Lawrenceburg Public Schools Entertainment – 1880

The Whittier Entertainment by the Lawrenceburg Public Schools in Dearborn County, Indiana appeared in:
Lawrenceburg Register – 9 Dec 1880 – Page 3, Column 3

Programme for Whittier Entertainment December 17th, 1880, at Odd Fellows’ Hall.

  • Orchestra—Overture.
  • Opening Address—Fannie Adkinson.
  • Song—Rooms 13 and 14.
  • Biography of Whittier—Lizzie Gaines.
  • My Birthday—Jennie Huff.
  • Barefoot Boy—Ella Leindecker.


  • Orchestra—Potpourri.
  • In School Days—Mattie Freeman.
  • Yankee Girl—Ella Johnson.
  • Two Rabbits—Ada Brewer.
  • Song—High School.
  • Lion of Florence (German)—H. Kupferschmidt.
  • Prisoner of Debt—James Graham.
  • Poor Voter on Election Day—Tecumseh Meek.
  • Chorus and Solo—Maggie Day.
  • Overruled—Stella Fisher.
  • Winter Roses—Emma Schoenberger.
  • The Three Bells—Edwin Lee.
  • Violin Solo—Hugo Kupferschmidt.
  • The Pipes of Lucknow—Edward Chapin.
  • The Clear Vision—Nannie Terrill.
  • Mary Garvin—Curtie Hodel.
  • Autumn Thoughts—Belle Adkinson.
  • Orchestra—Overture.
  • Closing with the well-known Drama, “Little Snow White.”

The following is the Programme of Exercises for the afternoon at the School Buildings. The lower Primary Grades will have suitable exercises:

Room No. 9—Sophia Bohlaender, Teacher.

  • Short Sketch of Whittier’s Life—Lena Kestner.
  • Corn Song—Freddie Pfalzgraf, Wm. Freyn, Wm. Deuschle, Fred. Moeller.
  • Barbara Frietchle—Carl Koehler, Jacob Kirsch.
  • Conductor Bradley—Simon Donges, Henry Brandlein.
  • That Question—Lizzie Shaerger, Minnie Cappel.
  • First Stanza of Barefoot Boy—Henry Wencke.
  • Five select verses taken from Barclay of Ury—Emma Fuchs.
  • The Family is like a Book—Tillie Kleinhaus.
  • In School Days—Katie Roth.
  • Several Selections—By the Class.

Room No. 8—M. L. Collins, Teacher.

  • Singing.
  • Sketch of Whittier’s Life—A. Adkinson.
  • Barbara Frietchie—Frank Hocker.
  • Singing.
  • The Common Question—Tillie Vogel.
  • First Stanza of Barefoot Boy—F. West.
  • Singing.
  • The Palm Tree—L. Pfalzgraf.
  • Corn Song—Gussie Downing, Ralph Haas, Maggie Misner, John Inglis.
  • Singing.
  • A Christmas Carmen—School.
  • Singing.

Room No. 7—Louisa Severin, Teacher.

  • Short Sketch of Whittier’s Life.
  • Selections from the Old Burying Ground—L. Callahan, A. Stagerwald.
  • Lying Lips Bring Sorrow—E. Huddleston.
  • At School Close—Mandy Rush.
  • The Bridge—Nannie Trisler, Mary Sanks.
  • The Family is like a Book—School.
  • The Barefoot Boy—T. Heckheiser.
  • Giving and Taking—Lizzie Probsel.
  • Last Walk in Autumn—Birdie Pfalzgraf.
  • Selections from Hope and Gloom—School.

Room No. 6—Sallie VanCleave, Teacher.

  • Description of a Snow Storm—Laura Rooke.
  • Angel of Patience—Lennie Higgs.
  • Forgiveness—Laura Beckman.
  • Selections from Raphael—Rosa Menger.
  • Selections from Trinity Bay—Annie Wesler.
  • Maud Muller—Class.
  • Biography of Whittier—Georgie True.
  • Loch Marlee—Bertie Downing.
  • Autumn Thoughts—Ollie Sturm.

Room No. 5—Alice Schleicher, Teacher.

  • A sketch of Whittier’s Life—Charles Mohr.
  • Slavery—Katie Decker, Katie Hornberger, L. Lommel and the Class.
  • Selection—Class.
  • The Huskers—By Eight Boys.
  • Barbara Frietchle—Lizzie Kuhlman.
  • A Lament—By Seven Girls.

Room No. 4—Emma Brogan, Teacher.

  • Sketch of Whittier’s Life—Class.
  • In School Days—Nettie Hodel.
  • The Prayer Seeker—Dollie Smashea, Annie Dickinson, Ida Isdell.
  • The Corn Song—Cora Hayes.
  • Selection—Class.
  • The Demon of the Study—J. Fitch, T. Fitch, and W. Hawkins.
  • Song—C. Wharton, C. Fichter, G. Devore.
  • Barefoot Boy—Willie Rowe.
  • Laus Deo—G. Devore, C. Wharton, H. Brown.
  • Selection—Class.
  • Selection—Grant Willis.

Room No. 3—German and English—J. F. Ferger, Teacher.

  • Bryant and his Birthday—Charles Lommel, Johnnie Russe, Charles Dorr, Henry Decker, Harry Telker, Andy Wirth.
  • The Frost Spirit—Katie Lommel, Katie Fox, Katie Oertling, Bertha Seekatz, and Nannie Hornberger.
  • Selection from The Robin—Whole School.
  • Selection from Lines inscribed to friends under arrest for treason to the slave power—Whole School.
  • Selection from Lines inscribed to a friend returning home from Europe—Whole School.
  • Selection from The Cross—Whole School.
  • The Common Question—Whole School.
  • The Robin—Flora Anderegg, Maggie Kestner.
  • Selection from Raphael—Whole School.
  • Selection from Channing—Whole School.

NEWTOWN—C and D Primary—Nettie Duck, Teacher.

  • Dedication—Stephen Burk.
  • My Birthday—Twelve Scholars.
  • Italy—Reading—Eddie Ferger.
  • Recitation—By the School.
  • The Barefoot Boy—Earnest McLean.
  • The Meeting Waters—Eddie McCullough, Artie Dillon.
  • Response—Phebe Williamson.