Dearborn County Circuit Court Proceedings – May 1889

Proceedings of the May 1889 Term of the Dearborn County, Indiana Circuit Court appeared in:
Lawrenceburg Register – 30 May 1889 – Page 3, Column 5


State vs. Fred Pelgen—Seduction. Dismissed.

William Wheeler vs. Cobb’s Iron and Nail Co. et al. On note. Dismissed at defendant’s costs.

Samuel W. Cooper vs. Joseph H. Burkam et al. Dismissed at plaintiff’s costs.

Peter Koehler vs. Patrick Garrity. Specific performance. Dismissed at plaintiff’s costs.

John B. Coles vs. Estate of Dewitt C. Wilber, deceased. On account. Claim allowed $167.85 and costs.

Maggie E. Tuft et als vs. Henry D. Tuft. Partition. Partition made by Commissioners.

William Willman et al vs. George J. J. Luther. Dismissed at defendant’s costs.

Robert D. Connell vs. Estate of Dewitt C. Wilber, deceased. On account. Claim allowed, $150.50 and costs.

Aaron Huffman vs. Estate of Lucinda Christopher, deceased. On note and mortgage. Dismissed at defendant’s costs.

Robert A. McConnell vs. same. Claim allowed, $14.42 and costs.

Ex-parte Pemma Gatch. For change of name. Name changed to Pemma Nowlin.

Omer T. Ludlow, Guardian, vs. Isaac M. Dunn et al. On note. Judgment for plaintiff for $108.35 and costs.

State vs. John McMara, Mike Murray and William H. Gaines. Grand larceny. Plea of guilty. McMara sentenced to State prison for one year, Murray for 18 months and Gaines to county jail for 30 days.

Crescent Building Association vs. Sophia M. Miller et als. Foreclosure. Dismissed at defendant’s costs.

Centre Building Association vs. Indiana Stapp et als. Foreclosure. Dismissed at defendant’s costs.

Lou Ann Greer vs. Elijah Greer et al. On note. Judgment for plaintiff for $506.88 and costs.

Leah A. Haynes vs. Flora Nowlin. Damages. Judgment for defendant on demurrer. Appeal to Supreme Court.

State vs. John Steig. Grand larceny. Sentenced to State prison for 5 years, fined $1 and disfranchised for 5 years.

Mary E. Wilson vs. Gottlieb Leitner. To recover real estate. Dismissed and costs paid.

Uriah Stevens vs. Patrick McInally. Replevin. Judgment for plaintiff and $15.00 damages.



Ernestine Schaeffer vs. Barbara Schwipps et al. Foreclosure.

John B. Garnier vs. Anna L. Beinkamp et al. Foreclosure.

Same vs. Louisa Beck et al. Foreclosure.

Washington Kirkpatrick vs. Lewis Wilson. Appeal.

John E. Trumbower vs. O. & M. R. W. Co. Damages.

Ex-parte Pinkney J. Trester et al. Partition.

Laura Bealman vs. John H. Bealman. Divorce.

George C. Probst vs. L. C. & D. R. W. Co. Damages.

John J. Backman vs. Susan McGuire et als. To sell real estate.

Hugh D. McMullen vs. John A. Parks et al. On account.

George M. Roberts et al vs. same. On account.

Thomas Emmerson vs. Thomas W. Hansell et al. Foreclosure.

Sarah J. Steig vs. John Steig. Divorce.


The will of George Freyn, the will of John A. Kress and the will of Anthony Braun were probated.


Guardian of Alice Kaster, Alex B. Pattison, Guardian.

Guardian of Joseph B. Blettner, Henry Fangman, Guardian.

Estate of Louisa N. Gould, Henry B. Fullerton, Administrator.

Estate of H. D. and C. M. Tufts, H. D. Tufts, surviving partner.


Alice J. Day vs. Estate of Emily C. Day, $100.

Eva L. Day vs. same, $100.

Ellen M. Day vs. same, $13.

Carrie G. Hansell vs. Estate of William L. Hansell, $185.85.

Same vs. same, $73.95.

Mark L. Howell vs. same, $338.56.

Same vs. same, $113.71.

George H. Smith vs. same, $107.90.

George W. Hargitt vs. same, $3.00.

S. Strasburger vs. same, $214.83.

John C. Sims vs. Estate of James L. McMullen, $65.00.

F. Rodenberg & Co. vs. Estate of Otho W. Dowden, $3.50.


Guardian of Eleanor Burk, Fannie B. Wymond, Guardian.

Estate of Elizabeth Hansell, Mark L. Hansell, Administrator.