Dearborn County Commissioners’ Proceedings – Dec 1890

Proceedings of the December 1890 Session of the Dearborn County, Indiana Commissioners appeared in:
Aurora Dearborn Independent – 25 Dec 1890 – Page 3, Column 3

Commissioner’s Court.

In the matter of the settlement heretofore made with the Ex-County Treasurers Kyle, Lods and Lang, the following order was made:

“The Board having under consideration the settlement and accounts of the Ex-Treasurers Charles Lods, Wm. H. Kyle and Francis Lang, and being satisfied that each of said Ex-Treasurers are indebted to the county; and having extended to the said parties ample time for investigation of their said accounts, and no report having been made to the Board, and no adjustment of the matters made, now therefore order and direct that the County Attorney be and is hereby ordered to bring suit in the Dearborn Circuit against each of the said Ex-Treasurers for the balance remaining in their hands due said county. Said suits to be commenced not later than December 23, 1890, if the said amounts are not paid before that time. And the Auditor is directed to forthwith send to each Ex-Treasurer or his representatives a copy of this order.”

Enoch B. Nowlin allowed $145 for land taken for road purposes in Miller township.

J. H. Russe, Clerk, presented a proposition to index the marriage records of the county from 1826 to 1891 for the sum of $475. The proposition was accepted, and work ordered to be done.

Refunders—T. J. Lucas, $7.96; R. G. Frederick, $18.35; Elizabeth Kottman, $2.40; and St. Johns Lutheran Church, $5.84.

Frank M. Palmer was appointed Constable for Clay township.

The salary of the Janitor of the Court House was fixed at $45 per month.

Emma Buffington, an inmate of the County Asylum, was apprenticed to R. L. S. Baldwin of Sparta township.

Peter Einsel and others petition for the relocation of a road in Harrison township. John Ege, Charles Hornbach and William Fox were appointed viewers.

Michael Renck and others petition for the relocation of a road in Harrison township. Henry Fangman, Geo. Morgan and Lawrence Kappes were appointed viewers.

William Grubbs and others petition for the relocation of a road in Logan township. James Powell, Wm. Kyle and Perry Pyles were appointed viewers.

John Vogel and others petitione for the relocation of a road in York township. Henry Reinkin, Harry M. Shanks and Nathaniel Elliott were appointed viewers.

Joseph Cornforth was appointed Constable of Hogan township.

The Cesar Creek road matter, after being before the Board for more than a year, was compromised, and the road will now be opened. The following damages were ordered to be paid: Henry Ohlmansick, $100; H. R. Wolf, $150, and E. H. Heusman, $100.

John E. Heustis, Peter Bidner, and Fred Albers, viewers, report the proposed road in Jackson township is of public utility. There being neither remonstrance nor claim for damages the Board ordered the road opened at once.

Joseph Trester was appointed Constable of Center township to fill vacancy occasioned by the resignation of James Thompson.

George Ragsdale was awarded the contract for putting a new floor on the Wilson Creek Bridge.