Dearborn County Circuit Court Proceedings – Sep 1874

Proceedings of the September 1874 Term of the Dearborn County, Indiana Circuit Court appeared in:

Aurora Dearborn Independent – 17 Sep 1874 – Page 2, Column 1

Circuit Court Report.
Before Judge Roberts.

173—Hoover & Abbott vs. John C. Craig, administrator of H. F. Smith’s estate. Proceedings to remove administrator. Dismissed at defendant’s costs.

245—John Shaffer vs. J. H. Bailey’s estate. Claim allowed $107.33.

517—State of Indiana vs. Thos. Crow—nol. pros. by prosecutor. Charged with stealing coat at Aurora.

638—State vs. Albert Knibrant. Assault and battery. Plea of guilty. Fine $2 and costs.

639—State vs. Wesley Howard. Assault and battery. Plea of guilty. Fine $2.

641—State vs. John Brown. Assault. Plea of guilty. Fine $2.

642—State vs. Mrs. Pius Frederick. Plea of guilty to charge of A & B and a fine of $2.

647—State ex rel Ellen Baker vs. C. K. Baker. Surety of the Peace. Dismissed.

648—State vs. Pius Frederick—Charge A and B. Guilty. Fine of $2.

751—State ex rel Mary J. Gibbs vs. William Gibbs. Surety of the peace. Dismissed.

652—State ex rel Jacob Miller vs. Nelson Grimsley. Surety of the peace. Affidavit squashed and case dismissed.

State vs. Henry Parker. Assault. Fine $2 on plea of guilty.

1815—Enoch H. Miller vs. B. H. Hoyes. Action on appeal bond. Dismissed.

8—Christopher White vs. Geo. White. Action to set aside deed. Dismissed at plaintiff’s costs.

41—Sophia Rowe vs. Henry Ripkin. Stricken from the dockt.

179—Hannah S. Stockridge vs. Kate C. and Wilson Thompson. Stricken from the docket.

183—Martha H. Jones, administratrix J. G. Jones’ estate vs. J. N. Green et als. Nelson Green defaulted. Judgment for $847.50.

222. State ex rel S. A. Runnells et als vs. J. W. Lews. Dismissed.

275. Nancy Buffington vs. John Buffington. Divorce. Dismissed.

354. Electa A. Lindsay vs. Samuel F. Lindsay et als. Action to set aside conveyance for fraud. Finding for plaintiff.

513. Elizabeth Hyde vs. T. B. Calloway et als. Judgment of foreclosure and for $2,575.15.

518. John D. Haynes et als vs. Ben. Thompson. On administrator’s bond. Dismissed.

Aurora Dearborn Independent – 24 Sep 1874 – Page 2, Column 3

Circuit Court Report.
Before Judge Roberts.

237. Sallie Conlon vs. N. S. Givan, Administrator of Sherbaugh’s estate. Claim for $619.63. Trial by the Court. Judgment for plaintiff for $425.30.

628. The State vs. Silas Nowlin. Indictment for obstructing public highway. Trial by Jury and a verdict assessing a fine of $25.

645. The State vs. John Mack. Assault and battery. Nol. Pros. by Prosecutor.

658. The State vs. James Abdon. A. and B. Nol. Pros. by Prosecutor.

664. State vs. George Osborn. Information for disturbing religious meeting. Plea of guilty and fine of $5 assessed.

239. Jonathan W. Gordon vs. the Board of Commissioners of Dearborn county. Civil action by Gordon to recover fees for services as attorney in the defense of Cheek in the case of the State vs. McDonald Cheek, charged with the murder of Thomas Harrison. Trial by the Court and a finding for the defendant.

537. James W. Gaff vs. John Dooley et als. Judgment of foreclosure of mortgage and for $190.50.

245. William Wheeler vs. Benjamin Eden et als. Action on note. Judgment for $868.12.

578. Mary M. Johnson et als vs. John F. Caine. Judgment of foreclosure.

589. Charlotte Sowders vs. Frederick Sowders. Action for divorce on the ground of adultery and an adulterous elopement with one Maria Stevens. Trial by the Court and a decree for divorce granted to plaintiff together with judgment for $4,000 alimony. This was the largest judgment for alimony ever rendered in Dearborn county. The defendant was formerly Commissioner of Dearborn county.

597. The State ex rel Mary Hampson vs. Thomas Moody. Bastardy. Dismissed.

615. Smith N. Fowler vs. Ellen J. Fowler. Divorce. Cause dismissed by the Court on account of the defective affidavit filed by plaintiff with the complaint.

628. Mary Jacob vs. Otto Jacob. Partition. Judgment for sale of land granted, and one Ellenbrook appointed Commissioner to sell the same.

648. Alex. Beckman, administrator of H. F. Smith’s estate. On account and note. Trial by the Court and judgment for $668.49.

646. Charles Bruce vs. the North Hogan Turnpike Co. Suit on orders of the company. Trial by the Court and judgment for $904.20.

653. O. P. Cobb & Co. vs. the North Hogan Turnpike Co. On orders. Judgment for $163.50.

672. J. W. Holmes vs. W. S. Bridwell et als. On note. Judgment for $239.78.

678. D. H. Miller vs. R. D. Slater Jr. Judgment for $100.