Vevay Newspaper Index – 1880-1884

The Vevay, Switzerland County, Newspaper Index is split into multiple parts. This section gives births, marriages, divorces, deaths and estates found in Vevay newspapers from 1880 to 1884. Visit the Vevay Newspaper Index page to learn more about the index and how to access the newspapers.

Digital copies of the newspapers listed in this index are available through the Record Requests Page.

Given NameSurnameTypeNewspaperIssue datePageColumn
ThomasEtheringtonDeathThe Vevay Reveille08 Jan 188013
SolomonFromanEstateThe Vevay Reveille08 Jan 188041
SolomonFromanEstateThe Vevay Reveille08 Jan 188044
EvansBirthThe Vevay Reveille08 Jan 188044
WashingtonBirthThe Vevay Reveille08 Jan 188044
BoernerDeathThe Vevay Reveille08 Jan 188043
William ThomasBoernerDeathThe Vevay Reveille08 Jan 188045
LizzieBurnsDeathThe Vevay Reveille08 Jan 188045
SolomonFromanEstateThe Vevay Reveille08 Jan 188045
SamuelHessEstateThe Vevay Reveille08 Jan 188045
ShaferDeathThe Vevay Reveille08 Jan 188052
MDeppieDeathThe Vevay Reveille08 Jan 188052
RichardWeldenMarriageThe Vevay Reveille08 Jan 188051
Maggie ATurpinMarriageThe Vevay Reveille08 Jan 188051
Alger MStewartMarriageThe Vevay Reveille08 Jan 188051
Francis MChandlerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille08 Jan 188051
Charles TDeliechioMarriageThe Vevay Reveille08 Jan 188051
SylviaHatchMarriageThe Vevay Reveille08 Jan 188051
JoshuaHowardMarriageThe Vevay Reveille08 Jan 188051
NannieHamiltonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille08 Jan 188051
SamuelRobinsonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille08 Jan 188051
Rosa BellFallisMarriageThe Vevay Reveille08 Jan 188051
CharlesOsbornMarriageThe Vevay Reveille08 Jan 188051
VirginiaPeelmanMarriageThe Vevay Reveille08 Jan 188051
JohnPetersMarriageThe Vevay Reveille08 Jan 188051
Anna ERayleMarriageThe Vevay Reveille08 Jan 188051
ThomasWrightMarriageThe Vevay Reveille08 Jan 188051
NannieGivenMarriageThe Vevay Reveille08 Jan 188051
Charles FHeritageMarriageThe Vevay Reveille08 Jan 188051
AlphrettaTappMarriageThe Vevay Reveille08 Jan 188051
W HStoughtonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille08 Jan 188051
LillieBarretMarriageThe Vevay Reveille08 Jan 188051
CharlesLucasMarriageThe Vevay Reveille08 Jan 188051
AliceMoniaMarriageThe Vevay Reveille08 Jan 188051
JamesKentMarriageThe Vevay Reveille08 Jan 188051
Mary AnnFultonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille08 Jan 188051
Wm FButlesMarriageThe Vevay Reveille08 Jan 188051
Sallie FClementsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille08 Jan 188051
William FButtlesMarriageThe Vevay Reveille08 Jan 188053
Sallie FClementsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille08 Jan 188053
W HStoughtonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille08 Jan 188053
LillieBarretMarriageThe Vevay Reveille08 Jan 188053
ThomasWrightMarriageThe Vevay Reveille08 Jan 188053
NannieGivenMarriageThe Vevay Reveille08 Jan 188053
Charles FHeritageMarriageThe Vevay Reveille08 Jan 188053
AlphrettaTappMarriageThe Vevay Reveille08 Jan 188053
Samuel WBellMarriageThe Vevay Reveille08 Jan 188053
Anna LDeitzenMarriageThe Vevay Reveille08 Jan 188053
SolomonFromanSaleThe Vevay Reveille15 Jan 188043
DavidDyerEstateThe Vevay Reveille15 Jan 188043
WillieBoernerDeathThe Vevay Reveille15 Jan 188043
JesseBarkerEstateThe Vevay Reveille15 Jan 188043
JamesNelsonEstateThe Vevay Reveille15 Jan 188043
CatherineDavisEstateThe Vevay Reveille15 Jan 188043
SolomonFromanSaleThe Vevay Reveille15 Jan 188045
SamuelHessEstateThe Vevay Reveille15 Jan 188046
T GEtheringtonDeathThe Vevay Reveille15 Jan 188051
LizzieBurnsDeathThe Vevay Reveille15 Jan 188053
ThomasEtheringtonDeathThe Vevay Reveille15 Jan 188054
WillCarnineDeathThe Vevay Reveille22 Jan 188015
John CChulerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille22 Jan 188016
Flora FChamberlainMarriageThe Vevay Reveille22 Jan 188016
JosephSmithDeathThe Vevay Reveille22 Jan 188044
SolomonFromanSaleThe Vevay Reveille22 Jan 188045
SamuelHessEstateThe Vevay Reveille22 Jan 188046
WillPuffDeathThe Vevay Reveille22 Jan 188051
JohnnieStubbsDeathThe Vevay Reveille22 Jan 188053
R PTaylorDeathThe Vevay Reveille22 Jan 188082
R PCoxDeathThe Vevay Reveille22 Jan 188082
D PCraigDeathThe Vevay Reveille29 Jan 188015
D PGexDeathThe Vevay Reveille29 Jan 188015
PeterVanniceDeathThe Vevay Reveille29 Jan 188016
CharlesStoryMarriageThe Vevay Reveille29 Jan 188016
DoraKrutzMarriageThe Vevay Reveille29 Jan 188016
WmDetrazMarriageThe Vevay Reveille29 Jan 188016
EttaO'NealMarriageThe Vevay Reveille29 Jan 188016
SolomonFromanSaleThe Vevay Reveille29 Jan 188045
Peter SVanniceDeathThe Vevay Reveille05 Feb 188015
R PTaylorDeathThe Vevay Reveille05 Feb 188016
TeresaMcKayDeathThe Vevay Reveille05 Feb 188044
MartinAndrewDeathThe Vevay Reveille05 Feb 188044
KittieCharltonDeathThe Vevay Reveille05 Feb 188044
Henry CClarkMarriageThe Vevay Reveille05 Feb 188044
Alice AMcCullockMarriageThe Vevay Reveille05 Feb 188044
Eugene MPicketMarriageThe Vevay Reveille05 Feb 188044
Maggie FDoddMarriageThe Vevay Reveille05 Feb 188044
AnthonyMilesMarriageThe Vevay Reveille05 Feb 188044
EmmaBoswellMarriageThe Vevay Reveille05 Feb 188044
WmDetrzMarriageThe Vevay Reveille05 Feb 188044
EttaO'NealMarriageThe Vevay Reveille05 Feb 188044
CharlesStoryMarriageThe Vevay Reveille05 Feb 188044
DoraKrutzMarriageThe Vevay Reveille05 Feb 188044
GeorgeSmithMarriageThe Vevay Reveille05 Feb 188044
MattieJohnsonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille05 Feb 188044
AlbertCoyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille05 Feb 188044
MaggieLambertMarriageThe Vevay Reveille05 Feb 188044
Charles CDennisMarriageThe Vevay Reveille05 Feb 188044
Sarah ETwinehamMarriageThe Vevay Reveille05 Feb 188044
WebbBrownMarriageThe Vevay Reveille05 Feb 188044
Mary JaneMuierMarriageThe Vevay Reveille05 Feb 188044
George WMurphyEstateThe Vevay Reveille05 Feb 188045
Charles EDoanMarriageThe Vevay Reveille05 Feb 188082
JennieHoweMarriageThe Vevay Reveille05 Feb 188082
MathiasMedaryDeathThe Vevay Reveille12 Feb 188044
Mattie BlancheStewartDeathThe Vevay Reveille12 Feb 188044
JamesGullionMarriageThe Vevay Reveille12 Feb 188044
UtelahCulbertsonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille12 Feb 188044
James FRossMarriageThe Vevay Reveille12 Feb 188044
LucyTompkinsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille12 Feb 188044
AlbertCoyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille12 Feb 188044
MaggieLambertMarriageThe Vevay Reveille12 Feb 188044
William HCulbertsonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille12 Feb 188044
Adelia WFordMarriageThe Vevay Reveille12 Feb 188044
George WMurphyEstateThe Vevay Reveille12 Feb 188045
NannieBrownMarriageThe Vevay Reveille12 Feb 188052
HubertJacksonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille12 Feb 188052
HughJacksonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille12 Feb 188052
Sarah ABrownMarriageThe Vevay Reveille12 Feb 188052
Ira GDavidsonDeathThe Vevay Reveille12 Feb 188053
GabrielLeapDeathThe Vevay Reveille12 Feb 188081
ScottDeathThe Vevay Reveille19 Feb 188014
BlancheStewartDeathThe Vevay Reveille19 Feb 188014
William PSmithMarriageThe Vevay Reveille19 Feb 188043
Anna BWaltersMarriageThe Vevay Reveille19 Feb 188043
BenhamDeathThe Vevay Reveille19 Feb 188043
ElijahDickasonSaleThe Vevay Reveille19 Feb 188044
CharlesPleasantsDeathThe Vevay Reveille26 Feb 188042
James EBailyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille26 Feb 188044
FrancesHodaphMarriageThe Vevay Reveille26 Feb 188044
JohnRussellMarriageThe Vevay Reveille26 Feb 188044
Rebecca JAbbettMarriageThe Vevay Reveille26 Feb 188044
Bettie BRobinsonDeathThe Vevay Reveille26 Feb 188043
Wm EGillilandDeathThe Vevay Reveille26 Feb 188052
ElijahDickasonSaleThe Vevay Reveille26 Feb 188054
BlancheStewartDeathThe Vevay Reveille26 Feb 188081
Wm HJohnsonDeathThe Vevay Reveille26 Feb 188081
CharlesPleasantsDeathThe Vevay Reveille04 Mar 188014
Bettie BledsoeRobinsonDeathThe Vevay Reveille04 Mar 188013
James FRossMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Mar 188013
Wm HCulbertsonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Mar 188041
Adalia WFordMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Mar 188041
JamesGullionMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Mar 188041
UlilahCulbertsonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Mar 188041
John WSmileyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Mar 188041
Callie MFromanMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Mar 188041
HughJacksonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Mar 188041
Sarah AnnBrownMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Mar 188041
James FRossMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Mar 188041
LucyTompkinsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Mar 188041
WmFurnishMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Mar 188041
IdaElderMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Mar 188041
Wm PSmithMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Mar 188041
Anna BWaltersMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Mar 188041
RobertSmithMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Mar 188041
PriciniaMontgomeryMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Mar 188041
MarionVandorinMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Mar 188041
Lilly EHickmanMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Mar 188041
WmSouthardMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Mar 188041
Sidney JYancyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Mar 188041
Charles WGrantMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Mar 188041
Clara ESmithMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Mar 188041
HezekiahBolinMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Mar 188041
Mary ElizabethJerroldMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Mar 188041
IraTurnerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Mar 188041
ElizabethHamiltonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Mar 188041
WmSaundersMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Mar 188041
JennieThompsonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Mar 188041
ElijahDickasonSaleThe Vevay Reveille04 Mar 188041
John WSmileyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Mar 188043
Callie MFromanMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Mar 188043
Charles WGrantMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Mar 188043
Clara ESmithMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Mar 188043
IraTurnerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Mar 188052
LizzieHamiltonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Mar 188052
ElijahDickasonSaleThe Vevay Reveille04 Mar 188054
Willie EHallDeathThe Vevay Reveille11 Mar 188054
WilliamMcFaddenSaleThe Vevay Reveille18 Mar 188045
AlbertGolayDeathThe Vevay Reveille18 Mar 188053
WilliamSheetsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille25 Mar 188015
BelleSimpsonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille25 Mar 188015
SolomonFromanEstateThe Vevay Reveille25 Mar 188042
DavidDyerEstateThe Vevay Reveille25 Mar 188042
GeorgeHunterEstateThe Vevay Reveille25 Mar 188042
Robert DAndersonEstateThe Vevay Reveille25 Mar 188042
Oliver FMcCrearyEstateThe Vevay Reveille25 Mar 188042
AlfredTappEstateThe Vevay Reveille25 Mar 188042
Jackson PSearcyEstateThe Vevay Reveille25 Mar 188042
John WLockEstateThe Vevay Reveille25 Mar 188042
Perry KCottonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille25 Mar 188042
LucretiaJaynesDeathThe Vevay Reveille25 Mar 188044
LucretiaDrakeDeathThe Vevay Reveille25 Mar 188044
LucretiaNewtonDeathThe Vevay Reveille25 Mar 188044
WilliamLentzDeathThe Vevay Reveille25 Mar 188044
George WallaceMooreMarriageThe Vevay Reveille25 Mar 188044
Annie BelleGivenMarriageThe Vevay Reveille25 Mar 188044
B RSmithMarriageThe Vevay Reveille25 Mar 188044
Alice MIrishMarriageThe Vevay Reveille25 Mar 188044
SamuelLeapMarriageThe Vevay Reveille25 Mar 188044
LouieHinesMarriageThe Vevay Reveille25 Mar 188044
Clinton MGibbsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille25 Mar 188044
Rosa DLeeMarriageThe Vevay Reveille25 Mar 188044
WilliamMcFaddenSaleThe Vevay Reveille25 Mar 188045
Preston HJacksonDeathThe Vevay Reveille25 Mar 188052
WygleDeathThe Vevay Reveille25 Mar 188052
WaterDeathThe Vevay Reveille25 Mar 188052
WilliamMcFaddenSaleThe Vevay Reveille01 Apr 188045
John SDickasonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille01 Apr 188053
BelindaPeabodyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille01 Apr 188053
William WGardnerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille01 Apr 188053
IsadoraLeeMarriageThe Vevay Reveille01 Apr 188053
JakieWigalDeathThe Vevay Reveille01 Apr 188081
JaneOwensEstateThe Vevay Reveille08 Apr 188012
HenryRogersEstateThe Vevay Reveille08 Apr 188012
J TRitenourMarriageThe Vevay Reveille08 Apr 188011
AnnieColeMarriageThe Vevay Reveille08 Apr 188011
T BRyanMarriageThe Vevay Reveille08 Apr 188011
MaryRitenourMarriageThe Vevay Reveille08 Apr 188011
Mary ANorthDeathThe Vevay Reveille08 Apr 188043
JacobCrouchMarriageThe Vevay Reveille08 Apr 188044
Larah JaneHenryMarriageThe Vevay Reveille08 Apr 188044
WillardGriffithMarriageThe Vevay Reveille08 Apr 188044
KatePinkertonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille08 Apr 188044
BrenierDeathThe Vevay Reveille15 Apr 188011
LeahCharltonEstateThe Vevay Reveille15 Apr 188012
PhillipRomorilEstateThe Vevay Reveille15 Apr 188012
AbnerClarksonEstateThe Vevay Reveille15 Apr 188012
Mary AWalkerDeathThe Vevay Reveille15 Apr 188013
SilasMooreMarriageThe Vevay Reveille15 Apr 188042
NannieHigamMarriageThe Vevay Reveille15 Apr 188042
J WBlackMarriageThe Vevay Reveille15 Apr 188043
JuliaTemplemanMarriageThe Vevay Reveille15 Apr 188043
LutherDeathThe Vevay Reveille15 Apr 188043
Anna BellLutherDeathThe Vevay Reveille15 Apr 188043
ElliottDriverSaleThe Vevay Reveille15 Apr 188044
Louis WilberSchroederDeathThe Vevay Reveille15 Apr 188044
Ida MayBoggsDeathThe Vevay Reveille15 Apr 188044
DavidMcClanahanDeathThe Vevay Reveille15 Apr 188044
Edward MMendellDeathThe Vevay Reveille15 Apr 188044
Helen ElizaAbbettDeathThe Vevay Reveille15 Apr 188044
AnnaOrmsbyDeathThe Vevay Reveille22 Apr 188041
SallieOrmsbyDeathThe Vevay Reveille22 Apr 188041
AnnaMillerDeathThe Vevay Reveille22 Apr 188041
Robert GMillerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille22 Apr 188041
John ASpencerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille22 Apr 188042
MaggieDalgleishMarriageThe Vevay Reveille22 Apr 188042
George AAdamsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille22 Apr 188043
SallieSimmonsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille22 Apr 188043
EliasLambkinDeathThe Vevay Reveille22 Apr 188043
LuceppaVandorinDeathThe Vevay Reveille22 Apr 188043
CheneyMongerDeathThe Vevay Reveille22 Apr 188043
Lawrence CarterKelsoDeathThe Vevay Reveille22 Apr 188044
Martha MayHollcroftDeathThe Vevay Reveille22 Apr 188044
Dellie JanePeelmanDeathThe Vevay Reveille22 Apr 188044
SamuelHessSaleThe Vevay Reveille22 Apr 188052
OrmsbyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille29 Apr 188051
LizzieO'NealMarriageThe Vevay Reveille29 Apr 188051
SallieOrmsbyDeathThe Vevay Reveille29 Apr 188051
AnnieMillerDeathThe Vevay Reveille29 Apr 188051
OrmsbyDeathThe Vevay Reveille29 Apr 188051
Henry GFletcherMarriageThe Vevay Reveille29 Apr 188053
JennieEakinMarriageThe Vevay Reveille29 Apr 188053
SamuelHessSaleThe Vevay Reveille29 Apr 188056
ElliottDriverSaleThe Vevay Reveille29 Apr 188056
IsaacStevensDeathThe Vevay Reveille06 May 188042
MaryNighswongerDeathThe Vevay Reveille06 May 188044
MaryKnoxMarriageThe Vevay Reveille06 May 188044
HoustonDeathThe Vevay Reveille06 May 188044
BertieSchroederDeathThe Vevay Reveille06 May 188044
John PAdamsEstateThe Vevay Reveille06 May 188045
Lawrence WGordonEstateThe Vevay Reveille06 May 188045
Bettie BlantonHowardDeathThe Vevay Reveille06 May 188052
SamuelHessSaleThe Vevay Reveille06 May 188056
ElliottDriverSaleThe Vevay Reveille06 May 188055
IsaacStevensDeathThe Vevay Reveille13 May 188042
SamuelHessSaleThe Vevay Reveille13 May 188042
ElliottDriverSaleThe Vevay Reveille13 May 188042
SarahPeabodySaleThe Vevay Reveille13 May 188042
CharlesHaffordDeathThe Vevay Reveille13 May 188041
ThomasColeDeathThe Vevay Reveille13 May 188043
ElishaBoydDeathThe Vevay Reveille13 May 188043
Mary SchenckHayesDeathThe Vevay Reveille13 May 188043
MarySchenckDeathThe Vevay Reveille13 May 188043
John FAdamsEstateThe Vevay Reveille13 May 188053
PhebeVandorinDeathThe Vevay Reveille20 May 188043
Harry GGilbertDeathThe Vevay Reveille20 May 188043
Henry ADowneyDeathThe Vevay Reveille20 May 188043
LucyNutterDeathThe Vevay Reveille20 May 188043
J P GabrielMayMarriageThe Vevay Reveille20 May 188043
Mary FrancesStuartMarriageThe Vevay Reveille20 May 188043
Clarence BWayneMarriageThe Vevay Reveille27 May 188043
May BTorranceMarriageThe Vevay Reveille27 May 188043
R WLedwithMarriageThe Vevay Reveille27 May 188043
Florence CMunnMarriageThe Vevay Reveille27 May 188043
HenryKelleyDeathThe Vevay Reveille27 May 188054
PhebeVandorinDeathThe Vevay Reveille27 May 188081
ChaseDeathThe Vevay Reveille27 May 188081
John HHamiltonDivorceThe Vevay Reveille03 Jun 188042
MilleHamiltonDivorceThe Vevay Reveille03 Jun 188042
DavidScottEstateThe Vevay Reveille03 Jun 188042
James MDunnMarriageThe Vevay Reveille03 Jun 188044
Mary EmmaMaxwellMarriageThe Vevay Reveille03 Jun 188044
Maria CDubachDeathThe Vevay Reveille03 Jun 188044
FrankMcClannahanDeathThe Vevay Reveille03 Jun 188044
ElizebethMoredockDeathThe Vevay Reveille03 Jun 188081
AnnaRossDeathThe Vevay Reveille03 Jun 188081
Chas EHutchinsonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille10 Jun 188045
Mary FrancisBruceMarriageThe Vevay Reveille10 Jun 188045
AlbertLummerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille10 Jun 188045
EstherLarchMarriageThe Vevay Reveille10 Jun 188045
SilasFordMarriageThe Vevay Reveille10 Jun 188045
EllaCarverMarriageThe Vevay Reveille10 Jun 188045
SamuelHessMarriageThe Vevay Reveille10 Jun 188045
AbigalDeanDeathThe Vevay Reveille10 Jun 188052
AbigalStowDeathThe Vevay Reveille10 Jun 188052
NettieWitherspoonDeathThe Vevay Reveille17 Jun 188016
FrancisAdkinsonDeathThe Vevay Reveille17 Jun 188044
SamuelHessSaleThe Vevay Reveille17 Jun 188045
OrenMcNuttMarriageThe Vevay Reveille17 Jun 188052
OrthMarriageThe Vevay Reveille17 Jun 188052
CharliePeasleeMarriageThe Vevay Reveille24 Jun 188045
LottieMansfieldMarriageThe Vevay Reveille24 Jun 188045
RobertScalfMarriageThe Vevay Reveille24 Jun 188045
ClaraDenningMarriageThe Vevay Reveille24 Jun 188045
CharlesParkMarriageThe Vevay Reveille24 Jun 188045
SusanMarklandMarriageThe Vevay Reveille24 Jun 188045
SamuelHessSaleThe Vevay Reveille24 Jun 188045
HowardDunningDeathThe Vevay Reveille01 Jul 188016
EmmaSlawsonDeathThe Vevay Reveille01 Jul 188044
SamuelHessSaleThe Vevay Reveille01 Jul 188045
EmmaAdamsDeathThe Vevay Reveille08 Jul 188015
EmmaSlawsonDeathThe Vevay Reveille08 Jul 188015
L RBoothDeathThe Vevay Reveille08 Jul 188041
John WesleyDowneyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille08 Jul 188043
MannoraHillMarriageThe Vevay Reveille08 Jul 188043
Mary LCottonDeathThe Vevay Reveille08 Jul 188043
Mary LDoanDeathThe Vevay Reveille08 Jul 188043
John G CroxtonChaddockDeathThe Vevay Reveille08 Jul 188043
HellenAbbettDeathThe Vevay Reveille08 Jul 188044
Enoch GWoodDeathThe Vevay Reveille08 Jul 188052
ArtHerrickMarriageThe Vevay Reveille08 Jul 188052
AshcraftMarriageThe Vevay Reveille08 Jul 188052
RileyBirthThe Vevay Reveille08 Jul 188053
ThomasAthaMarriageThe Vevay Reveille15 Jul 188045
Mollie EConleyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille15 Jul 188045
Wm PMcHenryMarriageThe Vevay Reveille15 Jul 188045
Julia LorraneBovardMarriageThe Vevay Reveille15 Jul 188045
W NDuncanDeathThe Vevay Reveille15 Jul 188045
JamesCulbertsonDeathThe Vevay Reveille15 Jul 188045
HewittDeathThe Vevay Reveille15 Jul 188052
John BEdringtonDeathThe Vevay Reveille22 Jul 188015
PrestonJackDeathThe Vevay Reveille22 Jul 188045
ElizabethHinmanDeathThe Vevay Reveille22 Jul 188045
ColemanDeathThe Vevay Reveille29 Jul 188015
CharlesTrendellDeathThe Vevay Reveille29 Jul 188015
JamesJacksonDeathThe Vevay Reveille29 Jul 188015
L OSchroederMarriageThe Vevay Reveille29 Jul 188042
AnnaBracheyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille29 Jul 188042
LauraButcherDeathThe Vevay Reveille29 Jul 188044
JulianButcherDeathThe Vevay Reveille29 Jul 188044
Martha CFurnishDeathThe Vevay Reveille29 Jul 188044
Robert EFultonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille29 Jul 188044
Mary JaneRileyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille29 Jul 188044
SturgeonDeathThe Vevay Reveille29 Jul 188051
NellieAllenDeathThe Vevay Reveille05 Aug 188043
John WGrayDeathThe Vevay Reveille05 Aug 188043
LucySchenckDeathThe Vevay Reveille05 Aug 188043
Maggie MMellenDeathThe Vevay Reveille05 Aug 188043
Jacob CBakerEstateThe Vevay Reveille05 Aug 188044
John WGrayDeathThe Vevay Reveille05 Aug 188043
JamesHarwoodSaleThe Vevay Reveille12 Aug 188045
Jacob CBakerEstateThe Vevay Reveille12 Aug 188045
LeonardPaughMarriageThe Vevay Reveille19 Aug 188044
MaggieStevensonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille19 Aug 188044
W LLandrumMarriageThe Vevay Reveille19 Aug 188044
Bertha JDunganMarriageThe Vevay Reveille19 Aug 188044
Wm FSmootMarriageThe Vevay Reveille19 Aug 188044
MaggieClementsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille19 Aug 188044
JamesHarwoodSaleThe Vevay Reveille19 Aug 188045
Jacob CBakerEstateThe Vevay Reveille19 Aug 188046
JamesRileyDeathThe Vevay Reveille19 Aug 188081
JamesDavisMarriageThe Vevay Reveille26 Aug 188042
ElizabethRobertsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille26 Aug 188042
MorlickKemperMarriageThe Vevay Reveille26 Aug 188042
FannieAllenMarriageThe Vevay Reveille26 Aug 188042
Francis MWaltonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille26 Aug 188042
Missourie BelleNealMarriageThe Vevay Reveille26 Aug 188042
Jacob CBakerEstateThe Vevay Reveille26 Aug 188046
JamesHarwoodSaleThe Vevay Reveille26 Aug 188053
Oletha EKesslerDeathThe Vevay Reveille02 Sep 188044
ElijahDickasonSaleThe Vevay Reveille02 Sep 188045
JohnBalesMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 Sep 188054
HattieHallMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 Sep 188054
WilliamMeansMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 Sep 188054
Emma EBrindleyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 Sep 188054
ElmerSeaversMarriageThe Vevay Reveille09 Sep 188043
AliceVandorinMarriageThe Vevay Reveille09 Sep 188043
George AVorisMarriageThe Vevay Reveille09 Sep 188046
AnnaCooperMarriageThe Vevay Reveille09 Sep 188046
Hugh JMarchMarriageThe Vevay Reveille09 Sep 188046
Sarah ElizaCrutcherMarriageThe Vevay Reveille09 Sep 188046
W DWardMarriageThe Vevay Reveille09 Sep 188046
T HNorthMarriageThe Vevay Reveille09 Sep 188046
Emma MFallisDeathThe Vevay Reveille09 Sep 188052
CarrieDowneyDeathThe Vevay Reveille09 Sep 188052
LowryDeathThe Vevay Reveille09 Sep 188052
ElijahDickasonSaleThe Vevay Reveille09 Sep 188056
ElijahDickasonSaleThe Vevay Reveille16 Sep 188056
Eli AAndersonDeathThe Vevay Reveille23 Sep 188044
SarahWebbDeathThe Vevay Reveille23 Sep 188044
RandolphMorrisonDeathThe Vevay Reveille23 Sep 188044
DavidAllenMarriageThe Vevay Reveille23 Sep 188044
Anna BelleLeapMarriageThe Vevay Reveille23 Sep 188044
ElijahDickasonSaleThe Vevay Reveille23 Sep 188056
Charles BHumphreyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille30 Sep 188046
Katie MBirdMarriageThe Vevay Reveille30 Sep 188046
MargaretJackmanDeathThe Vevay Reveille30 Sep 188046
Phoebe JaneVan OsdalDeathThe Vevay Reveille30 Sep 188046
LewisDeathThe Vevay Reveille07 Oct 188015
MariahBransonDeathThe Vevay Reveille07 Oct 188046
Eugene RColeMarriageThe Vevay Reveille14 Oct 188045
Emma GFromanMarriageThe Vevay Reveille14 Oct 188045
JohnRayleMarriageThe Vevay Reveille14 Oct 188045
Eliza BelleMillerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille14 Oct 188045
Thomas BTaylorMarriageThe Vevay Reveille14 Oct 188045
ZavildaBakerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille14 Oct 188045
WilliamFishMarriageThe Vevay Reveille14 Oct 188045
MaggieDickasonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille14 Oct 188045
PhoebeCunninghamDeathThe Vevay Reveille14 Oct 188045
Maria ABransonEstateThe Vevay Reveille21 Oct 188051
Thomas DSalyersMarriageThe Vevay Reveille21 Oct 188053
LizzieKnoxMarriageThe Vevay Reveille21 Oct 188053
Annie PTinkerDeathThe Vevay Reveille21 Oct 188054
Maria ABransonEstateThe Vevay Reveille28 Oct 188044
Oliver HPalmerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille28 Oct 188053
MarandaGriswoldMarriageThe Vevay Reveille28 Oct 188053
MariahBransonSaleThe Vevay Reveille04 Nov 188044
CharlesLientzMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Nov 188051
HesterHitchensMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Nov 188051
S HVan HoutenMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Nov 188054
LouHarrisonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Nov 188054
PerryDicksonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Nov 188054
AnnaMcMakinMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Nov 188054
LeanderClendenningMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Nov 188054
MattieReevesMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Nov 188054
Joseph WRickettsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Nov 188054
Hattie MLockwoodMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Nov 188054
Benjamin DAbdonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Nov 188054
RachelCunninghamMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Nov 188054
George WSparksMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Nov 188054
EmmaClementsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Nov 188054
SamanthaMillerDivorceThe Vevay Reveille11 Nov 188042
John WMillerDivorceThe Vevay Reveille11 Nov 188042
CharlieBairdDeathThe Vevay Reveille11 Nov 188042
T MDangladeEstateThe Vevay Reveille11 Nov 188041
MaryManfordEstateThe Vevay Reveille11 Nov 188041
SamuelHessEstateThe Vevay Reveille11 Nov 188041
MariahBransonSaleThe Vevay Reveille11 Nov 188044
Maria ABransonEstateThe Vevay Reveille11 Nov 188051
F CO'NealDeathThe Vevay Reveille11 Nov 188054
Philip ABettensDeathThe Vevay Reveille11 Nov 188054
Charles BoernerBairdDeathThe Vevay Reveille11 Nov 188054
FrankMcMakinMarriageThe Vevay Reveille11 Nov 188054
RoxieOremMarriageThe Vevay Reveille11 Nov 188054
SullivanDeathThe Vevay Reveille18 Nov 188015
Eliza HServerDivorceThe Vevay Reveille18 Nov 188042
Wm HServerDivorceThe Vevay Reveille18 Nov 188042
JohnColeEstateThe Vevay Reveille18 Nov 188042
Daniel KHarrisEstateThe Vevay Reveille18 Nov 188042
JoshuaSmithsonEstateThe Vevay Reveille18 Nov 188042
EdwardVioletteEstateThe Vevay Reveille18 Nov 188042
ElijahDickasonSaleThe Vevay Reveille18 Nov 188043
Edward MMartinMarriageThe Vevay Reveille18 Nov 188052
EllaCornsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille18 Nov 188052
Francis JKorblyDeathThe Vevay Reveille18 Nov 188051
ArmstrongDeathThe Vevay Reveille18 Nov 188051
JohnTeimanDeathThe Vevay Reveille18 Nov 188053
James DWilliamsDeathThe Vevay Reveille25 Nov 188041
WmLanhamDivorceThe Vevay Reveille25 Nov 188042
HannahLanhamDivorceThe Vevay Reveille25 Nov 188042
John HHamiltonDivorceThe Vevay Reveille25 Nov 188042
MillieHamiltonDivorceThe Vevay Reveille25 Nov 188042
ElijahDickasonSaleThe Vevay Reveille25 Nov 188044
LauraLambDeathThe Vevay Reveille25 Nov 188051
Clara ABettensDeathThe Vevay Reveille25 Nov 188051
McKayDeathThe Vevay Reveille25 Nov 188052
William TRobertsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille25 Nov 188053
PhoebeDunningMarriageThe Vevay Reveille25 Nov 188053
Lewis FAbdonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille25 Nov 188053
CatherineRailsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille25 Nov 188053
Larkin DSigmonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille25 Nov 188053
RebeccaLockMarriageThe Vevay Reveille25 Nov 188053
BartonDeathThe Vevay Reveille25 Nov 188053
JohnKelseyDeathThe Vevay Reveille25 Nov 188053
LauraLambDeathThe Vevay Reveille02 Dec 188014
MargaretJackmanEstateThe Vevay Reveille02 Dec 188043
HenryDemareeDeathThe Vevay Reveille02 Dec 188043
Mary OOlmsteadDeathThe Vevay Reveille02 Dec 188043
F BO'NealDeathThe Vevay Reveille02 Dec 188043
Mary AnnStearnsDeathThe Vevay Reveille02 Dec 188043
JulietFromanDeathThe Vevay Reveille02 Dec 188043
ElijahDickasonSaleThe Vevay Reveille02 Dec 188046
R LThiebaudMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 Dec 188052
AngieWelchMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 Dec 188052
ZachariahColeMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 Dec 188052
AmericaTurnerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 Dec 188052
AnnieVandeverDeathThe Vevay Reveille02 Dec 188052
HenryDemareeDeathThe Vevay Reveille02 Dec 188052
HenryJohnsonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 Dec 188052
ElizabethMillerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 Dec 188052
MosesMcClureMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 Dec 188052
MaggieStarrMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 Dec 188052
Larkin DSigmonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 Dec 188052
Rebecca ALockMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 Dec 188052
Zachariah TColeMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 Dec 188052
America TTurnerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 Dec 188052
Wm TRobertsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 Dec 188052
PhoebeDunningMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 Dec 188052
R LThiebaudMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 Dec 188052
AngieWelchMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 Dec 188052
John WParkMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 Dec 188052
EmmaHollcroftMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 Dec 188052
DennisMillerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 Dec 188052
MattieKrutzMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 Dec 188052
F BO'NealDeathThe Vevay Reveille09 Dec 188014
ElizabethSteelDeathThe Vevay Reveille09 Dec 188042
E GWhitneyDeathThe Vevay Reveille09 Dec 188041
DennisMillerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille09 Dec 188042
MattieKrutzMarriageThe Vevay Reveille09 Dec 188042
M WTagueDeathThe Vevay Reveille09 Dec 188043
MargaretJackmanEstateThe Vevay Reveille09 Dec 188045
Merrit WTagueDeathThe Vevay Reveille09 Dec 188052
MargaretJackmanEstateThe Vevay Reveille16 Dec 188053
ThomasBoydMarriageThe Vevay Reveille16 Dec 188081
EvalineChandlerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille16 Dec 188081
IraMcIntireMarriageThe Vevay Reveille16 Dec 188081
Eliza ITagueMarriageThe Vevay Reveille16 Dec 188081
BenjaminWaltersMarriageThe Vevay Reveille16 Dec 188081
LizzieRobinsonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille16 Dec 188081
ElijahDickasonEstateThe Vevay Reveille23 Dec 188041
EdwardVioletteEstateThe Vevay Reveille23 Dec 188041
James EKernMarriageThe Vevay Reveille23 Dec 188052
EllaPaveyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille23 Dec 188052
Adolphus WHydeMarriageThe Vevay Reveille23 Dec 188052
Zora BBascomMarriageThe Vevay Reveille23 Dec 188052
DanielKonkelMarriageThe Vevay Reveille23 Dec 188052
Lulla AnnRodgersMarriageThe Vevay Reveille23 Dec 188052
George NReevesMarriageThe Vevay Reveille23 Dec 188052
AbbieClendenningMarriageThe Vevay Reveille23 Dec 188052
AlfredWrightDeathThe Vevay Reveille23 Dec 188052
OttieMcKayDeathThe Vevay Reveille23 Dec 188052
PollyOwenDeathThe Vevay Reveille23 Dec 188081
JosiahColeDeathThe Vevay Reveille23 Dec 1880111
MargaretJackmanEstateThe Vevay Reveille23 Dec 1880112
John GCopelandMarriageThe Vevay Reveille30 Dec 188012
Enolia GGriswoldMarriageThe Vevay Reveille30 Dec 188012
HenryDemareeEstateThe Vevay Reveille30 Dec 188013
SarahEadesDeathThe Vevay Reveille06 Jan 188143
Morgan ODennisMarriageThe Vevay Reveille06 Jan 188143
RosaMcFaddenMarriageThe Vevay Reveille06 Jan 188143
Benjamin FGilbertMarriageThe Vevay Reveille06 Jan 188143
Hannah BHeadyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille06 Jan 188143
William WCochronMarriageThe Vevay Reveille06 Jan 188143
Nancy EHustonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille06 Jan 188143
John WAlfreyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille06 Jan 188143
MinervaLanhamMarriageThe Vevay Reveille06 Jan 188143
Wm NJonesMarriageThe Vevay Reveille06 Jan 188143
CarrieFromanMarriageThe Vevay Reveille06 Jan 188143
MarltonSimpsonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille06 Jan 188143
LulaClarkMarriageThe Vevay Reveille06 Jan 188143
MoonDeathThe Vevay Reveille06 Jan 188145
JacobBantaMarriageThe Vevay Reveille06 Jan 188145
LizzieWakefieldMarriageThe Vevay Reveille06 Jan 188145
JohnAlfreyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille06 Jan 188145
ManervaLanhamMarriageThe Vevay Reveille06 Jan 188145
HarrisDeathThe Vevay Reveille06 Jan 188152
LauraLambDeathThe Vevay Reveille06 Jan 188153
HenryDemareeEstateThe Vevay Reveille06 Jan 188184
ElijahDickasonEstateThe Vevay Reveille13 Jan 188143
JohnStewartEstateThe Vevay Reveille13 Jan 188143
WmMcFaddenEstateThe Vevay Reveille13 Jan 188143
EliasHumphreyEstateThe Vevay Reveille13 Jan 188143
B FSchenckEstateThe Vevay Reveille13 Jan 188143
JohnDuschEstateThe Vevay Reveille13 Jan 188143
JamesHarwoodEstateThe Vevay Reveille13 Jan 188143
MargaretSturgeonDivorceThe Vevay Reveille13 Jan 188143
JohnSturgeonDivorceThe Vevay Reveille13 Jan 188143
LouisaLouthridgeDivorceThe Vevay Reveille13 Jan 188143
WmLouthridgeDivorceThe Vevay Reveille13 Jan 188143
JulietFromanDivorceThe Vevay Reveille13 Jan 188143
J MFromanDivorceThe Vevay Reveille13 Jan 188143
ClarissaSilversDivorceThe Vevay Reveille13 Jan 188143
Silas ESilversDivorceThe Vevay Reveille13 Jan 188143
WmScofieldMarriageThe Vevay Reveille13 Jan 188145
LauraVandeverMarriageThe Vevay Reveille13 Jan 188145
J MPredunMarriageThe Vevay Reveille13 Jan 188145
JimimiaRodgersMarriageThe Vevay Reveille13 Jan 188145
MaryGardnerDeathThe Vevay Reveille13 Jan 188145
OllieHolderDeathThe Vevay Reveille13 Jan 188152
HolderDeathThe Vevay Reveille13 Jan 188153
HenryDemareeEstateThe Vevay Reveille13 Jan 188184
HenryDemareeEstateThe Vevay Reveille20 Jan 188114
JohnBeattyDeathThe Vevay Reveille20 Jan 188114
H TWilliamsEstateThe Vevay Reveille20 Jan 188116
AmericaWilsonDivorceThe Vevay Reveille20 Jan 188116
Nathan HWilsonDivorceThe Vevay Reveille20 Jan 188116
J WRochatDeathThe Vevay Reveille20 Jan 188142
Chancy BradleyLewisDeathThe Vevay Reveille20 Jan 188143
RobertGullionEstateThe Vevay Reveille20 Jan 188143
ElizabethAndrewsEstateThe Vevay Reveille20 Jan 188143
John BHastingsDivorceThe Vevay Reveille20 Jan 188143
Mary CHastingsDivorceThe Vevay Reveille20 Jan 188143
AmandaBakesDeathThe Vevay Reveille20 Jan 188152
MeridaBantaDeathThe Vevay Reveille20 Jan 188152
HenryDemareeEstateThe Vevay Reveille20 Jan 188184
RobertWoodsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille27 Jan 188143
RuthArmstrongMarriageThe Vevay Reveille27 Jan 188143
Charles OliverPetersMarriageThe Vevay Reveille27 Jan 188143
LouiseGuttermillerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille27 Jan 188143
Frank PSeiglitzMarriageThe Vevay Reveille27 Jan 188143
Lulu JTilleyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille27 Jan 188143
BartonDeathThe Vevay Reveille27 Jan 188155
Sarah JSparksDivorceThe Vevay Reveille27 Jan 188155
Thomas SSparksDivorceThe Vevay Reveille27 Jan 188155
Lucy TOrrDeathThe Vevay Reveille03 Feb 188116
F LGrisardDeathThe Vevay Reveille03 Feb 188141
MariahBransonEstateThe Vevay Reveille03 Feb 188143
JohnDuschEstateThe Vevay Reveille03 Feb 188143
Wm TPateEstateThe Vevay Reveille03 Feb 188143
JamesDowneyEstateThe Vevay Reveille03 Feb 188143
F EMinetEstateThe Vevay Reveille03 Feb 188143
GordonDeathThe Vevay Reveille03 Feb 188152
ColeDeathThe Vevay Reveille03 Feb 188154
GullionBirthThe Vevay Reveille03 Feb 188155
GeoHisleMarriageThe Vevay Reveille03 Feb 188182
MissouriGriffithMarriageThe Vevay Reveille03 Feb 188182
AlansonAndrewsDeathThe Vevay Reveille10 Feb 188114
CatherineKarberDeathThe Vevay Reveille10 Feb 188116
JamesDemareeDeathThe Vevay Reveille10 Feb 188116
Sarah JBrandonDivorceThe Vevay Reveille10 Feb 188144
WilliamBrandonDivorceThe Vevay Reveille10 Feb 188144
Fred LGrisardDeathThe Vevay Reveille10 Feb 188144
JohnGibsonDeathThe Vevay Reveille10 Feb 188151
EdwardDetrazMarriageThe Vevay Reveille10 Feb 188152
Frances MJockellMarriageThe Vevay Reveille10 Feb 188152
FrankSieglitzMarriageThe Vevay Reveille10 Feb 188155
LullyTilleyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille10 Feb 188155
Louis EmersonRichardsDeathThe Vevay Reveille10 Feb 188181
OsbornBirthThe Vevay Reveille17 Feb 188114
LidaLeeDeathThe Vevay Reveille17 Feb 188114
CoraDowneyDeathThe Vevay Reveille17 Feb 188115
John WShieldsDeathThe Vevay Reveille17 Feb 188115
BrownDowneyDeathThe Vevay Reveille17 Feb 188141
OliverOrmsbyEstateThe Vevay Reveille17 Feb 188144
Wm MWhittanMarriageThe Vevay Reveille17 Feb 188152
Mollie EShaddyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille17 Feb 188152
JohnHaysMarriageThe Vevay Reveille17 Feb 188152
LuellaDunningMarriageThe Vevay Reveille17 Feb 188152
WilliamRussellMarriageThe Vevay Reveille17 Feb 188153
AugustineLittleMarriageThe Vevay Reveille17 Feb 188153
MadisonMayfieldDeathThe Vevay Reveille17 Feb 188181
Jason FSteenDeathThe Vevay Reveille24 Feb 188114
John LPhillipsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille24 Feb 188115
Nannie BStanleyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille24 Feb 188115
Oliver PCainDeathThe Vevay Reveille24 Feb 188143
Sarah GTaylorDeathThe Vevay Reveille24 Feb 188143
HattieSullivanDeathThe Vevay Reveille24 Feb 188143
Newton SHustonDeathThe Vevay Reveille24 Feb 188143
OliverOrmsbyEstateThe Vevay Reveille24 Feb 188144
GeorgeCookMarriageThe Vevay Reveille24 Feb 188143
Alma EPlattMarriageThe Vevay Reveille24 Feb 188143
William JPlattMarriageThe Vevay Reveille24 Feb 188143
Anna BelleClementMarriageThe Vevay Reveille24 Feb 188143
WilliamMcFaddenSaleThe Vevay Reveille24 Feb 188144
JohnHaysMarriageThe Vevay Reveille24 Feb 188152
LueDunningMarriageThe Vevay Reveille24 Feb 188152
CarrollCarpenterMarriageThe Vevay Reveille24 Feb 188156
BettieHamrickMarriageThe Vevay Reveille24 Feb 188156
GeorgeCookMarriageThe Vevay Reveille24 Feb 188156
Alma EPlattMarriageThe Vevay Reveille24 Feb 188156
Wm JPlattMarriageThe Vevay Reveille24 Feb 188156
Anna BelleClementMarriageThe Vevay Reveille24 Feb 188156
WmPlattMarriageThe Vevay Reveille24 Feb 188155
SamuelJohnsonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille24 Feb 188155
Mollie AMcGeeMarriageThe Vevay Reveille24 Feb 188155
Francis MDalmazzoMarriageThe Vevay Reveille03 Mar 188144
Lula EBantaMarriageThe Vevay Reveille03 Mar 188144
Silas ESilversMarriageThe Vevay Reveille03 Mar 188144
Catharine SShaddayMarriageThe Vevay Reveille03 Mar 188144
LeanderBromwellMarriageThe Vevay Reveille03 Mar 188144
LulaPeakMarriageThe Vevay Reveille03 Mar 188144
Bayard ABeagleMarriageThe Vevay Reveille03 Mar 188143
InezGillMarriageThe Vevay Reveille03 Mar 188143
AlbertReedDeathThe Vevay Reveille03 Mar 188152
WisemanDeathThe Vevay Reveille03 Mar 188152
OliverOrmsbyEstateThe Vevay Reveille03 Mar 188154
WilliamMcFaddenSaleThe Vevay Reveille03 Mar 188154
Fred LGrisardDeathThe Vevay Reveille03 Mar 188153
DavidGiltnerDeathThe Vevay Reveille10 Mar 188115
Ollie BellHolderDeathThe Vevay Reveille10 Mar 188115
Bayard ABeagleMarriageThe Vevay Reveille10 Mar 188143
InezGillMarriageThe Vevay Reveille10 Mar 188143
DockBrochenMarriageThe Vevay Reveille10 Mar 188143
PercillaLandremMarriageThe Vevay Reveille10 Mar 188143
Cyrus CLeatherburyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille10 Mar 188143
Rosa FGibbsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille10 Mar 188143
JohnJonasMarriageThe Vevay Reveille10 Mar 188143
ElizaEllisMarriageThe Vevay Reveille10 Mar 188143
Cyrus CLeatherburyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille10 Mar 188152
Rosa FGibbsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille10 Mar 188152
OliverMortonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille10 Mar 188152
MaggieBrownMarriageThe Vevay Reveille10 Mar 188152
JohnJonesMarriageThe Vevay Reveille10 Mar 188152
ElizaEllisMarriageThe Vevay Reveille10 Mar 188152
James AFurnishMarriageThe Vevay Reveille10 Mar 188152
LouisaBoydMarriageThe Vevay Reveille10 Mar 188152
BenjaminBrownDeathThe Vevay Reveille10 Mar 188152
AmityMcMellonDeathThe Vevay Reveille10 Mar 188152
OliverOrmsbyEstateThe Vevay Reveille10 Mar 188154
WilliamMcFaddenSaleThe Vevay Reveille10 Mar 188154
AnthonyGilcherDeathThe Vevay Reveille10 Mar 188182
MarionSmithDeathThe Vevay Reveille10 Mar 188181
NicholasKeithDeathThe Vevay Reveille17 Mar 188114
JohnFlemingMarriageThe Vevay Reveille17 Mar 188115
CindaBassettMarriageThe Vevay Reveille17 Mar 188115
MarseldiaJacksonDeathThe Vevay Reveille17 Mar 188143
John BMooreMarriageThe Vevay Reveille17 Mar 188143
Mary AVannatterMarriageThe Vevay Reveille17 Mar 188143
WilliamMcFaddenSaleThe Vevay Reveille17 Mar 188155
JamesMcGeeDeathThe Vevay Reveille24 Mar 188115
JamesBennetDeathThe Vevay Reveille24 Mar 188141
BerthaHagermanDeathThe Vevay Reveille24 Mar 188142
FreemanRussellMarriageThe Vevay Reveille24 Mar 188143
AnnaRobertsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille24 Mar 188143
James AFurnishMarriageThe Vevay Reveille24 Mar 188143
LouisaBoydMarriageThe Vevay Reveille24 Mar 188143
Peter PLewisMarriageThe Vevay Reveille24 Mar 188143
EllenLeClercMarriageThe Vevay Reveille24 Mar 188143
John RMooreMarriageThe Vevay Reveille24 Mar 188143
Mary AVannatterMarriageThe Vevay Reveille24 Mar 188143
FreemanRussellMarriageThe Vevay Reveille24 Mar 188143
AnnaRobertsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille24 Mar 188143
Wm HMeansMarriageThe Vevay Reveille24 Mar 188143
JosephineJoyceMarriageThe Vevay Reveille24 Mar 188143
S CDurallMarriageThe Vevay Reveille24 Mar 188143
HesterSmootMarriageThe Vevay Reveille24 Mar 188143
JacobClarkMarriageThe Vevay Reveille24 Mar 188143
AnnieJacobsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille24 Mar 188143
John AWeaverMarriageThe Vevay Reveille24 Mar 188143
Emily ATurnerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille24 Mar 188143
WilliamMcFaddenSaleThe Vevay Reveille24 Mar 188155
James HTagueMarriageThe Vevay Reveille31 Mar 188142
JuliaHarmonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille31 Mar 188142
NancyRaylEstateThe Vevay Reveille31 Mar 188144
HutchinsonDeathThe Vevay Reveille31 Mar 188154
WmMeansMarriageThe Vevay Reveille31 Mar 188181
JosephineJoyceMarriageThe Vevay Reveille31 Mar 188181
CharlesRussellMarriageThe Vevay Reveille07 Apr 188141
NettiePurcellMarriageThe Vevay Reveille07 Apr 188141
ElizabethStoutDeathThe Vevay Reveille07 Apr 188141
NancyRaylSaleThe Vevay Reveille07 Apr 188144
NancyRaylEstateThe Vevay Reveille07 Apr 188154
MaryMarbleDeathThe Vevay Reveille14 Apr 188114
M CGarberDeathThe Vevay Reveille14 Apr 188141
NancyRaylSaleThe Vevay Reveille14 Apr 188145
Mary EHenshawDeathThe Vevay Reveille14 Apr 188153
AnnaClarkDeathThe Vevay Reveille14 Apr 188153
ThomasHoffmanEstateThe Vevay Reveille14 Apr 188156
NancyRaylEstateThe Vevay Reveille14 Apr 188156
JohnAndressMarriageThe Vevay Reveille21 Apr 188116
S JDemareeMarriageThe Vevay Reveille21 Apr 188116
S CHotchkissDeathThe Vevay Reveille21 Apr 188116
CatherineDannerDeathThe Vevay Reveille21 Apr 188142
Peter TWardenDeathThe Vevay Reveille21 Apr 188141
Silas EWardMarriageThe Vevay Reveille21 Apr 188142
Mary ETurnerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille21 Apr 188142
James FLambMarriageThe Vevay Reveille21 Apr 188142
Mollie JNicholsonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille21 Apr 188142
CatherineDannerDeathThe Vevay Reveille21 Apr 188142
CurtisManfordDeathThe Vevay Reveille21 Apr 188142
NancyRaylSaleThe Vevay Reveille21 Apr 188145
ThomasHoffmanEstateThe Vevay Reveille21 Apr 188156
NancyRaylEstateThe Vevay Reveille21 Apr 188156
ThomasWilsonSaleThe Vevay Reveille21 Apr 188155
ElizabethTurnerDeathThe Vevay Reveille21 Apr 188181
LarrisonDeathThe Vevay Reveille28 Apr 188114
VaneCarverMarriageThe Vevay Reveille28 Apr 188142
LucyWhitleyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille28 Apr 188142
Silas EWardMarriageThe Vevay Reveille28 Apr 188142
Mary ETurnerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille28 Apr 188142
WesleyBosawMarriageThe Vevay Reveille28 Apr 188142
Mary MBillsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille28 Apr 188142
WmMonroeMarriageThe Vevay Reveille28 Apr 188142
MollieDuganMarriageThe Vevay Reveille28 Apr 188142
CharlesAllenMarriageThe Vevay Reveille28 Apr 188142
VirginiaSmithMarriageThe Vevay Reveille28 Apr 188142
FelixGrenatMarriageThe Vevay Reveille28 Apr 188142
Caroline MPickettMarriageThe Vevay Reveille28 Apr 188142
HarryWattsDeathThe Vevay Reveille28 Apr 188144
Philander SColeDeathThe Vevay Reveille28 Apr 188144
WilliamMonroeMarriageThe Vevay Reveille28 Apr 188144
MollieDuganMarriageThe Vevay Reveille28 Apr 188144
ThomasWilsonSaleThe Vevay Reveille28 Apr 188153
GeorgeGlassDeathThe Vevay Reveille05 May 188142
HarrisDeathThe Vevay Reveille05 May 188144
EllaLittrellDeathThe Vevay Reveille05 May 188144
HarryWattsDeathThe Vevay Reveille05 May 188144
William AFoxMarriageThe Vevay Reveille05 May 188144
JosephineAmbergerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille05 May 188144
James SMorrisonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille05 May 188144
Estella MMcHenryMarriageThe Vevay Reveille05 May 188144
David HBoyleMarriageThe Vevay Reveille05 May 188144
Mary EBrownMarriageThe Vevay Reveille05 May 188144
William AFoxMarriageThe Vevay Reveille05 May 188143
JosephineAmbergerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille05 May 188143
James SMorrisonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille05 May 188143
Estella MMcHenryMarriageThe Vevay Reveille05 May 188143
Edward TJagersMarriageThe Vevay Reveille05 May 188143
ZelaHogginsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille05 May 188143
George WWainscottMarriageThe Vevay Reveille05 May 188143
ElizabethBanionMarriageThe Vevay Reveille05 May 188143
MermondDeathThe Vevay Reveille05 May 188181
W FrankReaMarriageThe Vevay Reveille12 May 188115
LizzieHarperMarriageThe Vevay Reveille12 May 188115
MaryNorisezEstateThe Vevay Reveille12 May 188142
JamesMcBrideEstateThe Vevay Reveille12 May 188142
ElizabethProtsmanEstateThe Vevay Reveille12 May 188142
John TAdamsEstateThe Vevay Reveille12 May 188142
SamuelHessEstateThe Vevay Reveille12 May 188142
ElizabethGibbonEstateThe Vevay Reveille12 May 188142
WmMcFaddenEstateThe Vevay Reveille12 May 188142
DavidLeapEstateThe Vevay Reveille12 May 188142
AmeliaFalbreEstateThe Vevay Reveille12 May 188142
George CHardingDeathThe Vevay Reveille12 May 188142
Lucinda CWorksDeathThe Vevay Reveille12 May 188143
AureliaFalbreSaleThe Vevay Reveille12 May 188144
AlviraHarrisDeathThe Vevay Reveille12 May 188152
DariusFordDeathThe Vevay Reveille12 May 188154
AureliaFalbreSaleThe Vevay Reveille19 May 188116
JamesBennettDeathThe Vevay Reveille19 May 188142
JohnWoodMarriageThe Vevay Reveille19 May 188153
MaryFoulkMarriageThe Vevay Reveille19 May 188153
EmsleyShaddayMarriageThe Vevay Reveille19 May 188153
AureliaFalbreSaleThe Vevay Reveille26 May 188116
BledsoeBirthThe Vevay Reveille26 May 188115
JamesVanhoutenEstateThe Vevay Reveille26 May 188142
IsaacStevensEstateThe Vevay Reveille26 May 188142
DavidScottEstateThe Vevay Reveille26 May 188142
PermelieFiskEstateThe Vevay Reveille26 May 188142
WilliamWarwickSaleThe Vevay Reveille26 May 188144
Merit WTagueEstateThe Vevay Reveille26 May 188144
GeorgeFreidersdorffDeathThe Vevay Reveille26 May 188152
SmithDeathThe Vevay Reveille02 Jun 188114
AureliaFalbreSaleThe Vevay Reveille02 Jun 188116
DunnDeathThe Vevay Reveille02 Jun 188142
J WJacksonDeathThe Vevay Reveille02 Jun 188142
JesseBorightMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 Jun 188141
Sarah JaneLeatherburyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 Jun 188141
ElizaEliotDeathThe Vevay Reveille02 Jun 188141
J WJacksonDeathThe Vevay Reveille02 Jun 188141
WmWarwickEstateThe Vevay Reveille02 Jun 188145
Merit WTagueEstateThe Vevay Reveille02 Jun 188146
WmWarwickEstateThe Vevay Reveille09 Jun 188116
AureliaFalbreSaleThe Vevay Reveille09 Jun 188116
George WCooperMarriageThe Vevay Reveille09 Jun 188142
Mary EmilyCooperMarriageThe Vevay Reveille09 Jun 188142
George JAbbottMarriageThe Vevay Reveille09 Jun 188142
DoraBruceMarriageThe Vevay Reveille09 Jun 188142
Joseph AMyersMarriageThe Vevay Reveille09 Jun 188142
MollieGordonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille09 Jun 188142
JohnWattsDeathThe Vevay Reveille09 Jun 188142
MariahBransonSaleThe Vevay Reveille09 Jun 188143
Mary EWardDeathThe Vevay Reveille09 Jun 188143
Merit WTagueEstateThe Vevay Reveille09 Jun 188145
JimmyCampbellDeathThe Vevay Reveille09 Jun 188153
JohnWattsDeathThe Vevay Reveille16 Jun 188142
HiramBrownMarriageThe Vevay Reveille16 Jun 188143
IndiaColeMarriageThe Vevay Reveille16 Jun 188143
James DLogginsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille16 Jun 188143
ElizaMontgomeryMarriageThe Vevay Reveille16 Jun 188143
MariahBransonSaleThe Vevay Reveille16 Jun 188146
GeorgeClendenningMarriageThe Vevay Reveille23 Jun 188114
PhebeKennedyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille23 Jun 188114
JohnWattsDeathThe Vevay Reveille23 Jun 188115
WilliamGronemeyerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille23 Jun 188153
JennieCraigMarriageThe Vevay Reveille23 Jun 188153
MariahBransonSaleThe Vevay Reveille23 Jun 188183
BennettDeathThe Vevay Reveille30 Jun 188153
Henry SLaneDeathThe Vevay Reveille30 Jun 188181
MariahBransonSaleThe Vevay Reveille30 Jun 188183
JohnBrookMarriageThe Vevay Reveille07 Jul 188115
MarthaBrindleyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille07 Jul 188115
Seth FPackenhamMarriageThe Vevay Reveille07 Jul 188144
MaryDumphiesMarriageThe Vevay Reveille07 Jul 188144
JohnLeeMarriageThe Vevay Reveille07 Jul 188144
Lorena MNichmouaMarriageThe Vevay Reveille07 Jul 188144
JamesButlerEstateThe Vevay Reveille07 Jul 188145
MariahBransonSaleThe Vevay Reveille07 Jul 188183
A WJessupBirthThe Vevay Reveille14 Jul 188116
HarryWadeDeathThe Vevay Reveille14 Jul 188115
JohnLeeMarriageThe Vevay Reveille14 Jul 188142
Florence MRichmondMarriageThe Vevay Reveille14 Jul 188142
CharlesFancherMarriageThe Vevay Reveille14 Jul 188142
MarthaKeithMarriageThe Vevay Reveille14 Jul 188142
CharlesOsbornMarriageThe Vevay Reveille14 Jul 188142
ElizabethHusongMarriageThe Vevay Reveille14 Jul 188142
John WSullivanMarriageThe Vevay Reveille14 Jul 188142
Alvira GPickettMarriageThe Vevay Reveille14 Jul 188142
Frederick ALeapMarriageThe Vevay Reveille14 Jul 188142
Josie AGarnerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille14 Jul 188142
JosephusWhittenDeathThe Vevay Reveille14 Jul 188143
Horace MAyersSaleThe Vevay Reveille14 Jul 188144
JamesButlerEstateThe Vevay Reveille14 Jul 188146
Francis MRickettsDeathThe Vevay Reveille14 Jul 188153
John TWhitlockDeathThe Vevay Reveille14 Jul 188153
Morris PMerrillDeathThe Vevay Reveille14 Jul 188153
HaskellDeathThe Vevay Reveille14 Jul 188153
CharlesFancherMarriageThe Vevay Reveille14 Jul 188153
MarthaKeithMarriageThe Vevay Reveille14 Jul 188153
J WSullivanMarriageThe Vevay Reveille14 Jul 188153
A GPickettMarriageThe Vevay Reveille14 Jul 188153
Julia AGarnerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille14 Jul 188153
Frederick ALeapMarriageThe Vevay Reveille14 Jul 188153
JohnLeeMarriageThe Vevay Reveille14 Jul 188153
Lorena MRichmondMarriageThe Vevay Reveille14 Jul 188153
JuliaRittenourDeathThe Vevay Reveille21 Jul 188114
HenryCopherDeathThe Vevay Reveille21 Jul 188114
JohnWattsEstateThe Vevay Reveille21 Jul 188144
JamesButlerEstateThe Vevay Reveille21 Jul 188145
BenjaminGrahamMarriageThe Vevay Reveille28 Jul 188142
Mollie EFullerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille28 Jul 188142
CatherineLancasterDeathThe Vevay Reveille28 Jul 188143
BenjaminGrahamMarriageThe Vevay Reveille28 Jul 188143
Mollie EFullerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille28 Jul 188143
JamesButlerEstateThe Vevay Reveille28 Jul 188145
JohnWattsEstateThe Vevay Reveille28 Jul 188154
WmLockDeathThe Vevay Reveille04 Aug 188116
Charles BHeathMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Aug 188142
EmalineBuchananMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Aug 188142
AugustineDowDeathThe Vevay Reveille04 Aug 188142
Frances MaryMcNuttDeathThe Vevay Reveille04 Aug 188142
M CGaudinDeathThe Vevay Reveille04 Aug 188142
MaryBowenDeathThe Vevay Reveille04 Aug 188142
JamesButlerEstateThe Vevay Reveille04 Aug 188145
AdaSedamDeathThe Vevay Reveille04 Aug 188152
JohnWattsEstateThe Vevay Reveille04 Aug 188153
JohnWattsSaleThe Vevay Reveille04 Aug 188153
RudeDailyDeathThe Vevay Reveille11 Aug 188116
BelaHerrickDeathThe Vevay Reveille11 Aug 188144
MatildaOakleyDeathThe Vevay Reveille11 Aug 188144
JohnWattsEstateThe Vevay Reveille11 Aug 188153
JohnWattsSaleThe Vevay Reveille11 Aug 188155
JamesWilsonDeathThe Vevay Reveille18 Aug 188114
Harry WCampbellDeathThe Vevay Reveille18 Aug 188115
BetsyHenryDeathThe Vevay Reveille18 Aug 188143
Mary CNorthcottDeathThe Vevay Reveille18 Aug 188144
JosephWaltzDeathThe Vevay Reveille18 Aug 188144
JaneNobleDeathThe Vevay Reveille18 Aug 188144
JaneKelsoDeathThe Vevay Reveille18 Aug 188144
FannieLoveDeathThe Vevay Reveille18 Aug 188144
JohnWattsEstateThe Vevay Reveille18 Aug 188152
JohnWattsSaleThe Vevay Reveille18 Aug 188183
MorrisChapmanDeathThe Vevay Reveille25 Aug 188115
James CSmockMarriageThe Vevay Reveille25 Aug 188141
Sarah JHortonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille25 Aug 188141
Alvin MSadlerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille25 Aug 188141
Eliza BellFancherMarriageThe Vevay Reveille25 Aug 188141
Alvin MSadlerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille25 Aug 188144
Eliza BelleFancherMarriageThe Vevay Reveille25 Aug 188144
JohnWattsSaleThe Vevay Reveille25 Aug 188183
JamesSmockMarriageThe Vevay Reveille01 Sep 188153
SarahHortonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille01 Sep 188153
Wm HFryDeathThe Vevay Reveille08 Sep 188116
WilliamScudderDeathThe Vevay Reveille08 Sep 188143
Edward CHeadyDeathThe Vevay Reveille08 Sep 188143
OllieCourtneyDeathThe Vevay Reveille08 Sep 188143
George WBoydMarriageThe Vevay Reveille08 Sep 188143
MaryAndrewsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille08 Sep 188143
John CScottMarriageThe Vevay Reveille08 Sep 188143
Fannie GNorthcottMarriageThe Vevay Reveille08 Sep 188143
ClarenceRogersMarriageThe Vevay Reveille08 Sep 188152
MinnieAldrichMarriageThe Vevay Reveille08 Sep 188152
Wm RWycoffMarriageThe Vevay Reveille08 Sep 188181
BessiePateMarriageThe Vevay Reveille08 Sep 188181
JamesEarlyDeathThe Vevay Reveille08 Sep 188181
RossDeathThe Vevay Reveille15 Sep 188116
Oliver FMcCrearyEstateThe Vevay Reveille15 Sep 188142
JohnOremDivorceThe Vevay Reveille15 Sep 188142
ElizaOremDivorceThe Vevay Reveille15 Sep 188142
SmithDeathThe Vevay Reveille15 Sep 188142
MariahBransonSaleThe Vevay Reveille15 Sep 188144
HarrySocwellDeathThe Vevay Reveille15 Sep 188143
George WCooperMarriageThe Vevay Reveille15 Sep 188143
Sallie BRossMarriageThe Vevay Reveille15 Sep 188143
DennisBeachMarriageThe Vevay Reveille15 Sep 188143
NettieRobensMarriageThe Vevay Reveille15 Sep 188143
JohnMcClaneMarriageThe Vevay Reveille15 Sep 188143
GeorgieKingMarriageThe Vevay Reveille15 Sep 188143
HarveyHudsonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille15 Sep 188143
SarahBossoMarriageThe Vevay Reveille15 Sep 188143
George WCooperMarriageThe Vevay Reveille15 Sep 188143
Sallie BRossMarriageThe Vevay Reveille15 Sep 188143
Charles WHeathDeathThe Vevay Reveille15 Sep 188152
SolomonBrunerDeathThe Vevay Reveille15 Sep 188151
EuniceGaryDeathThe Vevay Reveille15 Sep 188151
EadsDeathThe Vevay Reveille15 Sep 188153
Benjamin SBartonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille22 Sep 188143
Eliza JHannahMarriageThe Vevay Reveille22 Sep 188143
SamuelHessSaleThe Vevay Reveille22 Sep 188144
Sarah JLockDeathThe Vevay Reveille22 Sep 188143
MariahBransonSaleThe Vevay Reveille22 Sep 188145
HudsonDeathThe Vevay Reveille22 Sep 188153
Jennie B ScudderMuratDeathThe Vevay Reveille29 Sep 188144
JamesChaseMarriageThe Vevay Reveille29 Sep 188144
GeorgeannCoalMarriageThe Vevay Reveille29 Sep 188144
Henry HClementsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille29 Sep 188144
Clara BelleDowMarriageThe Vevay Reveille29 Sep 188144
GeorgeSchroedalMarriageThe Vevay Reveille29 Sep 188144
BelleCohenMarriageThe Vevay Reveille29 Sep 188144
Wm JSmithMarriageThe Vevay Reveille29 Sep 188144
MaryOstranderMarriageThe Vevay Reveille29 Sep 188144
MariahBransonSaleThe Vevay Reveille29 Sep 188146
SamuelHessSaleThe Vevay Reveille06 Oct 188144
Frank PSebreeMarriageThe Vevay Reveille06 Oct 188143
Susie PGullionMarriageThe Vevay Reveille06 Oct 188143
ErastusSnyderMarriageThe Vevay Reveille06 Oct 188143
Martha EllenNaveMarriageThe Vevay Reveille06 Oct 188143
Sarah JLockEstateThe Vevay Reveille06 Oct 188144
MariahBransonSaleThe Vevay Reveille06 Oct 188146
George MColeDivorceThe Vevay Reveille06 Oct 188152
Franklyn NColeDivorceThe Vevay Reveille06 Oct 188152
JuliaPalmerDivorceThe Vevay Reveille06 Oct 188152
BeniahPalmerDivorceThe Vevay Reveille06 Oct 188152
John FDoanEstateThe Vevay Reveille06 Oct 188152
Lawrence WGordonEstateThe Vevay Reveille06 Oct 188152
DavidBakerEstateThe Vevay Reveille06 Oct 188152
JohnToddEstateThe Vevay Reveille06 Oct 188152
SarahPeabodyEstateThe Vevay Reveille06 Oct 188152
GeorgeTardyEstateThe Vevay Reveille06 Oct 188152
Jacob CBakerEstateThe Vevay Reveille06 Oct 188152
EdwardColemanEstateThe Vevay Reveille06 Oct 188152
ArmingtonCulverEstateThe Vevay Reveille06 Oct 188152
Wm HCunninghamEstateThe Vevay Reveille06 Oct 188152
DanielKonkleEstateThe Vevay Reveille06 Oct 188152
Wm TPateEstateThe Vevay Reveille06 Oct 188152
CatharineLancaserEstateThe Vevay Reveille06 Oct 188152
Frank PSebreeMarriageThe Vevay Reveille13 Oct 188141
Susie PGullionMarriageThe Vevay Reveille13 Oct 188141
Jeptha BSkidmoreMarriageThe Vevay Reveille13 Oct 188141
LauraBromwellMarriageThe Vevay Reveille13 Oct 188141
James AClaghornMarriageThe Vevay Reveille13 Oct 188141
Laura MTardyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille13 Oct 188141
Malin GTaylorMarriageThe Vevay Reveille13 Oct 188141
Jennie CPattonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille13 Oct 188141
SamuelHessSaleThe Vevay Reveille13 Oct 188144
Horace MAyersSaleThe Vevay Reveille13 Oct 188143
Sarah JLockEstateThe Vevay Reveille13 Oct 188144
Frederick ABrandleyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille13 Oct 188143
Ida MayPhillipsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille13 Oct 188143
R T FAbbettMarriageThe Vevay Reveille13 Oct 188143
NanniePattieMarriageThe Vevay Reveille13 Oct 188143
Malin GTaylorMarriageThe Vevay Reveille13 Oct 188143
Jennie CPattonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille13 Oct 188143
Charles MMurphyDeathThe Vevay Reveille13 Oct 188181
James AClaghornMarriageThe Vevay Reveille20 Oct 188144
EugeneTardyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille20 Oct 188144
Charles CShortDeathThe Vevay Reveille20 Oct 188143
James POremMarriageThe Vevay Reveille20 Oct 188143
Nannie GRobertsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille20 Oct 188143
JacobHendricksMarriageThe Vevay Reveille20 Oct 188143
HenriettaHudsonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille20 Oct 188143
Robert WGalbreathMarriageThe Vevay Reveille20 Oct 188143
Effie BHarrisMarriageThe Vevay Reveille20 Oct 188143
RobertJamisonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille20 Oct 188143
SarahPetersMarriageThe Vevay Reveille20 Oct 188143
John IHoweMarriageThe Vevay Reveille20 Oct 188144
EmilyLinnMarriageThe Vevay Reveille20 Oct 188144
Wm HQueensberyDeathThe Vevay Reveille20 Oct 188143
AgnesPattieMarriageThe Vevay Reveille20 Oct 188143
R T FAbbettMarriageThe Vevay Reveille20 Oct 188143
Sarah JLockEstateThe Vevay Reveille20 Oct 188153
SamuelHessSaleThe Vevay Reveille20 Oct 188153
JacobHendricksMarriageThe Vevay Reveille20 Oct 188181
HenriettaHudsonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille20 Oct 188181
WillieCornsDeathThe Vevay Reveille27 Oct 188116
William FTappDeathThe Vevay Reveille27 Oct 188116
Horace MAyersSaleThe Vevay Reveille27 Oct 188144
Sarah JLockEstateThe Vevay Reveille27 Oct 188144
Robert WGalbreathMarriageThe Vevay Reveille27 Oct 188144
Effie BHarrisMarriageThe Vevay Reveille27 Oct 188144
Charles TSimontonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille27 Oct 188144
LucillaAlbroMarriageThe Vevay Reveille27 Oct 188144
RobertJamisonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille27 Oct 188144
SarahPetersMarriageThe Vevay Reveille27 Oct 188144
TimothyPorterMarriageThe Vevay Reveille27 Oct 188144
FeliaTappMarriageThe Vevay Reveille27 Oct 188144
Sarah JLockSaleThe Vevay Reveille27 Oct 188145
RobertNealDeathThe Vevay Reveille27 Oct 188151
James AMurretMarriageThe Vevay Reveille03 Nov 188144
Ella SKeeneyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille03 Nov 188144
JamesJumpMarriageThe Vevay Reveille03 Nov 188144
Sarah JaneHaglierMarriageThe Vevay Reveille03 Nov 188144
Edward HSherlyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille03 Nov 188144
JuliaBerkshireMarriageThe Vevay Reveille03 Nov 188144
Charles WMitchellMarriageThe Vevay Reveille03 Nov 188144
HallieHulleyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille03 Nov 188144
Horace MAyersSaleThe Vevay Reveille03 Nov 188146
AndrewRalstonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille10 Nov 188142
Rhoda AScudderMarriageThe Vevay Reveille10 Nov 188142
Horace MAyersSaleThe Vevay Reveille10 Nov 188146
SarahMorleyDeathThe Vevay Reveille17 Nov 188114
ClaraNorisezDeathThe Vevay Reveille17 Nov 188144
CharlesTappDeathThe Vevay Reveille17 Nov 188144
JamesWilsonDeathThe Vevay Reveille17 Nov 188144
WilliamHannisDeathThe Vevay Reveille17 Nov 188144
WesleyCoghillDeathThe Vevay Reveille17 Nov 188144
Aaron FOsbornMarriageThe Vevay Reveille17 Nov 188144
Sarah JaneEdringtonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille17 Nov 188144
JacobChrestmanMarriageThe Vevay Reveille17 Nov 188144
MaggieTaylorMarriageThe Vevay Reveille17 Nov 188144
Eli SBallardMarriageThe Vevay Reveille17 Nov 188144
Emma JGortermillerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille17 Nov 188144
Wm AFosterDeathThe Vevay Reveille24 Nov 188114
PatrickShanahanMarriageThe Vevay Reveille24 Nov 188122
Clara BRolinsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille24 Nov 188122
George WBuffingtonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille24 Nov 188122
MargaretDowersMarriageThe Vevay Reveille24 Nov 188122
John WesleyTurnerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille24 Nov 188122
AdiaMeyerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille24 Nov 188122
NicholasLaFontainMarriageThe Vevay Reveille24 Nov 188122
KateMillerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille24 Nov 188122
HarryTorranceMarriageThe Vevay Reveille24 Nov 188122
Eustatia MKeeneyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille24 Nov 188122
Amos AHastingsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille24 Nov 188122
Annie MGatesMarriageThe Vevay Reveille24 Nov 188122
Bruce DScottMarriageThe Vevay Reveille24 Nov 188122
Jennie ATevisMarriageThe Vevay Reveille24 Nov 188122
WillardTruittMarriageThe Vevay Reveille24 Nov 188122
Mattie ERobinsonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille24 Nov 188122
Albion CJacksonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille24 Nov 188122
Ophelia AFallisMarriageThe Vevay Reveille24 Nov 188122
Nathaniel MFallisMarriageThe Vevay Reveille24 Nov 188122
Fannie MDalmazzoMarriageThe Vevay Reveille24 Nov 188122
James AStewartMarriageThe Vevay Reveille24 Nov 188122
IsabelleHeathMarriageThe Vevay Reveille24 Nov 188122
PatrickShanahanMarriageThe Vevay Reveille24 Nov 188123
Maria BRobinsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille24 Nov 188123
George WBuffingtonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille24 Nov 188123
MargaretDowersMarriageThe Vevay Reveille24 Nov 188123
ElizabethWaldenDeathThe Vevay Reveille24 Nov 188123
BettieWaldenDeathThe Vevay Reveille24 Nov 188123
WalterClarkDeathThe Vevay Reveille24 Nov 188133
LillieBreeckeDivorceThe Vevay Reveille01 Dec 188141
HenryBreeckeDivorceThe Vevay Reveille01 Dec 188141
HenryLockEstateThe Vevay Reveille01 Dec 188142
Lucy AJohnsonDeathThe Vevay Reveille01 Dec 188144
GuyBodkinsDeathThe Vevay Reveille01 Dec 188144
JohnnieWitherspoonDThe Vevay Reveille01 Dec 188144
EnochLentzMarriageThe Vevay Reveille01 Dec 188144
Sarah SHitchensMarriageThe Vevay Reveille01 Dec 188144
James AStewartMarriageThe Vevay Reveille01 Dec 188144
IsabelleHeathMarriageThe Vevay Reveille01 Dec 188144
HarryTorranceMarriageThe Vevay Reveille01 Dec 188144
ErlattiaKeeneyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille01 Dec 188144
SedamDeathThe Vevay Reveille01 Dec 188144
O'NealDeathThe Vevay Reveille01 Dec 188144
EnochLeintzMarriageThe Vevay Reveille01 Dec 188143
Sarah SHitchensMarriageThe Vevay Reveille01 Dec 188143
Andrew GSweazeyDeathThe Vevay Reveille01 Dec 188144
LeonardColeDeathThe Vevay Reveille08 Dec 188144
JaneMcCallumDeathThe Vevay Reveille08 Dec 188144
Lewis WBaldwinMarriageThe Vevay Reveille08 Dec 188144
JosephineGrenatMarriageThe Vevay Reveille08 Dec 188144
Newton CReedMarriageThe Vevay Reveille08 Dec 188144
Maggie EMcKenzieMarriageThe Vevay Reveille08 Dec 188144
ThomasRoyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille08 Dec 188144
MarthaWintizerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille08 Dec 188144
Cyrus NewtonReedMarriageThe Vevay Reveille08 Dec 188144
Maggie EMcKenzieMarriageThe Vevay Reveille08 Dec 188144
Chenney WCarpenterMarriageThe Vevay Reveille08 Dec 188144
Addie LCraigMarriageThe Vevay Reveille08 Dec 188144
Charles CarrollArmstrongDeathThe Vevay Reveille15 Dec 188142
MaryRichmondDivorceThe Vevay Reveille15 Dec 188143
Hiram LRichmondDivorceThe Vevay Reveille15 Dec 188143
MissouriMcMurrayDivorceThe Vevay Reveille15 Dec 188143
MarcellusMcMurrayDivorceThe Vevay Reveille15 Dec 188143
Marvey MVanOsdolDeathThe Vevay Reveille15 Dec 188152
AmySmithDeathThe Vevay Reveille15 Dec 188152
Francis JLeedsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille15 Dec 188151
Fannie BPateMarriageThe Vevay Reveille15 Dec 188151
J TMaldronMarriageThe Vevay Reveille15 Dec 188151
Mary FGrayMarriageThe Vevay Reveille15 Dec 188151
RobertGlennDeathThe Vevay Reveille15 Dec 188153
JamesButlerEstateThe Vevay Reveille15 Dec 188186
HenryLockEstateThe Vevay Reveille22 Dec 188142
Rodolph FGrisardEstateThe Vevay Reveille22 Dec 188142
OliverMcCraryEstateThe Vevay Reveille22 Dec 188142
SamuelHessEstateThe Vevay Reveille22 Dec 188142
Robert SCottonDeathThe Vevay Reveille22 Dec 188144
G JEblenMarriageThe Vevay Reveille22 Dec 188144
CarrieNilesMarriageThe Vevay Reveille22 Dec 188144
JamesButlerEstateThe Vevay Reveille22 Dec 188186
SamuelKinettMarriageThe Vevay Reveille29 Dec 188142
LucetteBoyceMarriageThe Vevay Reveille29 Dec 188142
JohnStephensonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille29 Dec 188142
IsabellO'NealMarriageThe Vevay Reveille29 Dec 188142
John MMorrisonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille29 Dec 188142
Delia AMcHenryMarriageThe Vevay Reveille29 Dec 188142
William HBrownMarriageThe Vevay Reveille29 Dec 188142
Dora JReevesMarriageThe Vevay Reveille29 Dec 188142
JamesDonnellyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille29 Dec 188142
AnnieCarverMarriageThe Vevay Reveille29 Dec 188142
Maria CGaudinEstateThe Vevay Reveille29 Dec 188144
JamesButlerEstateThe Vevay Reveille29 Dec 188186
WmLandMarriageThe Vevay Reveille05 Jan 188242
SusieNobleMarriageThe Vevay Reveille05 Jan 188242
Maria CGoddenEstateThe Vevay Reveille05 Jan 188244
MaudCopelandDeathThe Vevay Reveille05 Jan 188243
BelleNewtonDeathThe Vevay Reveille05 Jan 188243
JosephBurnsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille05 Jan 188243
EllenSwangoMarriageThe Vevay Reveille05 Jan 188243
SilasScudderMarriageThe Vevay Reveille05 Jan 188243
ElizabethMcCorkleMarriageThe Vevay Reveille05 Jan 188243
Charles TSimpsonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille05 Jan 188243
Lillie MHumphreyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille05 Jan 188243
JamesButlerEstateThe Vevay Reveille05 Jan 188254
Charles TSimpsonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille12 Jan 188241
Lillie MHumphreyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille12 Jan 188241
Samuel HHulleyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille12 Jan 188241
Mary DScottMarriageThe Vevay Reveille12 Jan 188241
John HHuntMarriageThe Vevay Reveille12 Jan 188241
NoraEarnheartMarriageThe Vevay Reveille12 Jan 188241
Thomas JStewartMarriageThe Vevay Reveille12 Jan 188241
Jennie LRickettsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille12 Jan 188241
Wm FSmithMarriageThe Vevay Reveille12 Jan 188241
EmilyHouzeMarriageThe Vevay Reveille12 Jan 188241
Virgil BRichardsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille12 Jan 188243
Nancy BWycoffMarriageThe Vevay Reveille12 Jan 188243
George WSabertonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille12 Jan 188243
LucretiaLeithMarriageThe Vevay Reveille12 Jan 188243
LucretiaKeithMarriageThe Vevay Reveille12 Jan 188243
CharlesReaMarriageThe Vevay Reveille12 Jan 188251
NettieWatsonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille12 Jan 188251
Maria CGoddenEstateThe Vevay Reveille12 Jan 188254
LetiliaForseeDeathThe Vevay Reveille19 Jan 188212
KatieLemmonDeathThe Vevay Reveille19 Jan 188212
Eliza AGraceDeathThe Vevay Reveille19 Jan 188212
Fannie JThompsonDeathThe Vevay Reveille19 Jan 188212
Fred WPardridgeMarriageThe Vevay Reveille19 Jan 188212
CarrieOrrMarriageThe Vevay Reveille19 Jan 188212
LucyGrayDeathThe Vevay Reveille19 Jan 188244
LucyGilbertMarriageThe Vevay Reveille19 Jan 188243
AlbertPateMarriageThe Vevay Reveille19 Jan 188243
PhoebaHumphreyDeathThe Vevay Reveille19 Jan 188244
AlbertPateMarriageThe Vevay Reveille19 Jan 188246
Lucy JGilbertMarriageThe Vevay Reveille19 Jan 188246
ThomasStewartMarriageThe Vevay Reveille19 Jan 188246
JennieRickettsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille19 Jan 188246
James BDowneyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille19 Jan 188246
Viola EStagnerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille19 Jan 188246
Charles DPostelMarriageThe Vevay Reveille19 Jan 188246
CharlotteDeppeMarriageThe Vevay Reveille19 Jan 188246
ThomasPicketDeathThe Vevay Reveille19 Jan 188246
Jordan RWainscottDeathThe Vevay Reveille19 Jan 188246
GriffithDickasonDeathThe Vevay Reveille19 Jan 188246
IsabellaDangladeDeathThe Vevay Reveille19 Jan 188246
FelixCarverEstateThe Vevay Reveille19 Jan 188252
Maria CGoddenEstateThe Vevay Reveille19 Jan 188287
Charles ELemonDeathThe Vevay Reveille26 Jan 188211
WilliamHeatonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille26 Jan 188211
MatildaStevensMarriageThe Vevay Reveille26 Jan 188211
GeorgeRowMarriageThe Vevay Reveille26 Jan 188211
Esther JStevensMarriageThe Vevay Reveille26 Jan 188211
Edward AFinkMarriageThe Vevay Reveille26 Jan 188211
MariahSuttonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille26 Jan 188211
KateHenekeDeathThe Vevay Reveille26 Jan 188211
W HAndersonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille26 Jan 188211
Lydia JBakerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille26 Jan 188211
Louis STrinkleMarriageThe Vevay Reveille26 Jan 188211
SarahHarperMarriageThe Vevay Reveille26 Jan 188211
J HWestMarriageThe Vevay Reveille26 Jan 188211
RoseMcKimMarriageThe Vevay Reveille26 Jan 188211
NicholasBibbMarriageThe Vevay Reveille26 Jan 188211
LucyBibbMarriageThe Vevay Reveille26 Jan 188211
JohnThompkinsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille26 Jan 188211
MaryGriffithMarriageThe Vevay Reveille26 Jan 188211
John WOgburnMarriageThe Vevay Reveille26 Jan 188211
NancyMartinMarriageThe Vevay Reveille26 Jan 188211
John ABeachDivorceThe Vevay Reveille26 Jan 188211
Mary ABeachDivorceThe Vevay Reveille26 Jan 188211
Mary AnnBedenDeathThe Vevay Reveille26 Jan 188211
FelixCarverEstateThe Vevay Reveille26 Jan 188215
IndiaBrownDeathThe Vevay Reveille26 Jan 188242
IndiaColeDeathThe Vevay Reveille26 Jan 188242
GeorgeAnshutzDeathThe Vevay Reveille26 Jan 188245
William HJohnsonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille26 Jan 188246
Florence BRaymondMarriageThe Vevay Reveille26 Jan 188246
GeorgeAnshutzDeathThe Vevay Reveille26 Jan 188246
Maria CGoddenEstateThe Vevay Reveille26 Jan 188285
FelixCarverEstateThe Vevay Reveille02 Feb 188213
IndiaBrownDeathThe Vevay Reveille02 Feb 188243
P HWhiteDeathThe Vevay Reveille02 Feb 188245
W TBostwickMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 Feb 188245
EllaBealMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 Feb 188245
Jordon Rudolph MarionWainscottDeathThe Vevay Reveille02 Feb 188254
E BBarnardDeathThe Vevay Reveille02 Feb 188282
Maria OGoddenEstateThe Vevay Reveille02 Feb 188285
FelixCarverEstateThe Vevay Reveille09 Feb 188213
JohnGraysonDeathThe Vevay Reveille09 Feb 188215
P WNorthMarriageThe Vevay Reveille09 Feb 188241
LauraKeeneyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille09 Feb 188241
WilliamDuncanMarriageThe Vevay Reveille09 Feb 188241
AnnaNicholsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille09 Feb 188241
Michael SJumpMarriageThe Vevay Reveille09 Feb 188241
EmmaStoneMarriageThe Vevay Reveille09 Feb 188241
WilliamSmithMarriageThe Vevay Reveille09 Feb 188243
EmleyHouzeMarriageThe Vevay Reveille09 Feb 188243
BenalahPalmerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille09 Feb 188243
MellaieWileyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille09 Feb 188243
JamesWitherspoonDeathThe Vevay Reveille09 Feb 188243
AnnKonkleDeathThe Vevay Reveille09 Feb 188243
James WNewtonDeathThe Vevay Reveille09 Feb 188243
BarneyBirneyDeathThe Vevay Reveille09 Feb 188251
Maria CGoddenEstateThe Vevay Reveille09 Feb 188285
FelixCarverEstateThe Vevay Reveille16 Feb 188213
P WNorthMarriageThe Vevay Reveille16 Feb 188246
LauraKeeneyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille16 Feb 188246
WilliamWheelerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille16 Feb 188246
EllaRutledgeMarriageThe Vevay Reveille16 Feb 188246
Joseph LNilesMarriageThe Vevay Reveille16 Feb 188246
Fannie ACurtisMarriageThe Vevay Reveille16 Feb 188246
Maria CGoddenEstateThe Vevay Reveille16 Feb 188285
FelixCarverEstateThe Vevay Reveille23 Feb 188213
WilliamMixMarriageThe Vevay Reveille23 Feb 188245
JuliaBenadicMarriageThe Vevay Reveille23 Feb 188245
WilliamDuganMarriageThe Vevay Reveille23 Feb 188245
Julia BelleMorieloMarriageThe Vevay Reveille23 Feb 188245
IsaacEakinsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille23 Feb 188245
NancyFletcherMarriageThe Vevay Reveille23 Feb 188245
William CArmstrongMarriageThe Vevay Reveille23 Feb 188245
Dora VMarshallMarriageThe Vevay Reveille23 Feb 188245
Maria CGoddenEstateThe Vevay Reveille23 Feb 188285
MaggieLeeDeathThe Vevay Reveille02 Mar 188244
Jerome BMooreMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 Mar 188243
Effie HJonesMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 Mar 188243
AlvanEdmonsonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 Mar 188243
HenaBeermanMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 Mar 188243
LafayettePalmerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 Mar 188243
SusanBakerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 Mar 188243
RossWalkerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 Mar 188243
IdaPattersonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 Mar 188243
Thomas T DBlackburnMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 Mar 188243
FrankieSchuylerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 Mar 188243
HamiltonDeathThe Vevay Reveille02 Mar 188243
Doclen JBoyceDivorceThe Vevay Reveille02 Mar 188243
John EBoyceDivorceThe Vevay Reveille02 Mar 188243
JoshuaSmithsonEstateThe Vevay Reveille02 Mar 188243
IsaacEakinsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 Mar 188252
MaryFletcherMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 Mar 188252
Alexander BAndersonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 Mar 188252
Olive MWorksMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 Mar 188252
WilliamDuganMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 Mar 188252
Julia BelleMorillionMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 Mar 188252
JamesCornsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 Mar 188252
MaryWaltzMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 Mar 188252
AlvinEdmonsonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 Mar 188252
IlenaBeermanMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 Mar 188252
William CArmstrongMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 Mar 188252
Dora VMarshallMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 Mar 188252
Peter DFosterMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 Mar 188252
Ellen IJonesMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 Mar 188252
George PLeClercMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 Mar 188252
Emma AThompsonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 Mar 188252
Albert RWalkerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 Mar 188252
Ida MPattersonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 Mar 188252
Jerome BMooreMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 Mar 188252
Effie HJonesMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 Mar 188252
LafayettePalmerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 Mar 188252
SusanBakerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 Mar 188252
Henry FrederickSchroederMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 Mar 188252
CarolineMahahoffMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 Mar 188252
Thos T DBlackburnMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 Mar 188252
FrankieSchuylerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 Mar 188252
JamesWitherspoonDeathThe Vevay Reveille02 Mar 188283
EliCottonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 Mar 188283
DruzillaThompsonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 Mar 188283
EmsleyShaddayEstateVevay Democrat2 Mar 188231
Dochia JBoyceDivorceVevay Democrat2 Mar 188236
John EBoyceDivorceVevay Democrat2 Mar 188236
SolonRobinsonDeathThe Vevay Reveille09 Mar 188211
BronsonDeathThe Vevay Reveille09 Mar 188211
Missouri BelleWaltonDivorceThe Vevay Reveille09 Mar 188243
Francis MWaltonDivorceThe Vevay Reveille09 Mar 188243
James CMcBrideEstateThe Vevay Reveille09 Mar 188243
MedneyLeClercEstateThe Vevay Reveille09 Mar 188243
SolomonFromanEstateThe Vevay Reveille09 Mar 188243
Jordan RWainscottEstateThe Vevay Reveille09 Mar 188243
ElijahDickasonEstateThe Vevay Reveille09 Mar 188243
DavidHenryEstateThe Vevay Reveille09 Mar 188243
LewisDetrazMarriageThe Vevay Reveille09 Mar 188246
AbigailMeansMarriageThe Vevay Reveille09 Mar 188246
McAlragDeathThe Vevay Reveille16 Mar 188242
RabenaWitherspoonDeathThe Vevay Reveille16 Mar 188243
EnochAdamsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille16 Mar 188243
Mary CParkMarriageThe Vevay Reveille16 Mar 188243
LafayettBantaMarriageThe Vevay Reveille16 Mar 188243
IonaLeClercMarriageThe Vevay Reveille16 Mar 188243
Hiram LRichmondMarriageThe Vevay Reveille16 Mar 188244
SarahBarrettMarriageThe Vevay Reveille16 Mar 188244
RachelKinnettDeathThe Vevay Reveille23 Mar 188213
Jacob BRogersMarriageThe Vevay Reveille23 Mar 188242
LizzieLemonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille23 Mar 188242
Samuel TRayMarriageThe Vevay Reveille23 Mar 188242
MaryPeelmanMarriageThe Vevay Reveille23 Mar 188242
George WConnellMarriageThe Vevay Reveille23 Mar 188242
Anna LCookMarriageThe Vevay Reveille23 Mar 188242
CorneliusVorisDeathThe Vevay Reveille23 Mar 188242
MatildaAndersonDeathThe Vevay Reveille23 Mar 188242
Luella SAkinsDeathThe Vevay Reveille23 Mar 188242
George WHoffmanDeathThe Vevay Reveille23 Mar 188242
Hiram LRichmondMarriageThe Vevay Reveille23 Mar 188241
SallieBarretMarriageThe Vevay Reveille23 Mar 188241
LouisDetrazMarriageThe Vevay Reveille23 Mar 188241
AbigailMeansMarriageThe Vevay Reveille23 Mar 188241
George WConnalMarriageThe Vevay Reveille23 Mar 188241
Anna LCookMarriageThe Vevay Reveille23 Mar 188241
WilliamBuhningMarriageThe Vevay Reveille23 Mar 188241
Anna LCookMarriageThe Vevay Reveille23 Mar 188241
WilliamBuhningMarriageThe Vevay Reveille23 Mar 188241
LucindaBrackhageMarriageThe Vevay Reveille23 Mar 188241
William OBosawMarriageThe Vevay Reveille23 Mar 188241
JosephinePetersMarriageThe Vevay Reveille23 Mar 188241
EnochAdamsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille23 Mar 188241
Mary CParkMarriageThe Vevay Reveille23 Mar 188241
LafayetteBantaMarriageThe Vevay Reveille23 Mar 188241
IonaLeClercMarriageThe Vevay Reveille23 Mar 188241
Samuel TRayMarriageThe Vevay Reveille23 Mar 188241
MaryPeelmanMarriageThe Vevay Reveille23 Mar 188241
Paskil MLamkinMarriageThe Vevay Reveille23 Mar 188241
MargaretGrayMarriageThe Vevay Reveille23 Mar 188241
SieglitzDeathThe Vevay Reveille23 Mar 188241
Charles BeecherRochatDeathThe Vevay Reveille23 Mar 188243
Henry AHarringtonDeathThe Vevay Reveille23 Mar 188252
W WPageDeathThe Vevay Reveille23 Mar 188251
Nat RTitusMarriageThe Vevay Reveille30 Mar 188242
Lela FBaxterMarriageThe Vevay Reveille30 Mar 188242
MelbournMilesMarriageThe Vevay Reveille30 Mar 188242
Sarah ELewisMarriageThe Vevay Reveille30 Mar 188242
Benjamin FVanOsdolMarriageThe Vevay Reveille30 Mar 188242
ClaraLittlefieldMarriageThe Vevay Reveille30 Mar 188242
J JGibbsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille30 Mar 188242
ElizaKincaidMarriageThe Vevay Reveille30 Mar 188242
JesseHenryMarriageThe Vevay Reveille30 Mar 188242
JosephineMcKayMarriageThe Vevay Reveille30 Mar 188242
GeorgeHoffmanDeathThe Vevay Reveille30 Mar 188243
H WHarringtonDeathThe Vevay Reveille30 Mar 188243
ConradStallMarriageThe Vevay Reveille30 Mar 188252
Sarah ABailsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille30 Mar 188252
Benjamin FVanOsdolMarriageThe Vevay Reveille30 Mar 188252
ClaraLittlefieldMarriageThe Vevay Reveille30 Mar 188252
Nat RTitusMarriageThe Vevay Reveille30 Mar 188252
Lela FBaxterMarriageThe Vevay Reveille30 Mar 188252
IraTinkerDeathThe Vevay Reveille30 Mar 188252
Frank PSieglitzDeathThe Vevay Reveille30 Mar 188252
CharlesNealDeathThe Vevay Reveille06 Apr 188252
BenaWitherspoonDeathThe Vevay Reveille06 Apr 188282
Wm JMalinDeathThe Vevay Reveille20 Apr 188214
Joseph HToldMarriageThe Vevay Reveille27 Apr 188241
CindaToddMarriageThe Vevay Reveille27 Apr 188241
ElizabethMcClanahanEstateThe Vevay Reveille27 Apr 188244
Sarah EHaydenDeathThe Vevay Reveille27 Apr 188243
WilliamTilleyDeathThe Vevay Reveille27 Apr 188243
HenryMartinMarriageThe Vevay Reveille27 Apr 188251
Laura AWillisMarriageThe Vevay Reveille27 Apr 188251
William CVawterDeathThe Vevay Reveille04 May 188241
ElizabethMcClanahanEstateThe Vevay Reveille04 May 188283
RichardSmithMarriageThe Vevay Reveille11 May 188252
AnnaJenningsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille11 May 188252
ElizabethMcClanahanEstateThe Vevay Reveille11 May 188283
MichaelSedamDeathThe Vevay Reveille18 May 188211
ClaraScalfDivorceThe Vevay Reveille18 May 188242
RobertScalfDivorceThe Vevay Reveille18 May 188242
Lucy AnnOakDivorceThe Vevay Reveille18 May 188242
Benjamin HOakDivorceThe Vevay Reveille18 May 188242
CorneliusHollenbackEstateThe Vevay Reveille18 May 188242
ThomasBlissEstateThe Vevay Reveille18 May 188242
Daniel KHarrisEstateThe Vevay Reveille18 May 188242
ElijahHigginsEstateThe Vevay Reveille18 May 188242
Viola HKincaidDeathThe Vevay Reveille18 May 188241
Viola HMarklandDeathThe Vevay Reveille18 May 188241
DanielPlewDeathThe Vevay Reveille18 May 188241
ElijahHigginsEstateThe Vevay Reveille25 May 188213
JosephMcCutchenDeathThe Vevay Reveille25 May 188242
John BRochatMarriageThe Vevay Reveille25 May 188242
EllenDrakeMarriageThe Vevay Reveille25 May 188242
WilliamHorsleyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille25 May 188242
LizzieRiceMarriageThe Vevay Reveille25 May 188242
Martin BTurnerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille25 May 188242
EllenLeeMarriageThe Vevay Reveille25 May 188242
FrederickMartinMarriageThe Vevay Reveille25 May 188242
Amanda BGreenMarriageThe Vevay Reveille25 May 188242
Mary JaneLockDeathThe Vevay Reveille25 May 188242
Mary JaneTheibaudDeathThe Vevay Reveille25 May 188242
Mary JaneLanhamDeathThe Vevay Reveille25 May 188242
Louisa MKellcherDeathThe Vevay Reveille25 May 188242
Daniel KHarrisEstateThe Vevay Reveille25 May 188285
ElijahHigginsEstateThe Vevay Reveille01 Jun 188213
ElijahDickasonEstateThe Vevay Reveille01 Jun 188242
HarrisonAdamsEstateThe Vevay Reveille01 Jun 188242
EdwardViolettEstateThe Vevay Reveille01 Jun 188242
Robert FCottonEstateThe Vevay Reveille01 Jun 188242
JohnWattsEstateThe Vevay Reveille01 Jun 188242
JohnPlattEstateThe Vevay Reveille01 Jun 188242
LillaRugglesMarriageThe Vevay Reveille01 Jun 188241
C BAdamsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille01 Jun 188241
Eliza JaneKerrDeathThe Vevay Reveille01 Jun 188242
WilliamPattonDeathThe Vevay Reveille08 Jun 188241
John FCostelloMarriageThe Vevay Reveille08 Jun 188242
DellaSchenckMarriageThe Vevay Reveille08 Jun 188242
WilliamPattonDeathThe Vevay Reveille08 Jun 188242
SarahLawsonDeathThe Vevay Reveille08 Jun 188242
James MooreStewartDeathThe Vevay Reveille08 Jun 188242
GeorgeDibbleDeathThe Vevay Reveille08 Jun 188252
Louisa MKellcherEstateThe Vevay Reveille08 Jun 188254
Louisa MKellcherEstateThe Vevay Reveille15 Jun 188213
D CWeaverDeathThe Vevay Reveille15 Jun 188251
WilliamPattonDeathThe Vevay Reveille15 Jun 188251
MargaretBuckDeathThe Vevay Reveille15 Jun 188251
AlexanderLoneMarriageThe Vevay Reveille15 Jun 188251
Mary EKeeiesMarriageThe Vevay Reveille15 Jun 188251
ForeeMarriageThe Vevay Reveille15 Jun 188251
MedaSaundersMarriageThe Vevay Reveille15 Jun 188251
John PHaagMarriageThe Vevay Reveille15 Jun 188251
JenevaNealMarriageThe Vevay Reveille15 Jun 188251
AlexanderAdamsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille15 Jun 188251
LidaWorksMarriageThe Vevay Reveille15 Jun 188251
George HChampmanDeathThe Vevay Reveille22 Jun 188241
JohnWattsSaleThe Vevay Reveille22 Jun 188246
AbsalomAdamsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille22 Jun 188245
LidaWorksMarriageThe Vevay Reveille22 Jun 188245
William EarnestRodgersDeathThe Vevay Reveille22 Jun 188245
HoganBurnsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille29 Jun 188242
Martha ACampbellMarriageThe Vevay Reveille29 Jun 188242
Robert NMurphyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille29 Jun 188242
Hattie LBorightMarriageThe Vevay Reveille29 Jun 188242
Clarence WMarbleMarriageThe Vevay Reveille29 Jun 188242
LizzieEdringtonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille29 Jun 188242
NancyWindersDeathThe Vevay Reveille29 Jun 188246
James HDaviesDeathThe Vevay Reveille29 Jun 188246
WilliamWaitDeathThe Vevay Reveille29 Jun 188246
Ada PearlGrantDeathThe Vevay Reveille29 Jun 188245
JohnWattsSaleThe Vevay Reveille29 Jun 188246
JohnWattsSaleThe Vevay Reveille06 Jul 188283
RalphCottonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille13 Jul 188244
JuliaLentzMarriageThe Vevay Reveille13 Jul 188244
William BWainscottMarriageThe Vevay Reveille13 Jul 188243
Sarah JBallardMarriageThe Vevay Reveille13 Jul 188243
Joseph TStewartMarriageThe Vevay Reveille13 Jul 188243
MillieHuntMarriageThe Vevay Reveille13 Jul 188243
John SBowenMarriageThe Vevay Reveille13 Jul 188243
ElizaRussellMarriageThe Vevay Reveille13 Jul 188243
MaberryStephensonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille13 Jul 188243
Anna BLeeMarriageThe Vevay Reveille13 Jul 188243
Ralph PCottonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille13 Jul 188243
JuliaLientzMarriageThe Vevay Reveille13 Jul 188243
JosephRutherfordEstateThe Vevay Reveille13 Jul 188246
CliftonSiebenthalDeathThe Vevay Reveille13 Jul 188246
WilliamDyerDeathThe Vevay Reveille13 Jul 188246
MaberyStevensonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille20 Jul 188251
Anna BLeeMarriageThe Vevay Reveille20 Jul 188251
JamesDeathThe Vevay Reveille20 Jul 188251
John SBowenMarriageThe Vevay Reveille20 Jul 188251
ElizaRussellMarriageThe Vevay Reveille20 Jul 188251
ElizabethShawDeathThe Vevay Reveille20 Jul 188251
LucindaJamesDeathThe Vevay Reveille20 Jul 188251
JosephRutherfordEstateThe Vevay Reveille20 Jul 188252
JohnWattsSaleThe Vevay Reveille20 Jul 188284
CharlesAppelhoffDeathThe Vevay Reveille27 Jul 188243
Joseph WBurnsDeathThe Vevay Reveille27 Jul 188243
John HCottonDeathThe Vevay Reveille27 Jul 188243
JohnFrancisDeathThe Vevay Reveille27 Jul 188243
John Louis ArmandDangladeDeathThe Vevay Reveille27 Jul 188243
Aime SPetersMarriageThe Vevay Reveille27 Jul 188243
Julia AnnRickettsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille27 Jul 188243
William BWainscottMarriageThe Vevay Reveille27 Jul 188243
Sarah JBallardMarriageThe Vevay Reveille27 Jul 188243
Joseph TStewartMarriageThe Vevay Reveille27 Jul 188243
MillieHuntMarriageThe Vevay Reveille27 Jul 188243
John SBowenMarriageThe Vevay Reveille27 Jul 188243
ElizaRussellMarriageThe Vevay Reveille27 Jul 188243
MaberyStephensonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille27 Jul 188243
Anna BLeeMarriageThe Vevay Reveille27 Jul 188243
Ralph PCottonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille27 Jul 188243
JuliaLientzMarriageThe Vevay Reveille27 Jul 188243
JamesBeckMarriageThe Vevay Reveille27 Jul 188243
MattieNealMarriageThe Vevay Reveille27 Jul 188243
OliverGlenaMarriageThe Vevay Reveille27 Jul 188243
AngelaMarrellMarriageThe Vevay Reveille27 Jul 188243
Amie SPetersMarriageThe Vevay Reveille27 Jul 188243
Julia AnnRickettsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille27 Jul 188243
CliftonSibenthalDeathThe Vevay Reveille27 Jul 188245
JosephRutherfordEstateThe Vevay Reveille27 Jul 188214
Merit WTagueEstateThe Vevay Reveille03 Aug 188244
RobertStearmanDeathThe Vevay Reveille03 Aug 188244
Rebecca JVanantwerpDeathThe Vevay Reveille03 Aug 188244
Rebecca JFallisDeathThe Vevay Reveille03 Aug 188244
SusieMcClureDeathThe Vevay Reveille03 Aug 188244
James PFordMarriageThe Vevay Reveille03 Aug 188244
EvaMillerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille03 Aug 188244
Charles KLillardMarriageThe Vevay Reveille03 Aug 188244
DeliaGardnerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille03 Aug 188244
Charles WRileyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille03 Aug 188244
AmericaBocockMarriageThe Vevay Reveille03 Aug 188244
James PFordMarriageThe Vevay Reveille03 Aug 188244
EvaMillerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille03 Aug 188244
ElijahHigginsEstateThe Vevay Reveille03 Aug 188246
John L ADangladeDeathThe Vevay Reveille03 Aug 188251
IraHigginsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille10 Aug 188242
JuliaManfordMarriageThe Vevay Reveille10 Aug 188242
Benjamin LWileyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille10 Aug 188242
Laurie LKrutzMarriageThe Vevay Reveille10 Aug 188242
George WPalmerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille10 Aug 188242
Sarah CTurnerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille10 Aug 188242
John L ADangladeDeathThe Vevay Reveille10 Aug 188243
DoraGoldenburgDeathThe Vevay Reveille10 Aug 188243
DoraBoydDeathThe Vevay Reveille10 Aug 188243
BrownBirthThe Vevay Reveille10 Aug 188253
EdringtonDeathThe Vevay Reveille10 Aug 188253
DoraGoldenburgDeathThe Vevay Reveille10 Aug 188252
Anna BornandStodghillDeathThe Vevay Reveille10 Aug 188252
NancyWainscottDeathThe Vevay Reveille10 Aug 188252
Merit WTagueEstateThe Vevay Reveille10 Aug 188282
NathanPowellDeathThe Vevay Reveille17 Aug 188213
FalbaCoxDeathThe Vevay Reveille17 Aug 188242
AbigailJohnstonDeathThe Vevay Reveille17 Aug 188242
CarrieBrownDeathThe Vevay Reveille17 Aug 188282
ElijahHigginsDeathThe Vevay Reveille17 Aug 188285
Wilson COakMarriageThe Vevay Reveille24 Aug 188243
CharlotteDoddMarriageThe Vevay Reveille24 Aug 188243
Lucy EmmaRobbinsDeathThe Vevay Reveille24 Aug 188243
JohnFromanDeathThe Vevay Reveille24 Aug 188243
Mary AnnCottonDeathThe Vevay Reveille24 Aug 188243
William HCunninghamSaleThe Vevay Reveille24 Aug 188244
William HCunninghamSaleThe Vevay Reveille31 Aug 188244
Mortimer LCraigMarriageThe Vevay Reveille31 Aug 188252
Bida LHowardMarriageThe Vevay Reveille31 Aug 188252
CorneliusScudderDeathThe Vevay Reveille31 Aug 188252
MaryHitchensDeathThe Vevay Reveille31 Aug 188252
JohnRogersDeathThe Vevay Reveille31 Aug 188252
William HCunninghamSaleThe Vevay Reveille07 Sep 188243
George WTeatsDeathThe Vevay Reveille07 Sep 188251
Charles WBowmanMarriageThe Vevay Reveille07 Sep 188252
Zellie BO'NealMarriageThe Vevay Reveille07 Sep 188252
Alfred BBriggsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille07 Sep 188252
Carrie BShryrockMarriageThe Vevay Reveille07 Sep 188252
Henry HRutherfordMarriageThe Vevay Reveille07 Sep 188252
Hattie RHoweMarriageThe Vevay Reveille07 Sep 188252
George WTeatsDeathThe Vevay Reveille07 Sep 188252
ParkeBirthThe Vevay Reveille07 Sep 188253
Harvey BVorisMarriageThe Vevay Reveille14 Sep 188243
Mary LWilsonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille14 Sep 188243
James K AMcGeeMarriageThe Vevay Reveille14 Sep 188243
Mattie CPateMarriageThe Vevay Reveille14 Sep 188243
WilliamVawterMarriageThe Vevay Reveille14 Sep 188243
DilliaShaferMarriageThe Vevay Reveille14 Sep 188243
William HCarverMarriageThe Vevay Reveille14 Sep 188243
Mary FrancisEdringtonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille14 Sep 188243
RosaGibbsDeathThe Vevay Reveille14 Sep 188243
AbrahamIsraelDeathThe Vevay Reveille14 Sep 188243
William HCunninghamSaleThe Vevay Reveille14 Sep 188254
CharlesRochatDeathThe Vevay Reveille21 Sep 188242
WilliamWarwickEstateThe Vevay Reveille21 Sep 188243
John TEllisMarriageThe Vevay Reveille21 Sep 188252
IdaFergusonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille21 Sep 188252
PatDangladeDeathThe Vevay Reveille21 Sep 188253
George WTeatsDeathThe Vevay Reveille21 Sep 188253
JohnRogersEstateThe Vevay Reveille28 Sep 188242
JohnRogersSaleThe Vevay Reveille28 Sep 188243
MaryWarwickSaleThe Vevay Reveille28 Sep 188243
CharlesRochatDeathThe Vevay Reveille28 Sep 188251
James JPeabodyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille28 Sep 188251
Sewella JMurphyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille28 Sep 188251
George BJohnsonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille28 Sep 188251
Fannie JJohnsonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille28 Sep 188251
Charles FFosterMarriageThe Vevay Reveille28 Sep 188251
KateMcHuronMarriageThe Vevay Reveille28 Sep 188251
MeritTagueEstateThe Vevay Reveille28 Sep 188252
EleanoraWilliamsonEstateThe Vevay Reveille28 Sep 188252
Julius PScnenckEstateThe Vevay Reveille28 Sep 188252
Henry ATardyDeathThe Vevay Reveille28 Sep 188253
WilliamWarwickEstateThe Vevay Reveille28 Sep 188254
AliceRichardsDeathThe Vevay Reveille28 Sep 188281
JohnRobinsonDeathThe Vevay Reveille05 Oct 188251
MaryWarwickSaleThe Vevay Reveille05 Oct 188254
JohnRogersSaleThe Vevay Reveille05 Oct 188254
JamesBlairMarriageThe Vevay Reveille05 Oct 188254
LewannaWilsonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille05 Oct 188254
CharlesFosterMarriageThe Vevay Reveille05 Oct 188254
KatieMcHuronMarriageThe Vevay Reveille05 Oct 188254
JuliusGreenMarriageThe Vevay Reveille05 Oct 188254
EllaGreenMarriageThe Vevay Reveille05 Oct 188254
HinmanBirthThe Vevay Reveille12 Oct 188213
HickmanBirthThe Vevay Reveille12 Oct 188213
JosephCainDeathThe Vevay Reveille12 Oct 188252
MaryWarwickSaleThe Vevay Reveille12 Oct 188254
JohnRogersSaleThe Vevay Reveille12 Oct 188254
Arthur CPopeDeathThe Vevay Reveille19 Oct 188242
JuliusMontayneDeathThe Vevay Reveille19 Oct 188242
NancyBakerEstateThe Vevay Reveille19 Oct 188244
WilberLongDeathThe Vevay Reveille19 Oct 188244
HughMaplesDeathThe Vevay Reveille19 Oct 188244
EvalineMooreDeathThe Vevay Reveille19 Oct 188244
Wm RWadeMarriageThe Vevay Reveille19 Oct 188244
CoraConnerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille19 Oct 188244
CharlesHarveyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille19 Oct 188244
Sallie ESiebenthalMarriageThe Vevay Reveille19 Oct 188244
JohnTurnerEstateVevay Democrat19 Oct 188244
Chas CCookMarriageVevay Democrat19 Oct 188253
Justine ATandyMarriageVevay Democrat19 Oct 188253
Dudley PCraigMarriageVevay Democrat19 Oct 188253
MattieOwenMarriageVevay Democrat19 Oct 188253
Arthur CPopeDeathThe Vevay Reveille26 Oct 188244
Ira MLindleyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille26 Oct 188244
AdaMcClanahanMarriageThe Vevay Reveille26 Oct 188244
Charles CCookMarriageThe Vevay Reveille26 Oct 188244
Justine ATandyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille26 Oct 188244
NancyBakerSaleThe Vevay Reveille26 Oct 188246
CharlotteWaltzDeathVevay Democrat26 Oct 188253
Roy DeanOsbornDeathThe Vevay Reveille02 Nov 188244
NancyBakerEstateThe Vevay Reveille02 Nov 188246
S FHildrethDeathThe Vevay Reveille02 Nov 188251
WilliamLamptonMarriageVevay Democrat2 Nov 188254
NancyBarkerMarriageVevay Democrat2 Nov 188254
John SShonohanMarriageVevay Democrat2 Nov 188254
JosephineMooreMarriageVevay Democrat2 Nov 188254
EnosLittlefieldDeathVevay Democrat2 Nov 188254
J SRobbDeathThe Vevay Reveille09 Nov 188242
J GPhillipsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille09 Nov 188242
JennieRileyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille09 Nov 188242
J SRobbDeathThe Vevay Reveille09 Nov 188244
Charles RSpencerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille09 Nov 188244
AgnesDalgleishMarriageThe Vevay Reveille09 Nov 188244
Wm HTandyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille09 Nov 188244
Maggie BTeatsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille09 Nov 188244
GeorgePriceMarriageThe Vevay Reveille09 Nov 188244
MargaretChesterMarriageThe Vevay Reveille09 Nov 188244
NancyBakerEstateThe Vevay Reveille09 Nov 188246
ShadrachWilberDeathThe Vevay Reveille09 Nov 188281
SarahKrawlEstateThe Vevay Reveille16 Nov 188244
PaulClarkDeathThe Vevay Reveille16 Nov 188244
ArmstrongMarriageThe Vevay Reveille16 Nov 188243
LoringMarriageThe Vevay Reveille16 Nov 188243
L PerryLoringMarriageThe Vevay Reveille16 Nov 188244
Anna MArmstrongMarriageThe Vevay Reveille16 Nov 188244
CatharineLancasterEstateVevay Democrat16 Nov 188244
ArmingtonCulverEstateVevay Democrat16 Nov 188244
MersildaJacksonEstateVevay Democrat16 Nov 188244
AbrahamMontanyeEstateVevay Democrat16 Nov 188243
AnnaArmstrongMarriageVevay Democrat16 Nov 188253
PerryLoringMarriageVevay Democrat16 Nov 188253
Mrs PaulClarkDeathVevay Democrat16 Nov 188255
John DSimpsonDeathThe Vevay Reveille23 Nov 188242
ElijahHigginsSaleThe Vevay Reveille23 Nov 188243
SarahKrawlEstateThe Vevay Reveille23 Nov 188244
JuliusRochatDeathThe Vevay Reveille23 Nov 188243
BelleHannaDeathThe Vevay Reveille23 Nov 188243
WilliamHannaDeathThe Vevay Reveille23 Nov 188243
Albert ScottNorthDeathThe Vevay Reveille23 Nov 188243
James CrawfordParkeDeathThe Vevay Reveille23 Nov 188243
MatthewWorstellDeathThe Vevay Reveille23 Nov 188243
James WTowerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille23 Nov 188243
MalindaBantaMarriageThe Vevay Reveille23 Nov 188243
John WBurksMarriageThe Vevay Reveille23 Nov 188243
Sarah JHizerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille23 Nov 188243
DavidDyerEstateVevay Democrat23 Nov 188244
MatthewWorstelDeathVevay Democrat23 Nov 188254
James CrawfordParkDeathVevay Democrat23 Nov 188254
CatharineLancasterEstateVevay Democrat23 Nov 188282
ArmingtonCulverEstateVevay Democrat23 Nov 188282
MersildaJacksonEstateVevay Democrat23 Nov 188282
Miley ERaylDivorceThe Vevay Reveille30 Nov 188242
Harvey TRaylDivorceThe Vevay Reveille30 Nov 188242
LucindaBakerDeathThe Vevay Reveille30 Nov 188243
SarahKrawlEstateThe Vevay Reveille30 Nov 188245
NancyStricklandDeathThe Vevay Reveille30 Nov 188281
EarlWallickDeathThe Vevay Reveille07 Dec 188244
WilliamLawMarriageThe Vevay Reveille07 Dec 188244
Florence LillieAdamsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille07 Dec 188244
OrlandoMyersMarriageThe Vevay Reveille07 Dec 188244
MaryGralbreathMarriageThe Vevay Reveille07 Dec 188244
GeorgeKinnettMarriageThe Vevay Reveille07 Dec 188244
Sarah EColeMarriageThe Vevay Reveille07 Dec 188244
Lowe FMeierMarriageThe Vevay Reveille07 Dec 188244
Flora BGoodnerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille07 Dec 188244
LucretiaRileyDivorceThe Vevay Reveille07 Dec 188243
William PRileyDivorceThe Vevay Reveille07 Dec 188243
AbsolomMcCrearyDivorceThe Vevay Reveille07 Dec 188243
MelissaMcCrearyDivorceThe Vevay Reveille07 Dec 188243
JohnSwangoMarriageThe Vevay Reveille07 Dec 188244
MaggieProtsmanMarriageThe Vevay Reveille07 Dec 188244
GeoMcClanahanMarriageThe Vevay Reveille07 Dec 188244
Lizzie JaneHartMarriageThe Vevay Reveille07 Dec 188244
Wesley SWycoffMarriageThe Vevay Reveille07 Dec 188244
AnnaBenhamMarriageThe Vevay Reveille07 Dec 188244
ThomasBeardMarriageThe Vevay Reveille07 Dec 188244
ClaraPickettMarriageThe Vevay Reveille07 Dec 188244
MattieAndersonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille07 Dec 188243
DavidDavisMarriageThe Vevay Reveille07 Dec 188243
JesseKyleMarriageThe Vevay Reveille07 Dec 188243
J CRamseyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille07 Dec 188243
ElijahHigginsSaleThe Vevay Reveille07 Dec 188257
SarahKrawlEstateThe Vevay Reveille07 Dec 188256
SusanCampbellDeathThe Vevay Reveille14 Dec 188213
JacobGoodwinMarriageThe Vevay Reveille14 Dec 188213
AliceGriffinMarriageThe Vevay Reveille14 Dec 188213
AlbertMcGuireMarriageThe Vevay Reveille14 Dec 188213
KateFurnishMarriageThe Vevay Reveille14 Dec 188213
AustinSullivanDeathThe Vevay Reveille14 Dec 188213
JacobJohnsonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille14 Dec 188213
RachelMerchantMarriageThe Vevay Reveille14 Dec 188213
John MSuttonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille14 Dec 188213
ElizabethLeachMarriageThe Vevay Reveille14 Dec 188213
David CHagueMarriageThe Vevay Reveille14 Dec 188213
Sarah APateMarriageThe Vevay Reveille14 Dec 188213
John FShumakerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille14 Dec 188213
FlorenceNeimanMarriageThe Vevay Reveille14 Dec 188213
JohnHelmerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille14 Dec 188213
Nancy JSellersMarriageThe Vevay Reveille14 Dec 188213
GeorgeFranciscoMarriageThe Vevay Reveille14 Dec 188213
StellaWhartonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille14 Dec 188213
JosiahDailyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille14 Dec 188252
AmandaDunnMarriageThe Vevay Reveille14 Dec 188252
JohnShaddayMarriageThe Vevay Reveille14 Dec 188252
ElziraBairMarriageThe Vevay Reveille14 Dec 188252
George TPriceDeathThe Vevay Reveille14 Dec 188252
SarahKrawlEstateThe Vevay Reveille14 Dec 188252
ElijahHigginsSaleThe Vevay Reveille14 Dec 188257
BelleHannaDeathThe Vevay Reveille21 Dec 188215
NettieGoldenburgDeathThe Vevay Reveille21 Dec 188241
William MRobertsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille21 Dec 188251
Phebe CShellhornMarriageThe Vevay Reveille21 Dec 188251
NettieGoldenburgDeathThe Vevay Reveille21 Dec 188251
CharlesRichardsonDeathThe Vevay Reveille21 Dec 188251
ElizabethCainDeathThe Vevay Reveille28 Dec 188241
James SJusticeMarriageThe Vevay Reveille28 Dec 188252
Sarah ElizabethTagueMarriageThe Vevay Reveille28 Dec 188252
JamesColemanMarriageThe Vevay Reveille28 Dec 188252
AnnaStaaleMarriageThe Vevay Reveille28 Dec 188252
FrankPetersMarriageThe Vevay Reveille28 Dec 188252
Henry MColeMarriageThe Vevay Reveille28 Dec 188252
EllieHaulmanMarriageThe Vevay Reveille28 Dec 188252
LouMcClinticDeathThe Vevay Reveille28 Dec 188252
LeonardColeEstateThe Vevay Reveille28 Dec 188282
WallickDeathThe Vevay Reveille28 Dec 188281
WilliamTandyDeathThe Vevay Reveille04 Jan 188341
WilliamDuncanDeathThe Vevay Reveille04 Jan 188341
WilliamDuncanDeathThe Vevay Reveille04 Jan 188345
WilliamTandyDeathThe Vevay Reveille04 Jan 188345
AlbertHirdMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Jan 188352
EstherTrafeletMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Jan 188352
I FWakefieldMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Jan 188352
EmmaMeansMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Jan 188352
AlvinBuchananMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Jan 188352
RosanneMorrisonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Jan 188352
WilliamBennettMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Jan 188352
Elmira IFredenbergMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Jan 188352
DavenportOakMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Jan 188352
LucindaRichardsonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Jan 188352
JacobLawtonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Jan 188352
Sarah TEadsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Jan 188352
AlfredDayMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Jan 188353
Georgia AnnMartinMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Jan 188353
James RTuckerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Jan 188353
Sarah ECassadayMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Jan 188353
Alvin JWorksMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Jan 188353
Julia DWileyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Jan 188353
RobertSchoalsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Jan 188353
AmandaCurlinMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Jan 188353
WilliamBennetMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Jan 188353
Elmira JFredenbergMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Jan 188353
Isaac FWakefieldMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Jan 188353
EmmaMeansMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Jan 188353
AlvinBuchananMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Jan 188353
RosanneMorrisonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Jan 188353
MilfordDeanMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Jan 188353
JudaHarrisMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Jan 188353
MosesDonnellyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Jan 188353
Ada BBreedenMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Jan 188353
Albert EHerdMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Jan 188353
EsterTrafeletMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Jan 188353
David BFurnishMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Jan 188353
ElizabethBreedenMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Jan 188353
Jacob HLawtonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Jan 188353
Sarah TEadsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Jan 188353
EllenDouglasDeathThe Vevay Reveille04 Jan 188354
Mary AnnStewartDeathThe Vevay Reveille04 Jan 188354
HelenDouglassDeathThe Vevay Reveille04 Jan 188353
JasBrownDeathThe Vevay Reveille11 Jan 188342
SmithRobertsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille11 Jan 188343
DesdemoniaAyresMarriageThe Vevay Reveille11 Jan 188343
JaneTaitDeathThe Vevay Reveille11 Jan 188354
Alvin JWorksMarriageThe Vevay Reveille11 Jan 188354
Julia DWileyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille11 Jan 188354
Thomas LeonardAdamsDeathThe Vevay Reveille11 Jan 188354
E JKennedyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille18 Jan 188342
Addie BMcGuireMarriageThe Vevay Reveille18 Jan 188342
ThomasSigmonDeathThe Vevay Reveille18 Jan 188344
CharlesRichardsonEstateThe Vevay Reveille18 Jan 188347
Willie RodolphGardnerDeathThe Vevay Reveille18 Jan 188352
MargaretO'NealMarriageThe Vevay Reveille18 Jan 188352
AndrewKettleMarriageThe Vevay Reveille18 Jan 188352
NettieGoldenburgDeathThe Vevay Reveille25 Jan 188344
Dora JReevesDeathThe Vevay Reveille25 Jan 188343
VaughnDeathThe Vevay Reveille25 Jan 188343
Mary DWorksDeathThe Vevay Reveille25 Jan 188343
Harrison ElliottRemanMarriageThe Vevay Reveille25 Jan 188343
Ruth IsabellaKoonsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille25 Jan 188343
PaulClarkMarriageThe Vevay Reveille25 Jan 188343
SarahMurphyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille25 Jan 188343
JeffersonDarbroMarriageThe Vevay Reveille25 Jan 188343
Lydia BSmithMarriageThe Vevay Reveille25 Jan 188343
CharlesRichardsonEstateThe Vevay Reveille25 Jan 188347
William HCunninghamSaleThe Vevay Reveille25 Jan 188354
Andrew JSigmonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille01 Feb 188341
Martha BProtsmanMarriageThe Vevay Reveille01 Feb 188341
AbramJohnsonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille01 Feb 188341
EmmaBanksMarriageThe Vevay Reveille01 Feb 188341
John DNiehausMarriageThe Vevay Reveille01 Feb 188341
Maggie MaryHiedermannMarriageThe Vevay Reveille01 Feb 188341
William HCunninghamSaleThe Vevay Reveille01 Feb 188354
MaryCalhounDeathThe Vevay Reveille01 Feb 188354
John ASeymourMarriageThe Vevay Reveille08 Feb 188343
EmelineClementMarriageThe Vevay Reveille08 Feb 188343
Frank JMartinMarriageThe Vevay Reveille08 Feb 188343
Laura JRutherfordMarriageThe Vevay Reveille08 Feb 188343
KeylorDeathThe Vevay Reveille08 Feb 188353
William HCunninghamSaleThe Vevay Reveille08 Feb 188354
FillGravesDeathThe Vevay Reveille15 Feb 188323
JosephOremMarriageThe Vevay Reveille15 Feb 188324
LizzieCottonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille15 Feb 188324
LindsayMartinMarriageThe Vevay Reveille15 Feb 188323
Lucy AnnOakMarriageThe Vevay Reveille15 Feb 188323
JosiahOremMarriageThe Vevay Reveille15 Feb 188323
Elizabeth ACottonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille15 Feb 188323
John FKeithMarriageThe Vevay Reveille15 Feb 188323
LonaJonesMarriageThe Vevay Reveille15 Feb 188323
Henry SPavyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille15 Feb 188323
Clara JTinkerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille15 Feb 188323
AlfredDriverMarriageThe Vevay Reveille15 Feb 188323
ElizaRichardsonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille15 Feb 188323
WilliamCooperMarriageThe Vevay Reveille15 Feb 188323
MaryVandeverMarriageThe Vevay Reveille15 Feb 188323
William EdwardMorrisMarriageThe Vevay Reveille15 Feb 188323
Clara BellSigmonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille15 Feb 188323
JosephWardMarriageThe Vevay Reveille15 Feb 188324
JennieBeateyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille15 Feb 188324
Celestine BDanelliDeathThe Vevay Reveille15 Feb 188332
Henry SPaveyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille15 Feb 188333
Clara JTinkerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille15 Feb 188333
JoshuaWrightDeathThe Vevay Reveille15 Feb 188333
CharlesRichardsonEstateThe Vevay Reveille15 Feb 188336
William HCunninghamSaleThe Vevay Reveille15 Feb 188344
CaddieVanOsdolDeathThe Vevay Reveille22 Feb 188344
JennieParkMarriageThe Vevay Reveille22 Feb 188344
SamuelShoeffnerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille22 Feb 188344
David EClarkMarriageThe Vevay Reveille22 Feb 188346
AnnaVandeveirMarriageThe Vevay Reveille22 Feb 188346
David EClarkMarriageThe Vevay Reveille22 Feb 188345
Anna EVandeveirMarriageThe Vevay Reveille22 Feb 188345
SamuelSchoffnerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille22 Feb 188345
Jennie BParkMarriageThe Vevay Reveille22 Feb 188345
Warren ELemonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille22 Feb 188345
Fannie MSturgeonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille22 Feb 188345
Edward PattonMendenhallDeathThe Vevay Reveille22 Feb 188347
JohnShawDeathThe Vevay Reveille22 Feb 188347
John FKeithMarriageThe Vevay Reveille22 Feb 188347
LauraJonesMarriageThe Vevay Reveille22 Feb 188347
EdwardMorrisMarriageThe Vevay Reveille22 Feb 188347
Clara BellSigmonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille22 Feb 188347
John MJonesMarriageThe Vevay Reveille22 Feb 188347
LouLeeMarriageThe Vevay Reveille22 Feb 188347
LinzaMortonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille22 Feb 188347
Lucy AnnOakMarriageThe Vevay Reveille22 Feb 188347
AlfredDriverMarriageThe Vevay Reveille22 Feb 188347
ElizaRichardsonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille22 Feb 188347
WilliamCooperMarriageThe Vevay Reveille22 Feb 188347
MaryVandeverMarriageThe Vevay Reveille22 Feb 188347
William HCunninghamSaleThe Vevay Reveille22 Feb 188384
MatthewSmallMarriageThe Vevay Reveille01 Mar 188341
LutetiaGullionMarriageThe Vevay Reveille01 Mar 188341
CharlesNoriezMarriageThe Vevay Reveille01 Mar 188341
Mary FDannerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille01 Mar 188341
George WHaysMarriageThe Vevay Reveille01 Mar 188341
LizzieMcGregorMarriageThe Vevay Reveille01 Mar 188341
William MClevengerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille01 Mar 188341
Eliza JMarklandMarriageThe Vevay Reveille01 Mar 188341
Frank JMoliqueMarriageThe Vevay Reveille01 Mar 188341
FlorenceCunninghamMarriageThe Vevay Reveille01 Mar 188341
John GSandersDeathThe Vevay Reveille01 Mar 188342
NewtonBarkisMarriageThe Vevay Reveille01 Mar 188344
Laura VTresslarMarriageThe Vevay Reveille01 Mar 188344
Jas SAlleyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille01 Mar 188344
LuvenaHaskillMarriageThe Vevay Reveille01 Mar 188344
MortonCarpenterEstateThe Vevay Reveille01 Mar 188344
James PMurphyEstateThe Vevay Reveille01 Mar 188344
JamesButlerEstateThe Vevay Reveille01 Mar 188344
Hugh LNorrisEstateThe Vevay Reveille01 Mar 188344
Jackson PSearcyEstateThe Vevay Reveille01 Mar 188344
SarahMcMillenDivorceThe Vevay Reveille01 Mar 188344
WilliamMcMillenDivorceThe Vevay Reveille01 Mar 188344
JosephineBaldwinDivorceThe Vevay Reveille01 Mar 188344
Lewis FBaldwinDivorceThe Vevay Reveille01 Mar 188344
LucillaJacksonDeathThe Vevay Reveille01 Mar 188347
Alanson RWellsDeathThe Vevay Reveille01 Mar 188347
CharlesRichardsonEstateThe Vevay Reveille01 Mar 188356
Frank JMoliqueMarriageThe Vevay Reveille08 Mar 188342
FlorenceCunninghamMarriageThe Vevay Reveille08 Mar 188342
William WClevengerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille08 Mar 188342
Eliza JMarklandMarriageThe Vevay Reveille08 Mar 188342
BeryannWaltzDeathThe Vevay Reveille08 Mar 188342
CharlottePearceDivorceThe Vevay Reveille15 Mar 188344
JessePearceDivorceThe Vevay Reveille15 Mar 188344
AdalineKohlerDivorceThe Vevay Reveille15 Mar 188344
FrederickKohlerDivorceThe Vevay Reveille15 Mar 188344
JennieRichmondDeathThe Vevay Reveille15 Mar 188345
SamuelDannerDeathThe Vevay Reveille15 Mar 188345
ThomasTurnerDeathThe Vevay Reveille15 Mar 188345
John HFurnishDeathThe Vevay Reveille15 Mar 188345
FredieVanOsdolDeathThe Vevay Reveille15 Mar 188345
ChristopherNollEstateThe Vevay Reveille15 Mar 188351
AugbumDeathThe Vevay Reveille15 Mar 188353
JennieRichmondDeathThe Vevay Reveille22 Mar 188316
ReidDeathThe Vevay Reveille22 Mar 188315
JohnMorrisonDeathThe Vevay Reveille22 Mar 188341
George WRobertsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille22 Mar 188345
Mary LAndersonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille22 Mar 188345
James EatonReddMarriageThe Vevay Reveille22 Mar 188345
LizzieShawMarriageThe Vevay Reveille22 Mar 188345
AdamColeDeathThe Vevay Reveille22 Mar 188345
JamesWitherspoonDeathThe Vevay Reveille22 Mar 188352
BrownDeathThe Vevay Reveille22 Mar 188354
HoweDeathThe Vevay Reveille22 Mar 188353
MaryLamkinsDeathThe Vevay Reveille22 Mar 188353
GrimsleyDeathThe Vevay Reveille22 Mar 188353
MalindaLeeDeathThe Vevay Reveille22 Mar 188353
ChristopherNollEstateThe Vevay Reveille22 Mar 188357
JosiahMoredockMarriageThe Vevay Reveille29 Mar 188316
Annie LStewartMarriageThe Vevay Reveille29 Mar 188316
PerretSiebenthallDeathThe Vevay Reveille29 Mar 188343
Harry APriceDeathThe Vevay Reveille29 Mar 188343
LafayetteWaltzDeathThe Vevay Reveille29 Mar 188343
CalestaMillsDeathThe Vevay Reveille29 Mar 188343
ChristopherNollSaleThe Vevay Reveille29 Mar 188357
MargaretLambDeathThe Vevay Reveille05 Apr 188317
NancyBakerEstateThe Vevay Reveille05 Apr 188347
Wm GWileyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille05 Apr 188352
MaryCallahanMarriageThe Vevay Reveille05 Apr 188352
George WRobertsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille05 Apr 188352
Mary LAndersonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille05 Apr 188352
JosiahMoredockMarriageThe Vevay Reveille05 Apr 188352
AnnaStewartMarriageThe Vevay Reveille05 Apr 188352
Francis MTurnerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille05 Apr 188352
LovinaCunninghamMarriageThe Vevay Reveille05 Apr 188352
James EReddMarriageThe Vevay Reveille05 Apr 188352
ElizabethShawMarriageThe Vevay Reveille05 Apr 188352
George LScudderMarriageThe Vevay Reveille05 Apr 188352
Myra AJamesMarriageThe Vevay Reveille05 Apr 188352
Wm WHustonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille05 Apr 188352
BenoraBoydMarriageThe Vevay Reveille05 Apr 188352
JennieCottonDeathThe Vevay Reveille05 Apr 188352
Robert SNorthcottMarriageThe Vevay Reveille05 Apr 188353
MaryBollenbacherMarriageThe Vevay Reveille05 Apr 188353
BenjSiebenthalDeathThe Vevay Reveille05 Apr 188353
ChristopherNollEstateThe Vevay Reveille05 Apr 188386
Ben FRobbinsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille12 Apr 188342
Mary EStanleyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille12 Apr 188342
GeorgeHicksMarriageThe Vevay Reveille12 Apr 188344
SallieRiceMarriageThe Vevay Reveille12 Apr 188344
James MScottMarriageThe Vevay Reveille12 Apr 188344
SusanahWisemanMarriageThe Vevay Reveille12 Apr 188344
Josph MClevengerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille12 Apr 188344
RachaelDailyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille12 Apr 188344
JohnWaltzMarriageThe Vevay Reveille12 Apr 188344
MarthaGrahamMarriageThe Vevay Reveille12 Apr 188344
FrankLutherMarriageThe Vevay Reveille12 Apr 188344
Eliza JOrrMarriageThe Vevay Reveille12 Apr 188344
JohnWarnerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille12 Apr 188344
SallieBosawMarriageThe Vevay Reveille12 Apr 188344
J MScottMarriageThe Vevay Reveille12 Apr 188351
SusieWisemanMarriageThe Vevay Reveille12 Apr 188351
JohnHuffDeathThe Vevay Reveille12 Apr 188352
L EphraimSmithMarriageThe Vevay Reveille12 Apr 188353
KatieWitherspoonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille12 Apr 188353
Joseph MClevengerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille12 Apr 188353
RachelDailyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille12 Apr 188353
JohnWaltzMarriageThe Vevay Reveille12 Apr 188353
MarthaGrahamMarriageThe Vevay Reveille12 Apr 188353
NancyBakerEstateThe Vevay Reveille12 Apr 188386
JosephBenedictDeathThe Vevay Reveille19 Apr 188345
AnnMuretDeathThe Vevay Reveille19 Apr 188345
LizzieChristyDeathThe Vevay Reveille19 Apr 188353
FredCordesDeathThe Vevay Reveille19 Apr 188353
J WGardnerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille26 Apr 188344
MattieWoollyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille26 Apr 188344
GeorgeLeapDeathThe Vevay Reveille26 Apr 188344
KatieSmithDeathThe Vevay Reveille26 Apr 188344
KathieWithrespoonDeathThe Vevay Reveille26 Apr 188344
IlenaEdmondsonDeathThe Vevay Reveille26 Apr 188345
LauraEdmonsonDeathThe Vevay Reveille26 Apr 188345
LizzieWeimeirDeathThe Vevay Reveille26 Apr 188352
NancyHillisDeathThe Vevay Reveille26 Apr 188352
David CHatchMarriageThe Vevay Reveille26 Apr 188352
EmmaBrunerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille26 Apr 188352
Harriet A EMillerDeathThe Vevay Reveille26 Apr 188353
LaytonKrummelDeathThe Vevay Reveille26 Apr 188353
ZachariahColeDeathThe Vevay Reveille26 Apr 188353
NancyBakerEstateThe Vevay Reveille26 Apr 188386
Benjamin FSiebenthalDeathThe Vevay Reveille03 May 188314
HenryLoweDeathThe Vevay Reveille03 May 188317
George WLeapDeathThe Vevay Reveille03 May 188344
Clara HWalkerDeathThe Vevay Reveille03 May 188352
Geo MOakleyDeathThe Vevay Reveille03 May 188351
HenryScheweDeathThe Vevay Reveille03 May 188351
AlexanderMcCallumEstateThe Vevay Reveille10 May 188344
ThomasBlissEstateThe Vevay Reveille10 May 188344
LarvinaBledsoeEstateThe Vevay Reveille10 May 188344
RodisCoyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille10 May 188345
ClaraMillerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille10 May 188345
Wm PMeansMarriageThe Vevay Reveille10 May 188345
AngelineBradleyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille10 May 188345
Lida BTevisDeathThe Vevay Reveille10 May 188353
Lida BBellamyDeathThe Vevay Reveille10 May 188353
HarperDeathThe Vevay Reveille17 May 188313
IlenaEdmonsonDeathThe Vevay Reveille17 May 188315
IlenaBeermanDeathThe Vevay Reveille17 May 188315
ElizabethCainEstateThe Vevay Reveille17 May 188345
ThomasHoffmanEstateThe Vevay Reveille17 May 188345
Samuel CDuvallMarriageThe Vevay Reveille17 May 188351
JuliaO'NealMarriageThe Vevay Reveille17 May 188351
FrankPinkMarriageThe Vevay Reveille24 May 188344
LauraVosburyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille24 May 188344
Daniel KHarrisEstateThe Vevay Reveille24 May 188344
Wm TPateEstateThe Vevay Reveille24 May 188344
SolomonFromanEstateThe Vevay Reveille24 May 188344
Benj FGravesEstateThe Vevay Reveille24 May 188344
Wm HCunninghamEstateThe Vevay Reveille24 May 188344
JosephHollgarthEstateThe Vevay Reveille24 May 188344
ArmingtonCulverEstateThe Vevay Reveille24 May 188344
ThomasHoffmanEstateThe Vevay Reveille24 May 188345
George MFallisDeathThe Vevay Reveille24 May 188353
Eveline EMcCullochDeathThe Vevay Reveille24 May 188353
Wm ACollinsDeathThe Vevay Reveille24 May 188353
CharlieCarpenterDeathThe Vevay Reveille24 May 188353
ElizabethCainEstateThe Vevay Reveille24 May 188356
AlberteenCarpenterDeathThe Vevay Reveille31 May 188316
AlberteenHouzeDeathThe Vevay Reveille31 May 188316
Lydia EPinkhamDeathThe Vevay Reveille31 May 188317
PateDeathThe Vevay Reveille31 May 188342
John ALinebackEstateThe Vevay Reveille31 May 188344
M JosieTagueDeathThe Vevay Reveille31 May 188345
GertrudeWoodruffDeathThe Vevay Reveille31 May 188345
KateSalyersDeathThe Vevay Reveille31 May 188345
NancyBakerSaleThe Vevay Reveille31 May 188345
ThomasHoffmanEstateThe Vevay Reveille31 May 188356
ElizabethCainEstateThe Vevay Reveille31 May 188356
NancyBakerSaleThe Vevay Reveille07 Jun 188346
BenjaminRollinsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille07 Jun 188352
IdaToddMarriageThe Vevay Reveille07 Jun 188352
HiramDennisDeathThe Vevay Reveille07 Jun 188353
WmOarkerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille14 Jun 188345
MaryGodfreyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille14 Jun 188345
Caelb WMercerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille14 Jun 188345
Mary AliceHollcroftMarriageThe Vevay Reveille14 Jun 188345
Ruth TShireyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille14 Jun 188345
Henry FHeidermanMarriageThe Vevay Reveille14 Jun 188345
MaryHavercampMarriageThe Vevay Reveille14 Jun 188345
ConstantGolayMarriageThe Vevay Reveille14 Jun 188345
NancyBakerSaleThe Vevay Reveille14 Jun 188346
ConstantineGolayDeathThe Vevay Reveille14 Jun 188351
NancyBakerSaleThe Vevay Reveille21 Jun 188346
George SPleasantsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille28 Jun 188342
Lizzie DGoldenburgMarriageThe Vevay Reveille28 Jun 188342
John VBoggsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille28 Jun 188342
Jennie LStillsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille28 Jun 188342
Patrick EPorterDeathThe Vevay Reveille28 Jun 188342
SusanAlbroDeathThe Vevay Reveille28 Jun 188342
AnniePetersDeathThe Vevay Reveille28 Jun 188352
SophiaLongDeathThe Vevay Reveille28 Jun 188351
NancyBakerSaleThe Vevay Reveille28 Jun 188382
OliverAndersonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille05 Jul 188344
AlicePeelmanMarriageThe Vevay Reveille05 Jul 188344
DavidScudderEstateThe Vevay Reveille05 Jul 188345
SeaverDeathThe Vevay Reveille05 Jul 188351
NancyBakerSaleThe Vevay Reveille05 Jul 188382
Aaron BHoweMarriageThe Vevay Reveille12 Jul 188342
MaryArmstrongMarriageThe Vevay Reveille12 Jul 188342
SamuelPetersMarriageThe Vevay Reveille12 Jul 188344
Sarah LHollcroftMarriageThe Vevay Reveille12 Jul 188344
FrankHoffmanMarriageThe Vevay Reveille12 Jul 188344
Margaret AnnSeaverMarriageThe Vevay Reveille12 Jul 188344
D ScottDannerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille12 Jul 188344
Mary EAdkinsonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille12 Jul 188344
J LMcCullochMarriageThe Vevay Reveille12 Jul 188343
Alice RWilsonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille12 Jul 188343
Newton ECarnineMarriageThe Vevay Reveille12 Jul 188344
Stella AVan PeltMarriageThe Vevay Reveille12 Jul 188344
Mary SKelsoDeathThe Vevay Reveille12 Jul 188345
Mary SBairdDeathThe Vevay Reveille12 Jul 188345
FannyMorrisonDeathThe Vevay Reveille12 Jul 188345
AbagailDetrazDeathThe Vevay Reveille12 Jul 188345
GeorgieGreeneDeathThe Vevay Reveille12 Jul 188345
EllisBirthThe Vevay Reveille12 Jul 188352
DavidScudderEstateThe Vevay Reveille12 Jul 188354
MarthaCharltonDeathThe Vevay Reveille19 Jul 188344
MarthaHayesDeathThe Vevay Reveille19 Jul 188344
MattieLongDeathThe Vevay Reveille19 Jul 188344
George SPleasantsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille19 Jul 188343
Jennie CTaylorDeathThe Vevay Reveille19 Jul 188345
Jennie CPattonDeathThe Vevay Reveille19 Jul 188345
MittyKincaidDeathThe Vevay Reveille19 Jul 188345
MargaretFishDeathThe Vevay Reveille19 Jul 188345
MargaretRayDeathThe Vevay Reveille19 Jul 188345
DavidScudderEstateThe Vevay Reveille19 Jul 188353
ConstantGolayDeathThe Vevay Reveille19 Jul 188382
John FTardyDeathThe Vevay Reveille26 Jul 188345
HattonDeathThe Vevay Reveille26 Jul 188345
Marion DWorksDeathThe Vevay Reveille26 Jul 188345
DavidScudderEstateThe Vevay Reveille26 Jul 188345
Joseph GMcCullochMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 Aug 188342
Nannie THiteMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 Aug 188342
MosesJacksonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 Aug 188344
Mary BSmithMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 Aug 188344
Benjamin FHallMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 Aug 188344
EmmaPriorMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 Aug 188344
SarahWattsDeathThe Vevay Reveille02 Aug 188344
ElishaStoopsDeathThe Vevay Reveille02 Aug 188344
Mary CMcKayDeathThe Vevay Reveille02 Aug 188344
Mary CTaylorDeathThe Vevay Reveille02 Aug 188344
MarthaPendryDeathThe Vevay Reveille02 Aug 188352
ThomasWelchMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 Aug 188352
LizzieDoyleMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 Aug 188352
CarrieHarveyDeathThe Vevay Reveille02 Aug 188352
WilliamMitchelDeathThe Vevay Reveille02 Aug 188352
DavidScudderEstateThe Vevay Reveille02 Aug 188354
Eliza JBurnsDeathThe Vevay Reveille09 Aug 188344
EllaHolderDeathThe Vevay Reveille09 Aug 188344
Jas HBrownMarriageThe Vevay Reveille09 Aug 188344
Laura ALongMarriageThe Vevay Reveille09 Aug 188344
Mira CLangsdaleDeathThe Vevay Reveille09 Aug 188352
NathanielFallisDeathThe Vevay Reveille16 Aug 188343
StephenSchullDeathThe Vevay Reveille16 Aug 188343
AbigailMeansEstateThe Vevay Reveille16 Aug 188344
W SShookDeathThe Vevay Reveille16 Aug 188343
RachelBorightDeathThe Vevay Reveille16 Aug 188352
DavidScudderEstateThe Vevay Reveille16 Aug 188355
AbigailMeansEstateThe Vevay Reveille23 Aug 188317
Peter VVorisMarriageThe Vevay Reveille23 Aug 188343
EmmaCampbellMarriageThe Vevay Reveille23 Aug 188343
EdieYarnellDeathThe Vevay Reveille23 Aug 188351
Jessie GertrudeGordonDeathThe Vevay Reveille23 Aug 188354
MarshalLanhamDeathThe Vevay Reveille23 Aug 188354
NancyJacksonDeathThe Vevay Reveille23 Aug 188354
MarshalLanhamDeathThe Vevay Reveille30 Aug 188315
DanielMcKayDeathThe Vevay Reveille30 Aug 188343
SarahFoxDeathThe Vevay Reveille30 Aug 188343
Albert JSheetsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille30 Aug 188344
MinerviaWallickMarriageThe Vevay Reveille30 Aug 188344
JohnJohnsonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille30 Aug 188344
AnnaHacketMarriageThe Vevay Reveille30 Aug 188344
Henry JLowEstateThe Vevay Reveille30 Aug 188352
AaronSturgeonDeathThe Vevay Reveille30 Aug 188352
Mary WilsonVorisDeathThe Vevay Reveille30 Aug 188352
BrasherDeathThe Vevay Reveille06 Sep 188343
LizzieEmersonDeathThe Vevay Reveille06 Sep 188343
JamesWitherspoonEstateThe Vevay Reveille06 Sep 188345
JohnWagonerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille06 Sep 188352
EllaLeintzMarriageThe Vevay Reveille06 Sep 188352
John FIcenoggleMarriageThe Vevay Reveille06 Sep 188382
BelleKinnettMarriageThe Vevay Reveille06 Sep 188382
Christoph LWickertMarriageThe Vevay Reveille06 Sep 188382
FrederickDalganMarriageThe Vevay Reveille06 Sep 188382
David CEblenDeathThe Vevay Reveille13 Sep 188343
OliverAllenDeathThe Vevay Reveille13 Sep 188343
OliverClendenningMarriageThe Vevay Reveille13 Sep 188343
MattieMurphyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille13 Sep 188343
JamesWitherspoonEstateThe Vevay Reveille13 Sep 188353
AbigailDetrazEstateThe Vevay Reveille13 Sep 188353
WillGibsonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille13 Sep 188381
MollieCrouchMarriageThe Vevay Reveille13 Sep 188381
ClaraGrantDeathThe Vevay Reveille20 Sep 188317
ChristopherPeelmanDeathThe Vevay Reveille20 Sep 188343
Julia ABowmanDeathThe Vevay Reveille20 Sep 188343
Millard FTempleMarriageThe Vevay Reveille20 Sep 188343
IrenaWakefieldMarriageThe Vevay Reveille20 Sep 188343
LorenDriverMarriageThe Vevay Reveille20 Sep 188343
Harriet EDibbleMarriageThe Vevay Reveille20 Sep 188343
ScrodelBirthThe Vevay Reveille20 Sep 188345
TheodoreHumphreyDeathThe Vevay Reveille20 Sep 188351
AbigailDetrazEstateThe Vevay Reveille20 Sep 188353
JamesWitherspoonEstateThe Vevay Reveille20 Sep 188353
Joseph AKincaidDivorceThe Vevay Reveille27 Sep 188343
Rosana JKincaidDivorceThe Vevay Reveille27 Sep 188343
JohnBelchDivorceThe Vevay Reveille27 Sep 188343
DellaBelchDivorceThe Vevay Reveille27 Sep 188343
AmandaScudderDivorceThe Vevay Reveille27 Sep 188343
WilliamScudderDivorceThe Vevay Reveille27 Sep 188343
JamesWitherspoonEstateThe Vevay Reveille27 Sep 188343
Jacob CBakerEstateThe Vevay Reveille27 Sep 188343
John RRankinMarriageThe Vevay Reveille27 Sep 188344
Maria CeliaDickasonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille27 Sep 188344
John SKinnettMarriageThe Vevay Reveille27 Sep 188344
Mollie SWhithamMarriageThe Vevay Reveille27 Sep 188344
John WGrimesMarriageThe Vevay Reveille27 Sep 188344
CleriseeBrookMarriageThe Vevay Reveille27 Sep 188344
E CHeadyEstateThe Vevay Reveille27 Sep 188344
JamesWilsonEstateThe Vevay Reveille27 Sep 188344
MaryWarwickEstateThe Vevay Reveille27 Sep 188344
RankinMarriageThe Vevay Reveille27 Sep 188352
DickasonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille27 Sep 188352
JessieGordonDeathThe Vevay Reveille27 Sep 188352
DaisyRoopDeathThe Vevay Reveille27 Sep 188352
EllaOrrDeathThe Vevay Reveille27 Sep 188352
JamesWitherspoonEstateThe Vevay Reveille27 Sep 188353
AbigailDetrazEstateThe Vevay Reveille27 Sep 188357
W WWardMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Oct 188342
FletaHainerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Oct 188342
Silas GWrightMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Oct 188342
EdmonaBishopMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Oct 188342
JamesForeeMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Oct 188342
MollieReiddeMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Oct 188342
William CLawrenceMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Oct 188342
HattieRochatMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Oct 188342
Thomas RWileyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Oct 188342
ElizabethEdringtonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Oct 188342
JamesOritchilorrMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Oct 188342
JuliaBarnesMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Oct 188342
E HStegemillerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Oct 188342
FloraBuamannMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Oct 188342
Joseph AKincaidMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Oct 188342
CatherineSchievelbeinMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Oct 188342
SilasLampkinMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Oct 188342
EmmaTaylorMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Oct 188342
Wm HenryTrumboMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Oct 188342
IsabellaJohnsonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Oct 188342
John RRankinMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Oct 188342
Maria CeliaDickasonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Oct 188342
GriffithDickasonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Oct 188342
Mary ELockMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Oct 188342
MeredillPriceMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Oct 188342
AliceBarnhillMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Oct 188342
SamuelRayanMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Oct 188342
BettieHumoleMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Oct 188342
WmBroadMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Oct 188342
NancyFranklinMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Oct 188342
William RFisherMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Oct 188342
JosieKingMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Oct 188342
Nathaniel HBowieMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Oct 188342
Virginia ELangstaffMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Oct 188342
O STicerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Oct 188342
Carrie LStoopsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Oct 188342
Charles EWalkerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Oct 188342
Lillie LHastingsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Oct 188342
William SCooperMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Oct 188342
Mary EMcKayMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Oct 188342
TheodoreHumphreyDeathThe Vevay Reveille04 Oct 188344
JamesDaviesDeathThe Vevay Reveille04 Oct 188344
AaronSturgeonEstateThe Vevay Reveille04 Oct 188345
George BShaddayMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Oct 188352
DeliaJoiceMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Oct 188352
GriffithDickasonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Oct 188351
Mary ELockMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Oct 188351
SilasLampkinsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Oct 188351
EmmaLoweMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Oct 188351
OliverAllenDeathThe Vevay Reveille11 Oct 188315
James WBoydDeathThe Vevay Reveille11 Oct 188341
DavidGolayDeathThe Vevay Reveille11 Oct 188341
NancyBakerSaleThe Vevay Reveille11 Oct 188344
JennieFletcherDivorceThe Vevay Reveille11 Oct 188343
Henry ZFletcherDivorceThe Vevay Reveille11 Oct 188343
CarolineMottierDivorceThe Vevay Reveille11 Oct 188343
AbrahamMottierDivorceThe Vevay Reveille11 Oct 188343
Uletah JGullonDivorceThe Vevay Reveille11 Oct 188343
James VGullonDivorceThe Vevay Reveille11 Oct 188343
ErzaRobinsonDivorceThe Vevay Reveille11 Oct 188343
Charles ARobinsonDivorceThe Vevay Reveille11 Oct 188343
Nancy RSnyderDivorceThe Vevay Reveille11 Oct 188343
Richard HSnyderDivorceThe Vevay Reveille11 Oct 188343
Joseph GBurgessEstateThe Vevay Reveille11 Oct 188343
ChrisNollEstateThe Vevay Reveille11 Oct 188343
George HHotchkissEstateThe Vevay Reveille11 Oct 188343
B FSchenckEstateThe Vevay Reveille11 Oct 188343
JaneGullionEstateThe Vevay Reveille11 Oct 188343
JosephRutherfordEstateThe Vevay Reveille11 Oct 188343
JamesWilsonEstateThe Vevay Reveille11 Oct 188343
G CLoveMarriageThe Vevay Reveille11 Oct 188351
Mary AGrahamMarriageThe Vevay Reveille11 Oct 188351
Marrul ACampbellMarriageThe Vevay Reveille11 Oct 188352
Clara JColeMarriageThe Vevay Reveille11 Oct 188352
Charles EWalterMarriageThe Vevay Reveille11 Oct 188352
Lillie LHastingsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille11 Oct 188352
LizzieVorisDeathThe Vevay Reveille11 Oct 188352
PhilipEtheringtonDeathThe Vevay Reveille11 Oct 188352
RebeccaLutherDeathThe Vevay Reveille11 Oct 188352
LouisDuschDeathThe Vevay Reveille11 Oct 188352
Mollie CGranthamDeathThe Vevay Reveille11 Oct 188352
AaronSturgeonEstateThe Vevay Reveille11 Oct 188352
Durbin MMillerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille18 Oct 188342
CarrieDyerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille18 Oct 188342
Robt DBrownMarriageThe Vevay Reveille18 Oct 188342
FinetteWellsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille18 Oct 188342
WilliamHughesMarriageThe Vevay Reveille18 Oct 188342
MelissaMooreMarriageThe Vevay Reveille18 Oct 188342
Silas JMcLaughlinMarriageThe Vevay Reveille18 Oct 188342
Viola AGrahamMarriageThe Vevay Reveille18 Oct 188342
Louis IJacksonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille18 Oct 188342
Anna MNobleMarriageThe Vevay Reveille18 Oct 188342
Silas JMcLaughlinMarriageThe Vevay Reveille18 Oct 188343
ViolaGrahamMarriageThe Vevay Reveille18 Oct 188343
Louisa MKellcherEstateThe Vevay Reveille18 Oct 188344
Robert KGrahamMarriageThe Vevay Reveille18 Oct 188343
MamieBarrettMarriageThe Vevay Reveille18 Oct 188343
Alice AMullettMarriageThe Vevay Reveille18 Oct 188343
Arthur WBluntMarriageThe Vevay Reveille18 Oct 188343
SolomonFromanEstateThe Vevay Reveille18 Oct 188343
Robert DBrownMarriageThe Vevay Reveille18 Oct 188343
FinetteWellsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille18 Oct 188343
NancyBakerSaleThe Vevay Reveille18 Oct 188345
AaronSturgeonEstateThe Vevay Reveille18 Oct 188352
Durbin MMillerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille25 Oct 188344
CarrieDyerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille25 Oct 188344
George WGriffenMarriageThe Vevay Reveille25 Oct 188344
Julia BJohnsonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille25 Oct 188344
WilliamHowardMarriageThe Vevay Reveille25 Oct 188344
Ealy AStermanMarriageThe Vevay Reveille25 Oct 188344
AlbertCraigDeathThe Vevay Reveille25 Oct 188344
SolomonFromanEstateThe Vevay Reveille25 Oct 188346
NancyBakerSaleThe Vevay Reveille25 Oct 188347
Louisa MKellcherEstateThe Vevay Reveille25 Oct 188347
StylesKennedyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille25 Oct 188351
Amanda PaulFromanMarriageThe Vevay Reveille25 Oct 188351
AaronSturgeonEstateThe Vevay Reveille25 Oct 188354
ChristenaKleinDeathVevay Democrat25 Oct 188313
Ealy AStearmanMarriageVevay Democrat25 Oct 188313
WmHowardMarriageVevay Democrat25 Oct 188313
AnnaNobleMarriageVevay Democrat25 Oct 188313
LewisJacksonMarriageVevay Democrat25 Oct 188313
HiramLanhamEstateVevay Democrat25 Oct 188342
JamesWilsonEstateVevay Democrat25 Oct 188345
CarrieShepherdDeathThe Vevay Reveille01 Nov 188313
AdolphusLeapMarriageThe Vevay Reveille01 Nov 188341
Georgia AnnBrindleyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille01 Nov 188341
Bruce CHeathMarriageThe Vevay Reveille01 Nov 188341
Florizele LMurphyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille01 Nov 188341
AdolphusLeapMarriageThe Vevay Reveille01 Nov 188344
Georgia AnnBrindleyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille01 Nov 188344
Elwood FOakMarriageThe Vevay Reveille01 Nov 188344
GraceMixMarriageThe Vevay Reveille01 Nov 188344
Bruce CHeathMarriageThe Vevay Reveille01 Nov 188344
Florizele LMurphyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille01 Nov 188344
Charles JRobertsDeathThe Vevay Reveille01 Nov 188344
SolomonFromanEstateThe Vevay Reveille01 Nov 188345
NancyBakerSaleThe Vevay Reveille01 Nov 188347
Louisa MKellcherEstateThe Vevay Reveille01 Nov 188347
SallieTurpinDeathThe Vevay Reveille01 Nov 188351
ThedaScrantonDeathThe Vevay Reveille01 Nov 188352
James EHemphillMarriageThe Vevay Reveille01 Nov 188352
EmmaWelchMarriageThe Vevay Reveille01 Nov 188352
AaronSturgeonEstateThe Vevay Reveille01 Nov 188354
John TWebsterMarriageThe Vevay Reveille08 Nov 188342
Mettie SSipplesMarriageThe Vevay Reveille08 Nov 188342
Hayden TGaryMarriageThe Vevay Reveille08 Nov 188342
HannahWillisMarriageThe Vevay Reveille08 Nov 188342
John BGullionMarriageThe Vevay Reveille08 Nov 188342
Catherine AnnPhillipsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille08 Nov 188342
AndyGravesMarriageThe Vevay Reveille08 Nov 188342
FannieThompsonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille08 Nov 188342
George WVandiverMarriageThe Vevay Reveille08 Nov 188342
HattieLientzMarriageThe Vevay Reveille08 Nov 188342
LymanMixMarriageThe Vevay Reveille08 Nov 188342
LouisaPettyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille08 Nov 188342
Frederick ABoernerDeathThe Vevay Reveille08 Nov 188343
JamesWitherspoonEstateThe Vevay Reveille08 Nov 188346
JonathanMilesEstateThe Vevay Reveille08 Nov 188346
NancyBakerSaleThe Vevay Reveille08 Nov 188346
BeckworthDeathThe Vevay Reveille08 Nov 188353
SardineGreeneDeathThe Vevay Reveille08 Nov 188353
AaronSturgeonEstateThe Vevay Reveille08 Nov 188355
George PAndersonDeathThe Vevay Reveille15 Nov 188341
SamuelLamptonEstateThe Vevay Reveille15 Nov 188345
JonathanMilesEstateThe Vevay Reveille15 Nov 188346
Jordie DGardnerDeathThe Vevay Reveille15 Nov 188351
George PAndersonDeathThe Vevay Reveille15 Nov 188352
JamesWitherspoonEstateThe Vevay Reveille15 Nov 188353
Ollie SJohnsonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille15 Nov 188353
Lottie ECottonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille15 Nov 188353
JennieBeckwithDeathThe Vevay Reveille22 Nov 188314
JonathanMilesEstateThe Vevay Reveille22 Nov 188315
JamesKincaidDeathThe Vevay Reveille22 Nov 188351
AdamColeDeathThe Vevay Reveille22 Nov 188351
SamuelLamptonEstateThe Vevay Reveille22 Nov 188352
JamesWitherspoonEstateThe Vevay Reveille22 Nov 188352
JamesWitherspoonEstateThe Vevay Reveille29 Nov 188313
SamuelLamptonEstateThe Vevay Reveille29 Nov 188315
JonathanMilesEstateThe Vevay Reveille29 Nov 188317
SamuelPorterDeathThe Vevay Reveille29 Nov 188342
GeorgeWarnerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille29 Nov 188342
Jennie EBuchananMarriageThe Vevay Reveille29 Nov 188342
Oliver SJohnsonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille29 Nov 188342
Lottie ECottonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille29 Nov 188342
FrederickBungerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille29 Nov 188342
EmmaMeadMarriageThe Vevay Reveille29 Nov 188342
Sam JRobertsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille29 Nov 188342
MaryTurnerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille29 Nov 188342
James LHoldcroftMarriageThe Vevay Reveille29 Nov 188342
Julia AnnOakleyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille29 Nov 188342
GeorgeWilsonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille29 Nov 188342
ArmandaWillisMarriageThe Vevay Reveille29 Nov 188342
Clarence AMooreMarriageThe Vevay Reveille29 Nov 188342
EllaWilsonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille29 Nov 188342
EliDouglassMarriageThe Vevay Reveille29 Nov 188342
TemperanceWarnerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille29 Nov 188342
RobertAdamsDeathThe Vevay Reveille29 Nov 188342
JamesKincaidDeathThe Vevay Reveille29 Nov 188341
LydiaBoydDeathThe Vevay Reveille29 Nov 188343
MorrisMcKayEstateThe Vevay Reveille29 Nov 188344
SamuelLamptonEstateThe Vevay Reveille06 Dec 188313
JamesWilsonEstateThe Vevay Reveille06 Dec 188342
HiramLanhamEstateThe Vevay Reveille06 Dec 188342
Louisa MKellcherEstateThe Vevay Reveille06 Dec 188342
JohnRogersEstateThe Vevay Reveille06 Dec 188342
Wm TWileyEstateThe Vevay Reveille06 Dec 188342
SolomonFromanEstateThe Vevay Reveille06 Dec 188342
SamuelPorterDeathThe Vevay Reveille06 Dec 188344
Joseph JBeldenDeathThe Vevay Reveille06 Dec 188345
MiloLongwoodDeathThe Vevay Reveille06 Dec 188345
MorrisMcKayEstateThe Vevay Reveille06 Dec 188355
MorrisMcKayEstateThe Vevay Reveille13 Dec 188317
SamuelLamptonEstateThe Vevay Reveille13 Dec 188342
SarahKrawlEstateThe Vevay Reveille13 Dec 188342
Jackson PSearcyEstateThe Vevay Reveille13 Dec 188342
Sarah JaneLockEstateThe Vevay Reveille13 Dec 188342
ElizaGullionEstateThe Vevay Reveille13 Dec 188342
JessieGullionEstateThe Vevay Reveille13 Dec 188342
John FTardyEstateThe Vevay Reveille13 Dec 188342
Charles JSchroderDeathThe Vevay Reveille13 Dec 188344
EdwardHamiltonDeathThe Vevay Reveille13 Dec 188344
WillieCarpenterDeathThe Vevay Reveille13 Dec 188344
Jasper NBrindleyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille13 Dec 188344
ClaraStucyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille13 Dec 188344
FrankHainerDeathThe Vevay Reveille13 Dec 188381
James SMurpheyEstateThe Vevay Reveille20 Dec 188342
MarthaBaxterEstateThe Vevay Reveille20 Dec 188342
JamesHarwoodEstateThe Vevay Reveille20 Dec 188342
Wm TWileyEstateThe Vevay Reveille20 Dec 188342
RhodaWileyEstateThe Vevay Reveille20 Dec 188342
Robt WSmileyDivorceThe Vevay Reveille20 Dec 188342
Nancy EllenSmileyDivorceThe Vevay Reveille20 Dec 188342
CarolineGoochDivorceThe Vevay Reveille20 Dec 188342
JohnGoochDivorceThe Vevay Reveille20 Dec 188342
Jacob HKeeneyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille20 Dec 188341
Mary EMooreMarriageThe Vevay Reveille20 Dec 188341
TaylorMarriageThe Vevay Reveille20 Dec 188343
F ABoernerDeathThe Vevay Reveille20 Dec 188343
John FTardySaleThe Vevay Reveille20 Dec 188346
MorrisMcKayEstateThe Vevay Reveille20 Dec 188383
Virginia MHallDeathThe Vevay Reveille27 Dec 188317
RhodaWileySaleThe Vevay Reveille27 Dec 188341
John FTardySaleThe Vevay Reveille27 Dec 188341
John LMcFetridgeDeathThe Vevay Reveille03 Jan 188441
HoraceKentDeathThe Vevay Reveille03 Jan 188444
AbnerVandiverMarriageThe Vevay Reveille03 Jan 188444
LillyMarbleMarriageThe Vevay Reveille03 Jan 188444
Charles OErwinMarriageThe Vevay Reveille03 Jan 188445
Callie HVineyardMarriageThe Vevay Reveille03 Jan 188445
Geo APayneMarriageThe Vevay Reveille03 Jan 188445
EllaRyanMarriageThe Vevay Reveille03 Jan 188445
Geo MKemperMarriageThe Vevay Reveille03 Jan 188445
EllaBranhamMarriageThe Vevay Reveille03 Jan 188445
George MFoxMarriageThe Vevay Reveille03 Jan 188445
LavinaPitmanMarriageThe Vevay Reveille03 Jan 188445
J RMitchelMarriageThe Vevay Reveille03 Jan 188445
Susie LPeakMarriageThe Vevay Reveille03 Jan 188445
Henry SDannorMarriageThe Vevay Reveille03 Jan 188445
Maria AMalcomMarriageThe Vevay Reveille03 Jan 188445
Martha JDayMarriageThe Vevay Reveille03 Jan 188445
Robert ANealMarriageThe Vevay Reveille03 Jan 188445
SamuelLamptonEstateThe Vevay Reveille03 Jan 188452
RhodaWileySaleThe Vevay Reveille03 Jan 188455
FelixCarverEstateThe Vevay Reveille03 Jan 188455
PerretDufourDeathThe Vevay Reveille10 Jan 188442
PerretDufourDeathThe Vevay Reveille10 Jan 188444
Albert HDowneyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille10 Jan 188447
OllieRutherfordMarriageThe Vevay Reveille10 Jan 188447
AlbertVandeverMarriageThe Vevay Reveille10 Jan 188447
LillieMarbleMarriageThe Vevay Reveille10 Jan 188447
Ellsworth EFloraMarriageThe Vevay Reveille10 Jan 188447
Loulla BSmockMarriageThe Vevay Reveille10 Jan 188447
Daniel WTrafaletDeathThe Vevay Reveille10 Jan 188447
ElizaGirardDeathThe Vevay Reveille10 Jan 188447
WallaceWhiteDeathThe Vevay Reveille10 Jan 188447
SamuelLamptonEstateThe Vevay Reveille10 Jan 188452
RhodaWileySaleThe Vevay Reveille10 Jan 188455
John FTardySaleThe Vevay Reveille10 Jan 188455
FelixCarverEstateThe Vevay Reveille10 Jan 188455
Daniel WTrafeletDeathThe Vevay Reveille10 Jan 188481
Daniel WTrafeletDeathThe Vevay Reveille17 Jan 188415
Mary EHastingsDivorceThe Vevay Reveille17 Jan 188444
Frank SHastingsDivorceThe Vevay Reveille17 Jan 188444
MaryWaldenmeierDeathThe Vevay Reveille17 Jan 188445
FrankMullerDeathThe Vevay Reveille17 Jan 188445
AlbertVanderverMarriageThe Vevay Reveille17 Jan 188452
LillieMarbleMarriageThe Vevay Reveille17 Jan 188452
Albert HDowneyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille17 Jan 188452
OllieRutherfordMarriageThe Vevay Reveille17 Jan 188452
John WColenMarriageThe Vevay Reveille17 Jan 188452
America JColeMarriageThe Vevay Reveille17 Jan 188452
JohnPelserMarriageThe Vevay Reveille17 Jan 188452
IdaCourtneyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille17 Jan 188452
Joseph HStillMarriageThe Vevay Reveille17 Jan 188452
Virginia POsborneMarriageThe Vevay Reveille17 Jan 188452
Oscar HWebbMarriageThe Vevay Reveille17 Jan 188452
JennieLewisMarriageThe Vevay Reveille17 Jan 188452
A JLambDeathThe Vevay Reveille17 Jan 188453
SamuelLamptonEstateThe Vevay Reveille17 Jan 188455
John FTardySaleThe Vevay Reveille17 Jan 188455
RhodaWileySaleThe Vevay Reveille17 Jan 188456
ElizaGerardDeathThe Vevay Reveille17 Jan 188481
Mary JBarbeeDeathThe Vevay Reveille24 Jan 188444
S JMuscroftDeathThe Vevay Reveille24 Jan 188452
HenryWaldenDeathThe Vevay Reveille24 Jan 188451
SarahWaltzDeathThe Vevay Reveille24 Jan 188451
SamuelLamptonEstateThe Vevay Reveille24 Jan 188455
AmieMillerDeathThe Vevay Reveille31 Jan 188416
Mary EHastingsDivorceThe Vevay Reveille31 Jan 188417
Frank SHastingsDivorceThe Vevay Reveille31 Jan 188417
JoelCopherMarriageThe Vevay Reveille31 Jan 188445
Rosa BelleColeMarriageThe Vevay Reveille31 Jan 188445
Hugh SEspeyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille31 Jan 188445
Mary HHumphreyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille31 Jan 188445
Jacob BKeeferDeathThe Vevay Reveille31 Jan 188445
H SEspeyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille31 Jan 188451
Mary HHumphreyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille31 Jan 188451
JeremiahMcCrearyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille31 Jan 188451
CarolineMottierMarriageThe Vevay Reveille31 Jan 188451
William WCockraneMarriageThe Vevay Reveille31 Jan 188451
EmmaStephensonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille31 Jan 188451
Bowen FWorrallMarriageThe Vevay Reveille31 Jan 188451
Ina MHathornMarriageThe Vevay Reveille31 Jan 188451
SamuelLamptonEstateThe Vevay Reveille31 Jan 188455
Mary EHastingsDivorceThe Vevay Reveille07 Feb 188417
Frank SHastingsDivorceThe Vevay Reveille07 Feb 188417
CharlesShaddyDeathThe Vevay Reveille07 Feb 188443
LewisDetrazDeathThe Vevay Reveille07 Feb 188444
WmFraughtDeathThe Vevay Reveille07 Feb 188447
LewisDetrazDeathThe Vevay Reveille07 Feb 188447
Clarrie ESmithDeathThe Vevay Reveille07 Feb 188447
William WCochranMarriageThe Vevay Reveille07 Feb 188447
EmmaStephensonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille07 Feb 188447
Bowen FWorrallMarriageThe Vevay Reveille07 Feb 188447
Ina MHathornMarriageThe Vevay Reveille07 Feb 188447
JennieDowneyDeathThe Vevay Reveille07 Feb 188451
LinkerBirthThe Vevay Reveille07 Feb 188451
AlbertScudderDeathThe Vevay Reveille07 Feb 188452
SamuelLamptonEstateThe Vevay Reveille07 Feb 188455
JohnColeDeathThe Vevay Reveille14 Feb 188447
Nancy BVioletDeathThe Vevay Reveille14 Feb 188447
AmandaLambDeathThe Vevay Reveille14 Feb 188447
JohnColeDeathThe Vevay Reveille21 Feb 188426
JosiahLeeMarriageThe Vevay Reveille21 Feb 188433
Flora BRichmondMarriageThe Vevay Reveille21 Feb 188433
JoelCopherMarriageThe Vevay Reveille21 Feb 188433
Rosa BelleColeMarriageThe Vevay Reveille21 Feb 188433
GeorgeFurgusonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille21 Feb 188433
Harriet LMorrellionMarriageThe Vevay Reveille21 Feb 188433
James ELilleyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille21 Feb 188433
JennieYancyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille21 Feb 188433
SamuelLockMarriageThe Vevay Reveille21 Feb 188433
AnnieHawkinsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille21 Feb 188433
BenjaminWebbDeathThe Vevay Reveille21 Feb 188434
JosephGibsonDeathThe Vevay Reveille21 Feb 188434
David WMeadMarriageThe Vevay Reveille21 Feb 188434
IndianaWycoffMarriageThe Vevay Reveille21 Feb 188434
GrantPickettMarriageThe Vevay Reveille21 Feb 188434
Mary EHuchinsonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille21 Feb 188434
Charles FMillerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille28 Feb 188416
Rosa JKeeneyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille28 Feb 188416
SolomonFromanDeathThe Vevay Reveille28 Feb 188441
Solomon BFromanDeathThe Vevay Reveille28 Feb 188444
Henry TBakerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille28 Feb 188444
Hannah AVorisMarriageThe Vevay Reveille28 Feb 188444
SamuelLockMarriageThe Vevay Reveille28 Feb 188444
AnnieHawkinsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille28 Feb 188444
M MeyerLeichtentrittMarriageThe Vevay Reveille28 Feb 188443
MamieHyamsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille28 Feb 188443
CharlesSieglitzMarriageThe Vevay Reveille28 Feb 188443
MaggieHeadyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille28 Feb 188443
JohnRogersEstateThe Vevay Reveille06 Mar 188442
John FTardyEstateThe Vevay Reveille06 Mar 188442
Harriet DGibsonDeathThe Vevay Reveille06 Mar 188442
GeorgeSturgeonDeathThe Vevay Reveille06 Mar 188442
ThomasSturgeonDeathThe Vevay Reveille06 Mar 188442
AnnHarrisDeathThe Vevay Reveille06 Mar 188442
Mary Ann RamseySomervilleDeathThe Vevay Reveille06 Mar 188446
Mary AnnHulleyDeathThe Vevay Reveille06 Mar 188446
LewisDetrazEstateThe Vevay Reveille06 Mar 188446
AnnHarrisDeathThe Vevay Reveille13 Mar 188443
AnnHotchkissDeathThe Vevay Reveille13 Mar 188443
LewisDetrazSaleThe Vevay Reveille13 Mar 188446
DavidScudderSaleThe Vevay Reveille13 Mar 188446
Catherine JHollandDeathThe Vevay Reveille13 Mar 188445
LeonardColeEstateThe Vevay Reveille13 Mar 188445
CharlesRichardsonEstateThe Vevay Reveille13 Mar 188445
LewisDetrazEstateThe Vevay Reveille13 Mar 188457
SamuelLamptonSaleThe Vevay Reveille13 Mar 188457
LewisDetrazEstateThe Vevay Reveille20 Mar 188412
GeorgeHillisMarriageThe Vevay Reveille20 Mar 188415
GeorgeBillingslyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille20 Mar 188415
John LewisSchenckDeathThe Vevay Reveille20 Mar 188444
SilasSmithDeathThe Vevay Reveille20 Mar 188444
John LSchenckDeathThe Vevay Reveille20 Mar 188445
LewisDetrazSaleThe Vevay Reveille20 Mar 188446
DavidScudderSaleThe Vevay Reveille20 Mar 188446
Edward EWeaverMarriageThe Vevay Reveille20 Mar 188445
Anna AMeredithMarriageThe Vevay Reveille20 Mar 188445
Benjamin FrancisSmithMarriageThe Vevay Reveille20 Mar 188445
Almira EClevengerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille20 Mar 188445
Samuel BTagueMarriageThe Vevay Reveille20 Mar 188445
AliceBrindleyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille20 Mar 188445
AlbertGarnerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille20 Mar 188445
IdaAdamsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille20 Mar 188445
EdwardHathornMarriageThe Vevay Reveille20 Mar 188445
MaryBantaMarriageThe Vevay Reveille20 Mar 188445
LeonardColeEstateThe Vevay Reveille20 Mar 188447
LizzieOwensMarriageThe Vevay Reveille20 Mar 188452
E HBatesMarriageThe Vevay Reveille20 Mar 188452
LewisDetrazEstateThe Vevay Reveille27 Mar 188412
MaryProcterDeathThe Vevay Reveille27 Mar 188415
MathiasMadaryMarriageThe Vevay Reveille27 Mar 188444
JuliaLamsonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille27 Mar 188444
WalterHawkinsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille27 Mar 188444
MollieHolderMarriageThe Vevay Reveille27 Mar 188444
JosephRutherfordEstateThe Vevay Reveille27 Mar 188446
LeonardColeEstateThe Vevay Reveille27 Mar 188447
LewisDetrazSaleThe Vevay Reveille27 Mar 188447
GrantJohnsonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille27 Mar 188451
LillieSmithMarriageThe Vevay Reveille27 Mar 188451
SamuelLamptonSaleThe Vevay Reveille27 Mar 188457
CharlesRichardsonEstateThe Vevay Reveille27 Mar 188457
John WMurphyEstateVevay Democrat27 Mar 188416
John BGriffinMarriageVevay Democrat27 Mar 188414
LouCarvesMarriageVevay Democrat27 Mar 188414
LewisDetrazEstateThe Vevay Reveille03 Apr 188412
Charles CDoanDeathThe Vevay Reveille03 Apr 188442
Mathias RMadaryMarriageThe Vevay Reveille03 Apr 188444
Julia ALampsonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille03 Apr 188444
JosephRutherfordEstateThe Vevay Reveille03 Apr 188446
Charles WelseyDowneyDeathThe Vevay Reveille03 Apr 188451
W BChamberlinDeathThe Vevay Reveille03 Apr 188453
DavidScudderSaleThe Vevay Reveille03 Apr 188457
SamuelLamptonSaleThe Vevay Reveille03 Apr 188457
LewisDetrazSaleThe Vevay Reveille03 Apr 188456
LeonardColeEstateThe Vevay Reveille03 Apr 188457
LewisDetrazEstateThe Vevay Reveille10 Apr 188412
Harry HWardenDeathThe Vevay Reveille10 Apr 188444
Aaron BBruceMarriageThe Vevay Reveille10 Apr 188444
BettieFurnishMarriageThe Vevay Reveille10 Apr 188444
ElijahPendryMarriageThe Vevay Reveille10 Apr 188444
Amelia BColeMarriageThe Vevay Reveille10 Apr 188444
EdwardMyersMarriageThe Vevay Reveille10 Apr 188444
LizzieTurnerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille10 Apr 188444
John JLesterMarriageThe Vevay Reveille10 Apr 188443
AnnieStevensonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille10 Apr 188443
MelvilleWilsonDeathThe Vevay Reveille10 Apr 188451
JoannaShaferDeathThe Vevay Reveille10 Apr 188451
DavidScudderSaleThe Vevay Reveille10 Apr 188454
Anna WHeddenMarriageThe Vevay Reveille17 Apr 188442
F CGreeneMarriageThe Vevay Reveille17 Apr 188442
J SPattonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille17 Apr 188442
LinnieTurnerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille17 Apr 188442
AnnaHouzeDeathThe Vevay Reveille17 Apr 188444
Chas HLindenschmidtDeathThe Vevay Reveille17 Apr 188444
Joshua SPattonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille17 Apr 188444
LinnieTurnerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille17 Apr 188444
Frank CGreeneMarriageThe Vevay Reveille17 Apr 188444
AnnaWhiteMarriageThe Vevay Reveille17 Apr 188444
NancyAikinsDeathThe Vevay Reveille17 Apr 188452
EakinsDeathThe Vevay Reveille17 Apr 188451
JohnRogersEstateThe Vevay Reveille17 Apr 188456
Perry MSmithMarriageThe Vevay Reveille24 Apr 188442
Rachel JConnorMarriageThe Vevay Reveille24 Apr 188442
QueenNorthMarriageThe Vevay Reveille24 Apr 188442
CatharineSocwellMarriageThe Vevay Reveille24 Apr 188442
JamesHarwoodEstateThe Vevay Reveille01 May 188444
SolomonMcCallumDeathThe Vevay Reveille01 May 188443
Fernando LClarkMarriageThe Vevay Reveille01 May 188444
Pattie IFordMarriageThe Vevay Reveille01 May 188444
JohnEadsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille01 May 188444
Nettie LMurettMarriageThe Vevay Reveille01 May 188444
MargaretMcMakinEstateThe Vevay Reveille01 May 188445
NancyBakerEstateThe Vevay Reveille08 May 188444
Louisa MPeakDivorceThe Vevay Reveille08 May 188443
Thomas JPeakDivorceThe Vevay Reveille08 May 188443
JosephWisemanMarriageThe Vevay Reveille08 May 188444
SallieRileyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille08 May 188444
JamesHarwoodEstateThe Vevay Reveille08 May 188456
MargaretMcMakinEstateThe Vevay Reveille08 May 188457
Fernando LClarkMarriageThe Vevay Reveille08 May 188482
Pallie IFordMarriageThe Vevay Reveille08 May 188482
FriedleyDeathThe Vevay Reveille15 May 188416
OliverAllenMarriageThe Vevay Reveille15 May 188442
RachelDenningMarriageThe Vevay Reveille15 May 188442
William DWintizerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille15 May 188442
LeotiLemmonsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille15 May 188442
Joseph CWisemanMarriageThe Vevay Reveille15 May 188441
Sarah JRileyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille15 May 188441
James AStewartMarriageThe Vevay Reveille15 May 188441
Fannie LouisaTebbittsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille15 May 188441
Oliver FAllenMarriageThe Vevay Reveille15 May 188441
Rachel MDenningMarriageThe Vevay Reveille15 May 188441
AddrianMarklandMarriageThe Vevay Reveille15 May 188441
Bettie DMontgomeryMarriageThe Vevay Reveille15 May 188441
William DWintizerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille15 May 188441
LeotiLemmonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille15 May 188441
BatesScottDeathThe Vevay Reveille15 May 188452
NancyBakerEstateThe Vevay Reveille15 May 188453
AddrianMarklandMarriageThe Vevay Reveille15 May 188453
Bettie DMontgomeryMarriageThe Vevay Reveille15 May 188453
MargaretMcMakinEstateThe Vevay Reveille15 May 188455
Benjamin FHarveyDeathThe Vevay Reveille22 May 188415
Mary AnnDoddDeathThe Vevay Reveille22 May 188444
Mary EAtwoodDivorceThe Vevay Reveille22 May 188443
ClarenceAtwoodDivorceThe Vevay Reveille22 May 188443
WmParkDeathThe Vevay Reveille22 May 188444
JennieScottDeathThe Vevay Reveille22 May 188444
George PBurnsDeathThe Vevay Reveille22 May 188444
John JBosawMarriageThe Vevay Reveille22 May 188444
SarahWaldenMarriageThe Vevay Reveille22 May 188444
JaneColeDeathThe Vevay Reveille29 May 188443
HenryFarrarDeathThe Vevay Reveille29 May 188443
James HCookMarriageThe Vevay Reveille29 May 188444
Maggie JHoffmanMarriageThe Vevay Reveille29 May 188444
SquireSandersDeathThe Vevay Reveille05 Jun 188441
SquireSandersDeathThe Vevay Reveille12 Jun 188441
JohnWebbMarriageThe Vevay Reveille12 Jun 188443
JanieBantaMarriageThe Vevay Reveille12 Jun 188443
E AStepletonDeathThe Vevay Reveille12 Jun 188443
ElizabethDickasonDeathThe Vevay Reveille12 Jun 188443
MassaPickettDeathThe Vevay Reveille12 Jun 188481
BurrClarkMarriageThe Vevay Reveille19 Jun 188452
Mary AMeadMarriageThe Vevay Reveille19 Jun 188452
JeffersonDavisMarriageThe Vevay Reveille03 Jul 188441
BurneciaStaffordMarriageThe Vevay Reveille03 Jul 188441
WilliamLeeEstateThe Vevay Reveille03 Jul 188444
WycoffDeathThe Vevay Reveille03 Jul 188451
Wm HamiltonNetherlandDeathThe Vevay Reveille03 Jul 188451
DementDeathThe Vevay Reveille03 Jul 188451
JosephRutherfordEstateThe Vevay Reveille10 Jul 188444
Rebecca JDementDeathThe Vevay Reveille10 Jul 188445
Rebecca JGraysonDeathThe Vevay Reveille10 Jul 188445
WilliamLeeEstateThe Vevay Reveille10 Jul 188457
JosephRutherfordEstateThe Vevay Reveille17 Jul 188444
Morton DFugetDeathThe Vevay Reveille17 Jul 188444
DeanBennettDeathThe Vevay Reveille17 Jul 188453
WilliamLeeEstateThe Vevay Reveille17 Jul 188457
JosephRutherfordEstateThe Vevay Reveille24 Jul 188447
GeorgeRobertsDeathThe Vevay Reveille24 Jul 188451
LewisTowerDeathThe Vevay Reveille24 Jul 188451
WilliamLeeEstateThe Vevay Reveille24 Jul 188457
SarahMarksDeathThe Vevay Reveille31 Jul 188444
Samuel ARidgwayDeathThe Vevay Reveille31 Jul 188444
Edward AStevensDeathThe Vevay Reveille31 Jul 188444
ElizabethCainEstateThe Vevay Reveille31 Jul 188445
JosephRutherfordEstateThe Vevay Reveille31 Jul 188446
John CGibsonDeathThe Vevay Reveille31 Jul 188452
C BShafferDeathThe Vevay Reveille31 Jul 188451
WilliamLeeEstateThe Vevay Reveille31 Jul 188457
John HSandersDeathThe Vevay Reveille07 Aug 188443
CallieNorthDeathThe Vevay Reveille07 Aug 188451
CalliePowellDeathThe Vevay Reveille07 Aug 188451
John RBerkshireMarriageThe Vevay Reveille07 Aug 188452
Malinda AStigerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille07 Aug 188452
MamieGillespieDeathThe Vevay Reveille07 Aug 188451
Mary AMillerDeathThe Vevay Reveille07 Aug 188453
David SCulbertsonDeathThe Vevay Reveille07 Aug 188453
ElizabethCainEstateThe Vevay Reveille07 Aug 188481
CharlesNorisezDeathThe Vevay Reveille14 Aug 188444
WilliamHaffordDeathThe Vevay Reveille14 Aug 188444
Mary ARansomDeathThe Vevay Reveille14 Aug 188444
ElizabethCainEstateThe Vevay Reveille14 Aug 188481
KansasHolcroftMarriageThe Vevay Reveille21 Aug 188444
MaryMcKennaMarriageThe Vevay Reveille21 Aug 188444
CelistineRaymondDeathThe Vevay Reveille21 Aug 188444
AugustaDunningMarriageThe Vevay Reveille21 Aug 188447
PermeleaCochranMarriageThe Vevay Reveille21 Aug 188447
Will FValentineMarriageThe Vevay Reveille21 Aug 188453
KateManfordMarriageThe Vevay Reveille21 Aug 188453
BrowfieldBirthThe Vevay Reveille21 Aug 188453
Clara JMeansDeathThe Vevay Reveille28 Aug 188444
MarthaSturgeonDeathThe Vevay Reveille28 Aug 188444
MargaretGleasonDeathThe Vevay Reveille04 Sep 188415
MaryMurrayDeathThe Vevay Reveille04 Sep 188415
John BBerkshireMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Sep 188443
Malinda AStiggerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Sep 188443
Robert LSimpsonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Sep 188443
BettieAlexanderMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Sep 188443
Joseph WilliamRobinsonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Sep 188443
Ella NoraBersotMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Sep 188443
AugustaDunningMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Sep 188443
PermeliaCochranMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Sep 188443
Wm FletcherValentineMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Sep 188443
Sarah CatherineManfordMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Sep 188443
James WBennettMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Sep 188443
DorcasPaveyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Sep 188443
James RHartMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Sep 188444
MaryKesslerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Sep 188444
JohnnieHuffordDeathThe Vevay Reveille04 Sep 188451
GeoPlattDeathThe Vevay Reveille04 Sep 188452
JamesWitherspoonEstateThe Vevay Reveille04 Sep 188453
BenjaminWelchDeathThe Vevay Reveille11 Sep 188444
Levi HSeymoreMarriageThe Vevay Reveille11 Sep 188451
Lucy EHicksMarriageThe Vevay Reveille11 Sep 188451
Albert HDowneyDeathThe Vevay Reveille11 Sep 188451
Paul TWegelinDeathThe Vevay Reveille11 Sep 188451
Timothy CDangladeDeathThe Vevay Reveille11 Sep 188451
JamesWitherspoonEstateThe Vevay Reveille11 Sep 188453
HarveySchroederDeathThe Vevay Reveille18 Sep 188444
James RHartMarriageThe Vevay Reveille18 Sep 188444
Mary CKesslerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille18 Sep 188444
Thomas JWeaverMarriageThe Vevay Reveille18 Sep 188444
AnnetteLockMarriageThe Vevay Reveille18 Sep 188444
Levi HSeymoreMarriageThe Vevay Reveille18 Sep 188444
Lucy EHicksMarriageThe Vevay Reveille18 Sep 188444
Ira PTurnerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille18 Sep 188444
Lola BAdamsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille18 Sep 188444
Oliver ABantaMarriageThe Vevay Reveille18 Sep 188444
Jessie CTeatsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille18 Sep 188444
WmScudderMarriageThe Vevay Reveille18 Sep 188444
LuellaCroxtonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille18 Sep 188444
John JasperBailyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille18 Sep 188444
Sarah FWebbMarriageThe Vevay Reveille18 Sep 188444
CarrollGriffithMarriageThe Vevay Reveille18 Sep 188444
Mary FGriffithMarriageThe Vevay Reveille18 Sep 188444
LeonardColeMarriageThe Vevay Reveille18 Sep 188444
MatildaLeeMarriageThe Vevay Reveille18 Sep 188444
Minor BSturgusMarriageThe Vevay Reveille18 Sep 188444
CarrieWoolenMarriageThe Vevay Reveille18 Sep 188444
Augus DCarnineMarriageThe Vevay Reveille18 Sep 188444
Ida MRileyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille18 Sep 188444
JohnSherleyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille18 Sep 188444
AddieKingMarriageThe Vevay Reveille18 Sep 188444
Morton DThiebaudMarriageThe Vevay Reveille18 Sep 188444
Lilly MDeBarthMarriageThe Vevay Reveille18 Sep 188444
Ida MRileyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille18 Sep 188445
Argus DCarnineMarriageThe Vevay Reveille18 Sep 188445
IraTurnerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille18 Sep 188445
LolaAdamsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille18 Sep 188445
LeonardColeMarriageThe Vevay Reveille18 Sep 188445
LillieLeeMarriageThe Vevay Reveille18 Sep 188445
LucianBeardMarriageThe Vevay Reveille18 Sep 188445
KittieGridleyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille18 Sep 188445
HenryCooperDeathThe Vevay Reveille18 Sep 188452
MattieRobinsonDeathThe Vevay Reveille18 Sep 188451
IvaMcHenryDeathThe Vevay Reveille18 Sep 188451
W SLingleDeathThe Vevay Reveille18 Sep 188453
James MDuncanMarriageThe Vevay Reveille25 Sep 188443
Laura BRobertsonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille25 Sep 188443
ZellieDowDeathThe Vevay Reveille25 Sep 188444
H MWiseSaleThe Vevay Reveille25 Sep 188446
W HTandyDeathThe Vevay Reveille02 Oct 188442
H MWiseSaleThe Vevay Reveille02 Oct 188452
WardHillDeathThe Vevay Reveille09 Oct 188444
MaryLewisDeathThe Vevay Reveille09 Oct 188443
ElizabethNealDeathThe Vevay Reveille09 Oct 188445
ChasOsbornMarriageThe Vevay Reveille09 Oct 188451
LidaHallMarriageThe Vevay Reveille09 Oct 188451
H MWiseSaleThe Vevay Reveille09 Oct 188452
LousiaMcCordDivorceThe Vevay Reveille16 Oct 188444
HiramMcCordDivorceThe Vevay Reveille16 Oct 188444
James CLongMarriageThe Vevay Reveille16 Oct 188445
Elmira JAnshutzMarriageThe Vevay Reveille16 Oct 188445
William MPattonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille16 Oct 188445
ElizaPorterMarriageThe Vevay Reveille16 Oct 188445
ClarkMcCrearyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille16 Oct 188445
Mary AManserMarriageThe Vevay Reveille16 Oct 188445
ArthurButlerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille16 Oct 188445
Ida EOrrMarriageThe Vevay Reveille16 Oct 188445
W HTandyDeathThe Vevay Reveille16 Oct 188482
P THartfordMarriageThe Vevay Reveille23 Oct 188443
Nettie PLoringMarriageThe Vevay Reveille23 Oct 188443
Joseph ESturgeonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille30 Oct 188444
JennieDibbleMarriageThe Vevay Reveille30 Oct 188444
EdgarDibbleMarriageThe Vevay Reveille30 Oct 188444
Rebecca JPowellMarriageThe Vevay Reveille30 Oct 188444
James RHumphreyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille30 Oct 188444
LillyMottierMarriageThe Vevay Reveille30 Oct 188444
Edgar ECheeverMarriageThe Vevay Reveille30 Oct 188444
Lulu AMcFaddenMarriageThe Vevay Reveille30 Oct 188444
JoshuaSchofieldDeathThe Vevay Reveille30 Oct 188445
BenjaminBrayDeathThe Vevay Reveille30 Oct 188445
Lewis AMyersMarriageThe Vevay Reveille06 Nov 188443
ElizaDuganMarriageThe Vevay Reveille06 Nov 188443
HughStevensonDeathThe Vevay Reveille13 Nov 188444
MitchelDeathThe Vevay Reveille13 Nov 188444
PeakDeathThe Vevay Reveille13 Nov 188444
Sallie GGaleDeathThe Vevay Reveille13 Nov 188444
Ed JVanKeurenDeathThe Vevay Reveille13 Nov 188444
George AAcraDeathThe Vevay Reveille13 Nov 188444
IsabellaWardDeathThe Vevay Reveille13 Nov 188444
JamesLientsDeathThe Vevay Reveille13 Nov 188444
ClaraLemonsDeathThe Vevay Reveille13 Nov 188444
Ulysses PSchenckDeathThe Vevay Reveille20 Nov 188442
WmFiskDeathThe Vevay Reveille20 Nov 188445
SarahKrawlEstateThe Vevay Reveille20 Nov 188445
RozellaPateDivorceThe Vevay Reveille20 Nov 188452
John FPateDivorceThe Vevay Reveille20 Nov 188452
M PMerrillEstateThe Vevay Reveille20 Nov 188452
MatildaMerrillEstateThe Vevay Reveille20 Nov 188452
AnnieMilburnDeathThe Vevay Reveille20 Nov 188451
AnnieStoopsDeathThe Vevay Reveille20 Nov 188451
IrvinArmstrongDeathThe Vevay Reveille27 Nov 188441
J TWhitlockMarriageThe Vevay Reveille27 Nov 188442
MaggieRabbMarriageThe Vevay Reveille27 Nov 188442
S BHydeDeathThe Vevay Reveille27 Nov 188442
StephenSearcyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille27 Nov 188441
Maggie BPowellMarriageThe Vevay Reveille27 Nov 188441
Walter AKnoxMarriageThe Vevay Reveille27 Nov 188441
Mary LSimmonsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille27 Nov 188441
Samuel JDibbleMarriageThe Vevay Reveille27 Nov 188441
AmeliaHessMarriageThe Vevay Reveille27 Nov 188441
James HLientzMarriageThe Vevay Reveille27 Nov 188441
Clara ELemmonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille27 Nov 188441
George AAcraMarriageThe Vevay Reveille27 Nov 188441
IsabellaWardMarriageThe Vevay Reveille27 Nov 188441
William CRobinsonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille27 Nov 188441
Emma CDufourMarriageThe Vevay Reveille27 Nov 188441
George HRobertsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille27 Nov 188441
Ella SRobertsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille27 Nov 188441
CharlesGarlinghouseMarriageThe Vevay Reveille27 Nov 188441
EllenDowneyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille27 Nov 188441
Joseph MParkerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille27 Nov 188441
AliceWolcottMarriageThe Vevay Reveille27 Nov 188441
Albert LNorthMarriageThe Vevay Reveille27 Nov 188441
Clara HHumphreyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille27 Nov 188441
EdzaChristieDeathThe Vevay Reveille27 Nov 188444
IrvinArmstrongDeathThe Vevay Reveille27 Nov 188444
SalemPocockDeathThe Vevay Reveille27 Nov 188444
ViolaSearcyDeathThe Vevay Reveille27 Nov 188444
ElishaShortDeathThe Vevay Reveille27 Nov 188444
JohnWattsEstateThe Vevay Reveille27 Nov 188445
SarahKrawlEstateThe Vevay Reveille27 Nov 188445
John HWrightDeathThe Vevay Reveille27 Nov 188452
John HWrightDeathThe Vevay Reveille04 Dec 188441
BenjaminWattersMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Dec 188441
JaneLarrisonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Dec 188441
Lewis TJohnstonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Dec 188441
Zora AWaldenMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Dec 188441
AndrewBeyerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Dec 188441
CeliaEtheridgeMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Dec 188441
GeorgeHysellMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Dec 188441
ClaraTagueMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Dec 188441
William SLostutterMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Dec 188441
AliceDibbleMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Dec 188441
Joseph AlbertBoydMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Dec 188441
Dora BellePetersMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Dec 188441
Albert LNorthMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Dec 188444
Clara HHumphreyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Dec 188444
William SLostutterMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Dec 188444
AliceDibbleMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Dec 188444
LewisJohnsonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Dec 188444
MissouriWaldenMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Dec 188444
Sarah MWadeEstateThe Vevay Reveille04 Dec 188451
Robert EWilliamsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Dec 188451
Lizzie AHuntMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Dec 188451
TowersDeathThe Vevay Reveille04 Dec 188481
SamuelLeapDeathThe Vevay Reveille04 Dec 188481
CharlesCampbellMarriageThe Vevay Reveille11 Dec 188443
RebeccaHastieMarriageThe Vevay Reveille11 Dec 188443
S BHydeDeathThe Vevay Reveille11 Dec 188452
RileyDouglasMarriageThe Vevay Reveille11 Dec 188452
JennieCrouchMarriageThe Vevay Reveille11 Dec 188452
Rebecca JPateDeathThe Vevay Reveille11 Dec 188452
James WWolfMarriageThe Vevay Reveille18 Dec 188441
Mary EKrutzMarriageThe Vevay Reveille18 Dec 188441
Reynolds HCampbellMarriageThe Vevay Reveille18 Dec 188441
Jessie EPhillipsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille18 Dec 188441
Stephen ALinebackMarriageThe Vevay Reveille18 Dec 188441
Susan AMcCrearyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille18 Dec 188441
CharlesCampbellMarriageThe Vevay Reveille18 Dec 188441
RebeccaHastieMarriageThe Vevay Reveille18 Dec 188441
AlvinEdmonsonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille18 Dec 188441
MaryMillerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille18 Dec 188441
William CBrunerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille18 Dec 188441
Charity AMcHenryMarriageThe Vevay Reveille18 Dec 188441
HiramFromanDeathThe Vevay Reveille18 Dec 188443
AmandaSturgeonDeathThe Vevay Reveille18 Dec 188443
Minnie HBranhamDeathThe Vevay Reveille18 Dec 188443
BaruchStoopsDeathThe Vevay Reveille18 Dec 188443
CharlesCampbellMarriageThe Vevay Reveille18 Dec 188443
RebeccaHastieMarriageThe Vevay Reveille18 Dec 188443
LafeGammonsDeathThe Vevay Reveille25 Dec 188415
HiramFromanDeathThe Vevay Reveille25 Dec 188443
Mary JFrancisDeathThe Vevay Reveille25 Dec 188443
Mary EPowelessonDeathThe Vevay Reveille25 Dec 188443
LouisAsmussenMarriageThe Vevay Reveille25 Dec 188443
MaggieHerrickMarriageThe Vevay Reveille25 Dec 188443
Hugh WBrownMarriageThe Vevay Reveille25 Dec 188443
Mary EJacksonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille25 Dec 188443
AlvinEdmonsonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille25 Dec 188443
MaryMillerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille25 Dec 188443
William CBrunerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille25 Dec 188443
Charity AMcHenryMarriageThe Vevay Reveille25 Dec 188443
Stephen ALinebackMarriageThe Vevay Reveille25 Dec 188443
Susan AMcCrearyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille25 Dec 188443
Reynolds HCampbellMarriageThe Vevay Reveille25 Dec 188443
Jessie EPhilipsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille25 Dec 188443
Joseph MParkerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille25 Dec 188443
AliceWolcottMarriageThe Vevay Reveille25 Dec 188443