Dearborn County Commissioners’ Allowances – Sep 1885

Allowances made at the September 1885 Session of the Dearborn County, Indiana Commissioners appeared in:
Lawrenceburg Register – 15 Oct 1885 – Page 4, Column 5

Made by the Board of Commissioners of Dearborn county, Ind., at their Sept. session, 1885, and ordered to be published in the Register, as having the largest circulation in said county.

Lawrenceburg township, expense of Poor.

  • Sparks Bros., groceries furnished Mrs. Williams, Calvin Craig, Mrs. Howard, E Stevens, Mrs. Murrier
  • A G Tebbs, groceries furnished A G Taylor, Mrs. Keane, Mrs. Briggs, Mrs. Arnold
  • Schleicher Bros., groceries furnished Mrs. Keane, Mrs. Harding, James White, Mrs. Grasty, Thomas Wallace, Mrs. Miles, Mrs. Knorr
  • C Israel, groceries furnished Mrs. Akes, Mrs. Diggs, Mrs. Farwell, J D Pulliam, Mrs. S A Martin, Mrs. Williamson, Andy Williamson, Mrs. Carter
  • W J Fitch, groceries furnished Mrs. Bruce
  • Archie Shaw, groceries furnished Alex Holland, Henry Standriff, Lewis McAlley
  • Jos. McGranaham, groceries furnished Hannah Goodwin, Mrs. Junker, Mrs. Yeany, Ben Goodwin, Mrs. Harvy
  • J F Hammerle, groceries furnished Mrs. Stack, Mrs. E Stevens, Mrs. Schultz, Lee James
  • Herman Oertling, groceries furnished John Obringer, Mrs. Eisenshank, John Eisenshank
  • McConnell & McAvoy, clothing furnished Ben Murray
  • John Deuschle, clothing furnished Austin Truelock
  • John Berghaus, groceries furnished Alice Farwell, Mrs. Sours, Sam Williamson, D Marsh
  • Early & Daniels, coal furnished Mrs. Bruce, Mrs. Martin, Mrs. Meyers, Mrs. Sours
  • Louis Lotton, meals furnished transient poor

Poor—Centre Township.

  • Chambers, Stevens & Co., groceries to Wm Nobel, Mrs. Hagey, Hannah Burns, Mary Vogel, Sarah Graden, Mrs. Vinson, Pardy Beach, Jane Alexander, Emma Clark, Lotty Duval
  • A C Murdock, groceries furnished Sarah Smith, Mrs. Farral
  • Shockley, Peters & Co., to Emma Clark, coffin
  • Phillip Kastner, groceries furnished Emma Clark, Mrs. Vinson
  • O P Cobb & Co., groceries furnished Mrs. Wood, Mrs. Hagey
  • F Opperman, groceries furnished Mrs. John Kerrigan, Mrs. Hughes, Mrs. Martin Kerrigan, John Lothridge, H A Johnson
  • Wm E Lambkin, groceries furnished Mrs. Charles Lambkin
  • Chas Fehling Jr., provisions furnished Samuel Lewis, Mary Burns, Jennie Thompson, Emma Clark, Thomas Acre
  • Robert Maybin, groceries furnished Richard Campbell, Nancy Bailey, Martin Wade
  • McConnell & McAvoy, goods furnished Susan Wooley, Jos. Peters, Wm. Smith
  • Johnston & Co., groceries furnished Cath Walker, Eliza Warner, Caroline Barkdoll
  • John Wildridge, goods furnished Mrs. Barkdoll, Henry Ahrens, Alex Criswell, Elizabeth Warner, Della Ross
  • W T Day to Henry Smith, coffin
  • Geo W Mitchell, Trustee, cash paid for sundry transportation of paupers and other matters
  • Philip Erie, groceries furnished Mrs. Wersche, Mrs. Ross
  • Geo W Mitchell, Trustee, cash paid for expressage of corpse of Ballweber
  • Henry Wood, groceries furnished John Ross, Wm Peters, Wm Vinson, Russell Parker,
  • Geigoldt, Beinkamp & Co., groceries furnished Emma Wood, Wm Theetge
  • Thomas Wright, groceries furnished Wm Stevens, Nancy Bailey, Alex Criswell, Mrs. George Gray, Jennie Farrar, Deb Powers, Jennie Snader

Poor—Clay Township.

  • Fred Ginter, groceries furnished Betzy Spangler, Thomas Acra, Ann Evans
  • J C VanDolah, groceries to Jane Peasley
  • D C Misner, groceries to Geo Bradley

Poor—Sparta Township.

  • F Slater & Son, groceries furnished to Mary Ellen McMahan
  • H D Moore, groceries furnished to Isaac Davis
  • Fred Homan, groceries furnished to John Borders

Poor—Harrison Township.

  • Ed Bowlby, groceries furnished Mrs. Congo, Wm. Smith
  • Liddle & Ingraham, groceries furnished to Marcus Hathaway
  • Mrs. Wm Meade, groceries furnished to L D Lambert
  • Benj Singer, cash items for transportation of transient poor

Poor—Jackson Township.

  • Ph Weiss, groceries furnished Jane Leffer
  • J P VanWedding, overseer of poor

Poor—Kelso Township.

  • Susan Werst, groceries furnished to Michael Matz

Poor—Manchester Township.

  • Wm F Crocker, groceries furnished to Mrs. Wm Laburn

Public Buildings.

  • Sparks Bros., matches, soap, candles, &c.
  • A G Tebbs, mops and brooms
  • Schleicher Bros., oil
  • Henry Hitzfeld, making hat racks
  • John M Palmer, repairing jail locks
  • H G Kidd, repairs at jail and court house
  • Early & Daniels, supply of coal
  • Edward Gleason, whitewashing jail
  • Lawrenceburgh Gas Co., gas for court house

County Asylum.

  • W F Cook, iron roof, spouting and guttering on new barn
  • Prestley Jolley, labor on new barn
  • Chambers, Stevens & Co., groceries
  • O P Cobb & Co., carpenter tools
  • W J McHenry, lumber
  • Thos Duncan, cash expenditures
  • Jno Sims, labor harvesting and threshing
  • Lewis Drake, 3 mo. labor as farm hand
  • Kate Wilson, 3 mo. wages as servant
  • Sarah Collier, 3 mo. wages as servant
  • Charlotte Duncan, salary as matron 3 mo.
  • Thos. Duncan, salary as Supt. 3 months, patent grain grader
  • F F Taylor, tobacco
  • Robert McMullen, threshing oats and wheat
  • Charles Martin, labor threshing
  • Charles Talley, labor as farmhand
  • Albert Holcombe, labor as farmhand
  • Robert Mason, locust posts
  • P Weiss, flour for asylum
  • Eph Butterfield, sheep
  • Robt Maybin, sundry groceries
  • Goldsmith & Bros., clothing for inmates
  • O P Cobb & Co., sundry hardware
  • W H Baker & Son, flour
  • John W Roberts, harness and saddlery
  • Lawrenceburgh & Napoleon Pike, toll
  • H Held, sundries
  • W F Crocker, groceries
  • Wm Pummill, blacksmithing
  • Alex Ruble, making fence
  • Chas Weitzel, cow and calf
  • Giegoldt, Beinkamp & Co., sundries

Roads and Highways.

  • John Relley and others for work on washout in Logan township
  • Sophia Miller, on account of road
  • D H Clark, J. P., swearing road viewers
  • M Bogenshot, repairing culvert
  • A Briggs, material for washout
  • W H Kyle, for services a road viewer
  • O P Pyles, road viewer
  • Adam Ester, road viewer
  • H Bulthupt, road viewer
  • Christ Nolte, road viewer
  • Ben Wethered, road viewer
  • John Heustis, road viewer
  • Wm Buffington, road viewer
  • C H Busse, road viewer
  • J D Curtis, road viewer
  • Dan Guard, Sheriff, for subpoenaing road viewers
  • O S Mulford, for qualifying road viewers
  • Sarah English, for land taken for road
  • Sarah J Keeler, for land taken for road

Aurora Bridge.

  • John F Truelock, labor repairing bridge
  • Wal Rider, repairing bridge
  • Levy E Cornwell, repairing bridge
  • John Anderson, repairing bridge
  • John Stagenwaldt, repairing bridge
  • Sutton Mill Co., lumber furnished
  • George W Taylor, lumber
  • F Thomas & Co., sundry iron work
  • Nathan Stedman, iron work
  • Thomas Holmes, hauling lumber
  • W J McHenry, lumber
  • O P Cobb & Co., nails and sundries
  • B F Trester Jr., lumber
  • Charles Fisk, stone
  • Charles Williamson, lumber
  • A Hill & Son, lumber
  • F A York & Co., use of jack screws

Hogan Bridge.

  • John F Truelock, labor repairing bridge
  • Wm Larrison, repairing bridge
  • O P Cobb & Co., nails
  • Sutton Mill Co., lumber for floor
  • Geo W Mitchell, gravel for approaches

Laughery Bridge.

  • Wm Theetge, labor repairing bridge
  • Andrew Theetge, repairing bridge
  • Sutton Mill Co., lumber
  • O P Cobb & Co., nails
  • G L Siemantel, repairing approaches

Books and Stationery.

  • B Wilson Smith & Co., trustees books
  • M Kieffer, binding assessment blanks
  • Baker & Thornton, books and paper
  • Sentinel Co., sundries

Printing and Advertising.

  • Everett & Gregory, notice to taxpayers
  • Hunter & O’Brien, sundry printing of list of allowances, report blanks &c.
  • J E Larimer, press for 3 years

Expense of Criminals.

  • Dan Guard, Sheriff, boarding prisoners
  • B J Grant, transporting prisoner
  • Wm Smith, transporting prisoner

Specific Allowance.

  • Warren Tebbs, expressage and sundries
  • Julius Severin, stamps, expressage, &c.
  • Geo L Gatch, statistical report

Expense of Elections.

  • Warren Tebbs, sundries

Board of Health.

  • Warren Tebbs, statement of marriages

Expense of Assessing Revenue.

  • Dan Guard, Sheriff, subpoenaing Board of Equalization

Commissioner’s Court Expense.

  • Dan Guard, Sheriff, calling commissioners

Court Expense.

  • Dan Guard, Sheriff, serving petit jury

Court Superintendent.

  • H B Hill, salary

Officers’ Salary.

  • Julius Severin, Auditor
  • John Feist, Commissioner
  • Chas Fisk, Commissioner