Switzerland County Commissioners – Jun 1894

Switzerland County, Indiana, Commissioners’ proceedings appeared in:
Vevay Reveille – 21 Jun 1894 – Page 4, Column 1


Geo. W. Sanders, Thomas Montayne and Edgar Dibble, County Commissioners, met Monday, June 4th, and adjourned Tuesday, 12th. We give a condensed report of their proceedings:

Thomas Picket and Dempsey Gullion, Markland; Thomas D. Anderson, John M. Grammer, Vevay; were granted licenses to retail liquors.

Benjamin L. Simmons resigned the office of Coroner, and Ira Banta was appointed to fill the vacancy.

In the matter of petition of W. H. H. Turner and others for a change of highway in Pleasant Township.—Joseph Lazenby filed his claim for $25.83 damages. Edward C. Shull filed his claim for $150 damages.

George W. McKay, Cyrenius W. Brown, and Wm. O. Marble, appointed to assess damages on above road, reported as follows: Thomas Thompson, $35; Hudson Smith, $30; Joseph Lazenby, $15; Edward C. Shull, $15. Shull, Lazenby, and others objected to the report as assessing their damages too low; whereupon the Board sustained their objections, and appointed Hiram H. Bakes, Albert Brindley, and Peter V. VanBriggle, reviewers to assess damages. To report at next term.

In the matter of petition of H. F. Bodie and others for the location and opening of a road in York and Posey Townships—Nancy Jane Patterson, Joseph Patterson, Willard Schmeid, and others, filed their remonstrance. Petition dismissed at cost of petitioners.

Jasper N. Brindley, keeper of County Asylum, reported that he had kept thirty-one paupers during last quarter, for various times, and was allowed at the rate of $10 per quarter for each, amounting to $287.50.

In the matter of petition of George Platt and others for the construction of free gravel, stone or macadamized road in Posey Township. M. G. Keeny, W. H. Henry and Perry K. Cotton, viewers heretofore appointed, asked for further time to complete their work, which was granted.

The same viewers in case of George W. Dorrell and others for free pike in York Township, were also granted further time.

In the matter of the petition of Benj. F. Smith and others for free gravel or macadamized roads in Jefferson township, reported, from which we condense: Beginning at Vevay and terminating at bridge over Log Lick creek, township line, near Markland. Some of this road already completed; balance to be graded 22 feet wide, including one side ditch one by four feet, broken lime stone twelve feet wide an eight inches deep, and four inches of gravel to be placed on the broken stone. The total cost of said road, including bridges and culverts, is first two miles nothing, third mile, $672; fourth mile, $1,601; fifth mile, $748. Total, $3,021.

They also reported as to all that part of the old East Enterprise and Log Lick Turnpike, which lies in Jefferson Township. They substituted profile and estimates of needed repairs and new road. Northern section, $1104; Southern section, $916. Total, $2020.

In the matter of the petition of Scott Culbertson and others for free gravel or macadamized roads in Pleasant Township.—George W. McKay, civil engineer, and Ebenezer Philips and C. D. Green, reported: Beginning at terminus of pike at foot of Shull’s hill, thence following Vevay and Versailles road through Bennington and Soapville to Ripley county line. Distance nine miles and 3480 feet. Broken lime stone, four inches deep and nine feet wide. Estimated cost, including grading, bridges and culverts, $12,751.

They also reported in reference to second road in above petition: Beginning at Moorefield; following the state road to where it crosses the state road at Horton’s Corner. Road to be graded twenty feet wide, broken stones eight feet wide nine inches deep. Estimated total including cost grading, bridges and culverts, $9,596.

Several changes were made in voting places. For particulars see official notice in this issue.

The board appointed the following Election Inspectors:

  • Jefferson Township—Precinct No. 1, Leander Clendenning; No. 2, Oliver S. Johnson; No. 3, Harry Weales; No. 4, Charles McVay, Trustee; No. 5, David H. Boyle.
  • York Township—No. 1, William C. Armstrong; No. 2, George Clendening, Trustee.
  • Posey Township—No. 1, James Hickman; No. 2, C. D. Green, Trustee; No. 3, Jacob V. Powell.
  • Cotton Township—No. 1, J. W. VanOsdol, Trustee; No. 2, Charles C. Morrison.
  • Pleasant Township—No. 1, Ben. F. Rodgers, Trustee; No. 2, William Culbertson.
  • Craig Township—No. 1, George D. Madary, Trustee; No. 2, Albert Brindley; No. 3, Peter V. Ramseyer.

Physicians for poor and county asylum were employed for one year as follows:

  • Jefferson Township—L. H. Bear, $74, County Asylum, $82.
  • York—O. A. Price, precinct no. 1, $17.50. H. A. Greenleaf, no. 2, $30.
  • Posey—James A. Pryor, precincts nos. 1 and 2, $20; Robert B. C[?], no. 3, $15.
  • Cotton—J. W. VanOsdol, precinct no. 1, $20; D. N. Haydon, no. 2, $30.
  • Pleasant—R. M. Copeland, precinct no. 1, $20; Scott Culbertson, no. 2, $20.

In the matter of the petition of Rodolph Schoffner and others for the construction of free gravel or macadamized roads in Jefferson Township. Geo. W. McKay, engineer, and C. D. Green and Henry Meyers, viewers, reported that road would begin at a point fifty feet west of Plum creek bridge and extending to the old Allensville, Center Square and Vevay turnpike road, a distance of four miles, 4730 feet. Road to be graded 18 feet wide, including one side ditch one foot by four; to be covered with stone or gravel ten feet wide and one foot deep. The estimated total cost of said road, including bridges, culverts and fills, is $7,474.

The Auditor presented a statement for the year ending May 31, 1894: Total collections for all purposes $60,145.98. Total expenditures, $61.559.92. Of county revenue $20,348.35 was received and $21,552.58 was expended. Balance county revenue overdrawn, $1,204.23. Special school fund was overdrawn $209.71. Total overdrawn, or indebtedness, $1,413.94.

Special elections for free gravel road appropriations in Jefferson and Pleasant Townships, ordered to take place Saturday, July 14th.

[See newspapers for claim from Attorney General.]