Switzerland County Real Estate Transfers – Dec 1900

Switzerland County, Indiana, real estate transfers for December 1900 appeared in:

Vevay Reveille – 6 Dec 1900 – Page 5, Column 1

Land Sales.

  • George Scott and wife to John M. Scott
  • Elizabeth Scott to Alfred and James D. Glenn
  • Emily F. Peters and George Peters to Mary E. Glenn, Scott Glenn and Zelma Glenn
  • John Park and William E. Park to Martha T. Baxter

Vevay Reveille – 13 Dec 1900 – Page 5, Column 4

Land Sales.

  • Lena Nesman and husband to Frederick A. Siekman and wife
  • Pinkney Craig to Elijah Wade

Vevay Reveille – 20 Dec 1900 – Page 5, Column 3

Land Sales.

  • Lewis E. and Ida E. Sedam to Jas. W. and Mary McHenry
  • Franklin P. Higham to George Armstrong and wife
  • James A. Van Osdol and daughter to Robert A. Van Osdol
  • Ephraim Moredock and wife to Sivyl R. Shafer
  • Clifton Littlefield et al to Oliver Poston
  • Joseph Shafer et al to John B. Orr
  • Robert Atkinson to David J. Atkinson