Switzerland County Circuit Court – Jun 1896

Switzerland County, Indiana, Circuit Court reports appeared in:

Vevay Reveille – 18 Jun 1896 – Page 4, Column 4

Circuit Court

Met Monday—Judge Downey presiding. The Grand Jury met Monday and adjourned. The petition for a temporary injunction to prevent Commissioners from contracting to build free gravel roads in York Township, is now before Court. On account of farmers being busy, the probabilities are many cases will be continued by agreement. Among the attorneys from a distance in attendance are J. B. Coles and S. H. Stewart, Rising Sun; W. R. Johnston, Lawrenceburg.

Vevay Reveille – 25 Jun 1896 – Page 4, Column 2


Lucian Harris, of Patriot was licensed to practice law in this Court.

The Grand Jury reported they had been in session two days, examined eight witnesses, and returned no indictment. Discharged.

Isaac Heyen et al vs. Nora Satchwell; appeal from the Justice of the Peace. Dismissed at cost of defendant.

Carroll S. Tandy vs. Huldah Merit; on note. Judgment for $903.70.

Patriot Deposit Bank vs. Job E. Stevenson and Mary T. Stevenson; to foreclose mortgage. Judgment for $593.80 and foreclosure.

Ellenor Detraz et al vs. Clara Detraz; partition. Geo. W. McKay, Perry K. Cotton and Charles Danner appointed Commissioners to partition, to report at next term.

Joseph E. Hart, Auditor, vs. The Board of Commissioners of Switzerland County; for money. Demur to the complaint sustained, to which plaintiff excepts; after which plaintiff dismissed case.

Francis M. Reeves and Albert McCreary vs. The Board of Commissioners of Switzerland County; to enjoin contract to build three free gravel roads in York Township. Judgment for plaintiffs and defendant pay cost.

The First National Bank of Vevay, Indiana, vs. Oscar Williamson and Fred. L. Grisard; on notes. Judgment for $619.85.

John H. Diermiller, Treasurer of City of Vevay, Indiana, vs. C. S. Tandy, Trustee for Harriet E. Hull; for taxes. Judgment for $134.82.

State ex rel Jennie Abbott vs. Cornelius Abbott; complaint for support of wife and child. Trial by Jury. Verdict in favor of plaintiff. Defendant moved for new trial, first day of next term appointed to hear reason for asking new trial. Bond fixed at $600, in default of which defendant was sent to jail; but given permission to furnish bail any time during vacation.

State vs. Thomas Scott; assault and battery with intent to murder. By agreement continued until next term, and bond fixed at $200, in default of which he was sent to jail; but given permission to furnish bail at any time during vacation.

Several cases dismissed, and many cases continued by agreement.



Estate of Elias M. Humphrey, deceased, Ben. C. Mead, Executor. Partial report approved.

Estate of Ruth Butler, deceased, Ebenezer Butler, Administrator. Final report approved.

Guardianship of Lewis and Dawson Stewart, minor heirs of Nancy Stewart, William L. Told, Guardian. Final report approved and resignation accepted.

Guardianship of Joseph, Charles and Hattie Hayes, minor heirs of Mary Hayes, deceased. Partial report approved.

Miranda Norris et al vs. Fruba Norris et al. Administratrix given permission to mortgage real estate for an amount not exceeding $200, for not to exceed five years, for payment of school mortgage debt.

Estate of Henry Boyd, deceased, Nathias Funk, Administrator. Final report approved.

Estate of Jacob Kerth, deceased; Riley Land, Administrator. Final report approved.

Lewis Slix & Co. vs. Marion C. Waldon, Assignee Leander M. Clendening. Claim on account $150.85. Mattie Clendening also allowed claim of $125.

Catharine Schoffner was found of unsound mind, and John W. Brown was appointed her Guardian.

Guardianship of the minor heirs of Angeline Welch Thiebaud, R. L. Thiebaud, Guardian. Partial report approved.

Thomas R. Willey, Executor of last will of William T. Willey, deceased, vs. Lucinda Willey et al; petition to sell real estate. Approved.

Estate of Hugh L. Norris, deceased, Miranda Norris, Administratrix, Statement filed as to condition of estate. Approved.

Estate of Francis M. Graham, deceased, Charles E. Foster, Executor. Claims allowed: Tillman Cavender, $20; Henry W. Starker, $59.

Estate of Mary White, F. M. Griffith, Administrator, Ira Gullion allowed claim of $300.

Estate of James Reed, William I. Reed, Administrator. Final report approved.

Estate of Hannah Carver, deceased, William H. Carver, Administrator. Final report approved.



Prudence McCreary vs. Laughery Turnpike Co., for possession of real estate and damages. Motion filed for new trial overruled. Judgment in favor of plaintiff, given possession of land, $100 damages, and Turnpike Co. given sixty days in which to remove its toll house off of plaintiff’s land.



William Hudson and Benj. F. Hessong vs. James A. Works; appeal from Justice of the Peace. Trial by Jury, verdict for plaintiffs. Motion for new trial sustained, and verdict of Jury set aside.

After being in session one week, Judge Downey adjourned Court Saturday night.