Dearborn County Commissioners Proceedings – Jun 1882

Proceedings of the June 1882 Session of the Dearborn County, Indiana commissioners appeared in:
Lawrenceburg Register – 22 Jun 1882 – Page 3, Column 3


The proposition of James Walker to put lightning rods on the new county asylum was accepted, and he was given the contract to do the work.

The Board fixed the rate of tax for county purposes at 55 cents on the $100, and also levied 50 cents for each taxable poll for county purposes.

Julius Severin was awarded the contract for putting an iron roof on the smoke house at the new county asylum.

George Givan was appointed Inspector of Elections in the upper voting precinct of Manchester township.

The Board ordered that all Township Trustees made a written report to the Board at the September session, showing the number of poor in each of their respective townships who are drawing aid from the county. Such report to give the name of the person, the amount received, their age and physical condition, the number dependent on the person receiving the aid, how long they have been a county charge, and any other information that may be of benefit to the Commissioners in determining what disposition they can best make of their cases.

Claims of Catharine Lang (sole legatee of Francis Lang, deceased,) for $1,911, and claim of Ex-Treasurer Lods for $525, were allowed. Mr. Lang and Mr. Lods, while acting in the capacity of Treasurer of the county, paid and accounted to the Board of Commissioners for more money than was legally and justly due from them on account of county revenue, by reason of the fact that they were not allowed by the Board the fee of one percent, on all disbursements of school taxes by them disbursed, and the claims were allowed for this reason.