Dearborn County Circuit Court Proceedings – Nov 1866

Proceedings for the November 1866 Term of the Dearborn County, Indiana Circuit Court appeared in:

Aurora Commercial – 17 Nov 1866 – Page 1, Column 1

Dearborn Circuit Court.

The following cases have been disposed of this Court:

William Smith, of Logan township, convicted of assault and battery upon the person of Mary Hayes, fined $10 and costs, and committed to jail for non-payment of fine.

Daniel Garney, accused of stealing a trunk in Lawrenceburg; acquitted.

Henry Rump, convicted of stealing tools from Mathias Miller, fined $1 and costs, and sentenced to jail for 24 hours.

W. H. Langdon applied for a divorce from his wife, which was not granted.

James McKinney, upon an appealed case from the Mayoralty Court of Lawrenceburg, obtained judgment against the I. & C. Railroad for stock killed.

E. H. Cristie obtained judgment against Varnel Truelock, A. Epstein and John F. Truelock, on an action to enforce mechanic’s lien.

Joseph Taylor obtained a divorce from Emily Taylor, upon the grounds of misconduct of defendant,–and custody of children awarded plaintiff.

Susannah Hankins obtained a divorce, upon default, from John F. Hankins, upon charge of abandonment.

C. H. Werneke sued Michael Pfichter, for possession of three feet four inches of ground extending along the line of Pfichter’s lot, in Lawrenceburg, which adjoins Weineke’s. Judgment for defendant.

Emanuel Smith, charged with stealing 40 lbs. flour in Manchester township, was acquitted.

John Cromar, charged with stealing clothing in Logan township, was acquitted.

Henry Bueckner, charged with stealing goods from John Buchert, of Weisburg, was found guilty, sentenced to the Penitentiary for two years, fined $25, and disfranchised four years.

The case of John Bailey was taken up on Wednesday, and will probably occupy all the week. There is a large docket, and the present session of the Court will probably continue four weeks.

Aurora Commercial – 24 Nov 1866 – Page 1, Column 1

Circuit Court.

The following cases have been disposed of in the Circuit Court since our last issue.

John L. Baily was found guilty of manslaughter, and sentenced to the Penitentiary for five years.

Perry Macker was found guilty of an assault and battery and an attempt to commit violence upon the person of Margaret J. Carmichael, in Clay township, and sentenced to the Penitentiary for ten years.

Hannah F. Phare obtained judgment for $700 against William C. McClure, for breach of promise of marriage.

McKinney vs. The I. & C. R. R. Co. Suit for stock killed; verdict for plaintiff for $50. Whereupon the company took a change of venue in another case in which the same party is plaintiff.

Kyle vs. Small. Suit on note. Judgment for plaintiff by default.

Carr vs. Kaelin. Suit for partition.—Trial by court and partition ordered. Commissioners appointed who reported the premises not susceptible of partition, and a sale of the same was ordered.

Bonaparte Bradly vs. Joseph Hunt. Suit on contract. This case was before the Court when we went to press.

Aurora Commercial – 1 Dec 1866 – Page 1, Column 1

Circuit Court.

Buffington vs. William. Suit against a tenant for holding over. Trial by court and judgment for plaintiff for $37.25, and for possession of the premises.

Wm. Low vs. I. & C. R.R. Suit for two horses killed. Trial by jury and judgment for plaintiff for $312.50.

Grafenhan vs. Schwartz. Suit in regard to rights of personal property.—Trial by court and judgment for plaintiff for $188.

E. H. Miller vs. I. & C.R.R. Suit for stock killed. Seven cases. In six cases judgment were rendered for the plaintiff, amounting in all to $320, and the seventh case was dismissed at plaintiff’s cost.

The court will adjourn today, after a session of four weeks, the limit of the law.