Vevay High School Graduation – 1893

Vevay High School [Switzerland County, Indiana] graduation report appeared in:
Vevay Reveille – 1 Jun 1893 – Page 4, Column 3

Vevay High School Commencement.

Twenty seven years ago Vevay High School produced its first graduating class, and since then annually the number has been added to until now they are numbered by the hundreds, and are scattered throughout the country. Many of them are matured men and women, and some of them have also seen their children graduate in the same school. As a rule, the graduates are good and useful people. Many of them, after completing High School course, graduated in colleges.

The twenty seventh annual commencement, last Friday night, was a pleasing and interesting affair. The class of 1893 was composed of fourteen—eleven young ladies and three young gentlemen. They very creditably acquitted themselves—not one used manuscript, and none even hesitated. Each spoke in a distinct voice. The productions evinced close study and careful training—creditable to pupils and instructors.

The orchestra, led by Prof. Genter, produced superior music. The class evinced excellent taste in decorating Metropolitan Hall for the occasion.

The ushers, composed of girls and boys of the junior class, skillfully performed their duties, seating the large number without confusion and supplying each with a program.

The large audience preserved excellent order, and seemed much pleased with the exercises.

The following was the program:

  • Overture.
  • Invocation.
  • Music.
  • Salutatory, “Flowery Beds of Ease,” Grace Holmes Griffith.
  • “Columbus,” Annette Danglade.
  • “Serve Thyself,” Dale Danner.
  • Music.
  • “For Future Consideration,” Tene C. Protsman.
  • “The Pendulum of Justice,” Frankie E. Stucy.
  • “Moments, the Golden Sands of Time,” Clara A. Banta.
  • Music.
  • “Dreams of Home,” Dortha M. Kincaid.
  • “Mechanism,” Clarence E. Tait.
  • “Words,” Mayme E. Stucy.
  • Music.
  • “How Big was Alexander, Pa?” Fannie Gertrude Walton.
  • “Life’s True Aim,” Elva Stoops.
  • “The Money Value of an Education,” Clifford Weales.
  • Music.
  • “The Nineteenth Century,” Susan Kendall.
  • Valedictory, Anna E. McKay.
  • Conferring Diplomas.
  • Music.
  • Benediction.