Mrs. S Pate, Wm Smith.
  • Rosa Goenawein, shoes furnished: Mrs. Wm Clause, Mrs. C Lampkins, Mrs. Seber, Mrs. Griffin, Mrs. Nobles, Mrs. Alex Criswell, Geo Bailey, Mrs. M. Walker, Mrs. Clark.
  • F. A. York & Co., transportation furnished: Marcus Bailey, Alonzo Thompson, Harvey Johnson.
  • Fred Mauntel, coffin furnished: Mrs. Holden’s child
  • Ph. Kastner, groceries furnished: Mrs. G Smith
  • Wm. Day, coffins furnished: Mrs. V Heagey, Joe Bradley.
  • Jacob Kirsch, board and lodging furnished: one female tramp
  • Lou Grosholz, board and lodging furnished: six tramps
  • Jacob Goenawein, transportation: transient paupers
  • Rosa Goenawein, shoes furnished: Wm Smith’s girl, Mr. Harrie’s boy, Mrs. Noble’s girl, Mr. Vincent’s boy, Mrs. Underwood’s boy, Mrs. Williams’ girl, Mrs. Smith’s girl, Lon Thompson, Mrs. Lockridge, Wm Steven’s boy, Mrs. Griffin’s girl, Mrs. Grey, Lidia Thompson, Mr. Jone’s boy.

Poor—Lawrenceburgh Township.

  • F. H. Volz, meals and lodging furnished: transient paupers
  • Sparks Bros., groceries furnished: Taylor, Balley, Mrs. Jeffers, Abe Locey, Mrs. McAdams
  • Mrs. Siemantel, groceries furnished: Mrs. Bennett
  • John Burkhouse, groceries furnished: Wm Brown, Mrs. Hayes
  • Mrs. G. C. Columbia, groceries furnished: Mrs. Bruce and sister
  • Herman Oertling, groceries furnished: Mrs. Cavanaugh, Mrs. Nancy Jones, Wm. Carl
  • Foote, Spanagel & Co., groceries furnished: Joe Gray, Mrs. Hunt, Mrs. Eastman, Mrs. Akler
  • Archie Shaw, groceries furnished: William Winters, Mr. Brown
  • C Israel, groceries furnished: Mrs. Smith, Ben Herron
  • Watkins & Watkins, groceries furnished: Mrs. Akley
  • Henry Helmuth, groceries furnished: Mrs. Laird, G Chance, Mrs. Eaders, B Ricketts, Mrs. Young, Mrs. Hayes, Mr. Clark, Mrs. Hunt
  • Jos. McGrannahan, groceries furnished: Mrs. Goodwin, Mrs. Cavanaugh, Mrs. Weaver, John Fisher, Waney Smith
  • Love Bros., groceries furnished: Wm Winters, Mrs. A Holland, Mrs. Jane Knapp
  • Andy Schneider, shoes furnished: Mrs. Collins
  • L. Kohlerman, undertaker: coffins furnished and burial of paupers
  • Samuel Dickinson, undertaker, coffins furnished: Ben Cave, Austin Trulock, Colored Preacher, Sullivan Smith, Jas Moody
  • W. F. Cook, coal furnished: Mrs. Wilson, Mrs. Bruce, Henry Young, Mrs. Parker, Mrs. S A Martin, John Fisher, Mrs. Bennett, Nancy Jones, Mrs. Tout, Mrs. West, Taylor Bailey, Mrs. Akler, Mrs. Standriff, Mrs. Knorr, Mr. Brown, Mrs. Junker, Mrs. McAdams, Mrs. Eads, Mrs. Brower Rickets, Mrs. Pierce, Mrs. Grill, Mrs. Sanders
  • A Beckman, coal furnished: Mrs. Bruce and sister, Mrs. Jeffers, Mrs. Leindecker, Mrs. Grill, Mrs. Mills, Mrs. Pierce, Mrs. Young, Mrs. Toute, Mrs. Moran, Mrs. Nancy Jones, Mrs. Martin, Taylor Bailey, Mrs. Hayes, Mrs. Leindecker, Mrs. Hunt
  • Early & Daniels, coal furnished: Mrs. Martin, Mrs. Tout, J Akler, Mrs. Sanders, J Fisher, Mrs. Holland, Mrs. Jones, Mrs. Bennett, Mrs. Williams, Mrs. Knapp, Mrs. Hayes, Mrs. Hunt, Mrs. Best, Mrs. Goodwin, Mrs. West, Mr. Burns, Mrs. Mills, Mrs. Knorr
  • Fred Wesler, coal furnished: C Craig, Mrs. Easting, John Fisher, Mrs. Smith
  • Daniel M. Guard, Sheriff D C, boarding transient paupers
  • John Probst, aid to transient poor
  • Fred Rodenberg, transportation to transient poor
  • John Shaw, meals and lodging H B Robert

Poor—Miller Township.

  • Liddle & Ingram, groceries furnished: Jonathan Connor, David Marsh, James Dodd, Eilhu Kirkwood

Poor—Clay Township.

  • Wm. Rowland, groceries furnished: Mrs. Jane Peasley, Mrs. Spangler
  • Wm Barkley, M. D., medical services rendered Mrs. Press Hamilton
  • Frederick Ginter, groceries furnished: Anna and Elizabeth Evans, Thomas Abra
  • J. C. Vandolah, groceries furnished: Noan Goodpasture, Sarah Fleming

Poor—Sparta Township.

  • Joseph Bossong, transportation furnished Walker children
  • H. D. Moore, groceries furnished: Isaac Davis
  • Slater & Heustis, groceries furnished: M. E. McMahan

Poor—Hogan Township.

  • Aurora Distilling Co., coal furnished: Jane Christy, John Stitt
  • John Klueber, clothing furnished: Wm Clause
  • T L Baker, coal and wood furnished: Jane Christy, John Stitt
  • John Hayes, groceries furnished: Jane Christy
  • John Armstrong, services rendered overseeing the poor

Poor—Logan Township.

  • Dennis Nead, wood furnished: Elizabeth Ward
  • John Haddlock, wood furnished: Sibyl Tarr
  • Edward Grubbs, boarding furnished: Jane O’Connor

Poor—Harrison Township.

  • E. D. Bowlby, groceries furnished: Samuel Biber
  • Thos. Cauthrow, Agt., transportation furnished transient paupers

Poor—Manchester Township.

  • Joseph Duncan, services rendered: overseeing poor

Poor—Kelso Township.

  • Wendel Labbe, groceries furnished: Philip Spring
  • Gerhard Fette, groceries furnished: Caroline Smith
  • Harmon Nodmeyer, shoes furnished: Caroline Smith
  • Henry Fangman, services rendered: overseeing the poor

Poor—York Township.

  • Otto Hammerle, services rendered: overseeing the poor

County Asylum.

  • Ohio Valley Coffin Co., one coffin
  • L. N. Turnpike Co., toll for 1 qr
  • P Weis, bran furnished
  • Blythe Buffington, groceries furnished
  • Alexander Rubel, mending shoes
  • Chambers, Stevens & Co., clothing furnished
  • E Lamar, shoes furnished
  • W. C. Wulber, transportation furnished
  • C. M. Beinkamp, tobacco and coffee furnished
  • Stohman & Schweitzer; timothy seed furnished
  • E. F. Harmeyer, cutter furnished
  • S Ross; repairing harness
  • S E Givan, M. D., medical aid
  • Thomas Duncan, 1 qr sal as Supt
  • Charlotte Duncan, 1 qr sal as Matron
  • Thomas Duncan, cash expended
  • Louis Drake, 1 qr salary as laborer
  • Wm McKinstry; 1 qr salary as laborer
  • Alice Collier, service, 1 qr salary
  • Katie Wilson, service, 1 qr salary

Public Building.

  • Sparks Bros., sundry articles furnished Court House
  • Ohio Valley Coffin Co., kindling furnished Court House
  • Lawrenceburgh Gas Co., gas for 1 qr
  • Albert D Jackson, repairing tables and door
  • A Beckman, coal for jail
  • Mrs. G C Columbia, coal oil and brooms for jail

Expense of Criminals.

  • Daniel M Guard, Sheriff, boarding prisoners

Public Printing.

  • Hunter & O’Brien
  • J E Larimer
  • Sam Chapman

Specific Allowance.

  • John H Russe, postage and express
  • John Probst, postage
  • S J Huston, stamps and cards
  • J S Prichard, recording deed
  • P L Mathews, services on bonds
  • E D Moore, postage and expressage

Books and Stationery.

  • Sentinel Printing Co., books and stationery
  • Wm B Buford, same
  • Indianapolis Book and Legal Blank Co.
  • Martin Kieffer

Roads and Highways.

  • Fred Peters, three days services as road viewer
  • Ernst Hopmire, three days services as road viewer
  • Columbus Johnson, three days services as road viewer
  • Wm Wulber, two days service as road viewer
  • Benjamin Withered, two days service as road viewer
  • James Vinson, two days service as road viewer
  • Daniel M Guard, Sheriff, serving notice

Officers’ Salary.

  • E D Moore, service for quarter
  • G A Swales, Commissioner
  • G W Johnston, Commissioner
  • N Vogelgesang, Commissioner

Aurora Bridge.

  • A T Gridley, level, estimates, plans and specifications for wing walls
  • Jos Christman, stone furnished
  • Wm Teaney, two days work
  • Michael Teaney, dirt furnished
  • George Trester, service on sidewalk
  • Jesse Henry, service on sidewalk
  • John F Trulock, one day as witness and overseeing hands

Laughery Bridge.

  • Wm Ake, lumber furnished for repairing
  • Wrought Iron Bridge Co., adjusting and tightening bridge

Lawrenceburgh Bridge.

  • Joseph Tittel, lumber furnished
  • Walter Fitch, estimating contents to wing walls and making inspection and report to approaches
  • Enoch McElfresh, earth furnished to approaches
  • John Polking, five days service
  • John Schwab, building wingwalls
  • George Ampt, locust posts
  • Nathan Stedman, cast iron stars
  • R Winkley, hauling
  • Harris Fitch, two strain rods

County Revenue.

  • A T Gridley, copying old plats in Surveyor’s record
  • R E Slater, fee as Prosecuting Attorney, foreclosure school mortgage
  • Samuel McElfresh, insurance on Court House

Board of Health.

  • John H Russe, Clerk, marriage reports

Refunder of Taxes.

  • Mary E Day

County Superintendent

  • Samuel J Huston

Court Expense.

  • Daniel M Guard, serving juries

Commissioner’s Court Expense.

  • Daniel M Guard, Sheriff, summoning Commissioners