Lawrenceburg Fair Awards – 1885

Awards from the 1885 Lawrenceburg Fair in Dearborn County, Indiana appeared in:
Lawrenceburg Register – 27 Aug 1885 – Page 2, Column 4

Classified List of Awards and Premiums.


Class 1—Horses for Heavy Draft.

  • Stallion 4 yrs old and over, W S Walton, Geo W Terrill.
  • Stallion 3 yrs old, Geo W Terrill.
  • Stallion 2 yrs old, M S Wainscott, Benj. Chidlaw.
  • Stallion 1 yr old, M S Wainscott.
  • Stallion colt, W A Gaines, James Barnett.
  • Mare 4 yrs old and over, B F Preble, Geo C Miller.
  • Mare 3 yrs old, Robert Huddleston.
  • Mare 2 yrs old, Aldred & Lee, Wm. McConnell.
  • Mare 1 yr old, Geo C Miller, James Barnett.
  • Mare Colt, B J Crisler, W McConnell
  • Gelding 6 yrs old and over, T C Craig, J L Mulford
  • Gelding under 4 yrs, J G Parks.

Class 2—Horses for General Purposes.

  • Stallion 4 yrs old and over, Riddle & Norris, J. J. Crouch.
  • Stallion 3 yrs old, J J Crouch, Riddle & Norris.
  • Stallion 2 yrs old, M P Wainscott, John Harvis.
  • Yearling Stallion, M P Wainscott, T M Guard.
  • Sucking Stallion, Riddle & Norris, G T Gaines.
  • Mare 4 yrs old and over, J D Conner, Charles Vorshell.
  • Mare 3 yrs old, Geo C Miller, Julius White.
  • Mare 2 yrs old, John R Cole, J H Harris.
  • Yearling mare, John L Mulford.
  • Sucking mare, Adam Huffman, J D Connor.
  • Gelding 4 yrs old and over, Otto Fromholtz, E P Dameron.
  • Gelding under 4 yrs old, John L Mulford, J. D. Conner.

Class 3—Saddle Horses.

  • Stallion of any age, W A Crigler, Riddle & Norris.
  • Mare of any age, Julius White, Charles Voshell.
  • Gelding of any age, Otto Fromholtz, E P Dameron.

Class 4—Horses for Light Harness.

  • Stallion 4 yrs old and over, Buck Dickerson, Riddle & Norris
  • Stallion 3 yrs old, J J Crouch, Riddle & Norris
  • Stallion 2 yrs old, M F Wainscott, John Harris
  • Stallion 1 yr old, M F Wainscott, T M Guard
  • Sucking stallion, G T Gaines, S T Johnston
  • Mare 4 yrs old and over, Wm O’Brien, John R Cole
  • Mare 3 yrs old, J J Crouch, Riddle & Norris
  • Mare 2 yrs old, John R Cole, J H Harris
  • Mare 1 yr old, Jacob Piatt, J G Parks
  • Sucking mare, J D Conner, J C Turner
  • Gelding 4 yrs old and over, Otto Fromholz, John R Cole
  • Geldings under 4 yrs, J G Parks, J D Conner

Class 5—Match Horses.

  • The first premium was awarded to Riddle & Norris of Boone County, Ky., and the second to S. F Johnson of Friendship, Ripley County, Ind.

Class 6—Sweepstakes on Stallions and Mares.

  • Stallion and two or more of his colts, John R Cole
  • Brood mare and two or more of her colts, J D Conner
  • Sucking colt, James Barnet

Class 7—Sweepstakes on Horses.

  • Otto Fromholz of Alexandria, Ky., captured the premiums in both.

Class 8—Jacks and Mules.

  • Jack of any age, J W Gaines, George Kirkwood
  • Mule 3 yrs old and over, J W Gaines, Wm Hayes
  • Mule 2 yrs, B F Preble, O W Grubbs
  • Mule 1 yr old, J W Gaines, Robert Huddleston
  • Mule colt, J W Gaines
  • Span of mules in harness, A B Corbin, Wm Hayes

Cattle Department.

  • Fine displays of short horns were made by J G Robbins & Sons of Decature county, E S Frazee of Rush county, and Bennett Powell of Shelby county. George E Rouse of Boone county, Ky., capture the first premium in two classes. A fine show of Jersey cattle by J. G. Meyers of Jennings county. G W Johnston and Ralph Collier of this county also captured several premiums.

Sheep Department.

  • Fine exhibits were made in Fine, Middle and Long Wools by Privett Bros. of Decatur county and E Butterfield of this county.

Hog Department.

  • Albert Houze of Switzerland county took most of the premiums and John Ferguson of the same county was equally fortunate.

Vegetables and Fruits.

  • For the greatest and best variety of vegetables and root crops grown by one exhibitor the blue ribbon was awarded to Hayes & Searsey of Elizabethtown, O.; and for the best display and greatest variety of fruits, F. W. Grimsley of Dillsboro eclipsed all his rivals.

Class 29—Pictures Executed by Exhibitor.

  • Landscape on oil, Miss Pauline Kirtley
  • Portrait on oil, Miss Pauline Kirtley
  • Crayon paintings, Miss Blanche Chaplin

Class 34—Textile Fabrics.

  • Pair blankets, Mrs. P D Stagg
  • Ten yards checked flannel, Mrs. P D Stagg
  • Display boy clothing, custom, Mrs. A G Jackson

Class 36—Artificial Flowers, etc.

  • Handsomest skeletonized leaves, Miss Stella Chittenden
  • Most natural wax bouquet, Jos Garnier
  • Most natural wax fruit, Jos Garnier
  • Preserved leaves and flowers, Mrs. R A Larimer
  • Hair work, Mrs. Emma Lux
  • Hair wig and jewelry, Mrs. Robert Killough
  • Shell work, Mrs. America J. Sparks
  • Stocked aquarium, Mrs. R A Larimer
  • Show flying birds, Josephine Hayes
  • Wax flower, Jos Garnier
  • Artificial bouquet, Miss Lulu Koehler
  • Ornamental leather work, Mrs. A J Sparks

Class 37—Embroidery and Needle Work.

  • Worsted tidy, Mrs. P D Stagg
  • Tidy of any kind, Miss Alice Langley
  • Ottoman cover; chair cover, any kind, and lamp mat of any kind, Mrs. P D Stagg
  • Picture on tapestry, Mrs. R A Larimer
  • Toilet mat, worsted, Miss Stella Chittenden
  • Toilet mat, any kind, Mrs. A G Jackson
  • Lamp mat, worsted, Miss Alice Langley
  • Bead work, Miss Alice Langley
  • Shawl in worsted, Mrs. A G Jackson
  • Infant’s slip, Stella Chittenden
  • Sofa pillow, Miss Anna Mary, Aurora, Ind.
  • Child’s sacque, Miss Anna Hamburg
  • Pair ladies’ mittens, Mrs. John Standriff
  • Pair gentleman’s mittens, Miss Stella Chittenden
  • Piece work in silver card board, Mrs. Emma Keen
  • Scarf for gentleman, Miss Stella Chittenden
  • Breakfast shawl, Mrs. P D Stagg
  • Gentleman’s morning gown, Mrs. A G Jackson
  • Pair of slippers, Mrs. P D Stagg
  • Embroidered flannel skirt, Miss Stella Chittenden
  • Embroidered handkerchief, Miss Stella Chittenden
  • Embroidered stockings, Miss Stella Chittenden
  • Lace handkerchief, hand made, Mrs. A G Jackson
  • Lace collar and cuffs, hand made, Mrs. A G Jackson
  • Lace, one yard or more, Mrs. Mary Johnson
  • Etching, in silk or cotton, Mrs. Warren Tebbs

Class 38.

  • Infant’s afghan, Mrs. P D Stagg
  • Carriage Robe, Mrs. P D Stagg
  • White skirt for lady, Mrs. Kate Sheldon
  • Colored skirt for lady, Mrs. A G Jackson
  • Morning wrapper for lady, Mrs. Robert Kellough
  • Dress apron, Miss Emma Kimmel
  • Kitchen apron, Mrs. A S Wood, Aurora
  • Hand made shirt, new, Mrs. A S Wood
  • Pillow shams, Mrs. A G Jackson
  • Natural flowers in worsted, Miss Mary Schimpf
  • Night dress for lady, Mrs. Kate Sheldon
  • Counterpane, Mrs. A G Jackson
  • Dress for child, Mrs. A G Jackson
  • Best made and neatest calico dress, Miss Esther Griffin
  • Door rug, any kind, Mrs. Mary Johnson
  • Patched garmet, Mrs. R A Larimer
  • Mrs. P D Stagg took premiums on following articles: darned old sock, pair knit socks, ten yards rag carpet, display machine sewing, white quilt, solid work on muslin.
  • Mrs. A G Jackson took premiums on following articles: patch work quilt, log cabin quilt, silk quilt, scrap sack or basket, crochet work in feather edge, worsted patch work quilt, cloth patch work quilt, calico patch work quilt, comforter, floor mat, embroidered skirt, display of tetting, display of plain knitting, tidy in lace or darned net.
  • Miss Stella Chittenden took premiums on following articles: work basket, child’s apron, display hand sewing, crazy quilt in silk, infant’s embroidered hood, darned net spread and pillow shams, complete toilet set.
  • Bracket work lambrequin for windows, Mrs. S. Phelps.
  • Hearth rug, Mrs. Edith Wilson
  • Sweeping cap, Mrs. America J Sparks
  • Needle work (ornamental), Miss Amelia Stichtenoth
  • Tidy in tetting, knit or crochet, Miss Alice Langley
  • Embroidered toilet set, Miss Alice Langley
  • Embroidered portiere curtain, Mrs. R A Larimer
  • Display fancy knitting, Mrs. Stagenwald
  • General display of knitting, Mrs. Ann Wilson

In the Culinary Department of Class 39 the entries were quite numerous. Mrs. Mary Johnston, of Aurora, was the successful contestant for best loaf of yeast bread; Mrs. A S Wood, also of Aurora, took the premiums on best loaf of bakers and salt rising bread. Mrs. R A Larimer, of this city, best loaf of brown, and Mrs. Richard Mason, also of this city, best loaf of corn bread. Mrs. Carrie Campbell, of Guilford, took premiums for best butter.

Most of premiums in Class 40—Fruit preparations, pickles, honey, etc., were awarded to Mrs. Esther Griffin, of Aurora.

Class 41—for girls and boys under 16, was well represented. Miss Laura Larimer, of this city, captured nine premiums and Miss Julia Allen, of Switzerland county, eight, these two young Misses being the chief competitors. Leyman Tebbs, son of County Clerk Tebbs, was awarded a premium for a sketch from nature that was worthy of especial mention.