Switzerland County Real Estate Transfers – Feb 1872

Switzerland County, Indiana real estate transfers for February 1872 appeared in:

Vevay Reveille – 3 Feb 1872 – Page 2, Column 2

Transfers of Real Estate.

The following are a list of transfers of Real Estate in this county, received for Record, at the Recorder’s office, from Jan. 1st to this date:

Wm. P. Taylor and wife to Wm. H. Taylor. In Pleasant Township, 80 acres. Price $3,000.

David Armstrong to F. P. Dupraz. Part of out-lot 35 in Vevay. $1,150.00.

S. Q. Howe to John Watts. Lot in Patriot. $225.00.

John Watts to Thomas Watts. ½ of lot No. 25 in Patriot. $700.00.

Mary Lutton to Charles Dibble. Lots 6 and 18 in Patriot. $800.00.

Amity McMillan to Dr. T. M. Danglade. Lot No. 20 in Sheets & Dufour’s addition to Vevay. $150.

Wm. Culbertson et al to John Culbertson. Their interest in 150 acres of land in Pleasant Township. $1,350.00.

Vevay Reveille – 17 Feb 1872 – Page 3, Column 1


The real estate market is active and prices looking up. Good property in Vevay, unincumbered, sells readily.

Last Wednesday B. F. Schenck purchased about 32 acres of land, in the suburbs of the city, from Capt. F. L. Grisard. The price paid was $6,895.00. The buildings on it are of but little value. In 1860 Capt. G. bought this property for $2,000, yet now it is sold for $6,895 cash, and is considered cheap enough.—The fact of the matter is Vevay is a prosperous and growing little city, and property is advancing in value.

The property of S. E. & J. K. Pleasants, situated on the corner of Main and Ferry Streets, will be offered for sale to-day, at public auction.

Sheriff Worstell will offer some city lots and farms for sale to-day.

Theodore Livings, Commissioner, will offer for sale to-day, at the Law Office of Adkinson & Livings, some valuable real estate belonging to the heirs of Charles Thiebaud, deceased. Among other property to be sold is the three-story brick building on Main street, now occupied as a shoe store.

Lewis F. Works, Commissioner, will also offer some land for sale, to-day, belonging to Timothy and Catherine McCarty.

C. A. Thiebaud recently purchased a lot on the corner of Main and Union Streets, from the heirs of Oliver Ormsby, deceased. The price paid was $1,000.00 cash. This is perhaps the finest vacant lot in the city. Mr. Thiebaud intends to erect a new two story brick house on it. It is the intention of Mr. T. to build a good comfortable home. He does not care for display. While he will endeavor to make it attractive to the cultivated eye, he will carefully eschew all that is gaudy and flashy. It will be conveniently arranged, and will be covered by a slate roof.