Dearborn County Commissioners Proceedings – Dec 1889

Proceedings of the December 1889 Session of the Dearborn County, Indiana Commissioners appeared in:
Lawrenceburg Register – 12 Dec 1889 – Page 3, Column 4


Refunders—John and Lulu Wheeler, $2.67, improvements destroyed by fire; F. W. Steuver, $7.42, erroneous tax; Jennie P. and Marion Stark, $29.02, erroneous tax.

The deficiency of the interest on the Common School Fund of $366.18, and the interest on the Congressional School Fund of $255.14, was ordered paid out of the county revenue.

Liquor license granted to Edward C. Frederick, Louis Veit and George Frieberger.

Dr. S. B. Chamberlain was elected Secretary of the County Board of Health at an annual salary of $150.

John Ege, John Lutz and F. C. Buffington appointed to view the location of proposed road in Miller township, reported that the road is of public utility.

George Sawdon, John P. Walker and Aristides Tufts appointed viewers to view Wirtz Mill and Farmer’s Retreat road.

Harrison Abbott, Wm. S. Tyler and Joseph Beckett appointed to view Laughery Creek road in Cesar Creek township.

Josiah Campbell, George W. Robinson and James Liddell appointed to view road leading from West Harrison to Logan township.

A. J. Cheek was re-elected Superintendent of the County Asylum for one year. Capt. Cheek has given general satisfaction as Superintendent, and maintains the high standard attained by his predecessor, and his re-election is the right thing and an endorsement that is deserved and well earned.

Liquor license—John A. Nees and George Schroeder.

John Ege, F. C. Buffington and John Lutz reviewers appointed to assess the damages which may be sustained on account of the opening of road in Miller township, report as follows: George W. Robinson, $100; Eliza and Margaret Shanks, $75; E. B. Nowlin, $125; E. W. Jackson, $100; Annie E. Nowlin, $55; heirs of J. Z. Nowlin, $105; Frances E. Jackson, $15; Joseph A. Jackson, $100.