Switzerland County – 1861 Ohio River Gazetteer

Switzerland County, Indiana entries from:
G.W. Hawes’ Commercial Gazetteer and Business Directory of the Ohio River 1861. Indianapolis : G. W. Hawes, 1861.
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Two miles below [Hamilton, Ky.], a post village of Switzerland county, in Posey township, situated 20 miles above Vevay, 100 miles above Louisville, 50 miles below Cincinnati, and about 100 miles south-east from Indianapolis. It was laid out in 1830, and is situated three miles from Big Bone Springs. It contains a Methodist, Presbyterian and Universalist church, a collegiate institute, Masonic and Odd Fellows’ lodges, 10 stores of various kinds, 2 hotels, 1 steam flouring mill, 1 steam saw mill, and a variety of mechanical and manufacturing branches. Population 600. Township, 2,000.

Sometimes called Florence, one mile below [Warsaw, Ky.], in Switzerland county, Ind., is a small village. Population about 200.

Ten miles below [New York, Ind.], the county seat of Switzerland county, situated on the Ohio river, equi-distant between Cincinnati, O. and Louisville, Ky. It was laid out in the year 1813 by John Francis Denfour and Daniel Denfour, emigrants from Canton De Vend, in Switzerland, Europe, and in remembrance of their native town gave it its present name. The town is laid out on part of the land which was entered by John James Dufour and his associated, in the beginning of the present century, and on which an extended credit was given, by an act of Congress, with a view of encouraging the culture of the grape. The commerce of the town is confined chiefly to the shipping of produce to the southern markets, and is the point on the Ohio river to which most of the produce of the county is brought for shipment. It is remarkable that, as yet, there has never a case of cholera originated in the town. Many attribute that fact to the water used by the inhabitants—it being altogether cistern water that is used. It is a very healthy location. There are at present a Methodist, Baptist and New School Presbyterian church. The Catholics have a small church started recently, which begins to increase in number. As yet they have no public worship, having rented for the time being a house for a chapel, but contemplate building a fine church. The Reformers have a congregation but not house of worship yet built.

Much attention is given to the culture of the grape. The variety found to succeed best here is the Cape grape, from which a considerable quantity of wine, resembling claret, is made. Population about 2,000.

Agricultural Implement Manufacturers and Dealers.

  • Wade S., Patriot, Switzerland co., Ind.
  • Grisard F. S. & Son, Vevay, Switzerland co., Ind.

Ambrotype, Daguerrean and Photographic Artists.

  • Chandler Jacob A., Patriot, Switzerland co., Ind.
  • Gage W. G., Patriot, Switzerland co., Ind.

Architects, Carpenters and Builders.

  • Towers John, Patriot.
  • Wade S., Patriot.
  • Wade S. W., Patriot.
  • Wiler William, Patriot.

Attorneys at Law and Notaries Public.

  • Gurley J. G., Patriot.
  • Herrick B., Patriot.
  • Dumont John W., Vevay.
  • Lamb & Atkinson, Vevay.
  • Scott C., Vevay.

Bakers and Confectioners.

  • Schilling J., Patriot.
  • Unser Charles, Vevay.

Beef and Pork Packers and Dealers.

  • Scranton J. M., Patriot.
  • Watts John & Co., Patriot.


  • Platte R., Patriot.
  • Tait James, Patriot.

Book Binders and Blank Book Manufacturers.

  • Stevens Isaac, Vevay.

Boot and Shoe Makers and Dealers.

  • Craver F., Patriot.
  • Yager F., Patriot.
  • Thompson O. G. & Co., Vevay.

Brick Makers and Dealers.

  • Fletcher S. A., Patriot.
  • Eblen James, Vevay.

Cabinet Makers and Furniture Dealers.

  • Hawkins A., Vevay.
  • Lamson T. D., Vevay.
  • Littlefield Enos, Vevay.
  • Short J. V., Vevay.

Carriage and Wagon Makers.

  • Golay S. T., Vevay.
  • Shuff Samuel, Vevay.

Clothiers and Merchant Tailors.

  • Black Julius, Vevay.

Coal Dealers.

  • Howe S. & Co., Patriot.

Coopers and Stave Manufacturers and Dealers.

  • Brixner A., Patriot.
  • Watts M. C., Patriot.


  • Baxter Petitt, Patriot.

Distillers and Rectifiers.

  • Howe S. & Co., Patriot.


  • STEVENS ISAAC. See card. Vevay.

Flouring and Grist Mills.

  • Knot G. G. & Co., Vevay.
  • Miller S. B. & Co., Vevay.

General Stores.

  • Driver H., Patriot.
  • Gazlay A., Patriot.
  • Gibson W., Patriot.
  • Hobbs A., Patriot.
  • Wells J. C., Patriot.
  • Curvoisier & Lewis, Vevay.
  • Harwood & Doan, Vevay.
  • Hathaway & Co., Vevay.
  • Hoffman J. B., Vevay.
  • McMillen John, Vevay.
  • Medary M., Vevay.
  • Plesants S. E. & J. K., Vevay.
  • Schenck W. P. & Son, Vevay.
  • Shaw Alfred, Vevay.
  • Teats Jesse, Vevay.


  • Scranton J. M., Patriot.
  • Watts John & Co., Patriot.
  • Clarkson & Waldo, Vevay.
  • Cole D. C., Vevay.
  • Tomkins A., Vevay.
  • Unser Charles, Vevay.

Hardware and Cutlery.

  • Grisard F. L.  & Son, Vevay.

Hotels and Hotel Proprietors.

  • Commercial Hotel, Patriot.
  • Spencer House, Patriot.
  • Leclerc House, Vevay.
  • RUSSELL HOUSE. See card. Vevay.

Insurance Agents.

  • Gazlay Arebert, Patriot.
  • Jack John J., Patriot.
  • Keeney Ira, Patriot.
  • Griard T. L. & Son, Vevay.
  • Pidgeon & Terrell, Vevay.
  • Pleasants Geo. E., Vevay.
  • Schenck Benjamin F., Vevay.
  • Waldo F. J., Vevay.

Jewelry, Watches, Clocks and Silverware.

  • Boerner F. A., Vevay.

Livery and Sale Stables.

  • Emerson A., Patriot.
  • Lemons Charles, Vevay.

Marble Workers and Dealers.

  • Vanausdall T. J., Vevay.

Milliners and Dress Makers.

  • Coffin Mrs. S. A., Patriot.

Millinery, Silk and Fancy Goods.

  • Detraz & Tardy, Vevay.
  • Kincaid Miss E. B. & Co., Vevay.

Physicians and Surgeons.

  • Gale E. S., Patriot.
  • Humphrey E. M., Patriot.
  • Rutey R. R., Patriot.
  • Danglade T. D., Vevay.
  • Gale T. C., Vevay.
  • Ridgeway J. F., Vevay.

Real Estate Agents and Dealers.

  • Titus J. H., Vevay.

Saddle and Harness Makers and Dealers.

  • Larison J. A., Patriot.
  • Cole D. C., Vevay.
  • Faulkner W., Vevay.
  • Potter Robt., Vevay.

Saw Mills.

  • Fish S., Patriot.
  • Smithson Joshua, Vevay.

Stoves, Tin, Copper and Sheet Iron Ware.

  • Fortune P., Patriot.
  • Goldenburg C. & Son, Vevay.
  • Woody L. L., Vevay.

Wines and Liquors.

  • Case E., Patriot.