Dearborn County Commissioners Allowances – Jun 1879

Allowances of the June 1879 Session of the Dearborn County, Indiana Commissioners appeared in:
Lawrenceburg Register – 3 Jul 1879 – Page 3, Column 6

Allowances by the County Commissioners.
The following is a list of allowances by the County Commissioners of Dearborn County, Indiana, at the session named, and ordered to be published in the Register, as having the largest circulation in said county:

June Session, 1879.



  • Daniel Chidister for Mrs. Hattie Corle
  • Daniel Chidister for Mrs. Nevitt
  • Daniel Chidister for Mrs. Arnold
  • Christ Rochmer for Mrs. Louisa Smith
  • Sparks Bros. for Mrs. Howard
  • Sparks Bros. for Susan Locy
  • Sparks Bros. for Mrs. Tilford
  • Sparks Bros. for Mrs. Lambertson
  • Betty Epstein for Mrs. Rohlinger
  • Betty Epstein for Mrs. Kough
  • Betty Epstein for Mrs. Domner
  • David Wright for Mrs. Williamson
  • John Huth for Mrs. West
  • J Sortwell Sr. for P Carter’s child
  • John Denchler for Mrs. Donner
  • John Denchler for Mrs. Williamson
  • R E Ward for Mrs. McKee
  • Renner & Lang for Mrs. Donner
  • Renner & Lang for Mrs. Ray
  • Renner & Lang for Mrs. French
  • Renner & Lang for Mrs. Bennett
  • Renner & Lang for Mrs. Knorr
  • Renner & Lang for Mrs. Roberts
  • Renner & Lang for Mrs. Smith
  • Renner & Lang for Mrs. Williamson
  • Renner & Lang for Mrs. William
  • Renner & Lang for Mrs. F Knorr
  • G Renner, Trustee, for transient paupers
  • Isaac Hayes for Jennie Howard
  • W Fitch, receiver, for Mrs. Douglas
  • W Fitch, receiver, for Mrs. Smith
  • W J Fitch for Mrs. Bruce
  • W J Fitch for Mrs. Williams
  • W J Fitch for Mrs. Cune
  • Mat Miller for Mrs. Bohlinger
  • Julius Currlls for Mrs. Roberts
  • Julius Currlls for Mrs. Monrow
  • Julius Currlls for Mrs. Grasky
  • Julius Currlls for Mrs. Striker
  • Julius Currlls for Mrs. Strandin
  • Tebbs Bros. for Mrs. Jones
  • Tebbs Bros. for Mrs. Morrison
  • Tebbs Bros. for Mrs. Tout
  • Chas Israel for Mrs. Emmerson
  • Chas Israel for Mrs. Carter
  • Chas Israel for Kate Miller
  • Chas Israel for Mrs. Monroe
  • Chas Israel for a tramp
  • Chas Israel for Mrs. Grasky
  • Chas Israel for Mrs. Knapp
  • H A Shinneman for temporary relief
  • Nicholas Gillig for Mrs. Knorr
  • Nicholas Gillig for Mrs. Keough
  • Nicholas Gillig for Mrs. Kinney
  • Moore & Spooner for Mrs. Douglas
  • Moore & Spooner for Mrs. Monroe
  • Gatch & Miller for Mrs. Enos Jones
  • Gatch & Miller for Mrs. Donner
  • J F Hammerle for Mrs. Morand
  • J F Hammerle for Clarance Flanigan
  • Nancy Jones for Sebastian Green
  • Drury Nothern for Mrs. Williams
  • Drury Nothern for Mrs. Roberts
  • I D Stevens for Mrs. Ray
  • I D Stevens for John Tater
  • Anton Kaiser for Martin Jacob
  • Edward Gilland for Mrs. Williamson
  • Christ Scherger for Mrs. Rieg
  • Mrs. Homener for Miss Bennett


  • Sarah Greely for Mr. Stivers
  • Simon Siemantel for John Melson
  • Simon Siemantel for Mrs. Maul
  • Fred Montell for digging graves for poor
  • Langtree & Haynes for Mrs. Hudson
  • Langtree & Haynes for Mrs. Tracey
  • Peter Koehler for Mrs. Schmnager
  • Peter Koehler for Mrs. Karbo
  • Peter Koehler for Mrs. Ritten
  • Peter Koehler for Mrs. Curry
  • Peter Koehler for Mrs. Rogers
  • Herman Rabe for Mrs. Hauck
  • Herman Rabe for Mrs. Wershaar
  • Ph Kastner for Adam Singer
  • Geo W Taylor for conveyances for poor
  • Frank Housemeyer for Joseph Clark
  • Adam Herdigan for Mrs. Boyd
  • Adam Herdigan for Mrs. Vansickles
  • Adam Herdigan for Mrs. Yaggie
  • Adam Herdigan for Mrs. Thomas
  • Adam Herdigan for Wendel Titschge
  • Abram Lozier for Mrs. Schnertierger
  • Pat Dobel for Wm Tickey
  • Pat Dobel for Martin Kerrigan
  • Pat Dobel for Wm Thompson
  • Pat Dobel for Mrs. Stivers
  • Philip Earle for Miss Ross
  • Mrs. P Pelgin for Miss Winscotts
  • Mrs. P Pelgin for Miss Potters
  • Mrs. P Pelgin for Miss Carlins
  • Mrs. P Pelgin for Miss Wenzells
  • Fred Opperman for poor of Centre
  • Chamber, Stevens & Co. for Sarah Vidito
  • Chamber, Stevens & Co. for Maggie Giffin
  • Chamber, Stevens & Co. for Mrs. John
  • Chamber, Stevens & Co. for Mrs. Bussel
  • Chamber, Stevens & Co. for Mrs. Teany
  • Chamber, Stevens & Co. for Mrs. Griffith
  • Chamber, Stevens & Co. for Mrs. Reading
  • Chamber, Stevens & Co. for Wm Powell
  • Chamber, Stevens & Co. for Mrs. Matson
  • Chamber, Stevens & Co. for Mrs. Garrison
  • John Nees for Mrs. Luhn
  • A Bloom & Bro. for Mrs. Blasdel
  • A Bloom & Bro. for A Moran
  • M Harring for coffins &c. furnished poor
  • M Maloney, Trustee, for money paid poor


  • Geo W Arnold for Mrs. C Smith


  • W F Crocker for Mrs. Layborn
  • W F Crocker for T Brigg
  • W F Crocker for Mrs. J Fancett


  • Wilk Smith for money paid out as trustee


  • Jacob Sefton for temporary relief
  • Hannah Woods for temporary relief
  • P O Hackelman, M.D., for medical aid
  • L J Collins for medical aid
  • F M Jackson for money paid poor


  • H H Kamping for temporary relief
  • Ira Shepherd for temporary relief
  • J W E Hartley for Elizabeth Evans
  • Vandolah & Co. for T Acre
  • Vandolah & Co. for Betsy Spangler
  • Vandolah & Co. for Annie Evans
  • Vandolah & Co. for C Bruce
  • Vandolah & Co. for Mrs. Ewing
  • Vandolah & Co. for J Fleming
  • Vandolah & Co. for A McFarlan
  • Vandolah & Co. for Coda Netsa


  • H D Moore for Mrs. Busby
  • B F Draper for Jackson Knapp
  • B F Draper for Elizabeth Smith
  • B F Draper for Isaac Davis
  • B F Draper for Mrs. Dell Gillingham


  • Fred Slater for nails &c.
  • Wm F Crocker for goods &c.
  • Andrew Sims for money paid
  • L & N Turnpike Co. for toll by county team
  • W H Jordan for whisky &c.
  • A D Cook & Bro. for hardware &c.
  • John C Sims for horseshoeing &c.
  • Andrew Sims for money paid out
  • D Greenham for 4 days work
  • Wm Sims for 4 days whitewashing
  • Fred Slater for 1 sack coffee
  • Alex Ruble for repairing shoes &c.
  • Lewis Stohlman for harness &c.
  • H Chairsell for pair boots
  • S Strasburger for dry goods
  • James Burk for groceries
  • Ed Greenham for three months work
  • Louis Hoff for three months work
  • Carrie Sims for three months work


  • Martin Kieffer
  • Ledger Standard Co.
  • O H Hasselman
  • Wm B Burford
  • Indianapolis Sentinel Co.
  • Wm Braden


  • W W Witherow for Deborah Spangler
  • J S Dorman & Co. for Minnie Stokes


  • F C Haynes for 2 days work Commissioners
  • Wm H Kyle, Treas., Stamps &c.
  • Warren Tebbs, Clerk, stamps &c.
  • F C Haynes for plan for Guilford bridge


  • L W Cobb
  • Hunter & O’Brien


  • Hunter & O’Brien for printing blanks
  • Harvey B Hill for services & county Sup’t


  • E Christopher for boarding prisoners
  • Tebbs Bros. for coal oil, soap &c. for jail
  • W H Jordan for chloride line


  • Warren Tebbs, Clerk, for costs in case of Gaff et al vs. N H T Co.
  • Warren Tebbs, Clerk, for costs in case Cummings et al vs. N H T Co.


  • W C Christopher for cleaning vault in jail
  • W H Jordan for sponges &c. for Court House
  • A D Cook & Bro. for iron pipe &c. for Court House
  • A D Cook & Bro. for repairing gutter for Court House
  • Lawbgh Gas Co. for gas consumed for Court House
  • S Strasburger for cloth &c. used at Court House
  • Tebbs Bros for soap, line &c. for Court House
  • A Williams for repairing locks for Court House
  • John Schwab for repair to cistern for Court House
  • Geo Bruce for putting coal in at Court House
  • Renner & Lang for coal for jail at Court House


  • Henry Bulthopt for 26 days Caesar Creek Tp
  • F A Young for 52 days in Clay Tp
  • Wm Ling for 58 days in Kelso Tp
  • J Theobold for 51 days in Jackson Tp
  • O F Cloud for 55 days in Harrison Tp
  • J S Prichard for 34 days in Hogan Tp
  • E M Buffington for 63 days in Centre & Aurora
  • Henry Minson for 62 days in Manchester
  • Albert Steinmetz for 45 days in York
  • J W Cooper for 45 days in Miller
  • Geo F Randel for 31 days in Washington
  • W F Cartwright for 50 days in Sparta
  • D M Guard for 58 days in Lawrenceburgh
  • Sam’l Seig for 47 days in Logan
  • Ed Hayes for 58 days in Lawrenceburgh City


  • W O Liddell, Guardian, tax refunded
  • Henry R Wood, tax refunded


  • Gideon Renner for lumber &c. for Wilson Creek bridge
  • Chas H Wilson for making copy of specification of Guilford bridge
  • J A Cole et als for viewing road in Washington Tp
  • W H Blasdel for serving as witness on jury on A Guard
  • W H Kyle for three months salary as Treasurer of Dearborn county
  • Myron Haynes for 3 months salary and fees as Auditor D C


  • Abraham Briggs
  • Michael Hoff
  • Fred Slater