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Rising Sun Women’s Literary Club – 1898

Women’s Literary Club of Rising Sun, Ohio County, Indiana, report appeared in
Vevay Reveille – 11 Aug 1898 – Page 4, Column 2

The Woman’s Literary Club of Rising Sun made an excursion to Vevay last Tuesday on the steamer Workum. A committee from the Eggleston and Study Clubs met them at the river and escorted them to the residence of Mrs. A. G. Craig, where an informal reception was extended them. Mrs. Craig, assisted by Miss Evylin and the Presidents of the two Clubs, Miss Sada Hall and Mrs. W. J. Baird; and Mrs. G. S. Pleasants; received the guests. The members of the two clubs were scattered through the parlors and exchanged happy greetings. It was a pleasant occasion and the Vevay Clubs hope ere long they may have the pleasure of again entertaining this club. The following composed the party:

Mesdames Sarah S. Stevenson, Florence Gibson, Fannie Rabb Green, Nettie S. Steele, Ida Trouts, Mattie Rockafeller, Misses Jennie Waldo, Alice Perkins, Grace Clark, Mollie Baker, Frances E. Latta, Delhi, Ohio; Henrietta Adler, Cincinnati; Elizabeth Gillespie, Jean Hyen, Maud E. Matson, Hannah Davis, Mary Green, Margaret Brown, Covington; Sarah Waldo, Miss Grives, Washington City; Miss Gains, Carroll County, Kentucky; Messrs. R. C. Nelson, Louis G. Hyen, Ed. Trouts, Low E. Thorn, J. P. Hemphill, E. B. Rockafellar, Alex Spencer Perkins, Wm. Green, Wm. Steele, Harry Anderson, David Rabb, Leonard Gibson, Frank Steele, and Edward Davis.