Switzerland County Commissioners – Mar 1894

Switzerland County, Indiana, Commissioners’ proceedings appeared in:
Vevay Reveille – 15 Mar 1894 – Page 4, Column 2


George W. Sanders, Thomas Montayne, and Edgar Dibble, County Commissioners, met Monday, March 5th and adjourned last Saturday. The following is a summary of business transacted:

Pauper expense by townships: York, $51.74; Cotton (including orphan children), $86.19; Posey, $21.50; Pleasant, $77.53; Craig, $20.49; Jefferson, $201.48. The total cost of keeping the twenty-nine inmates in County Asylum was $275.30.

John E. Hudson, Patriot; Dorwin Marshal, Florence, were granted licenses to retail liquors.

In the matter of petition of George Platt and others, for construction of gravel roads in Posey Township. M. G. Henry, P. K. Cotton, and W. H. Henry, viewers, reported progress, and were given further time to complete their work.

The resignation of Felix Jones as a Constable in Craig Township, was accepted.

In the matter of the petition of Wm. H. H. Turner and others for a change of Highway in Pleasant Township.—George W. McKay, Cyrenius W. Brown, and W. O. Marble presented their report—changing and relocating road, and that it would be of public utility. The Board approved the report. Thomas Thompson remonstrated, and demanded $500 damages if the road ran through his land as located. Henry Hudson Smith also remonstrated, and did not specify any specific damages. The Board appointed George W. McKay, Cyrenius W. Brown, and William O. Marble as reviewers, to view the lands of Thomas Thompson and Henry Hudson Smith, and what damage, if any, will result by reason of road running through their lands, and report next session of Board.

In the matter of the petition of Benj. F. Smith and eighty-seven other freeholders of Jefferson Township, that the following highways be improved by graveling or Meadamizing, and that they be made free of toll: The highway leading from Vevay to Markland; and also all that part of Log Lick and East Enterprise turnpike that lies in Jefferson Township. George W. McKay, was appointed Civil engineer, and C. D. Green and Henry Meyers, viewers, to locate and view the proposed roads, to determine the width of same, make a profile of grade, determine the quality, width and depth of gravel, stone or other material to be used, and make an estimate of the cost of construction, including bridges, culverts, and all other things for the construction thereof. The engineer and viewers will meet at the Court House Monday, March 19th, and report at a meeting of Board May 1st.

In the matter of R. Schoffner and fifty-two other freeholders, for improving by grading, graveling or Mcadamizing, under free gravel road law of the following described road: Beginning where the Plum Creek Road intersects the Vevay and Florence Road at west end of the Plum Creek bridge; thence extending up the creek on the west side thereof, following the old road whenever practicable to the foot of McClintock hill on the land of Catharine Schoffner; thence following said road north to the point where the same intersects the old Allensville, Center Square and Vevay turnpike road, on the line dividing the northeast and southeast quarters of Section 24, township 3, range 3 west. And said road is generally called the Plum Creek road, and its general direction is north and south. The estimated length of said road is five miles. Said road to be relocated where necessary and grade, graveled or Mcadamized and made free of toll. George W. McKay was appointed Civil Engineer, and C. D. Green and Henry Meyers, viewers to view, locate, estimate the cost, etc. To meet at Court House, Monday, March 19th, and report to Board May 1st.

In the matter of Scott Culbertson and sixty other freeholders of Pleasant Township, for the construction of free gravel or Mcadamized road in Pleasant Township; 1st From Shull’s Hill, on Indian Creek to Bennington, and thence to Ripley County line. 2nd From Moorefield to Horton’s Corner. The Board appointed George W. McKay, Civil Engineer, and C. D. Green and Ebenezer Phillip, viewers. They to view, locate and make an estimate cost of building. They will meet in Vevay at the Court House May 9th and report to Board May 1st.

In accordance with order of City Council of Vevay, the Board decided to build a cement or concrete pavement in front of Court House on Main Street.
F. M. Griffith, attorney, submitted a written proposition to the Board to examine the books, papers, and vouchers, and settlements in the various offices of the county, and ascertain whether or not there is due the county any money from the state, or any other source, on account of errors or omissions in settlements, and that if he finds anything due the county, he will collect the same without cost to the county, save his charges, and pay the same into the County Treasury, and for his services charge one-half of all he collects. The Board accepted the above proposition.