Switzerland County Commissioners’ Court – March 1870

The following article about the Switzerland County, Indiana, Commissioners appeared in:
Vevay Reveille – 17 Mar 1870 – Page 3, Column 1

Commissioners Court.

Among other business transacted by the County Commissioners last week, was the following:

In the matter of John B. Lamson and others—For change of highway at the mouth of Indian Creek. Change granted, and road ordered to be opened.

In the matter of Wm. Clevenger—Petition for Record of highway. Ordered opened 40 feet wide.

In the matter of Wm. Hulley—Petition for private road through lands of Lewis Rodgers. Road granted, 14 feet wide, on the payment of $200.00 to Rodgers.

In the matter of S. L. Smith, and others—Petition to vacate highway. The Viewers reported against granting it. Case continued.

In the matter of Christopher Waltz—For private road. Wm. R. Cotton, John S. Scofield, and David Scott appointed viewers.

The Indian Creek and Pleasant Grove Turnpike Company were granted leave to extend their Turnpike to the terminus of the west branch of the Vevay, Mt. Sterling and Versailles Turnpike.

John Vanhouten and Aaron Z. Taylor were granted a License to retail intoxicating liquors.

Orders to the amount of $6,885.92 were granted during the past quarter.

The following order was passed in regard to the Log Lick Bridge:

The Board of Commissioners having visited Log Lick Bridge, and having found one of the abutments of said bridge in a damaged condition; and being unable to come to any conclusion concerning the same, in their opinion it is necessary that the stone work of said bridge ought to be examined by competent engineers, or persons accustomed to such work, for the information of the Board. They therefore order that Edward P. Niles, a competent Engineer, (of Jefferson County,) be and is hereby appointed to examine said work, and is authorized to select a competent assistant, one accustomed to stone work of bridges, to assist hi. And that they examine said bridge masonry at Log Lick Creek, in Switzerland Co., Ind., and report under oath whether in their opinion all the work of said bridge has been done in accordance with the contract therefor, and the plans and specifications of George H. Kyle, and the instructions of the authorized Superintendent of said work, and all matters that may conduce to the information of said Board in this matter; and that the examination be made as soon as possible, and their report filed in the Auditor’s Office of said County on or before the next session of said Board.

The Trustees made the following tax levies on each $100.00 for the year 1870:

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