Switzerland County Election Returns – April 1855

The April 1855 election results for Jefferson and Cotton Townships in Switzerland County, Indiana appeared in:
The Weekly Reveille – 11 April 1855 – Page 2, Column 3.

April Election.

The township elections came of in this county on the 2d instant. In this township a much larger vote was polled than usual. We give the result:

Jefferson Township.

American.                              Opposition

For Justice of the Peace.

J. W. Murphy, 237                Daniel Cole, 93.

For Township Trustee.

W. W. Smith, 228                 Julius Dufour, 93

Robert Hatton, 232              Samuel Butler, 99

For Township Treasurer.

E. Littlefield, 230                  F. L. Grisard, 99

For Township Clerk.

J. W. Banta, 231                   J. L. Thiebaud, 91

For Constables.

John Roberts, 230               T. Leezenbee, 100

Jas. T. Nelson, 230              A. J. Farrar, 87

Daniel Wilcox, 230              W. Peelman, 84

For Supervisors—politics not known.

Samuel Durnell, 59             R. Jackson, 4

J. G. Cotton, 37                     H. Bright 29

John Hollcraft, 16                J. Bosseau, 15

E. Luity, 3                              E. Phillips, 3

Lester, 1

Cotton Township.

The contest was warm in this township, and some of the opposition were confident of the defeat of the American candidate for Justice of the Peace. The result astonished everybody:

American                               Opposition

For Justice of the Peace.

H. M. Ayres, 101                   James Downey, 43

For Constables.

Samuel Tinker, 102             Thos. Downey, 35

Isaac Robbins, 103              Ostram Bright, 3

For Township Clerk.

J. Richmond, 104

When we got these returns, no other townships had made their returns at the Clerk’s Office.