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Indiana’s Gore in Indiana Territorial Papers

Indiana’s Gore became part of Indiana Territory in 1803. The Indiana Territory is covered in The Territorial Papers of the United States within volumes 7 and 8. Below is a list of selected items related to Indiana’s Gore found within:

Carter, Clarence Edwin, editor. The Territorial Papers of the United States. 28 volumes. Washington, D.C. : United States Government Printing Office, 1934-1975.
Digitized copy online at HathiTrust

Volume VII – The Territory of Indiana, 1800-1810

  • Page 4 – Governor St. Clair to William Henry Harrison – 17 Feb 1800 – make Cincinnati capital of middle state
  • Page 7 – A Bill to Divide the Northwest Territory – 31 March 1800
  • Page 9 – Report of Senate Committee on Bill to Divide the Northwest Territory
  • Page 175 – Report of House Committee on Amendments to Public-Land Bill – footnote – narrow strip of land lying between the Vincennes district and the eastern boundary of the territory was attached to Cincinnati district
  • Page 340 – Petition to Congress by Citizens of Dearborn County – 13 Feb 1806
  • Page 349 – The Secretary of the Treasury to Jared Mansfield – 1 May 1806 – land sales between Vincennes and Cincinnati
  • Page 516 – William Buckner to the President – 22 Jan 1808 – recommendation of Elijah Sparks, of Lawrenceburg, to the vacancy in the General Court of Indiana Territory
  • Page 517 – William Buckner to the Secretary of State – 22 Jan 1808 – recommendation of Elijah Sparks, of Lawrenceburg, to the vacancy in the General Court of Indiana Territory
  • Page 651-655 – Poll Book of an Election in Dearborn County – 22 May 1809
  • Page 661 – Thomas Randolph to Jonathan Jennings – 25 Jul 1809 – contested election results
  • Page 670 – Governor Harrison to the Secretary of War – 29 Aug 1809 – about Dearborn County
  • Page 680 – Certificate of Samuel C Vance – 7 Nov 1809 – Dearborn County election

Volume VIII – The Territory of Indiana, 1810-1816

  • Page 102 – Petition to Congress by Inhabitants of Dearborn, Franklin, and Wayne Counties – 28 Jan 1811
  • Page 104 – Report of House Committee on Legislative Memorial – 23 Jan 1811 – desire to move land office
  • Page 244 – Jonathan Jennings to the President – 1 Mar 1813 – recommendation of Elijah Sparks for Judge
  • Page 311 – Petition to Congress by Vinedressers of Switzerland County – 31 Oct 1814
  • Page 365 – Petition to Congress by Inhabitants of Dearborn County – 1815

Franklin County – 1876 Indiana Atlas Patrons

Franklin County, Indiana Patrons from:
Andreas, A. T. Illustrated Historical Atlas of the State of Indiana. Chicago : Baskin, Forster and Company, 1876.

NameResidenceBusinessNativityCame to StatePost OfficeTownship
Davis, S.Section 32FarmerOhio1820FairfieldBath
Dubois, A. W.Section 23FarmerNew York1833FairfieldBath
Howell, Isaac C.Section 20FarmerOhio1842FairfieldBath
Lee, J. R.Section 36FarmerOhio1840FairfieldBath
White, J. W.Section 24FarmerOhio1845FairfieldBath
Baker, O.BrookvilleBilliardsOhio1865BrookvilleBrookville
Binkley & JonesBrookvilleAttorneys at LawOhio & Maryland1855BrookvilleBrookville
Brockamp, J. H.BrookvilleGroceries, etc.Hanover1850BrookvilleBrookville
Bracken, W. H.BrookvilleAttorneyIndiana1838BrookvilleBrookville
Bauman, F. A.BrookvilleCounty RecorderOhio1841BrookvilleBrookville
Bentley, C. B.BrookvilleDemocratOhio1851BrookvilleBrookville
Burkhart, JohnBrookvilleCarpenterOhio1856BrookvilleBrookville
Case, J. L.BrookvilleSheriffIndiana1820BrookvilleBrookville
Case, P.BrookvilleGroceries, etc.Indiana1840BrookvilleBrookville
Case, HenryBrookvilleMasonIndiana1818BrookvilleBrookville
Collett, E.Section 33FarmerIndiana1812BrookvilleBrookville
Dubois, S.Section 30FarmerNew York1833FairfieldBrookville
Dawson, A. M.BrookvilleNews OfficeIndiana1854BrookvilleBrookville
Fogel, W. H.BrookvilleClothingIndiana1854BrookvilleBrookville
Goodwin, C. F.BrookvilleAsst. Cash. Brookville B'kIndiana1849BrookvilleBrookville
Gates, J. O.BrookvilleDruggistOhio1868BrookvilleBrookville
Harrell, S. S.BrookvilleCounty ClerkIndiana1838BrookvilleBrookville
Hug, AdamBrookvilleCigars & TobaccoGermany1847BrookvilleBrookville
Johnson, N. V.BrookvilleDeputy AuditorNew York1859BrookvilleBrookville
King, A. J.BrookvilleDrugsIndiana1837BrookvilleBrookville
Kennedy, J. W.BrookvilleDeputy SheriffOhio1835BrookvilleBrookville
McKee, J. F.BrookvilleAttorneyIndiana1844BrookvilleBrookville
McMahan & SmithBrookvilleAttorneys at LawIndiana1835BrookvilleBrookville
Marlatt, A. M.BrookvillePastor M. E. ChurchIndiana1835BrookvilleBrookville
Smith, JacobBrookvilleMarble WorksIndiana1847BrookvilleBrookville
Schrichte, H. H.BrookvilleMarble WorksHanover1855BrookvilleBrookville
Swing & KaiserBrookvilleDry Goods, etc.Germany1835BrookvilleBrookville
Trichler, H.BrookvilleBoots & ShoesIndiana1845BrookvilleBrookville
Tyner, T. I.BrookvilleP. M.Indiana1822BrookvilleBrookville
Urmston, S. E.BrookvilleAttorneyIndiana1845BrookvilleBrookville
Wiley, L.BrookvilleSchool Supt.Ohio1847BrookvilleBrookville
Brown & BestFairfieldMillersOhio1849, 1842FairfieldFairfield
Crookshank & FergusonFairfieldDry Goods, Groceries, etc.N. Y. & Ohio1838, 1835FairfieldFairfield
Chenney, E. J.FairfieldBoots & ShoesOhio1860FairfieldFairfield
Donald, O. H.FairfieldDruggistOhio1858FairfieldFairfield
Hayward, T. W.FairfieldDry Goods & NotionsOhio1852FairfieldFairfield
Logan, S.FairfieldBlacksmithIndiana1838FairfieldFairfield
Loper, GeorgeFairfieldCarriage ManfrNew York1854FairfieldFairfield
Miller & TynerFairfieldDry Goods, Groceries, etc.Indiana1839FairfieldFairfield
Proctor, J.FairfieldDruggistPennsylvania1849FairfieldFairfield
Rose & LoperFairfieldCarriage ManfrN. Y. & Ohio1854, 1858FairfieldFairfield
Rose, H. O.FairfieldStoves & TinwareOhio1860FairfieldFairfield
Smith & ThurstonFairfieldBoots & Shoes, Harness & SaddlesIndiana1840, 1834FairfieldFairfield
Snider, G.FairfieldGroceries & RestaurantIndiana1834FairfieldFairfield
Thurston, SmithFairfieldBoots & Shoes, Harness & SaddlesIndiana1840FairfieldFairfield
Bishop, H.Mt. Carmel[blank]England1848Mt. CarmelSpringfield
Barbman, JohnMt. CarmelBlacksmithOhio1854Mt. CarmelSpringfield
Barbour, S. W.Section 10FarmerO1834Mt. CarmelSpringfield
Burk, E.Section 4FarmerPennsylvania1842Mt. CarmelSpringfield
Beard, O. P.Section 36FarmerOhio1840Mt. CarmelSpringfield
Cunningham, J.Section 28FarmerNew York1833Mt. CarmelSpringfield
Dalton & Bro.Mt. CarmelCarriage ManfrOhio1860Mt. CarmelSpringfield
Fogel & LairdMt. CarmelDry Goods, etc.Indiana & Ohio1837, 1852Mt. CarmelSpringfield
Glasscock, J.Mt. CarmelCarriage & Orn. PainterOhio1873Mt. CarmelSpringfield
Hamilton, H.Section 34FarmerOhio1845Mt. CarmelSpringfield
Jenkins, A. W.Mt. CarmelPhysician & SurgeonOhio1861Mt. CarmelSpringfield
King, J. W.Section 10FarmerPennsylvania1841Mt. CarmelSpringfield
Lovett, Wm.Section 22FarmerOhio1830Mt. CarmelSpringfield
Larue & Bro.Mt. CarmelStoves & TinwareOhio1867Mt. CarmelSpringfield
Miles, J.Section 10FarmerOhio1844Mt. CarmelSpringfield
Merrill, J. L.Section 22FarmerNew Jersey1850Mt. CarmelSpringfield
Marsh, M.Mt. CarmelFlouring & Saw-millsInd1836Mt. CarmelSpringfield
Pyle, S.Mt. CarmelBlacksmithIn1842Mt. CarmelSpringfield
Robertson, W. C.Mt. CarmelPhysician & SurgeonOhio1870Mt. CarmelSpringfield
Rider, G. C.Section 34FarmerOhio1836Mt. CarmelSpringfield
Van Zant, JohnMt. CarmelCarriage & Wagon Manfr.New York1855Mt. CarmelSpringfield
Ashinbaugh, P.Cedar GroveDry Goods, etc.Pennsylvania1858Cedar GroveHighland
Crawford, And.Section 14FarmerOhio1840Cedar GroveHighland
Harding, John Jr.Cedar GroveGrain DlrOhio1850Cedar GroveHighland
Knowles, Jas.Section 25FarmerOhio1856Cedar GroveHighland
Watson, HenryCedar GrovePhysician & SurgeonOhio1852Cedar GroveHighland
Brown, T.LaurelGrocerOhio1854LaurelLaurel
Burgoyne, C. E.LaurelStoves & TinwareIndiana1850LaurelLaurel
Burris & ElwellLaurelSaddles & HarnessIndiana & Ohio1858, 1855LaurelLaurel
Burgoyne, J. S.LaurelJustice of the PeaceOhio1850LaurelLaurel
Bum, Chas.LaurelJewelerOhio1874LaurelLaurel
Coffee, E. C.LaurelRestaurantInd1840LaurelLaurel
Coulter, JohnLaurelDistillerOhio1853LaurelLaurel
Day, R. J.LaurelHardwareOhio1847LaurelLaurel
Fogel, JohnLaurelFancy Goods & NotionsIndiana1843LaurelLaurel
Geyer, ThomasLaurelMeat MarketIndiana1839LaurelLaurel
Gosnell, J.LaurelDry GoodsOhio1835LaurelLaurel
Geyer, C. S.LaurelGroceries, etc.Indiana1845LaurelLaurel
Hazard, W. F.LaurelDry GoodsNew York1850LaurelLaurel
James, L. B.LaurelDry GoodsIndiana1844LaurelLaurel
Manley, E.LaurelMarshalNew York1840LaurelLaurel
O'Hair, JamesLaurelLaurel Iron FoundryIreland1840LaurelLaurel
Powers, RobertLaurelAttorneyOhio1845LaurelLaurel
Secrest, D. L.LaurelDrugs, etc.New York1844LaurelLaurel
Shaw, D. J.LaurelGeneral MdseOhio1855LaurelLaurel
Turner, O. M.LaurelEditor Laurel TimesOhio1874LaurelLaurel
Tucker, J. R.LaurelBlacksmithIndiana1840LaurelLaurel
Williams, W. W.LaurelLivery & Sale StableIndiana1830LaurelLaurel
Allison & SonMetamoraCarpenter & BuilderOhio1852MetamoraMetamora
Blacklidge, A.MetamoraDry GoodsOhio1845MetamoraMetamora
Leeson & HawkinsMetamoraDry GoodsOhio1844, 1840MetamoraMetamora
Mahan, L. E.MetamoraGroceriesPennsylvania1852MetamoraMetamora
Peck, W. W.MetamoraDrugs, etc.New York1849MetamoraMetamora
Pierce & FolknerMetamoraDrugs, etc.Indiana & Ohio1843, 1841MetamoraMetamora
Trembly, L. B.MetamoraCrystal MillsNew York1848MetamoraMetamora
Van Camp, J. A.MetamoraBlacksmithOhio1854MetamoraMetamora
Wiggans & SonMetamoraWagons & CarriagesOhio1855MetamoraMetamora
Anderson, T. G.AndersonvilleDry GoodsOhio1850AndersonvillePosey
Barber, J.AndersonvilleFurniture, etc.Indiana1839AndersonvillePosey
Kendall, A. P.Section 22FarmerOhio1866AndersonvillePosey
Macy, J. W.AndersonvilleBridge BuilderNew York1850AndersonvillePosey
Orr, J. P.AndersonvillePhysician & SurgeonOhio1845AndersonvillePosey
Rose, A. J.AndersonvilleBoots & ShoesOhio1848AndersonvillePosey
Shrener, R.AndersonvilleHardwarePennsylvania1855AndersonvillePosey
Bunnemeyer, C.OldenburgMerchant TailorGermany1850OldenburgRay
Dichman, P.OldenburgFurnitureGermany1850OldenburgRay
Gauper, C. M.OldenburgStoves & TinwareIndiana1841OldenburgRay
Hackman, A.OldenburgDry Goods & GroceriesIndiana1842OldenburgRay
Kassing, G.OldenburgDry Goods & NotionsGermany1845OldenburgRay
Kamps, B.OldenburgGroceries, etc.Germany1844OldenburgRay
Kessing, C. B.OldenburgGroceriesIndiana1843OldenburgRay
Mollaun, A.OldenburgDry Goods & GroceriesIndiana1840OldenburgRay
Sellmeyers, J. H.OldenburgHardware, etc.Germany1847OldenburgRay
Scheffer, F. J.OldenburgGroceries, etc.Germany1854OldenburgRay
Saurland, Wm.OldenburgBilliard RoomGermany1857OldenburgRay
Cox, W. B.New TrentonCarriage Manfr.Ohio1842New TrentonWhitewater
Gold, W. O.[blank]FarmerIndiana1845DrewersburghWhitewater
Hohn, W.Section 20FarmerOhio1833New TrentonWhitewater
Hollwell, C.Section 21FarmerOhio1838New TrentonWhitewater
Lawrence, T. W.New TrentonJustice of the PeaceIndiana1830New TrentonWhitewater
Miller, C.New TrentonDry Goods & NotionsOhio1836New TrentonWhitewater
Powers, D.Section 18FarmerOhio1840New TrentonWhitewater
Seals, W. R.New TrentonFarmerOhio1853New TrentonWhitewater

Franklin County – 1876 Indiana Atlas Business Directory

Franklin County, Indiana Business Directory from:
Andreas, A. T. Illustrated Historical Atlas of the State of Indiana. Chicago : Baskin, Forster and Company, 1876.



  • W. H. BRACKEN, Attorney at Law.
  • BINKLEY & JONES, Attorney at Law, Valley House Block.
  • S. E. URMSTON, Attorney at Law and Prosecuting Attorney.
  • McMAHAN & SMITH, Attorneys at Law.
  • J. F. McKEE, Attorney at Law.
  • H. TRICHLER, Boston Boot, Shoe and Hat Store.
  • O. BAKER, Billiard Parlor.
  • JOHN BURKHART, Carpenter and Builder.
  • W. H. FOGEL, Clothing and Gents’ Furnishing Goods.
  • ADAM HEEG, Cigars, Manufacturer of.
  • J. O. GATES, Drugs and Medicines.
  • A. J. KING, Drugs and Medicines.
  • SWING & KAISER, Dry Goods, Notions, etc.
  • A. M. DAWSON, Editor Brookville American.
  • C. B. BENTLEY, Editor and Publisher Franklin Democrat.
  • P. CASE, Groceries and Provisions.
  • J. H. BROCKAMP, Groceries, etc. Groceries and Provisions taken in exchange for Goods. Wholesale and Retail Dealer in Wooden and Willow Ware.
  • JACOB SMITH, Marble Works.
  • H. H. SCHRICHTE, Marble Works. All work warranted to give satisfaction.
  • HENRY CASE, Plasterer.
  • T. J. TYNER, Postmaster.
  • MOOREMAN & ZIMMER, Publishers of Leucht Thurm.


  • S. LOGAN, Blacksmith. Custom work done to Order.
  • ROSE & LOPER, Carriage Maker.
  • GEO. LOPER, Carriage and Wagon Maker.
  • CROOKSHANK & FERGUSON, Dry Goods, Notions, Groceries, Boots and Shoes, etc.
  • MILLER & TYNER, Dry Goods, Notions, Groceries, Boots and Shoes, etc.
  • T. W. HAYWARD, Dry Goods, Notions, Pictures and Frames, Oil Paintings and Chromos.
  • J. PROCTOR, Drugs and Medicines.
  • O. H. DONALD, Drugs and Medicines.
  • G. SNIDER, Groceries, Provisions and Restaurant.
  • SMITH THURSTON, Harness and Manufacturer of Boots and Shoes.
  • BROWN & BEST, Millers, Flour, Feed and Custom Milling done on short notice.
  • H. O. ROSE, Stoves and Tinware.
  • E. J. CHENNEY, Shoemaker.


  • PHILIP ASHINBAUGH, Dry Goods and Notions.
  • JOHN HARDING, Jr., Grain Dealer.
  • Henry Watson, Physician and Surgeon.


  • ROBERT POWERS, Attorney at Law.
  • J. R. TUCKER, Blacksmithing and Horse-shoeing done to order.
  • J. GOHNER, Cigars and Tobacco.
  • L. B. JAMES, Clothing, Dry Goods and Notions.
  • W. F. HAZARD, Dry Goods, Notions and Clothing; also Suits made to order on short notice. Finest Store Room in the Valley.
  • JOHN COULTER, Distillery.
  • JOHN FOGEL, General Merchandise.
  • D. J. SHAW, Groceries and Provisions.
  • D. L. SECRIST, Groceries and Drugs. Prescriptions carefully prepared.
  • J. GOSNELL, Dry Goods and Notions.
  • O. M. TURNER, Editor and Proprietor Laurel Times.
  • T. BROWN, Groceries and Provisions. Produce taken in exchange for goods.
  • R. J. DAY, Hardware and Farming Implements.
  • CHARLES BENN, Jeweler.
  • J. S. BURGOYNE, Justice of the Peace.
  • JAMES O’HAIR, Laurel Iron Foundry.
  • W. W. WILLIAMS, Livery and Feed Stable.
  • THOMAS GEYER, Meat Market. The country supplied with best of meat at all times.
  • C. S. BEYER, Restaurant.
  • E. C. COFFEE, Restaurant and Groceries.
  • C. E. BURGOYNE, Stoves and Tinware.
  • BURRIS & ELWELL, Saddles and Harness.


  • J. A. VAN CAMP, Blacksmithing and Horse Shoeing. Repairing done to order.
  • ALLISON & SON, Carpenters and Builders.
  • A. BLACKLIDGE, Dry Goods, Notions and Groceries.
  • W. PECK, Druggist. Prescriptions carefully prepared.
  • PIERCE & FALKNER, Druggists, Drugs, Medicines, Pure Liquors for Medical use.
  • LEESON & HAWKINS, Dry Goods and General Merchandise.
  • L. E. MAHAN, Groceries and Provisions.
  • L. B. TREMBLY, Milling, “Crystal Mills.” Custom Flouring done on short notice.
  • WIGGANS & SON, Wagon Manufacturers and Custom Blacksmithing on short notice.


  • A. J. ROSE, Dry Goods, Boots and Shoes.
  • T. G. ANDERSON, Dry Goods, Boots and Shoes.
  • R. SHRENER, Dry Goods and Notions.
  • J. BARBER, Furniture and Undertaker.
  • J. W. MACY, Saw-mill. Custom Sawing done on short notice.
  • J. B. ORR, Physician and Surgeon.


  • WM. SAURLAND, Billiard Room.
  • A. MOLLAUN, Dry Goods and Groceries.
  • A. HACKMAN, Dry Goods and Groceries.
  • G. KASSING, Dry Goods and Notions.
  • P. DICKMAN, Furniture.
  • C. B. KESSING, Groceries and Provisions.
  • B. KAMP, Groceries and Provisions.
  • F. J. SCHEFFER, Groceries and Provisions.
  • J. H. SELLMEYERS, Hardware and Farming Implements.
  • C. BUNNEMEYER, Merchant Tailor.
  • C. M. GAUPER, Stoves and Tinware.


  • S. PYLE, Blacksmithing, Custom Work.
  • JOHN BARBMAN, Blacksmithing, Custom Work.
  • DALTON & BRO., Carriage Maker. Work Done to Order. Satisfaction Guaranteed.
  • JOHN VAN ZANT, Carriage and Wagon Maker.
  • J. GLASSCOCK, Carriage and Ornamental Painter.
  • FOGEL & LAIRD, Dry Goods, Groceries, Notions and General Merchandise.
  • M. MARSH, Flouring and Saw-mill. Custom work done on short notice.
  • W. C. ROBERTSON, Physician and Surgeon.
  • A. W. JENKINS, Physician and Surgeon.
  • HART BISHOP & SON, Reed Makers. Make, Repair and Reset Reeds of every description on shortest notice and most reasonable terms.
  • LARUE & BRO., Stoves and Tinware.


  • G. S. BABBITT, Blacksmith. Custom work done.
  • WM. B. COX, Carriage and Wagon Manufacturer.
  • C. MILLER, Dry Goods and Notions.
  • T. W. LAWRENCE, Justice of the Peace.