Dearborn County Commissioners’ Allowances – Mar 1880

Allowances of the Dearborn County, Indiana Commissioners for March 1880 appeared in:
Lawrenceburg Register – 25 Mar 1880 – Page 4, Column 4

Made by the Board of Commissioners of Dearborn County, Ind., at their March term, 1880, and ordered to be published in the Register, as having the largest circulation in said county.



  • William Meade to transient paupers.


  • F R Dorman & Co. to Ida —


  • Robert Hargitt to Elizabeth Huff
  • F M Jackson to several parties
  • P J Emmert to Miss Huff
  • P J Emmert to Diggs family
  • Jacob Sefton to Mrs. Sefton
  • Robert Hargitt to James Diggs


  • John Billingsley to Mrs. Williams
  • Isaac Hayes to Jennie Howard
  • W M S Terrill, M. D. to Henry Morris
  • W M S Terrill, M. D. to Mrs. Douglass
  • James Walker
  • Mrs. Hommer to Rhoda Bennett
  • Daniel Chidester to Mary Nevitt
  • Daniel Chidester to Hattie Carl
  • Moore & Spooner to Mrs. Douglass
  • Moore & Spooner to Mrs. Cune
  • Mrs. Sunderbrook to Mrs. Bohlinger
  • Michael Reagen to Isaac Squires
  • Drury Nothern to Mrs. Roberts
  • Dr. J P Green to David Tilford
  • Dr. J P Green to Mrs. Mudica’s child
  • Dr. J P Green to Brower Ricketts
  • Dr. J P Green to Mrs. Bennett
  • Dr. J P Green to Mrs. Enos Jones
  • J S Dorman & Co. to Mrs. Morris’ child
  • Catharine Kroh to Catharine Klickner
  • Mrs. D Deuschle to Mrs. Donner
  • H R Helmuth & Son to Mrs. B Ricketts
  • H R Helmuth & Son to Mrs. Williamson
  • Brogan & Harding to Mrs. Ray
  • Indiana Kram to Mrs. Ray
  • N Gillig to Mrs. Keough
  • N Gillig to Mrs. Douglass
  • N Gillig to Mrs. Kinney
  • N Gillig to Mrs. Knorr
  • Mrs. Scherger to Mrs. Reig
  • John Huth to Mrs. West
  • I D Stevens to Mrs. Ray
  • Edward Gilland to Mrs. Williamson
  • Samuel Dickinson to Chas F Tiffany
  • Joseph McGranahan to four persons
  • Tebbs Bros to Mrs. Williams
  • Tebbs Bros to Mrs. Morrison
  • G Renner to sundry persons
  • Drs. Gatch & Miller to Mrs. Bohlinger
  • Drs. Gatch & Miller to Mrs. Williamson
  • Drs. Gatch & Miller to Mrs. Jones
  • Drs. Gatch & Miller to I Squires
  • Drs. Gatch & Miller to G Smith
  • Louis Kohlerman to James M Terrel
  • Louis Kohlerman to Lar Tate
  • Hiram Clark to Mrs. Falderman
  • Myron H Harding to Minerva Johnson
  • Myron H Harding to John Sims
  • Myron H Harding to Mrs. Nevitt
  • Myron H Harding to Mrs. Bohlinger
  • P L Matheus, Adm’r to Mrs. Smith
  • Renner & Lang to sundry persons
  • Mrs. Kelley
  • Walter Fitch, Receiver, to Mrs. Smith
  • Walter Fitch to Mrs. Douglass
  • Chas Seekatz to Mrs. Keough and Cune
  • Julius Currus to Mrs. Howard
  • Julius Currus to Mrs. Roberts
  • Julius Currus to Mrs. Flanigan
  • Hammerle & Co. to Mrs. Morand
  • Hammerle & Co. to Mrs. Bohlinger
  • Hammerle & Co. to Mrs. Wiegele
  • Mrs. F Dorn
  • F R Dorman & Co. to J Ritter
  • F R Dorman & Co. to Ida Lenover
  • Sparks Bros to Mrs. Losey
  • Sparks Bros to Mrs. Tilford
  • Gideon Renner, overseer poor
  • Charles Israel to sundry persons
  • Wm J Fitch to Margaret Bruce
  • Augusta Windmiller


  • Mrs. P Pelgen to Mrs. Wengals
  • Mrs. P Pelgen to Mrs. Schipper
  • Mrs. P Pelgen to Mrs. Carlins
  • Mrs. P Pelgen to Mrs. Winscott
  • Mrs. P Pelgen to Mrs. Robinson
  • Jacob Kirsch to H Metendorph
  • Herman Raba to Mrs. Hauck
  • Herman Raba to Mrs. Weizehan
  • M Maloney Jr. to sundry persons
  • Herdegen & Kress to Miss Lietschge
  • Herdegen & Kress to Mrs. Thomas
  • Herdegen & Kress to Mrs. Tagge
  • Herdegen & Kress to Mrs. Smith & others
  • Geo W Taylor to Davison and Peters
  • Drs. Rectanus & Henry for salary for year
  • Fred Housemier to Joe Clark and family
  • A Bloom & Bro to Mrs. Blalsdel
  • A Bloom & Bro to H A Moran
  • Sarah Greeley to Mr. Stivers
  • M Maloney Jr. to Mr. Stivers and family
  • Henry Wood to Mrs. Dacon
  • Henry Wood to Mrs. Billingsley
  • Henry Wood to Mrs. Garrison
  • Peter Koehler to Mrs. B Drester
  • Peter Koehler to Mrs. Geo H King
  • Peter Koehler to — Schorel
  • Patrick Dobel to Wm Tickey
  • Patrick Dobel to Mrs. Hulscamp
  • Patrick Dobel to Wm Thompson
  • Patrick Dobel to Mrs. Kerrigan
  • Patrick Dobel to Mrs. Moran
  • Patrick Dobel to Wm Brown
  • Chambers, Stevens & Co. to Mrs. Videte
  • Chambers, Stevens & Co. to Mrs. Jehu
  • Chambers, Stevens & Co. to Mrs. Russell
  • Chambers, Stevens & Co. to Wm Powell
  • Chambers, Stevens & Co. to Mrs. Teaney
  • Chambers, Stevens & Co. to W M Cartney
  • Chambers, Stevens & Co. to Mrs. Smith
  • Chambers, Stevens & Co. to Mrs. Burk
  • Chambers, Stevens & Co. to G W Hopping
  • Fred Opperman to J Kerrigan
  • Fred Opperman to Kate Murphy
  • Fred Opperman to Mary Bohler
  • Fred Opperman to Thomas Hughes
  • Fred Opperman to Mary Burk
  • Fred Opperman to Kate Welsh
  • Mrs. A Earle to Mrs. Ross
  • Lucinda Acre for quarterly allowance
  • Eleanor Brewington to Mrs. Robinson
  • Fred Kreite to Mrs. Luhn
  • Geo W Taylor to Sanford Carbaugh
  • Jacob Peters to Sanford Carbaugh
  • Philip Kastner to Adam Sengers
  • Philip Kastner to Mrs. Ehmans
  • Simon Siemantel to John Nelson
  • Simon Siemantel to Mrs. Maul
  • Langtree & Haynes to Pat Tracey
  • Langtree & Haynes to Mrs. E Hudson
  • Langtree & Haynes to Martin Cochran
  • Abram Lozier to Mrs. Schwartzenfelder
  • M Maloney Jr., overseer of the poor


  • B P Boardman for Mrs. Garrison
  • I M Truitt, overseer of poor
  • Wm Clans
  • B P Boardman for Mrs. Heck
  • Dr. W H Dunn, one quarter salary


  • Dr. A J Bowers for Mrs. Mahood
  • Dr. A J Bowers for sundry poor in Tp
  • James Beatty for sundry persons
  • Nelson & Chance for regular allowance
  • James Beatty for Richard Gilmore
  • J S French for Mrs. Cole’s child
  • Nathan Todd for Mrs. Smith
  • Helen Mack for regular allowance
  • Mrs. Stevens for — Bowen


  • Wm F Crocker for Mrs. Laybourn
  • Wm F Crocker for Mrs. Vincent
  • Geo W Steinmetz for unknown
  • P J Emmert for John Briggs
  • Nancy Tanner for Mrs. Mahood


  • Lewis Fawcett for regular allowance
  • Simeon Miller for regular allowance
  • Dr. H C Vincent, year’s allowance


  • Patrick Diver for F Bishop
  • Patrick Diver for Mrs. Conley
  • Peter Werst & Co. for M Mathias
  • Christian Robert for M Mathias
  • P Weis for M Mathias


  • Henry Sahn for Barbara Hofreiter


  • Ira Shepperd for blind children
  • J W E Hartley for Elizabeth Evans
  • J C Vandolah for Harriet Hoover
  • J C Vandolah for Betsy Spangler
  • J C Vandolah for T Acre
  • J C Vandolah for A McFarland
  • J C Vandolah for Mrs. Ewing
  • J C Vandolah for John Curl
  • J C Vandolah for Mrs. Leasure
  • J C Vandolah for Jacob Fleming
  • J C Vandolah for H W Tiel
  • J C Vandolah for E Goodpasture
  • Benjamin Blue for Thomas Acher
  • Thomas Wilson for blind person


  • Sarah Warner
  • Garrett Bosse for James Warner


  • Wilkinson Smith, overseer of poor


  • Sebastian Greenham for work and hop
  • Edward Greenham for work
  • Christian Oelker, coffin
  • James Ruble, one hog
  • L & N Turnpike Co., toll
  • Anna Koop, work
  • L Harbaugh, sundries
  • John Darling, work
  • Alex Ruble, work &c.
  • Fred Slater, goods
  • J C Sims, sundries
  • H P Spaeth & Co., stove & Co.
  • Dr. T M Kyle, medical services
  • Thos Duncan, quarter salary as Supt.
  • Dr. T E Craig, medical services


  • Elijah Christopher, boarding prisoners
  • Dr. J P Green, medical services for qr


  • Julius Severin, repairs on county jail
  • Tebbs Bros., sundries for court house
  • Elijah Christopher, sundries for jail
  • F Adkinson, Adm’r, ice for court house
  • J F Hammerle & Co., mops
  • Fred Wesler, coal
  • Francis Lang, mops
  • Charles Jones, cleaning flues
  • Renner & Lang, coal for jail
  • August Willers, work for court house
  • L Kupferschmidt, rep clock
  • Lawbgh Gas Co., gas for court house


  • E Christopher, services as Sheriff in road cases
  • Geo C Columbia, recording deed
  • James Powell, road viewer
  • E Butterfield, road viewer
  • O P Pyles, road viewer
  • H J Powell, road viewer
  • Ira Kimball, road viewer
  • L M Prichard, road viewer
  • Rezin Rees, road viewer
  • Frank Nevitt, road viewer
  • Robert Mason, road viewer
  • Orin Judd, road reviewer
  • Watts O Liddel, road reviewer
  • T B Cottingham, road reviewer


  • Frederick Slater
  • Michael Hoff
  • Abraham Briggs


  • Alex. B. Pattison, County Auditor
  • Wm. H. Kyle, County Treasurer


  • H. B. Hill


  • J E Larimer, delinquent list
  • L W Cobb, instructions to assessors, school fund notices
  • Hunter & O’Brien, sundry items
  • D W Calvert, election notices


  • Sentinel Company, sundry items
  • J E Larimer, assessors’ blanks, subscription to press
  • De Hann & Co., steel pens
  • Wm E Burford, sundry items


  • Peter Perlee, bus fare
  • I R Dunaway, administering oaths
  • Alex B Pattison, making township map, for preparing claims vs. Franklin county
  • Warren Tebbs for P O stamps & expressage
  • Warren Tebbs for fees in case State ex rel Brown vs. Barricklow
  • Warren Tebbs for fees, Epstein vs. Board of Commissioners
  • Fred Tanner for examining papers in Manchester case


  • Charles Bauer for Hogan Creek Bridge
  • G Renner, Trustee for Wilson Bridge
  • Joseph Tittel for Wilson Bridge
  • James Waler for Guilford Bridge