1799 Laws of Northwest Territory

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Abstracts of laws relating to the Northwest Territory from:
Laws of the Territory Northwest of the River Ohio Including The Laws of the Governor and Judges, The Maxwell Code, and the Laws of the Three Sessions of the Territorial Legislature, 1791-1802. Cincinnati : n.p., 1833. Google Books

Acts of the First General Assembly.

16 September 1799 – 19 December 1799.


Chapter 86. An act to confirm and give force to certain laws, enacted by the governor and judges of the territory.

Chapter 87. An act regulating the admission and practice of attorneys and counsellors at law.

Chapter 88. An act regulating enclosures.

Chapter 89. An act providing for the service and return of process in certain cases.

Chapter 90. An act regulating the interest of money and fixing the same at six per centum per annum, and for preventing usury.

Chapter 91. An act authorizing and regulating arbitrations.

Chapter 92. An act to establish and regulate ferries.

Chapter 93. An act making promissory notes and inland bills of exchange negotiable.

Chapter 94. An act to prevent trespassing by cutting of timber.

Chapter 95. An act supplemental to the act entitled “An act to prevent trespassing by cutting of timber.”

Chapter 96. An act regulating grist-mills and millers.

Chapter 97. An act to regulate the disposition of water-crafts of certain descriptions, found gone or going adrift, and of estray animals.

Chapter 98. An act for the prevention of vice and immorality.

Chapter 99. An act to create the offices of a territorial treasurer, and of an auditor of public accounts.

Chapter 100. An act establishing courts for the trial of small causes.

Chapter 101. An act providing for the appointment of constables.

Chapter 102. An act to ascertain the number of free male inhabitants, of the age of twenty-one, in the territory of the United States northwest of the river Ohio, and to regulate the elections of representatives for the same.

Chapter 103. An act to prevent the introduction of spirituous liquors into certain Indian towns.

Chapter 104. An act regulating the firing of woods, prairies, and other lands.

Chapter 105. An act establishing and regulating the militia.

Chapter 106. An act defining and regulating privileges in certain cases.

Chapter 107. An act for allowing compensation to the members of the house of representatives, who attended to put in nomination the members of the legislative council, and for defraying the incidental expenses accrued thereon.

Chapter 108. An act for the relief of poor persons imprisoned for debt.

Chapter 109. An act for opening and regulating public roads and highways.

Chapter 110. An act levying a territorial tax on land.

Chapter 111. An act to regulate county levies.

Chapter 112. An act allowing and regulating prison bounds.

Chapter 113. An act for the appointment of county treasurers.

Chapter 114. An act for allowing compensation to the members of the legislative council and house of representatives, of the territory of the United States northwest of the river Ohio, and to the officers of both houses.

Chapter 115. An act to regulate the enclosing and cultivating of common fields.

Chapter 116. An act regulating the fees of the constables in the several counties within this territory.

Chapter 117. An act to encourage the killing of wolves.

Chapter 118. An act for the punishment of arson.

Chapter 119. An act for allowing compensation to the attorney-general of the territory, and to persons prosecuting the pleas, in behalf of the territory, in the several counties.

Chapter 120. An act supplementary to the act entitled “A law for the relief of the poor.”

Chapter 121. An act appropriating moneys for the payment of the debts due from this territory, and making appropriations for the ensuing year.

Chapter 122. An act repealing certain laws, and parts of laws.