Switzerland County Circuit Court – Apr 1895

Switzerland County, Indiana, Circuit Court report appeared in:

Vevay Reveille – 4 Apr 1895 – Page 4, Column 1

Switzerland County Circuit Court—Judge Downey.


The will of Charles O. Hastings, deceased, probated, by Frank S. Hastings, one of the subscribing witnesses thereto. Laura B. Hastings, his widow, accepted to take under will.

Sanford R. Wilson appointed guardian of Charles R., Lottie G., Earl A., and Sarah J. Wilson.

The will of Mrs. Fanny Gravener admitted to probate. Scott Carter subscribing witness.

The will of Henry Hudson Smith admitted to probate. John W. Lock and Samuel L. Danner, subscribing witnesses.

In the matter of the guardianship of the heirs of Elmer DeHart, deceased. Samuel M. Bonnell, guardian, reported his ward, Carrie DeHarte, had died, and that he had paid balance in his hands to Selar Mead, Administrator. Final report approved and discharged.

Estate of Edward P. Goddard, deceased. Final report of Thomas Carver, Administrator, approved.

Estate of John Dibble, deceased. Final report of Samuel Lostutter, Administrator, approved.
Guardianship of Daisy B. and Grace D. North, James M. North guardian. Final report approved.

Estate of Eliza Muret. Final report of Franklin P. Muret, Administrator, approved.

Estate of Lavina J. Griffith, Julius C. Bersot, executor. Andrew J. Schenck allowed claim of $48.85, also note of $103.15.

Estate of Peter Nichols, deceased. William S. Kincaid, Executor, given permission to sell real estate at private sale.

Estate of George Dibble, deceased. Edgar Dibble Administrator. Final report approved.

Estate of Henry Boyd, deceased, Mathias Funk appointed administrator.

Albert D. Reeves, minor heir of Thomas G. Reeves. Thomas J. Bliss appointed guardian.

Estate of Carrie D. Baker. Selar Mead appointed Administrator.

Estate of James Reed. William I. Reed appointed Administrator.

William S. Kincaid appointed Guardian of Addie Beck, minor heir of James Beck.

Estate of Cornelius Vandever. Fannie Vandever Administrator, granted permission to sell real estate.

Vevay Reveille – 11 Apr 1895 – Page 4, Column 2

Switzerland County Circuit Court—Judge Downey.


State vs. John Wiley; grand larceny. Plea of guilty, sentenced to penitentiary for two years and fined $20.

John H. Russe, of Lawrenceburg, admitted to practice in this Court.

Francis R. Dufour, Viola Dufour, Eleanor Thiebaud, George W. Dufour, and Eliza Dufour; ex parte petition for partition. Report of Commissioners confirmed and land divided accordingly.

R. Hankins & Co. vs. William Patton; on note. Judgment for $18.55.

Mary E. Stephenson vs. George H. Johnson; on note. Judgment for $51.

Jane A. Pavy et al vs. Joshua D. Griffith, Jr., et al; partition of land. Report of George S. Pleasants, Commissioner, sale of land, confirmed.

Mary C. Hastings et al vs. George P. Muret et al. The Clerk was ordered to pay to Sallie H. Muret, guardian of Altha Muret, distributive share of the proceeds of real estate.

Mary J. Rayle vs. Levina A. Stewart and Dora Stewart; partition. Report of Martin G. Keeney, Robert Bovard and Thomas J. Stewart, confirmed and land divided.

William Cousins et al vs. Thomas Cousins et al; partition. Report of George W. McKay, Lewis F. Works and Samuel McCreary, Commissioners, confirmed, and land divided.

State vs. Millard F. Wainscott; assault and battery. Prosecuting Attorney dismissed that part charging intent to murder. By agreement the case was submitted to Judge. Fined $25. On motion, the defendant was released from some costs assessed against him.

State vs. Elza Waltz; assault and battery. Plea of guilty, fined $5.

John Chapman vs. Armanda Chapman; divorce. Granted.

Indiana Shadday vs. Irvin M. D. Shadday; divorce. Granted. He to pay costs. By agreement, she to have custody of their child Lula; Richard Shadday, grandfather, given possession of their children Pearl and Richard.

Chimena Trautman vs. John Trautman; divorce. Granted.

Malvina Courtney vs. Elza Courtney; divorce. Not granted.

Hiram Jennings vs. Susan M. Jennings; divorce. Part of evidence heard, when plaintiff dismissed case.

Pearl Kizer vs. John Kizer; divorce. Granted. She given custody of their child John N.

Silas Lamkin vs. Henry W. Starker; replevin. Finding for plaintiff.

Maggie Coy vs. Henry Cousins; to recover possession of personal property. Judgment for plaintiff.

Susan K. Lanham vs. Sylvester Lanham; divorce. Granted, and $100 alimony, and costs, and given custody of child Lucy A. He given possession of the other children, Charles P. and Frederick.

William N. Pattie & Co. vs. Frank Taylor et al, on account. By agreement judgment rendered against defendant for $63.60, the plaintiffs to pay costs.

State vs. John B. Breeden; petit larceny. Indictment quashed and defendant dismissed.

Several cases were dismissed, and many cases continued.

Before W. D. Ward, special Judge pro tem.—Prudence McCreary vs. The Laughery Turnpike Company; to recover real estate. Motion for new trial overruled. Judgment for plaintiff, that she is the owner of real estate in question. By consent of plaintiff, it was ordered that no execution or writ of possession shall issue on this judgment for six months, and the defendant (The Laughery Turnpike Co.) shall have the privilege of removing the toll house building from said ground within said time. It was further ordered that the plaintiff shall not fence or encumber said land so as to obstruct travel over all parts of the defendant Company’s turnpike.

Court finally adjourned last Thursday.