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Patriot High School Graduation – 1896

Patriot High School [Switzerland County, Indiana] graduation report appeared in:
Vevay Reveille – 2 Apr 1896 – Page 5, Column 2


The sixth annual Commencement of the Patriot High School was held at the M. E. Church last Friday evening. The large, handsome building, which has an accommodation for about 400, was completely packed, many being unable to get seats or even standing room. The pulpit was tastefully decorated with flowers and ribbons.

The class, composed of ten members, four girls and six boys, is the largest in the history of the School, and, in point of ability, will rank with any preceding class. The orations showed careful preparation, originality, and an ability to discuss literary themes.

Following is the names of the graduates and their subjects:

  • Bessie Fletcher—Heroes.
  • Avery Huston—Invention, the Child of Necessity.
  • Mary Dibble—The Power of the Pope.
  • Hubert Broodwell—England’s Aggrandizements.
  • Bertha Harris—Are we a Race of Idolaters?
  • Nola Humphrey—Woman’s Place in Literature.
  • Fred Schroder—The Rise and Fall of a Great Nation.
  • Daisy Dibble—“Coming Events Cast Their Shadows Before.”
  • Pop Green—The Magazine as an Educator.
  • George Moredock—“Put None but Americans on Guard.

The graduates acquitted themselves nobly, and merited the profuse congratulations that were showered upon them.

Rev. J. W. Johnson, of the M. E. Church, offered the Invocation, and Rev. J. D. Shultz, of the Presbyterian Church, the Benediction.

Music was furnished by home talent, excepting H. D. Conrad, of Florence, violinist.

The Instructors for the past year were: O. M. Given, Principal; M. K. Huston, Grammar Department; Miss Laura Lamson, Intermediate; and Miss Bessie Philips, Primary.

The School Board is composed of Henry Schroder, President; Edwin E. North, Secretary; Selar Mead, Treasurer.

Sunday morning Rev. Jahnson delivered an interesting and instructive Sermon to the Class. Subject, “Measure Yourself by God’s Yardstick.”

The Alumni held its annual meeting and Banquet at the school building Monday evening.

Patriot Public Schools Promotions – 1895

Patriot Public Schools [Switzerland County, Indiana] promotions for 1895 appeared in:
Vevay Reveille – 18 Apr 1895 – Page 5, Column 2


List of Promotions in the Patriot Public Schools, April 5, 1895.

Promoted to A Class, Room 1.—Smith Rice, Robert Emerson, Watts Schafer, Willie Cook, Wilber Mellen, Bennie Long, Frank Snyder, Evert Snyder, Genne Broadwell, Walter Cook, Stanley Spencer, Charley Humphrey, Ida Bair, Sara Hayes, and Anna Stevenson.

To Class C, Room 2.—Earl Vauters, Clarence Starker, Loren McHuron, Pryor Scott, Harry Green, Kay Emerson, Lena Humphrey, Nettie Taylor, Nina Dibble, Sarah North, and Emma Scott.

To B Class, Room 2.—Clara Schroder, Jane Worth, Elmer Stephenson, Alice Pate, Gussie Taylor, Florence Snyder, Gertrude Fletcher, Grace VanDorin, Willie Rice, Guilford Humphrey, and Charlie Bair.

To A Class, Room 2.—Beulah Foster, Carroll Richards, Anna Coy, Orville North, Flossie Edrington, and Harry Hickman.

To C Grade, Room 3.—Albert Cook, Violet Moredock, Eddie Cook, Homer Eaton, Mitchel Taylor, Callie Williamson, Eddie Brown, Sadie Lamkin, and Robert Starker.

To B Class, Room 3.—Anna Schroder, Gertie Mellen, Kittie Graham, Fenton Emerson, and Floyd McHuron.

To A Class, Room 3.—Pearl Abbott, Clara Rice, Minnie Schroder, Leonard Wade, Glenn Coy, and Tommy Gockel.

To C Class, Room 4.—Laura Miller, Clara North, Rachel Moredock, Helen Mead, Edwin Emerson, Glenn North, Bruner Foster, Ephraim Williamson, Joe Baker, Frank McHuron, and Chas. Starker.

To B Class, Room 4.—Maud Buck, Grace Sheldon, Grace Harris, and Helen Emerson.

To A Class, Room 4.—Bessie Fletcher, Avery Huston, Pop Green, Mary Dibble, Bertha Harris, Fred Schroder, Herbert Broadwell, George Moredock, Nola Humphrey, and Daisy Dibble.

R. L. Thiebaud, Principal.

1868 Shippers’ Guide – Switzerland County

Switzerland County entries from:
H. C. Chandler & Co.’s Businesss Directory and Shipper’s Guide for the State of Indiana. Indianapolis : H. C. Chandler & Co., Publishers, 1868. Online at Hathitrust.

A village on the Ohio river, in Switzerland county, eight miles from Vevay. It contains a population of about 600.


  • Orem J


  • Cooper & Stetson
  • Platt Neal

Boots and Shoes.

  • Daubenherper G


  • Busher Henry
  • Wright D


  • Krutz, Land & Co.

General Stores.

  • Bledsoe & Beymer
  • Paul George


  • Krutz, Land & Co.


  • Land Geo

Justice of the Peace.

  • Edrington L

Notary Public.

  • Orem John


  • McKribben C P
  • Graves B F


  • Bledsoe L


  • Luck F
  • Perkin J D
  • Uri Adolph


  • Krutz, Land & Co


  • Boyd John
  • Wagonmaker.
  • Branson Moses


  • Bledsoe & Beymer

A town of 600 inhabitants, in Switzerland county, on the Ohio river, seventeen miles above Vevay. It is beautifully and healthfully situated, and enjoys considerable trade.


  • Tate James

Boarding House.

  • Stevenson Mrs Jane, cor Main and Second

Boots and Shoes.

  • Baxter P, Front
  • Brann John, Front


  • SCHAFER A, w of town
  • Watts M C, cor Main and Second


  • PATE W T & Co, Front

Drugs and Medicines.

  • Beckwith E W, Front

Flour Mill.

  • PATE W T & CO, Front

General Stores.

  • North L, Front
  • Stevenson J & J H, cor Main and Third
  • Wells J C & Co, cor Third and Front


  • Beckwith E W, Front
  • Scranton J M, Front

Harness and Saddles.

  • Shirey J W, cor Main and Third


  • Commercial Hotel, S Fish propr, Front

Insurance Agents.

  • Beckwith E W, cor Main and Third
  • Stevenson J H, cor Main and Third

Justice of Peace.

  • Berry R, Front


  • Beckwith E W, Front
  • Olcott W A
  • Ruter R C


  • North L, Front


  • How G O, Front
  • Scranton J M, cor Fourth and Main
  • Treusdell C F, Front


  • Bonnell T, cor Main and Third
  • Fortune P, Front

U. S. Bonded Warehouse.

  • PATE W T & CO, Front


  • Wade Samuel, Main

Wharf Master.

  • Coons B, wharf boat

The capital of Switzerland county, on the Ohio river. It is surrounded by a rich and wealthy agricultural country, which affords a good support to the place. Large quantities of grain and hay are shipped from here annually. The town is laid out with much taste, and contains several good buildings and business houses, with several fine churches, several manufacturing establishments, one weekly newspaper, which is ably conducted for the welfare and interests of the place. It now has a population of about 1800.

Agricultural Implements.

  • Grisard R F & Bro, s w cor Main and Ferry
  • Schenck W P & Son, cor Pike and Ferry


  • Atkinson W, Court House
  • Carter & Johnson, Court House
  • Downey H A, office LeClerc House
  • Livings T, Court House
  • Ormsbay & McCrelles, Main, bet Ferry and Liberty
  • Smith W, Court House
  • Works J & L, Court House


  • Clarkson & Dufour, Main
  • Jockell Joseph, Main


  • First National Bank, U P Schenck, pres, Wm Hall, cash, Main


  • Haller John, Ferry


  • Armstrong Fuget, Ferry
  • Bolton J T, Walton
  • Rutherford Joseph, Pike

Boots and Shoes.

  • Thiebaud C & Sons, Main
  • Weff J F, Ferry


  • Cramer C, w Main


  • Banta John, Ferry
  • Harthorn Geo, w Main

Civil Engineer.

  • LaClerc E M, office LeClerc House


  • Black Julius, Ferry, bet Main and Pike
  • Kauffman J, Main
  • Weil L & E, w Main

Cigar and Tobacco.

  • Mayer Adolf, cor Main and Liberty
  • Schewe H, Main


  • Jockell Joseph, Main


  • Ruggles W H Ferry, bet Main and Pike

Drugs and Medicines.

  • Stevens I & Son, Ferry, bet Main and Pike
  • Thiebaud J L, Main

Furniture Company.

  • Vevay Furniture Company, C Demann, agt, Ferry

General Merchants.

  • Davies Jas, Ferry, bet Main and Pike
  • Doan J S, Ferry, bet Main and Pike
  • Grisard R F & Bro, s w cor Main & Ferry
  • Hall & Lewis, Ferry, bet Main and Pike
  • Harwood & Son, Ferry, bet Main and Market
  • James & Hutchinson, Ferry, bet Main and Pike
  • Madary M, Ferry, bet Main and Market
  • Pleasants J K & Co, cor Main and Ferry
  • Schenck U P & Sons, cor Pike & Ferry
  • Schroeder H, cor Main and Ferry
  • Shaw & Rous, cor Ferry and Market sqr
  • Tate G W & J J P, cor Main and Ferry


  • Clarkson & Dufour, Main
  • Cole Daniel, e Main
  • Gordon & Tagul, Ferry, bet Main and Pike
  • Miller S B, cor Main and Liberty
  • Todd Henry, w Main
  • Waldo O S, Main


  • Grisard R F & Bro, s w cor Main and Ferry
  • Schenck U P & Sons, cor Pike & Ferry

Harness and Saddles.

  • Faulkner W, Pike
  • Kessler V, Ferry, bet Main and Market

Hay Dealers.

  • Schenck U P & Sons, cor Pike & Ferry


  • Henry House, H Hatch, prop
  • LeClerc House, Mrs. Julia E LeClerc, propr’s, n cor Ferry and Main
  • Vevay Hotel, E Schoonover, prop, cor Main and Ferry

Insurance Agent.

  • LeClerc E M, office LeClerc House
  • Waldo F J, cor Main and Ferry

Justice of the Peace.

  • Anderson J G, near river

Ladies’ Furnishing Goods.

  • Tardy & Detraz, Main

Livery Stables.

  • Peters Wm, Main
  • Schoonover E, Main

Marble Works.

  • Mencher John, cor Liberty and Main
  • Smith Wm, Ferry

Meat Market.

  • Kincaid J W & Bro, Main

Merchant Tailors.

  • Gray J Wm, Main
  • Knox J C, Main


  • Burns Mrs., Ferry
  • Tardy & Datraz, Main


  • Switzerland Mills, John Gill, prop, Pike

News Depot.

  • Thiebaud J L, Main


  • VEVAY REVEILLE, W J Baird, cor Main and Ferry


  • Tinker G P, Pike
  • Roberts & Moxley, Pike

Patent Washboard.

  • IMPROVED CONCAVE PATENT WASHBOARD, J Thompson & Son, manfs, cor Ferry & Pike


  • Ruggles W H Ferry, bet Pike and Main


  • Danglad T M, Ferry
  • Gale E S, Main
  • Morse D A, Pike
  • Thompson J W, Pike


  • Patton G C, Ferry.

Printing Office.

  • BAIRD W J, cor Main and Ferry


  • Cotton J G & Co, cor Ferry and Market
  • Kyle G M, Main
  • Plew Daniel, e Main

Stoves and Tinware.

  • Dumont & Dupraz, Ferry, bet Pike and Main
  • Goldenburg C & Son, Ferry, bet Main and Pike


  • Gillespie & McKimnen Mrs., Ferry
  • Shoemaker.
  • Smith B F, e Main


  • Shaw W G, Pike
  • Shuff S, Walnut

Watches, Clocks and Jewelry.

  • Boerner F A & Bro, Main
  • Ruggles W H, Ferry, bet Pike and Main


  • Dupraz F
  • Patton W

Woolen Factory.

  • SCHOEFIELD & COCHRAN, head of Ferry.

Patriot Public Schools Rolls of Honor – 1881

Patriot [Switzerland County, Indiana] Schools rolls of honor for 1881 appeared in:

Vevay Reveille – 17 Feb 1881 – Page 1, Column 4

Roll of Honor of Patriot Public Schools for the five weeks ending February 4, 1881:


  • A Class—James Strack, Mary Olcott
  • B Class—Anna Legg, Belle Montague


  • A Class—Otis Olcott, Eva Bonnell
  • B Class—Gussie Stevenson, Nettie Moore


  • A Class—Willie Wade, Johnnie Lucas
  • B Class—Fred Gockel, Elza Couch
  • C Class—Hallie Emerson, Frank Ruter

Vevay Reveille – 24 Mar 1881 – Page 4, Column 3

Roll of Honor of Patriot Public Schools for the five weeks ending March 11, 1881:


  • A Class—Mary Olcott, James Strack
  • B Class—Anna Legg, Lillie Taylor


  • A Class—Nellie Longfellow, Otis Olcott
  • B Class—Nettie Moore, Rhea Ruter
  • C Class—Willie DeHart, Mary Baxter


  • A Class—Silas Hickman, Willie Wade
  • B Class—Johnnie Watts, Carrie Emerson
  • C Class—Frank Ruter, Robert Scranton


Vevay Reveille – 14 Apr 1881 – Page 8, Column 1

Roll of Honor of Patriot Public Schools for the three weeks ending April 1, 1881:


  • A Class—Lillie Mottier, Alma Lucas
  • B Class—Anna Legg, Lillie Taylor


  • A Class—Otis Olcott, Ada Long
  • B Class—Rhea Ruter, Gussie Stevenson


  • A Class—Willie Wade, John Herrick
  • B Class—John Watts, Fred Gockel
  • C Class—Frank Ruter, Robert Scranton

The following from Miss Kittle Dickason’s room were neither tardy nor absent during the year: Otis Olcott, Sallie Green, Charles Pate, Lizzie Pate, Carrie Huston.

Vevay Reveille – 3 Nov 1881 – Page 4, Column 4

Roll of Honor of Patriot Public Schools:


  • A Class—James Strack, William Love
  • B Class—Ada M. Long

Teacher, Miss Kittie C. Dickason

  • A Class—Willie Emmerson, Phea Ruter, Carrie Huston
  • B Class—Anna Davis, Cordie Herrick

Teacher, Miss Carrie Woolen

  • Loren Hyde, Eddie Hemphill

S. E. M. COULTER, Principal.

Patriot Schools Rolls of Honor – 1880

Patriot [Switzerland County, Indiana] Schools rolls of honor for 1880 appeared in the following newspapers:

Vevay Reveille – 26 Feb 1880 – Page 1, Column 5

Roll of Honor of the Patriot schools for the five weeks ending Feb. 7, 1880:


  • A Class—J. B. McCarthy, S. D. Lucas, Jas. Strack
  • B Class—Willie Low, David Mottier, Eliza Platt
  • C Class—Lizzie McHuron, Annie Strack, Annie Legg


  • A Class—Alice Watts, Melinda Lee, Annie Fisk
  • B Class—Nellie Longfellow, Nettie Hughes, Ella Longfellow
  • C Class—Wm. Emerson, Rebeca Shafer, Belle Emerson


  • A Class—Joe Bonnell, Gertie Shepherd
  • B Class—Carrie Moore, Carrie Emerson, Lucy Koens
  • C Class—Hallie Bruner, Landy Wade, Elsie Couch

Vevay Reveille – 25 Nov 1880 – Page 4, Column 3

Roll of Honor of Patriot Public Schools for the five weeks ending Friday, November 19, 1880:


  • A Class—Alma Lucas, Mary Olcott
  • B Class—Anna Legg, Belle Montague


  • A Class—Willie Longfellow, Ottis Olcott
  • B Class—Gussie Stevenson, Carrie Huston


  • A Class—Carrie Emerson, Mary Taylor
  • B Class—Alex Edrington, Olive Herrick

J. R. HART, Principal.

Vevay Reveille – 13 Jan 1881 – Page 8, Column 1

Roll of Honor
Of Patriot Public Schools for the five weeks ending December 24, 1880:


  • A Class—Mary Olcott, James Strack
  • B Class—Anna Legg, Belle Montague


  • A Class—Sallie Green, Ellie Longfellow, Nellie Longfellow
  • B Class—Carrie Husten, Gussie Stevenson


  • A Class—Silas Hickman, Carrie Moore
  • B Class—Fred Gockel, Hallie Emerson

Patriot School Roll of Honor – 1879

The Patriot School [Switzerland County, Indiana] report appeared in:
Vevay Reveille – 15 Jan 1880 – Page 5, Column 1

Roll of Honor
Of the Patriot school for the four weeks ending December 24, 1879:


A Class—James Strack, Mary Olcott, Decatur Lucas.

B Class—Oliver Howard, Eliza Platt, Lizzie McHuron.



A Class—Jennie Strack, Anna Legg

B Class—Eva Bonnell, Sallie Green

C Class—Ella Longfellow, Rebecca Shafer



A Class—Gussie Stevenson, Pearl McCloskey, Ive Bonnel, Silas McHuron

B Class—Carrie Moore, Willie Cooper

C Class—Carrie Emerson, Eunice Shepherd, Susie Taylor, Charlie O’Brian

Patriot High School Examinations – 1877

The Patriot, Switzerland County, Indiana High School Examinations for 1877 appeared in the following newspapers:

Vevay Reveille – 18 Jan 1877 – Page 2, Column 4

Examination of Patriot High School.

Class A

  • Jennie Dunning, 100
  • Ida Huston, 100
  • Jesse Atlphin, 100
  • Mary Olcott, 99
  • Minnie Vanhouten, 99
  • Carrie Vanhouten, 91
  • Lilla Humphrey, 91
  • Harry Vanthorin, 88
  • John Boyle, 88
  • Cora Fletcher, 88
  • Barry Wade, 87
  • Decatur Lucas, 80
  • Charley Olcott, 85
  • Daniel Vanhouten, 83
  • Sallie Lowe, 83

Class B

  • Rhoda Wade, 98
  • Fannie Pate, 98
  • Hattie Mottier, 96
  • Mattie Dunning, 96
  • John Vanhouten, 95
  • James Strack, 93
  • Mary Humphrey, 93
  • Het Howe, 92
  • Lillie Mottier, 91
  • Eddie Robertson, 91
  • Andrew Melluron, 91
  • Clara Humphrey, 91
  • Mary Emerson, 88
  • Blanche Shepherd, 83
  • Belle Watts, 83
  • William Vauter, 80
  • Willie Lowe, 78
  • Bartie Strack, 73

The foregoing list shows the average standing of each scholar in all of his studies, for the month ending January 21, 1877.

Addison Ludlum, Principal.

Vevay Reveille – 15 Feb 1877 – Page 2, Column 3

Examination of Patriot High School.

Class A

  • Jennie Dunning, 100
  • Hattie Mottier, 87
  • Frank Emerson, 94
  • Harvey Vandorin, 93
  • Lilla Humphrey, 87
  • John Boyle, 81
  • Decatur Lucas, 78
  • Ida Huston, 99
  • Mary Olcott, 95
  • Carrie Vanhouten, 91
  • Charley Olcott, 89
  • Andrew [illegible], 85
  • Daniel Vanhouten, 81
  • Garry Wade, 76

Class B

  • Rhoda Wade, 95
  • Mattie Dunning, 95
  • Eliza Platt, 95
  • John Vanhouten, 92
  • Lillie Mottier, 90
  • Belle Watts, 86
  • Bartie Strack, 79
  • Eddie Robertson, 95
  • Blanche Shepherd, 95
  • James Strack, 91
  • Andrew McHuron, 90
  • Fannie Pate, 88
  • Willie Lowe, 79
  • William Vauter, 75

The foregoing list was received at the Examination held Feb. 9, 1877. It shows in regular order each scholar’s average standing for the month.


Vevay Reveille – 15 Nov 1877 – Page 2, Column 3


The following list shows in regular order, each scholar’s standing for the month ending Nov. 9, 1877:


  • Frank Emmerson, 100
  • James Vanhouten, 98
  • Harvey Van Dorin, 91
  • Cora Fletcher, 86
  • Ida Huston, 85
  • Jesse Allphin, 100
  • Andrew Ross, 98
  • Carrie Van Houten, 87
  • Decatur Lucas, 86
  • Daniel Van Houten, 72


  • Rhoda Wade, 100
  • Eliza Platt, 99
  • Mary Humphrey, 97
  • Frank Pate, 96
  • Lillie Mottier, 94
  • De Witt McNutt, 94
  • A[illegible] Lucas, 89
  • Marion Huston, 88
  • John Humphrey, 86
  • Belle Watts, 79
  • Freddie Roberts, 78
  • Charles Manglet, 67
  • Eddie Robertson, 99
  • Mattie Dunning, 98
  • James Strack, 96
  • Carrie Moore, 95
  • David Mottier, 94
  • Mary Emerson, 91
  • Katie Fletcher, 88
  • Andrew Shafer, 87
  • John Van Houten, 82
  • Lucian McHuron, 73
  • Bartie Strack, 68


Patriot High School Examination – Dec 1876

The Patriot, Switzerland County, Indiana, High School examination appeared in:
Vevay Reveille – 14 Dec 1876 – Page 5, Column 1


The following list of grades show the average standing of each scholar in all the branches in which he was examined, for the month ending Dec. 8th, 1876:


  • Jennie Dunning, 99
  • Jesse Alphin, 98
  • Ida Huston, 97
  • Harvey Van Dorin, 96
  • Minnie Vanhouten, 92
  • Carrie Vanhouten, 88
  • Andrew Ross, 88
  • Mary Olcott, 87
  • Lillie Humphrey, 83
  • Sallie Low, 83
  • Decatur Lucas, 83
  • John Boyle, 81
  • Daniel Vanhouten, 77
  • Garry Wade, 77
  • Belle Watts, 77


  • Rhoda Wade, 100
  • Eddie Robertson, 100
  • Eliza Platt, 96
  • Clara Humphrey, 96
  • Mary Humphrey, 95
  • Blanch [—], 95
  • Hollock Howe, 95
  • Mary Emerson, 92
  • James Strack, 88
  • Andrew McHuron, 87
  • Lillie Mottier, 87
  • John Vanhouten, 82
  • Willie Low, 82
  • Barite Strack, 81
  • Mary Jack, 81


Patriot School House Subscribers – 1869

The following article about Patriot, Switzerland County, Indiana appeared in:
Vevay Reveille – 11 Feb 1869 – Page 3, Column 3

Patriot School House.

The following is a list of the subscribers to the fund for the building of the new public School House, at Patriot [Switzerland County, Indiana], in this county, and the amount subscribed by each:

[See newspaper for amount subscribed.]

  • W. A. Olcott
  • John Watts
  • W. T. Pate
  • H. L. Norris
  • S. Q. Howe
  • John Gill
  • Wm. Emmerson
  • Reinhardt Keine
  • James Stevenson
  • P. C. Burns
  • R. R. Bromwell
  • Frank Braun
  • J. M. Hickman
  • R. R. Ruter
  • Joseph Hock
  • Andrew Shafer
  • Thomas J. McHatton
  • J. H. Stevenson
  • S. B. McHuron
  • M. C. Watts
  • Joseph Schilling
  • P. Fortune
  • Geo. McNutt
  • J. R. Wiley
  • J. W. Shirey
  • Mrs. Vienna Watts
  • Miss Anna Tait
  • J. G. Douglass
  • S. H. Scranton
  • Theodore Humphrey
  • T. E. Abbott
  • Rankin & White
  • Samuel Fisk
  • Hiram Douglass
  • N. Heisel
  • W. W. Shepperd
  • W. F. Coffin
  • John D. Mottier
  • J. M. Scranton
  • H. J. Harris
  • Aaron Lyon
  • C. H. Humphrey
  • John Vawter
  • C. L. Moredock
  • William Fisk
  • William H. Vawter
  • B. Strack
  • C. O. Brien
  • Ralph Platt
  • James Lutton
  • Bela Herrick
  • James W. Merritt
  • S. Howe
  • R. Abbott
  • P. L. Davis
  • Alfred Wilson
  • I. A. Humphrey
  • Hiram Mead
  • James Tait
  • H. Penn
  • G. B. Seaver
  • Mrs. James Stephenson
  • Jacob R. Harris
  • Martin R. Green

The building is completed and a Public School in now in operation, which employs three teachers.—The building is three stories high. The third story is occupied by the Masons and Odd Fellows. It is the intention of the citizens of Patriot and vicininty to build up and sustain a school second to none in the State.

Patriot, Switzerland County, Fighting Boys in Blue – 1868

The following article about the military in Switzerland County, Indiana appeared in:
Vevay Reveille – 8 Oct 1868 – Page 2, Column 4

Patriot, Ind., Sept. 26, 1868.

The Fighting Boys in Blue met at the Universalist Church after the Grant Club closed. The meeting was called to order by R. C. Moore, and on motion Bela Herrick was chosen President, of the meeting, and Jas. Stevenson Secretary. After a few remarks, proceeded to elect officers, which resulted as follows:

  • R. C. Moore, Captain
  • Joshua M. Scranton, 1st Lieutenant
  • Wm. Bonnell, 2d Lieut.
  • George Wade, Orderly Sergeant
  • Asahel Carpenter, 2d Sergeant
  • Theodore Bunnell, 3d Sergeant


  • John W. Lacock, 93d Ind. Vol.
  • W. F. North, 33d Gunboat
  • Wm. G. Dehart, 93d Ind. Vol.
  • W. S. Morse, 143d Ill. Vol.
  • Wm. A. Ruter, 123d Ind. Vol.
  • Ed. North, 11th Ohio Cav.
  • H. B. Bapler, 18th Ind. Vol.
  • Edward Carpenter, 2d Ind. Cav.
  • H. J. Harris, 83d Ind. Vol.
  • W. Munger, 93d Ind. Vol.
  • Geo. Kinebine, 93d Ind. Vol.
  • R. T. Butler, 139th Ind. Vol.
  • Eliner Dehat, 93d Ind. Vol.
  • Jas. A. Kincaid, 14th West Va.
  • Hose B. Herrick, 54th Ind. Vol.
  • Thos. Lakeman, 18th Ind. Vol.
  • Lewis Truesdell, 93d Ind. Vol.
  • David Hewitt, 93d Ind. Vol.
  • Wm. Couch, 82d Ind. Vol.
  • W. A. Houton, 18th Ind. Vol.
  • Z. Taylor, 18th Ind. Vol.
  • James Stevenson, 16th Ind. Vol.
  • M. Ballard, 18th Ind. Vol.
  • Henry Seavers, 18th Ky. Vol.
  • James W. Ridfeam, 20th Ind. Vol.
  • Morgan Seavers, 140th Ind. Vol.
  • Hiram Vandorin, 93d Ind. Vol.