Dearborn County Commissioners Proceedings – Mar 1884

Proceedings of the March 1884 Session of the Dearborn County, Indiana Commissioners appeared in:

Lawrenceburg Register – 13 Mar 1884 – Page 2, Column 3


The commissioners elected John Feist of York township, to fill the vacancy occasioned by the death of John Buchert. The vote stood—Feist, 2, Henry Fangman, 1.

T. T. Annis was elected President of the Board.

The report of Thomas Duncan, Superintendent of the County Asylum for the year ending March 1st, 1884, was carefully examined and the same was accepted.

The contract with McMullen and Downey, of Aurora, to serve as county attorneys continued for one year at $150.

The Baltimore and Ohio Telegraph Company was given the privilege of locating telegraph poles on the ridge road.

Friday was road day, and the session was a busy one.

The auditor was authorized to purchase a set of Platting instruments for the county.

The opening of the much talked of road between Cochran and Wilmington was ordered on Tuesday. This fills a long felt want, and is a great benefit to a large section of country.

Settlements were made with the Township Trustees, and their affairs found to be in first class shape.

The Board will continue in session today.

Lawrenceburg Register – 20 Mar 1884 – Page 3, Column 3


The question of electing a secretary of the County Board of Health again came up before the Board. At several meetings in January the vote stood at tie, and as only two members of the Board could be present, no election could be had and the matter was left until the Board was full. Dr. Terrill was elected to the position, receiving the votes of Annis and Feist. Dr. Henry of Aurora, received the vote of Fisk. The salary was fixed at $150 per year. The secretary is to act as physician of the jail in addition to his duties.

The following named physicians for the poor were appointed for the various townships and at the salary set opposite the names per year:

  • Harrison, W. H. Swales Sr.
  • Logan, W. H. Swales Jr.
  • Sparta, A. J. Bowers
  • Kelso, E. M. Radcliffe
  • Manchester and co. asylum, T. M. Kyle
  • Jackson, Pierre Fermier
  • Miller and York, S. S. Collins
  • Centre, W. C. Henry
  • Clay, F. H. Sales
  • Washington, Fred Treon
  • Cesar Creek, J. M. Barkley
  • Hogan, W. H. Dunn
  • Lawrenceburgh, W. M. Terrill

John Probst, Antony Blattner and Otha W. Grubbs were appointed viewers for the vacation and relocation of a public highway in Logan township. They are to report at the June meeting of the Commissioners.

Mr. Annis was appointed to meet with the Commissioners from the various counties in the state at Indianapolis. The meeting is called to confer together with reference to conducting county business to a better advantage.