Aurora Public Schools Commencement – 1884

Commencement of the Aurora Public Schools in Dearborn County, Indiana for 1884 appeared in:
Aurora Dearborn Independent – 19 Jun 1884 – Page 3, Column 2

Seventeenth Annual Commencement.
Aurora Public School.

Not withstanding the threatening appearance of the skies, last Friday evening, everybody came out to Commencement. At 7 o’clock the Opera House began to fill, and by 8 o’clock only standing room remained, and but little of that.

In the Salutatory, Nina Pattison asked that the audience would withhold undue censure or praise, but to give them only their just merits. “Problems to be Solved” was a very fine production and gave evidence of deep thought.

Jesse Hopping then advised all to “Push Thinks.” In the opinion of all he surpassed himself; his delivery was excellent, and his voice distinctly heard in all parts of the room.

Jennie Downton had a well written essay on “Cure for Gossip,” which was delivered with perfect ease of manner, and received the closest attention of the house.

Lulu Stark’s “Ideal Woman,” a beautiful picture of true womanhood, met with the approval of all.

“Climb to the Top; There is Room” was the advice given by John Stier. If there was any difference in the delivery of the young men, it was slight, and lay in John’s favor.

Edith Hibbertt occupied the attention of the audience on “Do what you can.” She spoke well and showed it were best, if you could not do grand, heroic deeds, to do that which you could.

“What is Graduation?” was then asked and answered by Mary Jones. She had a carefully prepared essay, and her delivery was almost faultless.

Jay Smith next gave a neat and clever talk on the vast importance of “Little Things.”

Mary Gould had a very beautifully written essay on “We are leaving the Bay; the Ocean is before us.” Her delivery was all that could be desired; her valedictory was short and to the point.

Mr. C. S. Jelley delivered a most excellent address to the class.