Switzerland County Juries – Oct 1891

The Switzerland County, Indiana, Circuit Court jury list appeared in:
Vevay Reveille – 22 Oct 1891 – Page 4, Column 3


Last Monday Jury Commissioners D. M. Haskell and W. C. Armstrong drew the names of the following gentlemen as jurors for ensuing term of court, commencing next Monday:


  • Abram Scott, York Township, Florence
  • Benjamin E. Addis, Posey, Patriot
  • Lafayette Palmer, Posey, Quercus Grove
  • Henry Foster, York, Florence
  • John F. Houze, Pleasant, Aaron
  • Lewis Baatz, York, Markland


  • John Porter, York Township, Florence
  • Michael Dunning, Cotton, East Enterprise
  • Henry Buscher, York, Florence
  • F[?]urney Baxter, Craig Township, Lamb
  • Johnson Brown, Craig, Long Run
  • Harry C. Shaw, Craig, Craig
  • William McMakin, Jefferson, Vevay
  • John Joyce, Craig, Vineyard
  • Milford Paugh, Pleasant, Jay
  • Ed. Mead, Jefferson, Vevay
  • William Cowan, Posey, Patriot
  • Joel D. Davis, Posey, Quercus Grove