Dearborn County Newspaper Notices – 1836

The following notices appeared in Dearborn County, Indiana newspapers in 1836.

Indiana Palladium – 23 Jan 1836 – Page 2, Column 5

Ranaway from the subscriber about the 28th of November last, an indented apprentice to the Farming business, by the name of DAVID LANGDON. Any person who will return said boy to the subscriber, shall receive the above reward but no charges.
January 9, 1836

Rising Sun Times – 16 Apr 1836 – Page 3, Column 4

Ran away from the subscriber on the 4th instant, an indented apprentice boy to the farming business by the name of GEORGE WILLEY, 13 years of age last August. This is to forbid all persons from harboring or trusting him on my account, as I will pay no debts of his contracting after this date.
April 4, 1826.

Rising Sun Times – 31 Dec 1836 – Page 3, Column 2

Boy Lost.
LEFT the subscriber’s residence, adjoining Wilmington, on Monday, the 26th instant, a boy named ALONZO WHIPPLE, between 12 and 14 years of age. Had on a seal skin cap, the front part off and a hole in the top of it; blue jeans roundabout, light gray jean pantaloons, and boots. His mother lives in Natchez. He may have started to go to her, but it is feared that he has slipped through the ice in Hogan creek, and been drowned, as nothing can be heard from him. The subscriber is very anxious to know what has become of said boy, and he will be thankful for any information respecting him. If he is still alive, and will return he will be sent to his mother, if he desires to go.

Wilmington, Dec. 31, 1836.