Switzerland County Commissioners – Mar 1899

Switzerland County, Indiana, Commissioners’ proceedings appeared in:
Vevay Reveille – 23 Mar 1899 – Page 1, Column 3


Thomas Land, William A. Shadday and Walter S. Lock, County Commissioners, at their March term, transacted a large amount of County Business, which we condense.

In the matter of petition of Fred T. Reed and others, for a highway in Switzerland and Jefferson Counties, County Auditor Joseph E. Hart filed the certified copy of the proceedings of the Commissioners of Jefferson County in this case, showing that they had appointed B. H. Wood, M. H. Daily and Henry Rausch viewers for Jefferson County and they had filed their report.

Wm. B. Mason was granted license to retail liquors in Florence.

Rollin Charlton and John Neal were appointed Superintendents for construction of free gravel roads in Pleasant. Their bonds of $5,000 each were approved.

E. P. Rodgers and others petitioned for the location of a new highway and the vacation of an established highway, both in Pleasant Township. William H. Turner, Frank Bear and Isaac H. Paugh were appointed viewers, to lay out said proposed road—30 feet wide—and that they meet at the office of Wm. C. Neal, Justice of the Peace, in Bennington, on the 29th day of May, and that they report their doings to Board at next session.

Wm. S. Humphrey was granted right of way on public roads for telephone poles from Patriot to Allensville, for purpose of operating telephone line.

Green Brothers were granted right of way on public roads to operate telephone and telegraph lines from East Enterprise to Aberdeen and to Ohio County line; from East Enterprise to Fairview, (direct); from Fairview to Bennington, (most practical route); from Bennington to Moorefield; from Moorefield to the Jefferson County line on the Doe Run road leading to Brooksburg; from Fairview to the Ohio County line on road leading to Cole’s Corner, Ohio County; from East Enterprise to Quercus Grove; from Vevay to Mt. Sterling, thence to Bennington, thence to East Enterprise, with privilege to run said line through Sugar Branch, or Allensville or both if so desired, after leaving Bennington. All said lines to be so constructed as to not interfere with drainage or travel.

In the matter of the petition of Harriet Petty for damages in change of highway in Posey Township. Theodore Scott, Wm. H. Wiley and John Parker, reviewers, assessed her damage at $30, which was approved.

County officers reported fees collected as follows:

  • Joseph Hanna, Recorder, from Dec. 1, 1898, to March 6, 1899, $188.77.
  • Ira Banta, Sheriff, from Dec. 2, 1898, to Feb. 28, 1899, $302.00
  • Edward E. Kelso, Clerk, during the preceding three months, $486.73.

Wm. P. Truitt and one hundred and five other free holders and citizens of Cotton Township, petitioned for construction of three free gravel, stone or macadamized roads as follows:

1. From point where Markland and East Enterprise turnpike touches the Cotton Township line at north line of Frank Milgas’ land in Jefferson Township, thence following the Markland and East Enterprise pike to East Enterprise, thence following the old highway from East Enterprise on the Aberdeen road to Ohio County line.

2. The road that leads from terminus of the branch of the Center Square and Plum Creek free gravel road that leads from Allensville, beginning at Cotton Township line and following old highway in northerly direction to Allensville.

3. All that part of highway in Cotton Township beginning at East Enterprise and leading to Quercus Grove, on Posey Township line.

The Board appointed M. G. Keeney, an Engineer, William Armstrong and Ebenezer Philips, viewers, to view, locate, prepare profile and make estimate of cost.

H. J. Harris and fifty-nine other free holders and citizens of Posey Township, petitioned for free gravel, stone or macadamized roads in Posey Township, as follows: [See newspaper.]

The Board appointed M. G. Keeney, an Engineer, William Armstrong and Eb. Phillips viewers, to locate roads, determine width, make a profile and estimate cost.

In the matter of the petition of Wallace W. Lamson et al for location of road in Craig Township. James Gaunt, Alfred Gaunt, Kathleen Gaunt and Wm. J. Cain were jointly given the additional sum of $32.50, and will also pay Charles D. Cain and Dolly Danner the additional sum of $20, and county pay all costs. Each party agreed to waive the 60 days notice to open said highway. The road is known as Vevay and Madison road, the river road. Trustee of Craig Township was ordered to have road opened by May 1.

Specifications were ordered prepared and placed on file in Auditor’s office for frame addition to jail and Sheriff’s residence, also repairing wash on Moorefield pike, near Thos. Anderson’s, and repairing culvert on Plum Creek gravel road, near Milo Ogle’s.

M. G. Keeney notified to prepare plans and specifications for a bridge over Plum Creek on Vevay and Markland free gravel roads.