Dearborn County Commissioners Allowances – Sep 1881

Allowances of the September 1881 Session of the Dearborn County, Indiana Commissioners appeared in:
Lawrenceburg Register – 20 Oct 1881 – Page 1, Column 5

Made by the Board of Commissioners of Dearborn County, Ind., at their Sept. term, 1881, and ordered to be published in the Register, as having the largest circulation in said county.



  • Chas Brogan, groceries, Mrs. Holden
  • Dr. W M Terrill, medical attendance
  • Dr. J P Green, medical attendance
  • W J Fitch, groceries, Mrs. Bruce, Mrs. Fred Dorn
  • J Currus, groceries, John Godfrey, Miss Roberts, Jennie Howard
  • Isaac Hayes, house rent, Mrs. A Holden, Jennie Howard
  • Dr. O C Evans, medical attendance
  • Ed Gilland, house rent, Mrs. L Williams
  • S Strasburger, 1 pr shoes, Mrs. Loeb
  • C Israel, groceries, Mrs. Squires, Mrs. Beach
  • W Fitch, house rent, Mrs. J Smith (6 mos)
  • John Dorman, goods, Mrs. Ley; house rent, Mrs. Eads
  • G Renner, coal for Mrs. Locey, Mrs. Bruce; cash paid for transient poor
  • J Burk’s est, house rent, Mrs. McCright, Henry Sterling
  • Tebbs Bros, groceries, Mrs. Morrison, Mrs. Williams
  • N Gillig, house rent, Mrs. Kinney, Mrs. Knorr
  • John Huth, house rent, Mrs. West, Mrs. Kaiser
  • Ch Scherger, house rent, Mrs. Reig, Mrs. Sherrod
  • Wm Huber, house rent, Mrs. Wiekley
  • And Wagner, house rent, Mrs. R Bennett
  • Geo Meyers, house rent, Louisa Schimdt
  • Moore & Spooner, groceries, Mrs. Locey
  • D Northern, house rent, Mrs. Roberts
  • Squire Watts, house rent, Mrs. Tilford
  • Sparks Bros, groceries, Mrs. Durman
  • H Helmuth, groceries, Mrs. Williamson
  • H Dodell, groceries, Mrs. Alston, Mrs. Bridennare
  • C F Hayes, agt, house rent, Mrs. Carter
  • Drs. Gatch & Miller, medical attendance
  • F Lang, groceries, Mrs. Morand, Mrs. Tilford, Mrs. Bader, Mrs. Reed
  • Wm Hollond, care of Sam Woods


  • S Siemantle, groceries, Wm McCartney, John West, Mrs. Watkins, Pat McGrath
  • Goldsmith Bros, clothing, B Wells’ boys
  • F A York, carriage hire, J Stitt to home, John Durman to poor house, woman & children to Rising Sun
  • M Maloney Sr., house rent, Mrs. Carlin
  • Thos Wright, groceries, Mrs. Shank
  • Mrs. Groely, house rent, Ben Anderson
  • A Lozier, groceries, Mrs. Heck, Miss Katie Dom, C Schwentzferger
  • John A Nees, groceries, Wm Thompson, John Bush, Chas Gibbs, Mrs. Acre, James Currigan, John Stitt, transient paupers
  • Herman Rabe, groceries, Martha Bruce, Mrs. Weishorn
  • Christ Ritter, groceries, Mrs. Clark
  • Geo Oswald, groceries, John Thompson, Fred Pamer, Jesse Smith, John Cooper
  • Mrs. Anna Earl, groceries, Mrs. Ross
  • Herdegen & Kress, groceries, E Walker, Mrs. Smith, M A McKain
  • Geo Siemantle, groceries, Mrs. Grob, John Horton
  • W T Day, coffin
  • Robert Magbin, groceries, Alex Criswell
  • Peter Koehler, groceries, Thos Rabbitt, Mrs. Beas, P McGraw, Geo Borten, Miss Merrill
  • Pat Doble, groceries, Rube Stivers, William Brown
  • Philip Kestner, groceries, L & S Warner, A Sengers
  • Fred Kreite, groceries, Mrs. Lube, Mrs. J Kerrigan, Mrs. Brown
  • F Opperman, groceries, Mrs. Thos Hughs, Mrs. Kate Welch, Mrs. Mahoney, Mrs. M Kerrigan
  • Mrs. H Pelgen, groceries, Mrs. S Rhea, Mrs. Robinson, Mrs. Wenzel, Mrs. Winscott, Mrs. Wm Powell, Mrs. W Vahe
  • McCreary & Niebaum, goods, Shoemaker, Mrs. Christy, Mrs. Carlin, Mrs. Bowler
  • Langtree & Mitchell, groceries, Mrs. Tracey, Mrs. Hudson, Mrs. Cofield, Mrs. Ross
  • Henry Wood, groceries, Mrs. Dacon
  • O P Cobb & Co., groceries, Mrs. Garrison, Geo Burton
  • J M Wheeler, groceries, Mrs. Ramsey, Geo Hopping
  • A Bloom & Bro, groceries, H A Moran, Mrs. Blasdell
  • Dr. F Rectanus, trustee, cash for paupers, overseeing poor
  • Chambers, Stevens & Co., Mrs. Teany, Mrs. Smith, Miss Vidito, Mrs. Jehu, Joe Peters, Mrs. Bush, Mrs. Bussell
  • Wymond & Hayes, Mrs. H Brewington, John Barkdoll, Thos Rabbitt
  • W W Brison, groceries, Mrs. Bolar, John Melson, Mrs. McGraw
  • Chas Fehling, groceries, Mrs. Shipper, Mrs. Hauck
  • F Horsemeyer, groceries, John Goodpasture


  • W F Crocker, goods, Mrs. Laybourne


  • W W Withrow, goods, Hannah Ewing
  • F A Young, goods, Elizabeth Spangler
  • Fred Tholke, goods, Hiram Thompson, Mrs. Luther
  • T M Sender, coffin
  • J W E Hartley, goods, Mrs. Lazier
  • J C Vandolah, goods, Thos Acre, Mrs. McFarland, Ira Shepard


  • Christ Oelker, coffin, exp Wm Johnson
  • H Chairsell, goods for funeral


  • Haddock & Liddle, goods, John Calvin
  • Dr. J R Liddle, medical attendance
  • J Jackson, coffin, burial exp, Nancy Dodd
  • Jac Sefton, taking care Mrs. Sefton
  • F M Jackson, trus, cash paid for poor


  • Dr. A P Daughters, goods, J Knapp, Alice Vinson
  • Jas Beatty, cash paid for Adam Kerr, Jacob Hoover, R Bourroughs, S A Bowen
  • H D Moore, goods, Isaac Davis
  • Nath Todd, house rent, Mrs. Smith (6 mos)


  • Elizabeth Ward for self


  • T Downton, care unknown person, 12 dys


  • Abram Briggs, commissioner
  • Michael Hoff, commissioner
  • Garret Bosse, commissioner
  • W H Kyle, treasurer
  • Alex B Pattison, auditor


  • Tebbs Bros., potatoes
  • Geo W Hall, swt potato plants, beef
  • W F Crocker, merchandise
  • F Slater, dry goods
  • Byron S Clark, blacksmithing
  • Turnpike Comp., toll
  • A R Clark & Co., coffee and sugar
  • Thos Duncan, cash paid and salary
  • J & M Ruble, threshing
  • D Perlee, blacksmithing
  • Lizzie Manlief, 13 weeks labor
  • Geo Ruble, 3 mos labor
  • Louis Hoff, 3 mos labor
  • Christ Oelker, coffin


  • Seb Greenham, removing old house
  • Henry Stenger, 23 days superintending


  • Hunter & O’Brien, printing and adver


  • S Strasburger, sundries for court house
  • Lawbgh Gas Co., gas
  • Tebbs Bros., sundries for court house
  • H Hitzfield, carpenter work on c h & jail
  • Francis Lang, soap and oil for c h


  • John C Sims, boarding prisoners


  • Geo C Columbia, recording deed
  • Mary Kriete, land for road
  • J C Sims, serving notices on viewers


  • M Kiefer, books and stationary
  • Ind’polis Journal Co., books and stationary
  • Wilstach, Baldwin & Co., books & stationary
  • W B Burford
  • Rosser, McClure & Morley
  • Sentinel Co.


  • Est F Lang, omitted fees as treas
  • Chas Lods
  • Geo Bruce, cash paid for McFarland
  • W H Kyle, postage, expressage &c.
  • Est John Schwartz, exp to Cincinnati


  • H B Hill, salary for quar & exp of office
  • Leive Bros., blanks for supt.


  • Dr. C G Walter, post mortem exam


  • Chas Bauer, work on Aurora bridge
  • John Graham, lumber on Aurora bridge
  • A Briggs, cash paid Logan bridge
  • M B Miller, work on Dillsboro bridge
  • John Tullis, making fill on Dillsboro bridge