Switzerland County Newspaper Notices – 1835

The following notices appeared in Switzerland County, Indiana newspapers in 1835.

Weekly Messenger – 28 Mar 1835 – Page 3, Column 3; 25 Apr 1835 – Page 4, Column 1

Information Wanted.

ROBERT MERCER, son of James and Elizabeth Mercer, late of St. John New Brunswick left Londondery, Nova Scotia, about the 28th day of January, 1828—since which time, his parents have had no certain tidings of him. He was 32 years of age, on the first of January last, fair complected, and five feet 7 inches high. The last reports from him, says he was navigating Lake Erie in a packet, and resided at Otter creek. Any information concerning him, will be most gratefully received. Letters to be addressed to the subscriber, Printer’s Retreat, Indiana, near which he now resides.

Switzerland county, Ia. March 28.

N.B. Editors along lake Erie, will much oblige two old people, in a strange land, by inserting the above once or twice.

Weekly Messenger – 22 Aug 1835 – Page 3, Column 4; 29 Aug 1835 – Page 3, Column 3; 26 Sep 1835 – Page 4, Column 4

Whereas, my wife Ann Peters, late Anne Brown, and a daughter of Isham Brown, of Sugar creek, Kentucky, eloped from my bed and board on the 9th inst. without any just cause or provocation, and has since that time, sent word that she does not intend to return again; therefore, all persons are cautioned against harboring, trusting, or associating with her, under the severest penalties of the law.

York Township, August 20.