Dearborn County Newspaper Notices – 1872

The following notices appeared in Dearborn County, Indiana newspapers in 1872:

Aurora Dearborn Independent – 5 Dec 1872 – Page 3, Column 2

The following notices appeared in a Lawrenceburg paper last week, disclosing a sad case of domestic infelicity. The parties interested are said to be of good standing in society, and the scandal mongers of the community who are always ready to rejoice over the weaknesses and misfortunes of their fellow creatures, are congratulating themselves over having come upon such a morsel of public scandal:

All persons are hereby notified not to trust my wife, Sarah E. Groff, on my account.

Having learned that my daughter’s husband, Mr. George A. Groff, has been giving notice to the merchants of Lawrenceburg not to trust his wife, and the he intends making publication to the same effect I desire to inform the public that said George A Groff has deserted his wife and two small children, and took with him the last crumb of food and all the coal in the house but three lamps. He also took down and took away the cooking stove and everything else, but the furniture and carpets which I had given my daughter.—This is to notify all grocers dry goodsmen and other merchants to let the wife of the said G. A. Groff have all the good she may want and I will pay for the same after this date. He need not advertise for no one to trust her as she could not get any credit on his account. If he pays me what he owes me he can go and my best wishes attend him.