Switzerland County Old Citizen’s Meeting – 1897

Switzerland County, Indiana, Old Citizen’s meeting report appeared in:
Vevay Reveille – 7 Oct 1897 – Page 1, Column 3

Old Citizen’s Meeting.
Lamb, Indiana, Sept. 25, 1897.

Proceedings of Old Citizens’ Meeting held at Lamb, Indiana, September 25, 1897:

Called to order at 11:30 o’clock by President J. F. Simpson. Song by congregation, led by Mr. E. Adams, Devotional exercises by Rev. Huey, of Carrollton, Kentucky. Adjourned until one o’clock p.m. Called to order at one o’clock and proceeded to elect officers for the Association for the ensuing year. The following named officers elected: President, J. F. Simpson, of Lamb, Indiana; Vice President, Wm. Anderson; Secretary, A. E. Lamb, Lamb, Indiana; Treasurer, C. E. Danner, Lamb, Indiana. It was moved that the President appoint an Executive Committee. He was given the power to do so by unanimous vote, after which he appointed the following three gentlemen to that office: Willis Little, Chairman of Committee; Ira Brooks and Justi Dow, as a Committee for the next meeting to be held at Lamb, Indiana, on the fourth Saturday of Sept., 1898.

After reading of minutes of previous meeting Rev. C. W. Lee was introduced and delivered a 30 minute address very appropriate for the occasion. A song, “All Hail the Power of Jesus Name,” was sung, after which Mr. Bridges, of Carrollton, was called on for a speech. After speaking for fifteen minutes, of time past and present, which was well received by all, the President made a few remarks introducing Mr. R. M. Hotchkiss, who sang a song entitled, “The Battle of New Orleans,” then made a few remarks, after which Rev. Huey was introduced and made a short speech very good and well received by the assembly. The choir then sang “Old Home Friends.” Mr. S. Gerard was then introduced and delivered a short talk on the times long past. A song by choir entitled “Drifting Away,” after which Mr. Wm. Anderson made a talk and spoke for sometime of his experience in times long gone by. Mr. Wycoff, of Ripley County, was then introduced and made a good talk with good advice to the young. The relics were then exhibited and a short sketch of history of each article by Rev. Huey; first a spoon that was picked up just where the steamer Red Stone blew up, just above Carrollton, next a cup and saucer 75 years old for which was paid $40 for one set, a set of silver teaspoons that cost $30, about the same age; one bed spread very old and made by hand, spun, wove and beautifully flowered; one bed tick made of linen, spun and wove by hand over one hundred years ago, made in Ireland; one whip saw which was certainly a relic of the past ages. After the exhibition of the relics the songs, “How tedious and tasteless the hours,” “Gathering Home,” and last but not least “God be with you till we meet again,” were sung by the choir and people.

The following are the names registered at meeting Sept. 25, 1897, giving age and post office address:

  • G. W. Philips, 78 years of age
  • Daniel Melick, 71, East Enterprise
  • A. N. Gale, 72, Brooksburg
  • B. V. Banta, 66, Canaan
  • Wm. Malcom, 78, Sugan
  • Abram Wycoff, 66, Cross Plains
  • D. N. Demint, 74, English, Kentucky
  • J. M. Gray, 70, Brooksburg
  • Jas. McKenzie, 60, Long Run
  • Mrs. N. Russle, 73, Carrollton, Kentucky
  • M. J. Johnston, 63, Kerkpatrick
  • M. V. Samples, 63, Brooksburg
  • Mrs. A. Tilley, 76, Brooksburg
  • Mrs. Anderson, 80, Vevay
  • Wm. Haskell, 61, Brooksburg
  • N. J. Haskell, 60, Brooksburg
  • H. H. Adcock, 65, Carrollton, Kentucky
  • P. Whitehead, 73, Carrollton, Kentucky
  • J. C. Duvall, 65, Easterday, Kentucky
  • S. S. Carlisle, 65, Wideawake, Kentucky
  • Lewis McKay, 70, Brooksburg
  • Thornton Green, 70, English, Kentucky
  • J. D. Banta, 70, Canaan
  • Luther M. Hotchkiss, 82, Jay
  • Wm. Sauvain, 63, Mt. Sterling
  • J. W. Adams, 69, Moorefield
  • C. L. Brashaw, 60, Prestonville, Kentucky
  • E. W. Protsman, 65, Vevay
  • Wm. O’Neal, 65, English, Kentucky
  • Sarah Chapman, 62, Prestonville, Kentucky
  • Julius C. Bersot, 73, Vevay
  • Eliza Vernon, 67, Brooksburg


The following are the names registered at the meeting, Sept. 26, 1895. Post office address not given:

  • C. J. Ryan, aged 74
  • D. M. O’Neal, 71
  • Jennette Ryan, 64
  • Samuel H. Pavy, 82
  • J. W. Quin, 63
  • Wm. Anderson, 78
  • Mrs. A. M. Quin, 61
  • J. M. Coleman, 70
  • Alja Wright, 83
  • F. W. Little, 65
  • J. D. Griffith, 73
  • Wm. Russell, 71
  • R. A. Pavy, 74
  • Stephen R. Gerard, 87
  • Flora Baxter, 60
  • John H. Smith, 72
  • Wm. H. Lamb, 69, dead
  • J. G. King, 66
  • Henry Russell, 68
  • M. J. Modox, 63
  • John Pattie, 73
  • J. W. Munn, 82
  • M. H. Roberts, 62
  • J. W. Banta, 74, dead
  • F. McKay, 61
  • Sarah Gordon, 60
  • Mary F. Little, 60
  • Catharine Wiseman, 63
  • Eliza Buchanan, 61
  • Hariet Armstrong, 63
  • Ella Adams, 63
  • Agust Miller, 63
  • Jas. F. Simpson, 63

A. E. Lamb, Secretary, Lamb, Indiana.