Switzerland County Circuit Court – Nov 1891

Switzerland County, Indiana, Circuit Court reports appeared in:

Vevay Reveille – 5 Nov 1891 – Page 4, Column 2

Judge, A. C. Downey; Prosecuting Attorney, R. L. Davis.

Robert S. Northcott and John Cox, partners, vs. Martin M. Higgins; on note. Judgment for $78.75.

Charles Goldenburg vs. Robert McFadden and Isabelle McFadden; on note. Judgment for $117.36.

Ulysses Stoops and Matilda Stoops vs. Simeon Stoops, Nettie Stoops et al; partition of real estate. George McKay, John P. White and Franklin Bennett appointed to partition real estate. Approved.

Mary VanOsdol and others vs. Edward G. Henry and others; for partition of real estate. Real estate (land belonging to the estate of David Henry, deceased) ordered sold; Perry K. Cotton and Jefferson C. Smith appointed appraisers, and David Dyer, Commissioner, to sell.

Imogene Russel et al vs. Pearl Dyer et al. George S. Pleasants made report of sale of real estate. Report approved and continued for collection of purchase money.

George S. Pleasants, Administrator de bonis non, etc., vs. Eugene W. Smithson et al. Report of sales of notes amounting to $412.28 approved.

Thomas J. McKay vs. Margaret A. McKay; divorce. Granted plaintiff.

James McGee vs. Henry W. Berkemire; on note. Judgment for $123.33.

State vs. George Rayl; malicious trespass (killing dog). Tried by jury and acquitted.

George H. Keeney vs. Andrew Shafer and others; foreclosure of mortgage. Judgment for $343.20.

Rosa B. Aldred et al vs. William Miles et al; partition of real estate. David Lee, Gen. W. McKay and Benj. Davis appointed Commissioners to partition real estate.

James R. Cole vs. Emanuel Farwood; appeal. Judgment for plaintiff, $10.

Jane Cooper, of Craig Township, was adjudged insane and James Cooper appointed Guardian.

State ex rel Hannah Lamunion vs. Irvin Lock; bastardy. Trial by jury; verdict not guilty.

Samuel H. Bonnell vs. William H. Vawter; attachment. Judgment for $262.55.

Louisa Neal vs. James Neal; divorce. Granted.

James B. Tandy vs. James H. Merit et als; foreclosure of mortgage. Judgment for foreclosure.

State vs. Robert Hildebrand (a minor); appeal. Trial by jury; fined $1 and costs.

State vs. Anthony Adams; carrying concealed weapons. Trial by Court; guilty, fined $20.

Vevay Reveille – 12 Nov 1891 – Page 4, Column 1



The bond of Frank M. Cole, guardian of the minor heirs of Charles Olmstead, approved.

Wm. C. Robinson, guardian of Amelia Falbre—partial report approved.

James Culbertson, guardian of Nettie Culbertson—final report approved and discharged.

John Jester, guardian of Marion and Otto Gray—sale of real estate approved.

Argus D. VanOsdol, administrator of the estate of Caroline Henry, grant on permission to sell personal property at private sale.

Hosier J. Harris was appointed guardian of A. Clifford Hughes.

The estate of George M. Fox not exceeding $500, was set off to widow, Lovina A. Fox.

Objection being made by Belle Wade to probating will of Samuel Wade, Sr., the case is abated. Ulysses G. Wade failing to appear in his case against the estate of Samuel Wade, the case was dismissed at his cost.

The probating of will of William Hall, approved. Sallie Hall, widow elected to take under the said will.

The probating of the will of William H. Cunningham and the appointment of William Cunningham executor were approved.

The probating of the will of William S. Tower was approved.

Thomas J. Gibbs was appointed guardian of Jacob B. Keefer.

Francis M. Rous appointed administrator of the estate of Percy Rous.

Louis G. Wilson appointed administrator of the estate of Mary E. Wilson.

Estate of Alexander Edgar, James Culbertson, administrator—final report approved and discharged.

Sophia P. Ruter, Administratrix of Ronaldo Ruter—final report approved and discharged.

Charles Hall appointed administrator of Edwin A. Hall, deceased.

Estate of Joseph and Margaret Rutherford, J. M. Scott, administrator. Claims allowed: John M. Pate, $110.13; Samuel Shuff, $0.97; Henry Trafelet, $1.

David H. Boyle, assignee of Abner P. Gates. Estate adjudged insolvent and final report approved and discharged.

Aaron Miller, guardian of Jessie and Cora Miller—partial report approved.

James A. VanOsdol, administrator of the estate of Laura J. Gordon, granted permission to sell personal property.

Estate of John McClintick, Mary E. Brown, executrix—Dr. H. T. Dalgleish allowed claim of $7.50.

Mahala D. Searcy appointed guardian of Harry and Abbie Searcy.

James Cooper, guardian of Jane Cooper, insane—granted permission to sell real estate in Jefferson county, Ind. Afterward reported sale of land for $210 cash, which was approved.

Estate of John Wesley Bascom, Andrew T. Wainscott, Administrator—made report, which was approved and his resignation accepted.

Estate of Robert D. Gullion, Charles M. Newkirk, administrator—final report approved and discharged.

Jane Adkinson, an insane person—Andrew J. Works appointed her next friend, and Addison Works appointed attorney to prosecute suits for her as a poor person for money alleged to be due her.

Estate of Levi Sedam, John Melcher, administrator—partial report approved.

James M. Scott, trustee of Robert B. Henry. Claim of Ward & VanOsdol for $135 allowed.

Robert Sharp, guardian of Charles B. Blodgett and others. Inventory of property filed.

Estate of Nancy J. Stewart, Thomas F. McCreary administrator—final report approved and discharged.

Estate of Catherine Fallis, Nat M. Fallis, administrator—final report approved and discharged.


John F. McCreary vs. Francis M. Stevenson et al; partition. The deed by Samuel W. Wade, as Commissioner, for sale of lots 112 and 113 in Bela Herrick’s addition to town of Patriot, is ordered corrected—the name of Francis M. Tyrrell, as grantee of said sale instead of Francis M. Tarrell. This done by agreement of all parties.

“Ordered by the Court, that in all Guardianships pending in this county, where the guardian has not made and filed an inventory of the estate of the loan within three months after his appointment, if he shall have been so long appointed, (in accordance with the first division of section 2520 of the Revised Statute of 1881), showing the real and personal estate of his ward, with value thereof, and the value of the yearly rents of the real estate, the Clerk shall issue a citation to such Guardian, requiring him to make an file such inventory on or before the first day of the next term of Court, or then show cause why he has not done so, and should not be removed from his trust. No citation will be issued under this order when it appears from the papers on file that the ward or wards have no estate. Also that all guardians who have not reported for two years shall be cited to appear and report on or before the first day of next term.”

State ex rel Joseph E. Hart, County Auditor, vs. Frank R. Fish, et al; to recover on Congressional School Loan Mortgage. Judgment for $221.08 and foreclosure of mortgage.

Jane A. Gibson vs. Adolpheus E. Merit et al. Abijh S. Humphrey, receiver in above case, presented his report, which was approved. He was also permitted to sell all personal property in his hands at private sale, and report to Court, and authorized to insure tobacco.

Imogene Russell et al vs. Pearl Dyer. Wm. D. Ward, Guardian of Pearl Dyer, allowed $112.79, as balance of her distributive share in sale of real estate, less her share of costs.

Edwin Mead, a petit juror of regular panel, fined $5 for contempt of Court—appearing in Court intoxicated.

George Marshall vs. Sylvia Marshall; divorce. Planitff, George Marshall, restrained from in any way encumbering and disposing of any portion of his property, and case continued until next term.

Louisa M. Slack vs. Ralph R. Stout; slander. Trial by jury; verdict of $1 and damages.

Rosa B. Aldred et al vs. William Miles et al; partition of real estate. Geo. W. McKay, Benjamin N. Davis and David Lee, Commissioners, reported division of lands, which was approved, and partition so ordered.

Lewis H. Dennis vs. Isaac N. Robbins et al; to correct deed and quiet title. Trial by Court; judgment for plaintiff; title to real estate quieted and finding that John Elfers held a lien by note and mortgage for $300.

Caroline J. Tandy vs. William Johnston, Sarah M. Johnston and John Riley; foreclosure of mortgage. Judgment against William Johnston for $250.45 and foreclosure of mortgage.

Court adjourned last Saturday evening.