Switzerland County Circuit Court – Jun 1893

Switzerland County, Indiana, Circuit Court reports appeared in:
Vevay Reveille – 22 Jun 1893 – Page 4, Column 2


Charles E. Hall was appointed guardian of Florence E., Cassius C., Edith B., Pearl C., Virginia E. and Walter Hall.

Estate of William H. Cunningham, William Cunningham Executor. Final report approved.

Estate of George W. Heady, James P. Orem Administrator. Partial report and sale of real estate approved.

Hosier J. Harris, guardian of Clifford Hughes. Final report approved and discharged.

Estate of John M. Joyce, John Joyce Administrator. Final report approved.

Annie Chateline was appointed guardian of her daughter Maggie Chateline.

Estate of John C. Packingham, Thomas Carver, Administrator. Given permission to sell real estate.

Estate of George W. Sadler, Samuel Lostutter, Administrator. Given permission to sell real estate.

Estate of Nancy Ann Miller, R. E. Hall Administrator. Given permission to sell personal property at private sale.

Estate of Jesse Roberts, Charles W. Smith Executor. Sale of real estate approved.

Estate of Bennet Phillips, David H. Boyle Administrator. Given permission to sell real estate.

Estate of John Chateline, Annie Chateline Administratrix. Final report approved.

Trustees of Rising Sun Lodge No. 404, I. O. O. F. vs. Edgar Dibble, Administrator of the estate of George Dibble. Claim on note as security. Claim allowed.

Estate of Lorena J. Riley, Joseph B. Ramseyer Administrator. John W. Riley allowed claim of $25.

Estate of George Dibble, Edgar Dibble Administrator. Report of sale of personal property approved.

Charles Adams was appointed guardian of Maggie Matilda and Mary Magdalen Adams.

Belle D. Grisard, guardian of Paul D. Grisard, was granted permission to sell his interest in real estate.

Benj. H. North and William L. Told, Trustees in case of insolvent estate of Dempsey Gullion, made final report, which was approved and when certain conditions are complied with, then balance of property of said estate is to be delivered to Dempsey Gullion.

Estate of Huldah Sullivan, James H. Hitchens Administrator. Final report approved.

Estate of Theodore L. Picket, Henry S. Picket Administrator. Final report approved.

Dilver E. Douglas, guardian of Albert B. Doughlas, et al. Final report approved.

John M. Pate vs. Henry and Providence Wallick; on note. Judgment for $231.27.

Dempsey Gullion vs. Alice G. Gullion; relief from judgment. Defendant did not appear, either personally or by attorney. Former judgment for divorce, custody of children, and alimony, set aside.

Ex parte Mary Chapman and Alfred Driver, Guardian of Jacob J. Tarbox (a minor); for partition. James Stewart, M. G. Keeney and John F. Banta, Commissioners, reported partition, which was approved.

Mary A. Pickett, and five others, vs. Rosa B. and Eddie G. Pickett; partition. One-third real estate to be set off to Mary A. Pickett (widow) and balance equally divided between other heirs of Theodore L. Pickett, deceased. Geo. W. McKay, George Moredock and Ebenezer Phillips were appointed Commissioners.

Schrumpf & Told vs. William McCreary; on note. Judgment for $335.75.

Joseph Swada vs. Salem J. Bradford, and eight others; to quiet title. Granted.

John R. Bair vs. Belle Bair; for custody of child, Nora Bair. John R. Bair given possession of child.

The Jury did not try a case, and assembled one day and were discharged the next.

Several cases were dismissed and many cases continued.

After being in session one week, adjourned last Saturday evening.