Southeastern Indiana Fair Awards – 1874

Awards for the 1874 Southeastern Indiana Fair appeared in:

Aurora Dearborn Independent – 3 Sep 1874 – Page 3, Column 2

The Fair.
The following awards were made yesterday:


  • Stallions.—4 years old and over, Mr. Wm. O. Rucker, of Franklin county. A very fine English draft stallion, superior to anything of the kind ever exhibited at our fair.
  • 2 year old, Dr. E. S. Grant, Boone county, Ky.
  • Colt, Joseph D. Curtis.


  • 4 years old and over, W. C. Goodrich.
  • 3 year old, Aaron Parks.
  • 2 year old, John C. Jonston.
  • 1 year old, Charles Rolf.


  • 4 year old and over, Seymour Cole.
  • 3 year old, O. P. Cobb Jr.
  • 2 year old, Geo. Utz.
  • 1 year old, Aaron Parks.


  • Stallion, J. W. Lail, Boone county, Ky.
  • Mare, L. W. Cobb, Dearborn Co.
  • Gelding, J. A. Riddell, Boone Co., Ky.


  • Jack, J. W. Gaines, Boone county, Ky.
  • Jennett, C. Bradley, Switzerland County, Indiana.
  • Mules, 3 years old, T. & J. W. Gaff & Co., Aurora, Ind.
  • Mule colt, Morton Mulford, Dearborn county, Ind.
  • Sweepstakes, Mules, T. & J. W. Gaff & Co., Aurora, Ind.

Aurora Dearborn Independent – 10 Sep 1874 – Page 3, Column 3

Continued List of Premiums Awarded by the S. E. Ind. Agricultural Society.


Stallions—4 year old and over, Frank Swailes, Dearborn county

  • 3 year old, Wm. S. Tyler, of Dearborn county
  • 2 year old, J. W. Lail, Boone county, Ky.
  • 1 year old, George W. Johnston, of Dearborn county
  • Horse colt, Chris. Barlow

Mares.—4 years old, L. W. Cobb, of Dearborn county.

  • 3 year old, J. W. Lail, Boone county, Ky.
  • 2 year old, John Armstrong.
  • 1 year old, Wm. H. Curtis, Dearborn county.
  • Colt, Riddle & Norris, Boone county, Ky.

Geldings—4 year old, Josiah Chambers, Dearborn county.

  • 2 year old, F. H. Sale, of Dearborn county.


  • Best pacing horse, 4 year old, F. H. Sale, Dearborn county.
  • Best pacing horse, 3 year old, F. H. Sale, Dearborn county.


  • Best boar, thin rind, Simons Baldon, Boone county, Ky.
  • Best sow, Berkshire, Sam. Hall, Dearborn county.
  • Best sow, Poland-China, H. D. & C. M. Tufts, Dearborn county.
  • Pair shoats, under 6 months old, Sam. Hall.


  • Best sow with 3 or more shoats, H. D. & C. M. Tufts.
  • Pair shoats over 6 months old, H. D. & C. M. Tufts.


  • Fine wool, buck, ewe and pair lambs, Ephram Butterfield.
  • Long wool, buck, Wilkerson Smith.
  • Middle wool, buck, ewe, and pair lambs, Sam. Hall.


  • Bull, 3 years old and over, Jonathan Wilson, Wilmington.
  • Bull, 1 year old, Simmons Baldon, Boone county, Ky.
  • Bull calf, Perry Small, Dearborn county.


  • Bull, 3 years old, O. P. Cobb.
  • Cow, 3 years old, O. P. Cobb.

The prize of $40.00 offered to the best horse, mare or gelding, over 4 years old, speed considered, was taken by Columbus Kirtley, of Boone county, Ky., with his sorrel mare, Kate Seely. The prize of $20.00, offered for best trotting horse, mare or gelding, 3 years old, speed considered, single mile, was also taken by Mr. Kirtley with his fine 3 year old bay stallion, which also developed the powers to travel.


Stallions—4 years old and over, J. W. Lail.

  • 3 years old and over, Columbus Kirtley.
  • 2 year old, J. C. Jenkins.
  • 1 year old, J. W. Lail.
  • Colt, J. Norris.

Mares—4 years old and over, J. C. Jenkins.

  • 3 years old, J. W. Lail.
  • 2 year old, Frank Marsh.
  • 1 year old, J. W. Lail.
  • Colt, J. C. Jenkins.

Geldings—4 years old, Josiah Chambers.

  • 3 year old, J. W. Watts.
  • 2 year old, Lail & Stevens.


  • Stallion with 3 or more of his colts, J. W. Lail.
  • Mare with 1 or more colts, W. H. Curtis.
  • Best colt regardless of sex, Norris & Riddle.
  • Best pair matched horses or mares, Wm. Wheeler.


  • Lady—Miss Wingate, Boone county, Ky.
  • Gentleman—J. A. Riddle.