Dearborn County Revolutionary War Roll of Honor – 1877

The Revolutionary War Roll of Honor of Dearborn County, Indiana for 1877 appeared in:
Lawrenceburg Register – 8 Nov 1877 – Page 2, Column 3

Dearborn County Roll of Honor.

Among the pioneers who settled in this county, were a number who had served their country during the revolutionary war. The following list may not be complete but contains all known to the writer. If there are others, it is to be hoped that the fact will be reported, and it should be the first duty of the Vice Presidents of the Historical Society to ascertain if the omission is in their township. A full and perfect list of those entitled to enrollment on Dearborn County’s First Roll of Honor should be written on the first pages of its history, and that this may be done correctly, information is requested of the citizens of the county.

The following revolutionary sires were connected with the early settlement of Dearborn county, and “their remains sleep on our hills and are entombed in our valleys.” Let us perpetuate their names and keep alive the remembrance of their valuable services.

  • Isaac Cannon, Center Township.
  • Joseph Hayes, Lawrenceburg Township
  • Zebulon Pike, Lawrenceburg Township
  • Maj. John Calhoun, Lawrenceburg Township
  • Ephraim Morrison, Lawrenceburg Township
  • Hugh Dunn, Lawrenceburg Township
  • Capt. John Crandon, Lawrenceburg Township
  • John De Moss, Lawrenceburg Township
  • Isaac Way, Lawrenceburg Township
  • John Day, Lawrenceburg Township
  • Joseph Barlow, Lawrenceburg Township
  • Peter Carbaugh, Hogan Township
  • John Baker, Hogan Township
  • Samuel Marsh, Hogan Township
  • Samuel Richardson, Hogan Township
  • James Stratts, Manchester Township
  • James Dykman, Manchester Township
  • Joseph Hennegan, Sparta Township
  • Henry Raymer, Clay Township
  • Jacob Taylor, Kelso Township