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Laughery Association Meeting – 1863

The following article appeared in:
Aurora Commercial – 17 Sep 1863 – Page 1, Column 2


[See newspaper for full report.]

Churches and Messengers.

Bear Creek.

  • Richard Kelley, Pastor.
  • John Henry, Clerk.
  • Messengers—Joseph Connell, William L. Connell.


  • J. Cell, Pastor.
  • E. H. Davis, Clerk.
  • Messengers—J. Cell, B. N. McHenry, Edson S. Winkley, E. H. Davis, William H. Cobb.


  • T. M. Erwin, Pastor.
  • S. A. Bundy, Clerk.
  • Messengers—T.M. Erwin, John W. Curtis, William House, Henry Shuter, William Dils, Stephen A. Bundy.


  • Richard Kelley, Pastor.
  • John D. Johnson, Clerk.
  • Messengers—Lyman T. Smith, George Givan.


  • Benj. Daughters, Pastor.
  • R. H. Richardson, Clerk.
  • Messengers—Wm. N. Shockley, Luther Dolby, Wm D. Branon, David Driskoll, R. H. Richardson.


  • Eber Jones, Pastor.
  • B. Morgan, Clerk.
  • Messenger—Eber Jones.


  • A. Connelly, Pastor.
  • James Stevenson, Clerk.
  • Messengers—A. Connelly, Joseph Suters, James Stevenson, G. Parsons, Richard Morton, Silas Wicks.


  • E. P. Bond, Pastor.
  • Walter Hudson, Clerk.
  • Messengers—E. P. Bond, Huron Marsh.


  • Lewis Risinger, Pastor.
  • David Clark, Clerk.
  • Messengers—A. Churchill, L. Risinger, A. Anthony, H. Smith, Mark Murry.


  • Benj. Daughters, Pastor.
  • J. L. Beall, Clerk.
  • Messengers—Benj. Daughters, J. L. Beall, J. Signor, G. Dolby, Wm. Pendergrass, Wm. Burbage, Z. Beall, J. M. McKitrick, W. M. Beall.

Hogan Hill.

  • A. Connelly, Pastor.
  • George Givan, Clerk.
  • Messengers—Sylvester Ferris, Wm. L. H. Givan, A. C. Lowe, James S. Jordan, George Givan.

Moore’s Hill.

  • Messengers—Dr. A. J. Bowers, Eben Heaton, John Grey.

Rising Sun.

  • Wm. D. Spaulding, Pastor.
  • Cornelius Miller, Clerk.
  • Messengers—Benjamin Fowler, Andrew Parsons.

Center Grove.

  • Enoch Tilton, Pastor.
  • Wm. L. Hartley, Clerk.
  • Messengers—A. E. Morrell, William L. Hartley, William Wise, William Robinson, Peter Truitt.

Caesars Creek.

  • J. F. Dorhman, Pastor.
  • H. A. Winter, Clerk.
  • Messengers—J. F. Dorhman, Henry A. Winter.


  • Jeremiah Cell, Aurora
  • Richard C. Bond, Aurora
  • T. M. Erwin, Aurora
  • Richard Kelley, Delaware
  • Alvah Churchill, Delaware
  • A. Connelly, Milan
  • E. Tilton, Elrod
  • J. F. Dorhman, Elrod
  • Benj. Daughters, Elrod
  • Sylvester Ferris, Holman
  • E. P. Bond, Lawrenceburg
  • F. T. Blasdell, Lawrenceburg
  • Edward Roberts, Hart’s Mills
  • Wm. D. Spaulding, Rising Sun
  • Lewis Risinger, Delaware
  • A. Anthony, Pierceville
  • Eber Jones, Sunman

Licentiate Ministers.

  • John S. Henry (U.S. Army), Hart’s Mills
  • J. H. Mitchell, Elrod
  • R. P. Wilson (U.S. Army), Milan
  • Daniel Baldridge, Manchester

It was voted that we hold our next meeting with the church at Rising Sun, Ohio County, Indiana—first Saturday in September, 1864.

Manchester Church, Sept. 5th, 1863.

The Association met according to regular appointment.

The Introductory Sermon was preached by Elder J. Cell, of Aurora.

After reading the Letters from the Churches, the Association was organized by electing Elder Jeremiah Cell, Moderator, and E. H. Davis, Clerk.

Letters from Corresponding Associations read, and their Messengers invited to Associational privileges.

  • From Sand Creek—F. T. Neal, Joseph Donnell.
  • From Flat Creek—George Cornelius.
  • From North Bend, Ky.—No intelligence.
  • From White Water Valley—Charles Perrine, S. J. Alden, J. M. Hollenshade.
  • From Long Run—No intelligence.
  • From Madison—J. D. Stapp.

The following brethren being present, were also invited to take seats with us:

  • Elder S. M. Osgood, Agent of the American Baptist Missionary Union.
  • Elder P. M. Bickell, of the First German Baptist Church, Cincinnati, Ohio.
  • Elder Smith, Agent of the American Bible Union.

E. H. Davis, Wm. L. Connell and Stephen A. Bundy, were appointed a Committee to prepare a Letter of Correspondence, to be sent to those Associations with whom we correspond.

  • To Sand Creek—Elder A.  Churchill, Elder Eber Jones.
  • To Flat Rock—Elder E. P. Bond, Elder T. M. Erwin, Elder A. Connelly, Elder J. Cell.
  • To North Bend, Ky.—Elder J. Cell, A. C. Parsons.
  • To Long Run—Elder Eber Jones, Joseph Connell, Wm. L. Connell.
  • To Madison—Elder B. Daughters, Elder A. Connelly.
  • To the Indiana Baptist State Convention—Elder J. Cell, Elder Eber Jones, J. L. Thiebaud.

Laughery Association of Baptist Churches Minutes – 1862

The minutes for the Laughery Association of Baptist Churches for 1862 appeared in:
Aurora Commercial – 25 Sep 1862 – Page 1, Column 1

Of the Forty-Fifth Annual Meeting of the Laughery Association of Baptist Churches, held with the First Baptist Church, Aurora, Ind., commencing September 6th, 1862.

[See newspaper for full report.]


BEAR CREEK—Richard Kelley, Pastor.
Messengers.—Elder Edward Roberts, Joseph Connell, Wm. L. Connell, Joseph Livingston, Wm. Sheppard.

AURORA.—Jeremiah Cell, Pastor.
Messengers.—J. Cell, B. N. McHenry, R. C. Bond, Jno. S. Shattuck, Wm. S. Holman, William Webber, E. H. Davis, Jno. Langley, Jesse Wilson.

EBENEZER.—T. M. Erwin, Pastor.
Messengers.—T. M. Erwin, Henry Suter, Stephen A. Bundy, William Dils, John W. Curtis, Thomas B. Curtis.

SPARTA.—Richard Kelley, Pastor.
Messengers.—David Runnels, George Cornelius, John D. Johnson, Davis M. Brumblay.

FRANKLIN.—Messengers.—Luther Dolby, Wm. N. Shockley, Robert H. Richardson.

MANCHESTER.—A. Connelly, Pastor.
Messengers.—S. Wicks, S. M. Day, Joseph Suter, Jas. Stephenson.

SALEM.—Messenger.—Eber Jones.

LAWRENCEBURG.—E. P. Bond, Pastor.
Messengers.—E. P. Bond, Waller, Henderson, Huron Marsh, George Marsh, Henry R. Helmuth, Thos. Francis.

DELAWARE.—Alvah Churchill, Pastor.
Messengers.—A. Churchill, David Clark, M. Murray, Henry Smith, L. Risinger.

WASHINGTON.—Enoch Tilton, Pastor.
Messengers.—E. Tilton, J. T. Beall, Benjamin Daughters, George W. Elrod, W. W. Lotshaw, Wm. Pendergrass.

HOGAN HILL.—Messengers.—Sylvester Ferris, A. C. Lowe, O. T. Halty, H. R. Hall, George Givan.

MOORE’S HILL.—Benjamin Daughters, Pastor.
Messengers.—Eben Heaton, John Grey, A. J. Bowers, Wolfred Daughters.

RISING SUN.—Wm. D. Spalding, Pastor.
Messengers.—Jesse Miller, Wm. D. Spalding, Cornelius Miller.

MAIN STREET, VEVAY.—Messengers.—J. L. Thiebaud, Alexander McCallum.

CENTRE GROVE.—E. Tilton, Pastor.
Messengers.—Wm. Robinson, A. E. Morrill.

CAESAR CREEK.—Henry Fellman, Pastor.
Messengers.—Henry A. Winter, Henry Fellman.


  • Jeremiah Cell, Aurora
  • Richard C. Bond, Aurora
  • Thomas M. Erwin, Aurora
  • Richard Kelley, Delaware
  • Alvah Churchill, Delaware
  • Alexander Connelly, Milan
  • Enoch Tilton, Elrod
  • Henry Fellman, Elrod
  • Sylvester Ferris, Holman
  • E. P. Bond, Lawrenceburg
  • Franklin T. Blasdell, Lawrenceburg
  • Benjamin Daughters, Elrod
  • Edward Roberts, Hart’s Mills
  • William D. Spaulding, Rising Sun


  • John S. Henry (U.S.A.), Hart’s Mills.
  • Eber Jones, Sunman
  • J. H. Mitchell, Elrod
  • A. Anthony, Pierceville
  • L. Risinger, Delaware
  • Robert P. Wilson (U.S.A.), Milan
  • Daniel Baldridge, Manchester
  • Alexander McCallum, Vevay


  • A. Connelly, Moderator, Milan
  • E. H. Davis, Clerk, Aurora
  • G. Shockley, Treasurer, Aurora

Aurora, Ind., Sept. 6th, 1862.

The Association met according to regular appointment.

The Introductory Sermon was preached by Elder T. M. Erwin, of the Ebenezer Church.

After reading the Letters from the Churches, the Association proceeded to organize by electing Elder A. Connelly, Moderator, and E. H. Davis, Clerk.

Letters from Corresponding Associations read, and their Messengers invited to take seats with us.

  • From Sand Creek, Wm. C. Vawter, M. P. Chaille.
  • From Flat Rock, Elder Ira C. Perine.
  • From North Bend, Ky., R. H. Botts, Thos. Stevens.
  • From White Water Valley, Chas. Perine, Wm. Bower.
  • From Long Run, Elder J. D. Griffith, Wm. Gibbs, P. Lostutter, Joseph Johnson.
  • From Madison, Hosea Weatherby, Joseph Stapp, W. B. Morris.
  • For and in behalf of Foreign Missions, Rev. M. G. Clark, editor of the “Witness.”
  • From the General Association, Rev. I. N. Clark.

Wm. L. Connell was appointed to prepare letters of correspondence to be sent to those Associations with whom we now respond.

Messengers to Corresponding Associations:

  • To Sand Creek: Eber Jones, A. Churchill, Luther Dolby.
  • To Flat Rock: Elders J. Cell, T. M. Erwin.
  • To North Bend, Ky.: Elder J. Cell.
  • To White Water Valley: Elders J. Cell, T. M. Erwin, A. Connelly, E. P. Bond.
  • To Long Run: Wm. L. Connell, Eber Jones, J. L. Thiebaud, A. McCallum.
  • To Madison, Elder J. Cell.
  • To the General Association: J. Cell, T. M. Erwin, E. P. Bond.

B. N. McHenry, Jas. Stephenson, and J. L. Thiebaud, were appointed a Committee to report on the application of the Dillsboro Church for membership in this body.

E. P. Bond, Wm. Dils, and J. Cell, were appointed a Committee to regulate Divine service during the meeting of the Association.

E. H. Davis, Geo. W. Elrod, and George Givan, were appointed a Committee on Resolutions.

B. C. Bond, A. Churchill, and E. H. Davis, were appointed a committee to report on the state of religion within the bounds of this Association.

E. P. Bond, Wm. L. Connell, and T. M. Erwin (the author), were appointed a committee to report on the Circular Letter.

T. M. Erwin, George W. Elrod, and Joseph Suters, were appointed a committee to report on the condition of the German Mission.

Voted, that the next Association be held with the Baptist Church at Manchester, Dearborn County, Indiana, on the first Saturday in September, 1863. Elder J. Cell to preach the Introductory Sermon, Elder Richard Kelley, alternate. Elder A. Churchill to write the Circular Letter, Elder E. P. Bond, alternate.

The following brethren were appointed collecting committees for their respective Churches:

  • Bear Creek, Joseph Livingston
  • Aurora, B. N. McHenry
  • Ebenezer, S. A. Bundy
  • Sparta, George Givan
  • Franklin, Luther Dolby
  • Salem, Eber Jones
  • Manchester, Joseph Suters
  • Lawrenceburg, Henry R. Helmuth
  • Delaware, Henry Smith
  • Washington, George W. Elrod
  • Hogan, Hill, William Givan
  • Moore’s Hill, Wolfred Daughters
  • Main Street, Vevay, J. L. Thiebaud
  • Center Grove, A. E. Morrell
  • Caesar Creek, Henry A. Winter

George Shockley was elected Treasurer of the Association for the ensuing year.