Dearborn County Common Pleas Court Proceedings – Jan 1868

Proceedings of the January 1868 Term of the Dearborn County, Indiana Common Pleas Court appeared in:

Aurora Commercial – 25 Jan 1868 – Page 1, Column 2

Common Pleas Court.

The docket of this term of court is quite large, but little business has been done this week except rendering judgments in cases of default. The following State cases have been disposed of:

State vs. Emerson, charged with disturbing a spelling school; fined $5.

State vs. Feeley, charged with assault and battery; acquitted.

A guardian was appointed for William Johnson, of Lawrenceburg, a person of unsound mind.

Aurora Commercial – 8 Feb 1868 – Page 1, Column 1

Common Pleas Court.

The following cases have been disposed of since our last report:

Gaff and others vs. the Aurora Brewing and Malting Company. Judgment by default for $40,000.

Kelley vs. Heimberger. Verdict for defendant. A motion for a new trial was made.

All the cases growing out of the Aurora Catholic Church difficulty have been settled and dismissed.

Omer Tousey vs. city of Lawrenceburgh. Two cases, for the recovery of taxes erroneously assessed and collected some years ago. Judgment by agreement in favor of plaintiff, for about $390.

A. M. Ross vs. Samuel McCoy. Action to recover money alleged to be due plaintiff in settlement of partnership. Defendant alleged payment. Dismissed by plaintiff at his own costs.

Terrill vs. Schlout. Action for debt. Judgment for plaintiff for $178.

Andrew Sturm vs. the I. & C. R. R. Co. Suit to recover the price of a cow killed by the cars. Judgment for the plaintiff for $80.

In all other railroad cases pending at this term, a change of venue was taken by the Company, and the cases, some six or seven in number, sent to Ohio County.

Richard Mason vs. Lewis Mason et als. Suit to contest the will of Charles Mason, deceased. The case was tried at the last term of this court and a verdict rendered against the validity of the will. At this term a new trial was granted, whereupon the case was dismissed, which leaves the will in force.

James L. Yater et als vs. Thomas Pattison et als. Suit on official bond. In this case a change of venue was applied for by the plaintiff, and the case was sent to Switzerland county.

Davis vs. Dawson et al. Suit to recover damages for refusal of possession of a house. Verdict of $75 for plaintiff.

Hargitt vs. Wangler. Suit for price of pasturing cattle and damages. Verdict for defendant.

Stevens vs. McKinney, suit for partition. Granted and commissioners appointed to make the partition.

Grady vs. Shehe and I. & C. R. R.—Change of venue to Ohio county.

Nearly three hundred informations for selling liquors in violation of law have been filed. About eighty cases have been tried, and a fine of $5 assessed in each case.

Aurora Commercial – 15 Feb 1868 – Page 1, Column 2

Common Pleas Court.

The following cases have been disposed of since our last report:

Dair & Dair vs. Nowlin. Judgment for plaintiff for $25.

Schroeder & Barwinger vs. Collier et al. Continued.

Lemon vs. W. V. R. R. Co. Judgment for plaintiff for $52.25 and costs.

Convoy vs. Slammon. Judgment for plaintiff for $275 and costs.

Case vs. W. V. R. R. Co. Action for stock killed; judgment for plaintiff for $65.

Hayes vs. Sheldon. Verdict for defendant.

Arnold & Baker vs. B. & O. S. Mulford. Verdict for defendants.

State vs. McCune, charged with larceny. Acquitted.

Jane E. Hayes, wife of Edward Hayes, was found to be of unsound mind. No guardian has yet been appointed.

John P. Walker was appointed guardian of the estate of Zachariah Barker, of Washington township, who was found to be of unsound mind.

H. H. Mathews and C. C. Binkley were admitted to practice in this Court.

The Court will probably remain in session all of next week.