Mulford School Roll of Honor – 1881

Roll of Honor of Mulford School in Dearborn County, Indiana for 1881 appeared in:
Lawrenceburg Register – 3 Feb 1881 – Page 4, Column 1


Roll of Honor of the Mulford School, District No. 1:

A Class–Morton Mulford, Charley Cartwright, Tommy Barkley, Edward Tavelin, Walter Mulford, Bennie Mulford.

B Class–Katie Shutts, Anna Carmichael, Barbara Carmichael, Clara Turner, Caroline Windthorst, Richard Windthorst, Alice Cartwright, Ella Vanderlaan, Fred Windthorst, Willie Wilkenning, Frank Griffin.

C Class–Dora Wilkenning, Ella Carmichael, Sarah Carmichael, Stanley Turner, Gusta Wilkenning, Etta Vanderlaan, Lewis White.