Switzerland County Circuit Court – Mar 1893

Switzerland County, Indiana, Circuit Court reports appeared in:

Vevay Reveille – 30 Mar 1893 – Page 4, Column 4

Convened last Monday morning, Judge A. C. Downey; Prosecuting Attorney R. L. Davis. Attorneys from a distance: Warren Hauck, of Lawrenceburg, was here Monday. S. H. Stewart and J. B. Coles, of Rising Sun. Mr. Stewart returning home Tuesday night. W. R. Johnston, Lawrenceburg, and Simeon Leland, Madison; J. A. VanOsdol, Elwood.

The Grand Jury only found one indictment—Fred Ogle, for murder—and adjourned Tuesday.

The Petit Jury was convened Tuesday, but did nothing and was dismissed until next Tuesday morning.

The case of Fred Ogle will come up next Tuesday.

Court has disposed of a large amount of probate business.

Vevay Reveille – 13 Apr 1893 – Page 4, Column 2


Final reports approved and administrators discharged in the following estates:

  • Estate of Samuel Wade, Samuel W. Wade executor.
  • John Andrew, John B. Andrew administrator.
  • Constant Golay, Aime M. Golay administrator.
  • Julius Detraz, Mitchel F. Banta administrator.
  • William A. Jackson, Alvin Buchanan administrator.
  • Caroline Henry, Argus D. VanOsdol executor.
  • Susan McMakin, Joseph E. Hart administrator.
  • Anna Marton, Thomas A. Spencer administrator.
  • Elizabeth Dalmazzo, Nat. M. Fallis administrator.
  • Edwin A. Hall, Charles E. Hall administrator.
  • John J. Douglas, Dilver E. Douglas administrator.

Alfred Driver was appointed guardian of Jacob J. Tarbox, insane.

The will of Mary A. Hatch was admitted to probate.

Nat. M. Fallis, guardian of Hannah Eddie and Willie Fallis. Final report approved as to Eddie Fallis, dead, and Hannah Fallis, of age, and discharged as to them. Partial report as to others approved and continued.

George S. Pleasants, executor of the estate of Julia H. McCormick, deceased. Sale of lot to Jessie Banta for $150 approved.

Estate of Geo. W. Saddler, Samuel Lostutter administrator. Claims allowed: Martha J. Saddler, $59.63; Susan Saddler, $20.30; Mary E. Saddler, $71.42.

Fannie Vandiver appointed Administratrix of the estate of Cornelius Vandiver.

Charles W. Smith, executor of Jesse Roberts, ordered to sell real estate.

John S. Malcomson, guardian of Charles Hollcroft. Final report approved and he discharged.

Estate of Mariah C. Powell, Sylvester G. Powell administrator. Lizzie Clark allowed claim of $208.

Probate docket during vacation, from Jan. 15th to March 25th, approved.

Estate of Zellie C. Grisard, Fred D. Grisard administrator. Partial report approved.

Estate of Edgar M. Cheever, being less than $500, was given to widow, Mary E. Cheever.

Estate of Wm. H. Cunningham, Wm. Cunningham administrator. Partial report approved.

Indiana Fulton, guardian of Lula and Hiram Williamson. Final report approved.

Robert B. Littlefield appointed administrator of the estate of William P. Oak.

F. M. Griffith, guardian of John P. Beatty et al. Partial report approved.

James P. Orem, guardian of William H. Manuel and others. Partial report approved.

Dilver E. Douglas was appointed guardian of Albert B., Kate M., Fannie H., Edgar and Eva Douglas.

David Lee, administrator of estate of Moses Osborn, vs. Ulie Osborn. On account. Judgment for $370.

Charles M. Newkirk, commissioner in case of Harriet Cotton et al vs. William H. Manuel et al. Final report of sale of real estate approved and he discharged.

Simeon E. Leland, of Madison; Newton J. McGuire and John L. Davis, of Rising Sun, were admitted to the bar of this Court.

John E. Williams vs. The Adams Express Company. On account. Judgment by default for $210.

Eliza A. VanBriggle vs. David A. Stout et al. On note and account. Judgment against Ira Stout for $113.33; against David A. Stout for $20.70.

Paul Clark vs. Sarah M. Clark. Divorce. Granted.

State vs. Jesse Andrew. Public intoxication. Plea of guilty; fine $5.

Annie Wilson vs. George H. Wilson. Divorce. Refused.

State ex rel Zellie James vs. Clarence McKenzie. (Appeal from Justice of Peace.) Appeal ordered dismissed at cost of relatrix Zellie James.

Kate Bliss vs. Charles L. Bliss. Divorce. Refused.

Mechanic’s Trust Company, assignee of the Falls City Bank, of Louisville, Ky., vs. James Anderson. On note. Judgment for $1978.

Alice S. Gullion vs. Dempsey Gullion et al. Divorce and alimony. Granted, and she given custody of minor children, $1500 alimony for self, and $300 for support of Carrie Ann Gullion, $200 for support of Wallace Gullion, and $100 for support of Perry Gullion, and $100 for attorney’s fees and for her costs. Benjamin H. North and William L. Told, assignees of estate of Dempsey Gullion, ordered to make this judgment in favor of plaintiff first lien on property.

George G. Waltz vs. Elizabeth Bosaw et al. To quiet title to real estate. Judgment for plaintiff.

State vs. Fred Ogle. Murder. Not guilty.