Switzerland County Commissioners – Jun 1872

The Switzerland County, Indiana, Commissioners’ proceedings appeared in:
Vevay Reveille – 15 Jun 1872 – Page 3, Column 1

Proceedings of County Commissioners.

The County Commissioners adjourned last Saturday. Among other business transacted at this Term was the following:

In the matter of James T. Bodkin and others—For change of Highway, in Posey Township. Joel D. Davis, John N. Searcy and Stephen Searcy, were appointed Viewers. To meet on the first of August, 1872.

In the matter of Philip Rumrill and others—For change of Highway, in Craig Township. Constant Golay, H. C. Picket and William R. Protsman, were appointed Viewers. To meet on the 17th of August, 1872.

The Grand Jury visited the County Jail and made the following report as to its condition:–
It is sufficient and safe for the keeping of prisoners; but we do not find the prison in a healthy condition, from the fact that there is not proper and sufficient ventilation; and that the prison is so constructed that prisoners of both sexes are necessarily thrown together, and cannot be kept separated; and that, further, owing to the manner in which the prison is situated in the building the air in the prison is vitiated by it. We have enquired into the matter in which the same has been kept since the last term of the Court, and find that it has been kept in a good, safe and healthy a condition as it could be under the circumstances. We would further state that one of the prisoners complained that there was not sufficient beds furnished to prisoners.—David Lee, Foreman.

In the matter of petition of J. F. Cotton and others for vacation of Highway. Ordered that said road be vacated in accordance with the petition, and report of viewers when the new road is opened.

The Board appointed physicians to attend on paupers and poor persons in the County, as follows:

  • For Jefferson and Craig Townships and the Pauper Asylum—Dr. Jacob W. Thompson, a salary of $150.00 per year.
  • For York Township.—Dr. Benjamin H. Graves, at salary of $50 per year.
  • For Quercus Grove, Voting Precinct, Posey Township.—Dr. Edgar M. Cheever, at salary of $25 per year.
  • For Patriot Precinct, Posey Township.—Dr. R. A. Jameson, at salary of $45 per year.
  • For Cotton Township.—Dr. James Hunter, at salary of $40 per year.
  • For Pleasant Township.—Dr. Philip C. Holland, at salary of $40 per year.

The Board no proceeded to levy the tax for County Revenue, and to maintain paupers and poor persons for the year 1872, to-wit: On each one hundred dollars valuation of real and personal property legally appraised and assessed in said County for the year 1872, the sum of sixty cents, and fifty cents on each poll for county revenue; and on each one hundred dollars as appraised and assessed as aforesaid, the sum of ten cents, as a pauper tax for the maintenance of paupers and poor persons in said County.

The amount of County Orders allowed by the Board during the term for various purposes was $3,000.64.

It was decided not to place the Railroad Tax on the Duplicate.

Samuel Stewart was appointed inspector of elections for Quercus Grove Precinct, in Posey Township.


  • County Bonds Outstanding, $5,000.00
  • County Orders Outstanding, $21,116.67
  • Cash on hand, $17,742.00
  • Leaving County Indebtedness above amount in Treasury, $8,374.67